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Carlos Castaneda: What is Fake?

Francesco Sammarco, Life Arts Media Waking Times Castaneda, Don Juan, Tibetan Master Norbu, Parmenides, Liars, Infinity and Ayahuasca Tibetan Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, world authority on Dzogchen Buddhism, about 3 decades ago, in the early 80′s, reportedly said – during a retreat in the very first community that he founded in Italy (Arcidoss, Tuscany) in

Identifing the Projection of Unconscious Tendencies

Video – An excerpt from Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbols on the shadow aspect of the psyche, our projection of unconscious tendencies, and the power that the shadow holds over the Self.

2012 and the Great Awakening

“The matrix” is “the morphogenic field”, also defined by Carl Jung as the “collective unconscious.” It is essentially the unified higher awareness that connects with creation and manifests global scenarios. This extraordinary force field plays a crucial role in shaping our perceived reality. For this reason, it has been severely manipulated to serve the elite few who, unlike the majority, have always been keenly aware of the matrix and its power of manifestation.

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