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As we move along, evolve, disengage more and more from the snares that hold us in 3D, or the mundane reality defined by the control system, and we plug in to a higher reality with our eyes wide open, we change our entire system.

When one thing changes and takes on a higher frequency, the rest has to follow in order to keep a well grounded and healthy spirituality even as we approach the higher dimensions in us, defined as 4D and 5D.

Change and changing is what we talk about, and as we do so our body, mind and soul have to follow. We furnace the chakras, and most important to me, our nervous systems. The nervous systems are our antenna into this world and the more pristine worlds of the soul and the spirit.

That is all very good, so as we change what we eat, experience and get rid of more and more psychological or spiritual debris of old belief patterns and habits, everything in us changes. It is very hard sometimes, to understand how these elements in us are connected, and yet the interconnectivity is the key to a balanced life.

One thing that also changes, or has to, is our sexuality. We heighten our perceptions, some by healthier living, meditation, or simply by recognizing the matrix also in sexuality. We become more sensitive in this world since inner development sharpens the senses: the clearer on the inside, the more this world gets to us with its brutality, noise, smells, bad foods – we simply can’t absorb it anymore.

  • Because the nervous systems, whether they be the physical, the emotional, or the spiritual, take on a higher frequency.

    I have answered a lot of questions regarding sexual confusion or disorientation from people who really don’t know whats going on with them in this field of human behavior or experience. So this confusion seems to be impacting many couples or single men and woman, and I have laid out a road map for them which solved the problems. So I would like to address it in general.

    I won’t go so much into the Matrix 3D version of sexuality, since I have done so before. I can only say, that the New Sensuality is light years away from mainstream interpretations of ‘good and satisfying’ sex. Which basically, in the Matrix version, is all about using the other part for personal pleasure or tension relief. On the other hand I wont go into Tantra, since I consider it to be unnecessarily complicated and there is too much ‘intellect’ involved. Stuart called it perverted. I don’t know about that, but: when things gets unnecessarily complicated, I find them of very little use.

    Sexuality is a feel, not a thought process, and since sexuality has been very much intellectualized by the Matrix, that should be one good reason to climb out of that bed. In a way, the caveman attitude towards sex is more honest than today’s mainstream sexuality, since it came without agendas or power play or what have we.

    One of the major problems in this age of sexuality transcending is that both men and women find it hard to climax. That is because the focus, and the intention behind the sexual act shifts, if we are in an energetic build-up in other areas in our lives, as I started out with.

    The lust, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with pure lust, in the Matrix described as being horny… it just wants another road to travel.

    Some people have gotten so frustrated that they have given up sex. Why? There’s nothing ‘low frequency ‘ or ‘I’m too spiritual for that’. That is a reaction maybe to the difficulties, but hardly the solution, since engaging sexually with another person is as vulnerable as we can get here on this planet, if: We put our heart and soul into it and are not targeting cold calculating sex for personal power reasons or the demonstration of it.

    Sex, in the higher vibes, is an extension of: Surrender and giving it up to something bigger than oneself and it is quite remarkable, that most go, during the climax: ‘Oh my God’ – yes – God or the God force or Unity not only with the beloved but with the cosmos, is present at that moment. So: Oh my God – makes sense.

    Let’s look at that:

    The masculine sexual energy is horizontal. It is directed forward in a straight line. It has to be since climaxing or ejaculation is horizontal or a horizontal energy. That is the old 3D version. In the higher frequencies, he has to change that to a pulse between the horizontal and the Vertical.

    In the higher frequencies of sexuality, climaxing and ejaculation are not the same thing. They can be, but by default they are not. And that can be very confusing. He might think he´s not adequate or he might think that he should stray to new partners since the current one doesn’t satisfy his need for togetherness or arouse him anymore or whatever.

    In some cases that might be the situation, but that is not what I’m targeting here. This guy loves his partner very much, but sex isn’t what it used to be.

    Okay, time to change the attitude and the process, and not the partner.

    The feminine sexual energy is vertical. So when she climaxes it’s a river of pleasure that goes upwards in her body, via her nervous systems but as with the masculine: It’s is not just the physical and emotional nervous systems that are involved anymore, it is also the spiritual nervous system and if she doesn’t take that into account she will lose the ability to climax too and both are in a desert.

    To me its a bit sad to see couples so obviously meant for each other, disengaging because they don’t feel sexually fulfilled anymore.

    On the other hand, spiritualizing sex for the sake of spiritualizing it is not the best way, I’m sorry to say, since it becomes sort of new-age ritualized, predictable and boring. It makes no sense bringing the ‘new-age’ sex manual into the bedroom where he needs to level out his masculine pole in order to ‘meet’ her. That’s nonsense.

    She needs a clear masculine pole and he needs a clear feminine pole, not afraid of her feminine side, and we can’t have that blurred out and served at the altar of mistaken feminism or men who have abandoned their balls on the ‘trying to be the same gender’ altar.

    We need men and women who have the courage to stand by that.

    The beautiful secret in this is in the higher frequency of sexuality, that when they merge and climax, they will blend into one energy, but please: Not before they stay in the polarity to dissolve it. Either through the process of intercourse or when they climax either apart or together. Yes I said that. Either apart or together. If ‘together’ or simultaneously is a problem, don’t focus on that issue, it will show up.

    So often I have heard women say: “I need a man, that can handle me and conquer me.” That is a terrible statement if it is in the Matrix version of sexuality since she gives him her power and merely sees herself as a body to be shagged. Very low frequency version: Rape and abuse. High frequency: I surrender.

    The mind and heart are absent in the Matrix version and that is why porn sells, and that is one of the reasons they don’t give you a working road map.

    On a higher note the statement represents all that the sacred feminine spirit is all about: Surrendering and nurturing.

    He on the other hand can react with fear and Matrix conditioning so much that he feels guilty by manifesting his conquering outspoken vertical sexuality. Isn’t that anti-female? Nope, it isn’t. In the Matrix version it is, yes, on a spiritual note it is all he needs permission to do, and he will thrive. Both will.

    So he needs to give himself permission to use his horizontal energy by dissolving mistaken programming of the nasty side of masculinity and she needs to give herself permission to go surrendering and vertical (Oh my God).

    The more she, from an inner perspective, displays her femininity, the more stronger she gets. And she has to contradict a lot of programming in order to do so. And yes, it has to do with her appearance also as it also has to do with his. It’s signals… and they are powerful. It’s the ‘play’ – the passion play, and who wouldn’t want that if it comes from a natural place.

    Need I say that they are equal in every way?

    So it requires some reprogramming and this more that ever:


    3D sexuality is very interesting to a certain point, and then the need for a deeper sexuality steps in. It steps in as stated: Because through evolvement and progress in other areas of life we raise our vibration and sensuality has to follow. We are a very delicate system of senses witch are tied together and are communicating via our nervous systems.

    So, as said, in 3D the most basic version, we go for the climax.

    Historically it meant that men did, and left the woman quite frustrated. I’m done now, thank you and roll over. Or women who plugged too much into feminism, basically reversed that and left him frustrated. No good.

    However, and pardon my french, a quickie at the kitchen table can be 3D cool sex. But that is what it is: Sex for the satisfaction, the rawness, and not so heart based. Again, nothing wrong with that if it’s balanced with the high-vibe sexuality.

    It’s fun and it should be labeled as fun. It’s playful, and we need that.

    3D transcended:

    In a higher frequency he and she have to tweak their direction of the energy flow and they have to watch out for not talking it to death or becoming too intellectual about it. Intellect is what stands in the way of high frequency sex. The busy mind has no place in bed or at the bedside.

    They have to explore and here’s the provocative part: They have to explore themselves and not the other. Ei?

    Because they engage in oneness by merging bodies, mind and spirit. So the togetherness will show as high impact and the risk of getting too much into the other’s needs is attachment to the wrong pole and that sends us back to the gender scared 3D version.

    He has to be comfortable with exploring his inner sensations in the act and by doing that, he tweaks: He changes his energetic flow from horisontal to vertical.

    For the masculine pole that has a huge impact on his experience of climax: He transcends his ‘coming’ which is solely horizontal into ‘Orgasm’- which is vertical. How does he do that? By consciously flatlining.

    The female sexual energy has a habit of flatlining before climax and that is where many women think: “I’m so close to climaxing, but when I’m at the threshold of it, I just turn off.”

    I’ll get back to that, but he has to, in order to get the transcending orgasm, which he can have.

    The Tweak:

    Right before he normally would go for the climax he has to stop. He has to surf on it and not realease it. And go for ‘round two’. She has to be aware of that and very practical… not move too much. Give him a couple of moments to get his pulse down and then both continue. You can very well have the steam rolling without horizontal movements. If he ejaculates anyway, no harm done – wait till next time.

    Feminine Tweak:

    She’s in transit too and she needs to overcome the flatlining that she has in her sensual software. She needs to put all her attention into the horizontal, not by imitating him, but to be very focused on the sensations in her physical nervous system that spiral around her feminine part. She needs to stop worrying about climaxing and ‘go with her flow’. And since she is vertical she also needs to ‘get out of mind’ for a bit and just let her body feel the sensations and guide him, gently with her breath or her whispers.

    I say that very consciously – get out of mind – because it’s a process and she needs to surrender to the bodily sensation more than him, and within the act she will, as him, in one firework display of ‘mind body spirit’, collect them and merge them as he will.

    That is the tweak to overcome mere ‘coming’ and hereby going, into the deep orgasmic sensation – and they will be one in the act.

    Couples who know this are actually one as soon as they engeage physically, and that is why I said: They need to go into themselves – disengage in the act from each other and both go internal in order to collect and melt together in the climaxing, which often is not simultaneously.

    Maybe needless to say that both can surf several times on the brink of ecstasy, but somehow this turned into a belief that women can have multiple orgasms and men can’t. That is not the case here. They both can.

    So it’s a beautiful dance between control, self control, and surrender; and if the masculine can tweak his sexual energy into vertical, he will know all about surrendering to the feminine spirit, and that is quite a point. And he does so without mistaken agendas and his masculinity intact.

    Such couples are very tender towards each other without it getting sticky and it’s a joy to see. They know the Deep, they can manifest it in each other, and they know that sexuality is a joy that transcends and manifests their need for togetherness.

    Both orbiting cosmos, themselves, and each other staring oneness right in the face.

    © 2014 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.

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