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How to Awaken the Kundalini

Video – These videos will take you through the process of awakening the Kundalini energy.

Karma Cleanse

Renata Palmo, Contributor Waking Times When we hear the word karma, we often hear it in the context of having done something “bad” and its consequence of justice served, well-deserved. This is a rather small vision of what karma actually is. A clearer short explanation is that the word karma in Sanskrit principally means action…and

Busting the Bureau of Land Management’s Frackopoly

Wenonah Hauter, EcoWatch Waking Times Even without looking at a photo album, I can picture in my mind’s eye a vacation photo from the gorgeous BLM-managed (Bureau of Land Management) land near Moab, Utah. That image of my family and friends on a bicycle trip in the red rock lands, perfectly faded by time, carefully preserved

The Influence Vedic Philosophy Had On Nikola Tesla’s Idea Of Free Energy

Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution Waking Times The Properties of Space Science works best when in harmony with nature. If we put these two together, we can discover great technologies that can only come about when the consciousness of the planet is ready to embrace them. One example is “free energy,” also known as “zero-point energy,” which

Everything is Energy

Brandon West, Contributor Waking Times “Now I realize that it isn’t the miracle that creates the believer. Instead, we are all believers. We believe that the illusion of the material world is completely real. That belief is our only prison. It prevents us from making the journey into the unknown.” – Deepak Chopra Solid matter as

Thought As A Food For Health

Jean Perrins, Contributor Waking Times  When you are born your body is a brilliant manifestation of genius, managing millions of transactions a second to keep you healthy and highly aware of your surroundings. All you have to do is lie there and as long as food comes in regularly, everything works like clockwork. Fast forward to

What is Chi?

Rod Morin, Contributor Waking Times Many, many, sages, scholars, researchers and laymen have attempted to answer the perplexing question of – What is Chi? The simplistic answer most often used is that Chi is “vital energy” or Chi is the “life force”, but this answer falls well short of addressing the apparent complexity of Chi.

Qi Gong – Promoting Health Through Life Energies

Paul Fassa, Natural Society Waking Times As the efforts to diminish access to supplements and herbs in Europe and America increase, don’t forget that you can still take charge of your health by practicing Qigong. With Qigong, you can influence the subtle life energies that affect your health without relying on physical supplements. The recognition

Your Aura And How It Affects Others

Gregg Prescott, M.S., In5D Guest Waking Times Have you ever noticed people who simply make you feel good by just looking at them? Have you ever observed someone for the first time and knew that there was something off with this person, even though that particular person never said a word to you? As more experiments are

Sacred Language of the Human Body

Mona Delfino, In5D Guest Waking Times If we understand the concepts that our minds are capable of, we’ll accelerate and amplify the process by which energy heals. For in this knowledge of a technique called energy medicine, we are fully capable of healing ourselves. When we listen to another person speak to us, we hear them

Pyramid Power

Julian Websdale, Contributor Waking Times The most celebrated pyramids are those at Giza, built during the fourth dynasty, of which the largest is the one that housed the pharaoh Khufu, better known as Cheops. This is now called the Great Pyramid. Some years ago it was visited by a French hardware store owner and author

Scientists Make Crude Oil in Laboratory in About an Hour

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times As the world continues to seek energy solutions that may alleviate some of the big problems associated with fossil fuel extraction, new ideas and inventions are being made possible with technological advances. At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, scientists and engineers have developed a new process to convert a green

How Your State of Mind is Affecting Your Well-Being

Paul Lenda, Guest Waking Times Most of us know that the environment has a tremendous effect on our physical and mental well-being but did you know that our thoughts directly affect the way we physically feel? Remember always that we live and exist as part of a vast, elaborate, and intricate matrix of consciousness where

Electromagnetic Resonance of the Tesla Gravity Motor

Alex Putney, Guest Waking Times The greatest achievements of terrestrial human technology have been hidden from public awareness. While the various space agencies of the world’s governments continue to use outdated and exceedingly dangerous rocket technologies and space shuttles designed in the 1940s and only minimally upgraded since, the advanced gravity control methods and plasma

Understanding True Love

Jona Bryndis, Guest Waking Times The English language offers two meanings for ‘True Love’, describing either the kind of love we feel for someone and/or the person your true love is subjected to. Both meanings primarily reflect on an emotion directed at somebody else. When searching for the deeper meaning of True Love we will