Open Your Heart To The New World – It Is No Longer What You Observe That Matters…It’s Your Response To It

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We are in a new world and we’ve made it here together. Mass deaths were not necessary to reach this pinnacle and every person on Earth now has a choice…adapt to the new 4th density (or 5th dimensional reality) or suffer the emotional and spiritual consequences of maintaining old patterns in a new dimension that only supports higher levels of consciousness. We have not ascended in the sense that we are in any way better, superior or more privileged than our 4th dimensional predecessors. It’s just different in the sense that only unity, love, kindness, cooperation and compassion will move forward while systems structured around separation, hate, cruelty, control and callousness will not survive. Where is your focus?

For every second that passes, you recreate yourself…literally. You recreate your state of being billions of times per second. It is the only way your DNA can interpret your reality and consequently the only way you can interpret time. Time doesn’t really exist. It’s only a tool you use to learn within the physical body.

There is no past or future. The past is a memory and the future is only determined by a very complex set of events that take place at your present moment (often influenced by the ego’s interpretation of past memories). Nevertheless, both the past and the future can be altered simultaneously based on the present moment, because that’s all you ever have to effectively change ANYTHING!

Many of you are finally beginning to grasp this concept and it is evident in the Earth’s vibrational state. As governments and systems of control are starting to fall apart, it is clear that Earth is ejecting anything that does not align vibrationally with her frequency.

  • Humans have surpassed all expectations. Even beings that exist at much higher dimensions are watching in amazement. This has never been done before. Humans have remained within the confines of their physical bodies while passing through an energetic portal. It is nothing short of miraculous, yet we have all witnessed this feat. The greatest angels in the Universe have once again shown why they are the most magnificent beings of light. They are the grand masters of this game called Earth and the ying has just checkmated the yang and vice versa. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

    Yet, in all your mastery, you still belittle, limit and condition yourself to a response that makes you something so much smaller than you actually are. Don’t think you are limitless…know it…feel it and embrace that reality within your hearts. Allow what you observe to flow through you energetically and interpret those observations with positive and loving intention, regardless of how the ego may spin your perception in the opposite direction.

    You no longer need to respond to emotional events as you have in the past. Use the new skills you have acquired and practice. Every single event and experience that comes your way is fundamentally neutral until you build its meaning. It has no meaning until you assign it one. There are no victims and never have been. The word victim should not even exist since you attract every single experience into your life, regardless of your age or the experience that takes place. Contracts are formed long before we are born and continue long after we lose our physical bodies. We are all bound to those people we call perpetrators or victims because at one point, we were them! A great film to capture this essence is Cloud Atlas.

    It’s time to get over this concept that you somehow randomly live your lives in a bubble without any responsibility of what and how you create your own reality. This is a universal law and you are a master at creations. Own it. There is no experience unless you create it…PERIOD.

    Positive labeling is likely the most significant area of development that will propel humanity to the next phase especially towards September of 2013. What are the buzz words that keep you all in fear mode these days? GMO? Chemtrails? Terrorists? Corrupt governments? What are these things? They are fear modules and only exist because you allow them to. If far less than half of Earth’s population would focus on the good rather than the bad, do you have any idea how fast these fear modules would disappear? Almost overnight.

    Fear modules are programs that run within each and every one of you. They are encoded from past memories that can carry forward as many millennia as necessary until they have served their purpose. At present, they manifest as some of those modules mentioned above, but in the past that came in other forms. Delete the module and you delete the programming. If the programming is deleted within mass consciousness, guess what happens to that program? It vanishes.

    The measure of how you have evolved during this energetic shift is not based on what you observe on the outside. It’s based on your response to it. You will never be affected by anything unless you make the decision to be affected by it. Once you understand the principles behind maintaining this vibrational state, you can witness almost anything and understand exactly why it is happening, but it won’t affect your energy. At that point, you are not influenced by intention unless you choose to be. Another person, event or experience that you may have perceived as negative in the past, won’t affect you the same way. You will have a new point of observation and understanding. An awareness that everything is happening as it should and according to the laws of the universe.

    Want to Practice?
    – Change the fine tuning on your heart’s intention and practice positive labeling
    – Know that what happens around you is created by those around you and yourself.
    – You are not powerless. If you want to opt-out of an experience, you can. Change how you feel about yourself and others and opting-out will be a very simple process.
    – Events and experiences are not random or by coincidence and their intention comes from the highest levels of consciousness and according to universal laws.
    – Love is the foundation of everything so practice instilling this concept in your daily routine, in those you interact with or your daily experiences.

    The more you practice these concepts, the easier they will become and assist in your ability to overcome all of those fear modules you are exposing yourself to on a daily basis. If you think fear is a powerful motivator, wait until you see what love can do.

    About the Author

    Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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