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How Yoga Heals The Diseased Heart

Sayer Ji – The simple practice of Yoga is proven to heal the body, mind and spirit, and new evidence suggests that it also does wonders for heart health.

Deconstructing the Intellect

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times The intellect is a great tool, but it is, at the same time, just a tool. A person can use the intellect to evaluate information and decide that destruction of life is a reasonable action, if it contributes to a desired end goal. Intellect doesn’t need to have a heart.

‘What is Love?’ – Why We Need to Reframe the Big Questions

Marion McGunnigle, Contributor Waking Times Sometimes, I come across a piece of  information, a statement or happening from around the world that knocks me for six. An event that signals the direction in which humanity is heading. The sort of harbinger that I like to imagine Orwell, Huxley or Bradbury used as inspiration. While the

Interactive Reality Creation – Collapse of the Wave Function Into Heart Centered Awareness

Melissa Joy Jonsson, Contributor Waking Times Collapse of the Wave Function and Our Awareness Collapse of the wave function is a common quantum physics term that stems from the famous double-slit experiment popularized by physicist Richard Feynman. The double-slit experiment demonstrates that matter and energy can display characteristics of both waves and particles.[i] Simply stated,

Live The Art of Your Life And Leave A Masterpiece

Jefferey Jaxen, Staff Writer Waking Times  The most basic of the twenty-four principles or elements of the Universe found in the Indian holistic healing practice of Ayurveda is called “Prakruti” or creativity. As human beings, we are first and foremost creators. Our individual creativity is the essence of life on this planet. What we create

Heart Consciousness: Transforming to the Light Mind and Divine Body

Peter Borys, Jr., Guest Waking Times Only from within heart consciousness can we transform to the Light mind of intuitive knowing and doing. A Light mind of pure knowing and action that brings infinite love and creativity into this dimension is needed to enable the Divine to fully express in the physical frequencies of consciousness. In

Turmeric’s Heart-Saving Properties Confirmed In New Diabetes Study

Sayer Ji, Founder, Green Med Info Waking Times “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ~ Thomas Edison A remarkable new study published in the Journal of Nutritional

Valentine’s and a Rose for Emily

Julian Wash, Contributor  Waking Times Dear Humans, Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that words can hardly express. It’s a path that leads to a place euphemistically referred to as nowhere. It’s a journey of still reflection and quiet repose that entwines the shadows of yesterday with

Listen to Your Heart’s Wisdom

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, Contributor Waking Times  While we are living in unsettled times, it seems that many periods in human history have been that way. Consider this famous quote from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, authored in 1859. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was

11 Ways to Access the Field of the Heart

Melissa Joy Jonsson, Contributor Waking Times The field of the heart provides us with direct access to our inner voice, our inner wisdom, and our inner chamber of limitless potential. The field of the heart creates a coherent connection with universal consciousness. There are no limitations when accessing the field of the heart, and similarly,

The Universal Pulse Of Truth

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times There is a sacred pulse that you have. It often follows the pulse of your biological heartbeat. It makes sense, since the Pulse comes from the biological pulse of the heartbeat is in sync with the Celestial Pulse. It can tear down outside walls and if it does, it manifests

Follow Your Heart: Healing from Cardiovascular Disease with Qi Gong Exercise

Paul Cavel, Contributor Waking Times Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) include hypertension (high blood pressure), coronary heart disease (heart attacks), cerebrovascular disease, peripheral artery disease, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease and heart failure. Heart Disease: Why Your Cardio Health Matters The World Health Organization reports that “An estimated 17 million people die of CVDs, particularly heart attacks and