2012 and the Great Awakening

Henrik Larsson
Waking Times

From the moment we entered this world we have been on a mission, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. There is a reason why we are here today. Despite wars and other disasters—together with the stealth attack of pharmaceuticals, chemtrailing, HAARP, GMOs, etc.—the human family has still managed to reach 7 billion members. The power is not in our hands, but in our hearts; and if properly aligned, our hearts’ potential force field is tremendous. Our numbers are now enough that a focused minority can amass a higher vibration of awareness to successfully reprogram today’s matrix and set humanity free.

“The matrix” is “the morphogenic field”, also defined by Carl Jung as the “collective unconscious.” It is essentially the unified higher awareness that connects with creation and manifests global scenarios. This extraordinary force field plays a crucial role in shaping our perceived reality. For this reason, it has been severely manipulated to serve the elite few who, unlike the majority, have always been keenly aware of the matrix and its power of manifestation. That is precisely why most everything we have been made to believe as ‘real’ is a lie used as a form of mind control intended to serve the great manipulators. However, the time has finally come when humanity, in vast numbers, is learning of the force field and how it has been manipulated and corrupted.

Interestingly, the elite are trying to force this matrix to become rigid through the poisoning of our bodies and minds, thus preventing its natural state, which is fluid and in rhythm with humanities’ constantly transforming consciousness. This fact is precisely why every single person on the planet counts. Everyone. Each one of us is literally an energy producing power plant that has the ability to reprogram this matrix of consciousness through higher awareness to who and what we truly are.

You are the Source manifested within the confines of the matrix—the five-sense reality that has been, and is steadily being disillusioned by the elite who wish to maintain their “perceived power” over the masses. That is why we are being poisoned on every level imaginable. They have, and are actively trying to calcify not only our third eye (the pineal gland), but also the entire collective force field of awareness.

Nevertheless, now, as in “this particular perception of the infinite” we do have the choice and the rare opportunity to fully end this corruption through humanities’ increased awareness to the metaphysical manipulation we have been subjected to. The choice is ours.

  • While many may ultimately fail to awaken from their deep slumber—or falter to rise up and consciously embrace their true and divine purpose—there are millions of others who would work to restore balance, with their soul’s spiritual might and singular dedication. That is, if they only knew the truth. The sharing of accurate information is therefore, the key that will enable us to break free.

    Everyone counts.

    If there is any significance to the year 2012, it is this: The window of opportunity for us to bring about true change is rapidly narrowing. You cannot entrust politicians or institutions to do it for you. They are the very distraction that is robbing us of our power. The power in our five-sense illusion known as reality lies in decentralization and dedication: “responsibility.” Though an illusion, time is inescapably real to our bodies and minds. As such we are bound by it, especially since the elite is working around the clock to destroy us.

    Either we choose to elevate, or we perish. So, day by day, we reach out, and by divine Midas touch—as in touching the hearts of others with love and truth—we awaken them: People who already intuitively understand that something is deeply wrong and who are willing to embrace truth, no matter how horrific it may initially appear to be.

    Though we may go through many dark nights of the soul, we continue because we understand our strength does not reside in the body. Doubts will jet through our mind. However, as a spiritual being, we also understand—if only in the deepest regions of our essence—that we are an investment for the Source. In fact, we are the Source that has come into this reality through our bodies. Through the generations of those who came before us, the Source has been preparing and building for the moment to bring about this new energetic paradigm shift: The moment when enough of us has gained enough wisdom to actually enable humanity to recapture the light from those who for so long have been trying to keep it away from us and stomp out our flame.

    Everyone counts.

    As more awaken the system will respond, doing everything in its power to shut us down. They try to distract us. We focus more intently. They expose us to more deception. We bring out more truth. They demand conformity. We express unique individuality.

    Let history remember the Great Work of the Ages, not as the fiendish scheme that was intended for humanity by the elite, but as how mankind awoke from its deep slumber and embraced the divine plan: For us all to live in balance and peace through higher awareness. Harmony and peace is what the whole of mankind seems to want, now in 2012—all but the Satanist Saturn worshippers who do not consider themselves part of the human family—those who serve the darkness through scientific, perverted, so-called enlightenment.

    As for the Grand Chessboard, to use the metaphor of globalist Zbigniew Brzezinksi: It appears that check mate is indeed near. This will be so for the tyrant elite because the veil is lifting on their grand deception and it is being exposed on every front. Human awareness is spreading, interlocking, and strengthening. The matrix is steadily being reprogrammed, but time is of the essence and the very reason why we must all push forward.

    What is a mindless majority to a focused minority? The Illuminati proved it. Now, the genuine light bringers, those who are truly becoming conscious to the bigger picture of the nefarious globalist agenda, are about to outnumber the elite manipulators who are hiding in the curtains and through their goons.  It is us versus those few thousand who knowingly serve the Illuminati New World Order.

    Fortunately, the resistance is growing; in the hearts of men and women, young and old, in the informational field on the web, and in the streets around the world. Most everyone today has been exposed to it, in one way or another. Still, the awakening is not so much an objective phenomenon, as it is personal. The Occupy movement in the western hemisphere proved this, as people spontaneously united from all walks of life, without any centralized leadership. Each and every one of us who joined up was a leader in one way or another.

    From my personal experience I had that gut feeling, the tingle within, that told me I had to be there and manifest. So I did, marching against the FED, singing World Wide Rebel Songs on the top steps of City Hall.  Proud moments, but no more so than that final night when I found myself in camp united with my fellow brothers and sisters, facing down 1,400 riot police that were armed with billy clubs and M-16s. The helicopters hovered low above our heads. News teams that had shown little interest prior were now gathered like vultures hoping for blood. But none was to be shed. We were peaceful. We were the true light bringers, standing on the barricades telling the authority that we were, in fact also there for their sake. When has that ever before happened in history? Well, to be fair, there was Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr… Our stance was beautiful—a sign and a blessing—even though we were forcefully removed and replaced with a high fence erected around City Hall. No doubt a symbol of what’s in store for us should we falter. We cannot. Nor are we. The Divine is on our side. A new energy is manifesting both from within and without, and we have to embrace it appropriately. Connect with it.

    Less than a year ago, I was walking alone down a fairly dark street when two gangbanger types appeared from the opposite direction. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what would happen next. Then, I overheard one telling the other about the “New World Order.” As it turned out, I was the one who actually scared them as I immediately and excitedly yelled out in passing, “Yeah, let’s stop the globalists!”  We quickly became brothers, side by side in the info war. Though our paths have never crossed again, we are, nevertheless, still traveling the road together, doing what we can and working with what we’ve got. Together. You, as in Me, as in We. We are the One.

    This article was originally submitted to Activist Post for their current writing contest and has been entered to win 2 premium tickets + $500 for travel to see David Icke at Wembley Arena, London — October 27, 2012.  To read more contest entries or to submit an entry, please visit their Contest Page.

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