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The Composition of Human Life

Jon Rappoport – Consciousness deploys imagination, and imagination creates, among other things, energy.

8 Mudras for Elevating Conscious Awareness

Video – 8 hand positions, also called mudras, to assist us in balancing the body, mind and spirit and bringing us to a higher level of conscious awareness.

Souls of Light

Khris Krepcik – You are an etheric being of light. The quality of your light is affected by the quality of what surrounds you and by the quality of your own inner feelings and traits.

Tap Your Way to Better Emotional Health

Meme – Energy Tapping is an alternative method used to improve overall emotional health. Here are the main tapping points on the human body.

Does Fracking Bring Opportunities or Danger?

Video – A video that focuses mostly on the ongoing debate about fraking, how it may address our growing demand for energy versus the dangers it poses to our drinking water.

How to See an Aura

Video – This video walks you through how to see a person’s aura.

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