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Seeing With New Eyes

Elva Thompson – What appears to be random events for dramatic change in our world are definitely planned events executed according to occult numerology.

Weave Your Universe

Peony – The universe is also mental and is also made up like a web.

The I Of The Storm

Zen Gardner – Talk about chaotic times. To look on the surface, the external can really get you down. It defies common sense while at the same time it appears obviously engineered to be the way it is.

The Irony and the Ecstasy

Zen Gardner – I find it especially ironic that this latest round of draconian clampdown is based on a media perpetuated invisible virus meme.

Body Awaken

Reflections Upon the Global Pandemic

Sharron Rose – Everything that we are, the essential nature of society, our hopes and dreams are undergoing a substantial and radical alteration.

Taking Back Our Power

Elva Thompson – The human aura or electromagnetic field can extend from three feet to twelve feet from our bodies on all sides.

How To Be A Mentally Sovereign Human

Caitlin Johnstone – Stepping into the world as a small person is like stepping completely unarmored onto a battlefield with live ammunition.

The Wounded Mind

Kingsley L. Dennis – There’s something fundamentally wrong with how the world is right now.

Prisoners of the Voice

Elva Thompson – We are all prisoners of the voice living within the mind.