The Importance of Selfless Networking

Zen Gardner

If we’re in this at all we’re in it all the way. Once you’ve woken up you know the situation is both urgent and fully under control at the same time. It doesn’t reconcile in the carnal, natural mind but it makes total sense to consciousness.

Paradoxes seem to abound, but it better not mean paralysis.

To the truly awake it means action in some form. To sit and try to transcend it all or explain everything away in esoteric gibberish and do nothing about our condition within the extemporaneously unfolding world we find ourselves I think is foolish, irresponsible, escapist and even cowardly.

What Can We Do?

I hear this all the time. This is part of the process, finding what each of us is supposed to do. But first of all the motivation needs to be there, a real motivation and nothing coerced or fabricated as is done within the many matrices of this super-imposed world.

It’s all important that people choose for themselves to want to find the loving Truth. That’s part of the great mandala of life, as many just won’t wake up to, aren’t ready to face, or can’t see for one reason or another.

  • Guess it’s next time around for them. Or something. Just don’t waste time on the non-hearing and non-heeding.

    There’s nothing we can do in many cases. Although very big cosmic shifts and radical social changes can break that game up in a heartbeat.

    Good thing they’re on the menu, ha!

    Knowledge is Empowerment

    Information is king. Information and true knowledge empower. We cannot force people to understand or grasp anything, but we can make information available in a palatable form in a spirit of love and compassion. Just as you would raise a toddler, we need to lead by example and be willing to take the extra step to help others gain a safe foothold when possible in this predicament called life in which we find ourselves.

    It’s funny. This “information” idea is so easily tampered with. The authoritarian tone of the usurping self-appointed world “authorities’ is what baffles even kids from the start. I remember every time I’d hear an arrogant “spouter” go off, thinking, “How does he know?”. This was especially true in University, when these paisley tied hipsters would have a dictatorial control over a huge auditorium of nubian students and just gloat in their unquestioned authority to shove just about anything they wanted down our little virgin gullets.

    Novice matrix ivory tower initiates who passed a conforming entrance exam they didn’t realize. Poor dupes. Poor students.

    Yet some of us “got it” in spite of the imposed idiocy.

    All Part of the Process

    We grow up through what we grow up through. It’s just that. We each face what we face. But face it we must. And more than that, we follow our heart to where it calls us next.

    And follow we must. Or die.

    Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve come thru some serious challenges and paradigm shifts you thought you’d never survive, or looking back seem like they’re from someone else’s life.

    They were.

    I’ve had at least 5 lives this time around. 5 distinct major life changes, each better than the previous one. And within those lives many other changes as well, as I’m sure is the case with many of you. The point is we keep moving on, keep changing, keep growing, keep learning, keep progressing, keep ejecting things we’ve accumulated, keep realizing just how amazingly simple and wonderful it all is!

    “To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” – Lao Tsu

    (hat tip Mark..;)

    Use It–Feed and Help Each Other!
    Responding and Networking

    To my point. As we grow and progress we come across all kinds of wonderful and amazing information. Some of it is down right disturbing, some incredibly liberating, some things we throw on the back burner for later perusal and consideration.

    And everything in between.

    But we find food. Sometimes it’s food you know will feed someone’s research you read about somewhere. You may not know the person or team, but you know this might help them or be of interest.

    So send it to them!

    You meet someone online you interact with for some reason. They’re really into a subject you just spent a week down the rabbit hole investigating, and you think of this blogger you read something from whom you know would love to know about this guy.

    Hook them up!

    Someone really touches your heart with something they wrote, or their sincerity and truthfulness or life story really got to you?

    Write them and tell them–send a thank you and how it helped you!!

    Share the love!

    We Are the Difference We Want to Make – So Don’t Delay!

    It’s that simple. Some people want to “bogart” contacts so they can get hits or “the scoop”. All I can say is never, ever….ever selfishly hoard or withhold anything. Share ideas, share leads, share links, share everything you can. You never know but that your little tidbit of information may be exactly what is needed or the door opener to a new realm that some researcher was looking for that will continue to help unfold the mystery before us and empower millions to awaken!

    Or just keep them keeping on!

    Be the synchronicity.

    All we have to do is unselfishly share. You never know what a difference you can make with just one comment, one thank you, one idea, one expression of appreciation. Each of us are hungry sensitive souls who thrive on love and encouragement.

    Remember that.

    We are the change. Don’t delay. React, respond, reply.

    The long overdue back flush against the tyranny of false and manipulative information needs to get jacked up!

    Let’s step it up people! Em-power to the people…pass the love around or it’s almost no good to anyone.

    Now’s the time.


    Much love, Zen

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