Energy Workshop: Part 1 – Foundation and the Chakras

Adam Lanka, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

As the world’s awakening accelerates toward critical mass, many people are experiencing a new elevation of awareness and energy. While many have been travelling down this road for some time, many more are just now being initiated into these mysteries, realizing and relearning that an inner quest has guided their footsteps and is opening all of the infinite potential in each one of us. Many past experiences and encounters now seem colored anew by this elevated awareness, and it is becoming clear how each past experience was all-along an unwitting step in this same on-going process of human awakening.

All have been the initiate at some point in this journey, and it can be overwhelming to deal with so many new forces and energies present during this transition. Thankfully, there are many different spiritual traditions, meditation practices, and other useful energy tools to aid us during this process.

You may, or may not, already have an inclination of the methods and practices that work best for you, and are most in tune with your energy. Either way, it is important to listen to your intuition and feelings, to find the practice that particularly resonates with you.

  • But as with any type of personal development or growth, a firm foundation needs to be in place to support this evolution of our energy.

    Where to start? Well, from the ground up, of course.

    The following series of articles will delve into the foundations of our existence as energy, and the delicate dance between the matter and energy that makeup our beings. These range from informative discourse and step-by-step instructions, to meditative practices, visualization techniques, and other ways to control, regulate and express energy in harmony with the universe and with the natural flow of your life.

    We are the infinite energy of the universe, the source of all that is. And much like a crystal, this energy has many different facets, including energies that occupy all spectrums and is of every magnitude.

    In many spiritual traditions, the most primal and base aspects of this energy are represented by the 5 major elements. The names of the elements differ by spiritual tradition and cultural influence, but I shall refer to them as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Akasha.

    Earth – this energy is in the physical spectrum, is solid, dense, and enduring. It anchors our foundation, is very firm, structured, and stable. This energy makes up our physical being, and awareness of our surroundings.

    Water – this refers to emotional energy, and is compassionate, sensitive and reflective. Our emotions flow from one state to another, and this energy is fluid and cool. Water is also a tool for emotional cleansing.

    Fire – fire energy is transformational and accompanies changes of state. This fire is active, hot, and expansive, and it fills us with passion. Fire is attached to empowerment, and taking action.

    Air – this energy is mental and intellectual. Wise, communicative, and articulate, air loosens our minds, makes us thoughtful and cooperative.

    Akasha – this energy is unifying, referring to the matrix or fabric through which the energies of the universe are expressed. It is ether, open to other dimensions, and part of the infinite nature of the universe. Akasha is awareness of the universal energy, is informative, and timeless.

    Developing awareness of our energy body is the first step toward building a foundation for working with universal energy, and the first step toward realizing our fullest potential as energetic beings.


    In our physical vessels, we have 7 individual energy channels, centered along the body’s prime meridian, that are in many traditions referred to as chakras.

    Our chakras are channels for different types of energy and purposes. When in balance, all of a person’s chakras are open and connected in a flowing energy exchange with the source, resulting in deep feelings of harmony and purpose. However, due to environmental and energetic influences upon us, our chakras may become blocked and close, resulting in imbalance within our physical vessels and emotional instability in life.

    The 7 Chakras

    1st Root Chakra– Located at the base of the coccyx area for men, and a bit higher for women, the root chakra coincides with the element Earth, and is its name, root, indicates connection to source through the Earth. Energy flowing through our root chakra keeps us grounded and centered. When this chakra is blocked, our awareness is scattered, and our lives confusing. This is a deep and important connection to the source, and anchors us in the present moment.

    2nd Sacral Chakra – The sacral chakra, located in the lower abdomen between the root chakra and the navel, is connected to the element Water, and is deeply tied to creation. It is the channel for emotional and sexual energy, the energies of birth and growth, as well as our creative energies. When this chakra is blocked our creativity is stagnant, and our sexual energy is low.

    3rd Solar Plexus Chakra – This chakra, located just above the navel below the center breastbone, is powered by the element Fire, and helps us to affect the universe. The flow of energy through this chakra is responsible for empowerment and manifestation, accomplishing worldly things. If this chakra is blocked, one feels powerless to take action to change the world.

    4th Heart Chakra – The heart chakra is located between the breasts, in the center of the breastbone, and is composed of all elements of energy in harmony. It brings us clarity and intelligence, and is the guiding wisdom of our heart. Energy flowing through this channel expresses unconditional love for the self, for the universe, for all. When this chakra is blocked there is a lack of confidence, low self-worth, and the feeling of being unloved.

    5th Throat Chakra – Located at the base of the neck, at the hollow of the collarbone, this chakra flows with energy of the element Air, and dictates our communication and expression. With the throat chakra open we are more able to speak our truth, say what we feel, and express ourselves. When we do not say what is on our minds, or keep our thoughts inside, or when we let things happen that bother us or disagree with us, the throat chakra is blocked, and our expression is stifled.

    6th Third Eye Chakra – Just between the physical eyes and the brow is the third eye chakra, a combination of all the elements. Here is where our inner perceptions are gathered and bolstered. Connected to the Pineal Gland, our third eye helps us to find our wisdom, and is referred to as our psychic energy, or intuition. Lack of energy flow through this chakra leaves us very disconnected and out of tune with our feelings and intuitions, helpless.

    7th Crown Chakra – The crown chakra is at the very top of the head, slightly to the back, and flows with energy of the element Akasha, or ether. This is our connection to the cosmic consciousness, to the higher dimensions of the universe. When we are open, the source energy of the universe flows in and out of our crown chakra, making us aware, informative and enlightened. When the crown chakra is blocked we are very disconnected from our higher selves and from our spirituality.

    These 7 chakras comprise the energy system that makes us the powerfully energetic beings that we are, the architects and co-creators of our own universe.

    When all of our chakras are open, source energy flows freely and fully through our physical vessels, and we are balanced, in harmony, inspired. When we are blocked, there are many different tools and meditation techniques that we can use to re-open and unblock our chakras, and return to our equilibrium and balance.

    In subsequent parts of this series we will discuss how to unblock one’s energy using a variety of meditation and visualization techniques.

    About the Author

    Adam Lanka, originally from North Carolina, is a traveling philosopher, energetic arts healer, and lightworker.  His passion and interest in the spiritual path has led him to many insightful revelations about religion, spirituality, and how to walk nobly in these modern times.  To learn more about Adam, please visit his website, Infinite Vibes, or his personal blog, The Wanderlust

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