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The Remarkable Heart-Friendly Properties of Avocados

Sayer Ji, GreenMedInfo Waking Times There are still folks out there who believe that the ‘high fat’ content of avocados make them a liability for heart health. But the research on avocados simply doesn’t support this lipid-phobic view. Take for example a recent study that looked at what happened when avocado was added to a heart-stopping American favorite,

What Your Body Tells You About Your Emotional State

Christina Sarich – While we can’t nor should stuff our emotions down, including negative ones, we can learn to control them and shift our attention to positive feelings as often as possible to dramatically change our bodies – right down to our DNA.

Unlocking the Intuitive Intelligence of the Human Heart

Waking Times When discussing big ideas like global peace and a global shift into a higher state of consciousness, most people are either skeptical of these possibilities, or uncertain of how this could possibly come to pass in a world as riddled with challenges as ours. In these scientifically driven times, some people are discovering

Astral Projection Technique: Concentration on the Heart

Belsebuub, Guest Writer Waking Times One of the most effective exercises of astral projection is concentration on the heart. This exercise has been used for this purpose for probably thousands of years, and it’s the one I’ve used most. Virtually anything that focuses the mind upon one thing can be used to project with, but concentrating


Alter Your DNA With Heart-Centered Positive Emotion and Intention

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer Waking Times Have you ever noticed that if you find yourself in a checkout line and you’re anxious and in a hurry the line takes forever, but, if you’re relaxed and not concerned how long it takes, the line moves quickly? Over the last several decades, scientists have been researching this phenomenon

Qigong Exercises for the Heart

Beth Quist, Guest Writer Waking Times In Chinese Medicine, the heart is considered the emperor of the body.  The emperor needs peace and order in its kingdom, and so governs the bodily functions with routine, like a clock, providing consistent order to its kingdom. The heart is what houses the Five Spirits, known as the

Accessing the Heart’s Intuition: A Key to Global Coherence

The Institute of HeartMath Waking Times Most people know what it feels like to be in a state of harmony and flow, one in which our hearts and minds are working together and there is a genuine connection with others. It’s easy to love this experience of synergy, but often times, this happens by chance,

Are You on The Hero’s Path?

Sophie Rose, Contributing Writer Waking Times Have you noticed that many children’s tales end with a victory of the heart? The hero, after following a tortuous path of struggles, dreams and hopes, always manages to fulfill their heart’s desire, while sometimes discovering it at the same time. These stories stay in the collective consciousness for generations

The Heart Has Its Own “Brain” and Consciousness

In5D Waking Times Many believe that conscious awareness originates in the brain alone. Recent scientific research suggests that consciousness actually emerges from the brain and body acting together. A growing body of evidence suggests that the heart plays a particularly significant role in this process. Far more than a simple pump, as was once believed,

Do We Dare Keep Our Hearts Open?

Zen Gardner Funny how things evolve in the pursuit of truth. We’re emotional beings. That’s why the matrix makes everything out to be so cold and scientific. When I watch certain movies or musical presentations or see a touching human moment I get emotional. I can’t help it. People are emotional, I’m emotional, and I

The Spiritual Awakening of Prisoners

Fred på Jorden, Contributing Writer Waking Times People are coming together to unite their loving consciousness in order to heal the electromagnetic field of the earth.  Whether coming from Buddhists or native peoples or those doing transcendental meditation or people only now becoming aware of the astounding effects of their own hearts, this united effort has been

Chi: Unleashing the Infinite Power of the Universe

Chris Bourne, Contributing Writer Waking Times The Power of Non-efforting What if we don’t need to effort and struggle in life at all? What if just by letting go we could summon the whole power of the universe right through our beingness? And what if we could do that simply by confronting and then abandoning

Energy Workshop: Part 1 – Foundation and the Chakras

Adam Lanka, Contributing Writer Waking Times As the world’s awakening accelerates toward critical mass, many people are experiencing a new elevation of awareness and energy. While many have been travelling down this road for some time, many more are just now being initiated into these mysteries, realizing and relearning that an inner quest has guided

Sailing the Uncharted Cosmic Sea

Real information is everything. It’s our food. Either we’re getting the adulterated stuff or we’re getting real nourishment. It makes a world of difference in how we feel and think and affects the very course of our lives and hence the rest of humanity since we each affect it so profoundly. I avoid TV at any cost. It’s toxic and completely destructive.

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