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Maxwell Chikumbutso’s Game-Changing Free Energy Devices! shows that when Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble released the 2011 documentary Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?, it became one of the most widely seen films. The Gambles created the Thrive Movement with its 13 Sectors to help people around the world develop solutions to many problems.

The Gambles released Thrive II: This Is What It Takes in October 2020. They had found the answers to the questions they raised a decade ago and share them in this amazing documentary. Thrive II explores breakthrough innovations from around the world, shows the principles they have in common, and offers insights, tools, and strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. Foster and Kimberly have traveled the world for decades looking for solutions, but did not plan to make a second documentary. However, what they discovered was so compelling and can provide the world with so many solutions to problems that they felt compelled to make Thrive II to share the information.

These insights are especially important now as the World Economic Forum threatens the world with The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution for which none of the world’s peoples voted. Foster Gamble was the featured last speaker at THE GREATER RESET on January 31 as shown in THE GREATER RESET: Inspiring Vision For Humanity!

One of the most important discoveries Foster made was the free energy generator developed by Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso, founder and Chief Technical Officer of Saith Holdings, in Zimbabwe. Foster explained in Thrive II that about 95% of free energy devices he has investigated failed to perform as claimed. However, when he learned about an inventor in Africa who had built a generator, car, helicopter, and drone that run on radio frequencies – a true free energy mechanism that keeps batteries consistently charged — Foster decided to go see for himself. He asked electronics engineer and researcher Nils Rognerud of Rognerud Research Inc. to accompany him.

  • Will Chikumbutso’s Greener Power Machine End Use of Fossil Fuels?

    Chikumbutso explained that his generator is a “Microsonic Energy Device”. It generates half a megawatt which can power about 300 homes. Chikumbutso said the generator is powered by “the natural energy that God put in the air, the radio frequency”. He explained that because the machine does not run on solar energy, it is not affected by clouds. The radio frequencies the device uses are always available. Chikumbutso said about the frequencies, “One thing we don’t know for sure is – is it man-made, alien from another planet, or from God?!”

    Although the generator is not powered by batteries, it uses eighteen 12-volt batteries to channel the energy. The goal for the test was to establish that the generator could power a welding machine — which uses a lot of electricity quickly — long enough to show it wasn’t running just on batteries. Nils measured the voltage of the batteries to determine if what Chikumbutso claimed was real or not.

    Radio Frequencies or the Free Energy Solution for Entire Cities – Saith Technologies says: “When an African invents a new machine that produces electricity from radio frequencies, the first reaction is … it’s impossible. Impossible actually means I’M POSSIBLE.” The Greener Power Machine produces no carbon dioxide emissions – ending the justification for a “carbon tax” to support a global government!

    The test was successful!  Foster said, “A final check of the battery voltage revealed a shocking result. Not only had the machine outlasted the expected battery life, but the batteries were still fully charged! This proved that the device was being powered by an unknown energy source!”

    This means the batteries won’t need to be replaced often – or perhaps at all – saving lots of money! Foster hugged Chikumbutso and said, “This is one of the happiest days of my life and I am so proud of this man who has gone through so much. He’s listened to the voice of the Divine coming through him and he’s done whatever it takes to bring this through for humanity.”

    The next day, Nils said “The test is historic. I am still digesting it because basically it means the end of fossil fuels!” Free energy is the fulfillment of the dream of the legendary Nikola Tesla discussed below.

    Chikumbutso’s Electric Car Doesn’t Need To Be Charged!

    Man One Ups Tesla By Inventing An Electric System That Charges Itself, says: “A few years ago multiple media outlets began to report a new development designed by a man from Zimbabwe named Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso, who claimed to have successfully created an electric powered vehicle and system which runs on a battery that has the ability to charge itself, making it the first ever electric vehicle that never needs charging.”

    Despite fact-checkers labelling this information as false without any investigation, new energy enthusiasts and makers of one of the most viewed documentaries in human history, THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take, Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble decided to actually go to Zimbabwe and vet the technology for themselves. Since Foster has been looking into and studying new energy technologies for more than 30 years, this was both an exciting moment but one filled with careful consideration, as the vast majority of claims like this are in fact false.

    The Thrive team met Maxwell when they landed, and quickly sensed that Maxwell was a good hearted soul who has the desire to change the world. But did his technology truly work? The next morning, Maxwell took them to see a device, which uses the same technology behind the electric car mentioned above. The unit shown in the video clip below is ample enough to power 300 homes, continuously, forever. Likely with maintenance of course. Think about the implications of that…

    The full story and more is covered in their new film, Thrive II: This Is What It Takes.

    The Saith EV car has an electric motor that runs on energy developed by the Greener Power Machine (GPM). It does not need to be recharged using a power source. It is equipped with five batteries that produce the energy to drive up to 90 km / h (56 mph). The batteries charge when the car is in motion.

    Chikumbutso’s Hybrid Helicopter

    Zim innovator breaks into global hi–tech commercial sector says:

    Chikumbutso designed four major world-changing innovations — a green power generating machine, a helicopter, an electric car and drone using rudimentary materials sourced from the capital’s popular Siyaso market in a “Eureka” moment that could have revolutionised the country’s energy and transportation system… He has over the years attracted international attention for his innovations….

    “We have built a house in Madokero, Harare, Zimbabwe, that fully runs on GPM. Amazingly, everything in the house runs on free energy! This technology violates thermodynamics laws. The stage we have now reached is a culmination of work that has been ongoing since 2003. We have finally made it! Saith Holdings is going to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange!”

    “The world is in need of clean energy. We are inundated with orders coming from all parts of the world. We have received orders and inquiries from as far afield as Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, DRC, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, to India, USA, Russia, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and UAE, just to mention a few.”…

    Chikumbutso is dreaming big and wants to build Saith Technologies into a billion-dollar concern that distributes electric cars, helicopters, telecoms solutions, security and surveillance, UAVs, traffic safety and lightning products as well as MSED Powered home lights.”

    Chikumbutso’s hybrid helicopter (Saith Hex_Copter) has two seats. It can use any of six fuels and has a hybrid propulsion engine. Saith Hex Copter is lighter at altitude because of its use of electric flight controls to alternate manual control with electronics.

    Chikumbutso’s Intelligent Drone

    Chikumbutso’s intelligent drone has an automatic pilot function that allows it to operate without aid. This is extremely rare as drones usually have remote control. The drone can be programmed to turn around when the atmospheric conditions are not good or the planned research is not fruitful. In Great interview with Maxwell Chikumbutso, Chikumbutso explains that he didn’t know the computer language he used to program his drone with Artificial Intelligence. That information came to him through visions.

    Chikumbutso: A True Visionary

    Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso, the Zimbabwean inventor tells his story says:

    A devout Christian, Maxwell says that in September of 1997, while praying at a certain mountain he received the scripture in Isaiah 46 from where the name Saith Technologies came, as in “thus saith the Lord”. That is also the time he began receiving strange visions and visible blueprints even though he did not know any electronics at all. He says he learned most of what he knows about electronics from those visions.

    Chikumbutso, born in 1980, is the inventor of the world’s first green power generator which produces electricity using radio frequencies, an electric car, hybrid helicopter, and intelligent drone. Chikumbutso wanted to be a mechanic like his father who had abandoned the family. After dropping out of school at age 14 for financial reasons, Chikumbutso worked on the farm to help his mother. He helped put his sister through school and she now works for his firm as a finance editor. Chikumbutso has no formal training in technology or science. His education came from visions and revelations of blueprints which he used to create his inventions.

    In Great interview with Maxwell Chikumbutso, the inventor explains that his Greener Power Machine harnesses radio frequencies and converts them into energy. He describes his very unconventional “education” through visions. Chikumbutso points out that Nikola Tesla began experimenting with radio frequencies in the early 20th century. Chikumbutso says God gave him the calling to finish that work.

    Chikumbutso explains that science and spirituality go hand in hand. This is the reality Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble show in their documentaries. In 13 years from 2007-2020, Chikumbutso made seven ground-breaking inventions. He believes he is fulfilling what God sent him on Earth to do. He says there is nothing he can take credit for. He says he’s just a simple person and he likes it that way. Tesla also thought his mind was just a receiving station rather than the originator of his ideas.

    The Genius of Nikola Tesla

    The Croatian genius Nikola Tesla came to the US In the early 20th century where he worked briefly with Thomas Edison who was promoting the use of direct current (DC) electricity. However, with a DC system, a power station could deliver electricity only about one mile while with Tesla’s alternating current (AC) system, one power station could deliver electricity across many miles.

    Tesla lit the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago with his AC system and that ended the “War of the Currents”. The World’s Fair of 1893 (Excerpt from Tesla Master of Light) shows what a turning point this was. Tesla then won the right to harness Niagara Falls to light Buffalo, New York and alternating current became the standard of the power grid.

    Tesla invented the radio and had 300 patents. He is responsible for 80% of today’s technology! Yet, Tesla’s dream was to provide the world with free energy, but his financial backer JP Morgan withdrew his funding.

    From his death in 1943 until the 1980s, books about Tesla were forbidden! The Tragic Story of Nikola Tesla explains that Tesla received visions of his devices, much as Chikumbutso does.

    Prodigal Genius, The Extraordinary Life of Nikola Tesla says:

    Before the turn of the 20th century, electricity remained a mere scientific curiosity. Nikola Tesla, arguably more than anyone else, changed that. But Tesla’s pioneering research in electricity represents only a portion of the scientific and technical innovations that elevated him to science godhood.

    The Secret of Nikola Tesla is one of the best documentaries with Orson Wells playing JP Morgan

    Chikumbutso: The New Nikola Tesla

    Maxwell Chikumbutso – New Nikola Tesla of the 21st century says,

    Our world has discovered the greatest genius in the field of electrical energy since the days of Nikola Tesla. It’s Mr. Maxwell Sangulani Chikumbutso from Zimbabwe. Maxwell’s technology breaks some physical laws in the form of their current knowledge. It is time to open our eyes and move towards clean, green, decentralized electrical energy. This is the beginning of the new era, free energy is real. Many thanks to all the people who are helping Maxwell on his journey to help Zimbabwe, Africa, and the world. GOD BLESS YOU.

    Chikumbutso’s Goal: Free Energy For Everyone

    In Maxwell Chikumbutso – TV news in Zimbabwe (September 2020), Chikumbutso points out that he was poisoned (when the government jailed him to stop his inventions), but he believes he has to keep on fighting so everyone can have free energy. Chikumbutso is giving the blueprints for his Green Power Machine generator to poorer African communities for free.

    In Presentation of breakthrough free energy technology by Maxwell Chikumbutso, Foster and Kimberly Clarke Gamble hosted an after party following the initial showing of Thrive II. The video features Chikumbutso giving a demonstration of his Greener Power Machine. Since Chikumbutso can’t patent his inventions because they are said to “defy the laws of physics”, he is re-writing science!

    Blockchain Protects Chikumbutso’s Intellectual Property

    In Maxwell Chikumbutso presents a house fully powered by a 50kW GPM (Free energy Greener Power Machine), Chikumbutso says: “We have built a house in Madokero, Harare Zimbabwe that fully runs on 50kW PM. Amazingly, everything in the house runs on Free Energy! The future belongs to free energy and decentralized solutions.” It is the only home in the area with electricity.

    In Maxwell’s Chikumbutso intellectual property is protected by technology Blockchain, Chikumbutso points out:

    Even if I am killed today, this invention will move forward because the IP is in secure locations around the world and there are people who will take over and ensure that the work is successfully executed. God will always win.

    Foster Gamble says open-source technology is the best way to protect groundbreaking inventors and inventions. Chikumbutso chose to work with the Gambles because he wanted to use open source. Kimberly explains that even some of the early oil families recognize that the handwriting is on the wall now and want to be in on what’s next.

    In addition to his Greener Power Machine, car, helicopter, and drone, Chikumbutso invented a mobile broadcast communication backpack, intelligent IP Mesh backpack, MSED powered home lights, and a household transformer that can multiply power a hundredfold. His innovations provide clean energy with no carbon foot print. The decentralized energy provided by Chikumbutso’s inventions  will play key roles in The Greater Reset. See The GREATER Reset — Inspiring Vision For Humanity!

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