Chi: Unleashing the Infinite Power of the Universe

Chris Bourne, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

The Power of Non-efforting

What if we don’t need to effort and struggle in life at all? What if just by letting go we could summon the whole power of the universe right through our beingness? And what if we could do that simply by confronting and then abandoning ALL intention to do things? What if the energy – the “Chi” – thus unleashed truly leads to complete satisfaction and fulfillment in EVERY moment. How could your life change?…

Manifesting illusionary bubbles

It seems we’re still constantly reading in spiritual material about the power of intention: visualising the things we want in life and then intentionally manifesting them into reality. I have no doubt what-so-ever that this is possible. I went through a short period of exploration of that phenomenon myself, way back on my journey.

Yes, I did indeed discover that I could manifest a new car, or a more desirable location or a parking space right outside the local store. But something didn’t feel right. Very quickly, within a day or two, the question arose “well what if my intention is not in the interests of ALL life?” “What if there is a destined flow of beingness – a higher consensus reality – that I am now interfering with?”

  • “The IS has imgined it a good deal better than you or I!”

      Richard Bach: “Illusions, the adventures of a reluctant messiah”

    And then finally I realised “well, who is here to want to manifest that in the first place?” The Seer that we are, IS everything, lacks NOTHING and therefore is infinitely and awesomely accepting of the natural flow of life – something that spontaneously happens and gushes forth when no one or nothing stands in the way of it.

    Infinite power is the total absence of energy

    Here’s a powerful ‘secret’ I’ve discovered:

    If you want to have the greatest positive impact in life, you have to become ‘as-nothing’ in it. That doesn’t mean not doing anything, it means working through any resistances to the external drama that are arising, you have to touch the eye of the storm. Then you become like a rising vortex of energy, breaking up disharmony and restoring ever higher levels of congruency.

    The infinite power of the universe is called “ki” (or “Chi” as the ancient Chinese called it”). Interestingly the ancient Egyptians called it “ik” – meaning the complete ABSENCE of energy. I find this incredibly synchronistic and enlightening. Imagine the universe as a giant ‘elastic band’ of consciousness that got ‘stretched out’ in the big bang. Now remember that for the universe to be held in place, there has to be two contrasting flows of energy: one out from the centre and one back in again, just like the undertow on a pond.

    It is our belief and focus of consciousness – in the mind – that holds us on the outer reaches of the universal pond. Because we’re IDENTIFYING with the third dimensional wave that we’re on. Even when we let go just a little bit, allow in some ki and use it intentionally to manifest, we’re still manifesting the third dimension and have therefore formed a limiting relationship to that density.

    But if we completely let go, then what we find, is we align with the ENTIRE organising energy flowing back to the centre – the “Source of All Life”. This is infinite organising power. This maximum ki (the total absence of energy) has the power to shape the most subtle sychronicity to place us and others in exactly the right time and place to discover exactly what we need to. Or, when we attune to it fully, it can literally move mountains.

    Watching our motivations for action

    So when you’re passing by through your day, what intentions are going on in your mind? Do you intend to get up and have a shower? Do you intend to make some coffee and have the breakfast you want? Do you intend to drive a particular way to work or the supermarket or whatever? If you watch yourself closely and attentively, you’ll see (unless you’ve already done a great deal of inner work), that our lives are CONSTANTLY polluted by automated intentions.

    These automated intentions, which we can also call desire and conditioned programming, retard the natural universal flow and its unlimited expression through us. In other words, our destiny and very reason for being is thwarted.

    So how can we overcome this problem and unleash the infinite organising power of the universe through our being?

    Living the “openway

    Put very simply, all we have to do is confront that which binds us to the outer reaches of the pond and let go. And how do we do this? Well here at Openhand we have an approach which we call openway.

    It can be summarised simply as this…

    Firstly it’s about opening the mind which means not judging situations as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and not getting lost in the external drama of life by moving to the place of the Observer of ourselves. In so doing, we become able to feel much more of the full depth, beauty and divine magic of life itself and so the “Heart” begins to open. It is then that we discover ourselves as the awesome “One Life” not limited or constrained by the external drama at all. In this place of surrendered openness, we become able to perceive the energy of the moment in truth and receive the natural flow of the Universe as it really is, understanding exactly what we are being invited to do. By always coming from the place of surrendered openness, we can calmly rest in the ‘pregnant pause’ before the moment is born, rise above the conditioned behaviours that would have us act in a certain pre-programmed way and instead give ourselves to the expression of our highest truth which more accurately defines our destined way of being.

    I’ve found that when we live this way, we dissolve mind-led intention and summon the whole power of the universe through our lives. It feels just like riding a hundred foot wave!

    Aligning with our destiny

    And in this place, what need have we of desired manifestion? We’re aligning with our destiny, that which serves us and ALL life completely. How could anything else possibly surpass that?

    So why not give it a try? Open your mind, watch for your mind intended motivations, work to let them go by dropping deep into your heart felt feelings, then attune to the wave that truly wants to flow through you. Then finally, all we have to do, is unleash the magnificience of our being by giving ourselves completely to our finest self expression.

    It is pure poetry. What better way to live one’s life?


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