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The Evolving Feminine in the Matrix

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times Sometimes we don’t really know how the collective human experience has affected our lives until something hits a mark, and we respond emotionally. The angry don’t know they’re angry, the stressed don’t know they’re stressed, the fearful don’t know they’re fearful, the resentful don’t know they’re resentful. It can be

Sexuality – The Missing Coordinates

Soren Dreier, Guest Waking Times As we move along, evolve, disengage more and more from the snares that hold us in 3D, or the mundane reality defined by the control system, and we plug in to a higher reality with our eyes wide open, we change our entire system. When one thing changes and takes

Lovers Transcending the Duality Void

Ida Lawrence and Soren Dreier, Contributors Waking Times There is much conversation today about gender equality, sensuality, sexuality. We talk about these things because our very deep and ever-present desire is to experience ourselves through love. We want to know love in all of its forms and manifestations… true lovemaking. But to know this, we

Harmonizing The Divine Feminine With The Masculine

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times The increasing restriction of this world has the effect of increasing the forces of liberation: we are awakening to a new way of being. It’s organic and evolutionary. As we prepare for the changes to come, our intent is clear: disengage, transition through, and renew life within a unified spirit

A New Chivalry

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times When it comes to spiritual warriors on assignment, it does seem to me that men and women show up to battle with different weapons. Men are tremendously skilled at wielding true information driven by love, and women hold the disarming weapon… love driven by true information. It doesn’t just work

Healing the Wounded Dragon

Chris Bourne, Contributing Writer Waking Times Accessing the purity of primal power I’d say we’re all pretty conscious of the need for healing of the divine feminine. It’s an energy that has been subjugated and mis-treated within society for eons. However, little seems to be said also about the need to heal the divine masculine.

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