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When it comes to spiritual warriors on assignment, it does seem to me that men and women show up to battle with different weapons. Men are tremendously skilled at wielding true information driven by love, and women hold the disarming weapon… love driven by true information.

It doesn’t just work in theory. Spiritual warriors have been and are using the great combo in battle. Imagine coldness, cruelty and deceit being hit with both. Destroying lies and transmuting pain – both work! The third force is creation, and we’re in that process as well. Balance of the masculine and feminine: it gives birth to the renewal.

The man’s courage is bolstered by knowledge that if he is injured in battle, feminine energy will comfort him, grant him respite, and help him heal. The woman’s courage is bolstered by knowledge that if a battle threatens to overwhelm her, masculine energy will see it coming and step in to protect.

Now if you think I’ve harkened back to an old model, I haven’t. This is a unified model. We’re coming together and is it ever the right time!

It goes without saying that recklessness cannot be a part of spiritual battle. It’s the fools who rush in that get injured, and subsequently bring injury to the whole.

To quote my friend Soren Dreier, “Thoughtless fighting is a mess and we will lose. Childishly taking wrong measurement of one’s powers will get us slain, whether it would be physically or energetically.”

  • The quote comes from an article on the warrior’s Achilles heel. What insight I found there! We know that within each one of us is the duality of masculine and feminine energies – man has a feminine side and woman has a masculine side. Soren uses the word counterpole. Both pole and counterpole make up the inner self that we are bringing together.

    He wrote about our vulnerabilities, and what might pull us into reacting, making us more open to physical or energetic attacks than we are prepared for. ‘No emotion no reaction’ is in the survival manual for warriors. Dangerous if it’s not followed.

    Upon reading Soren’s article, I realized that he was talking about the very same thing my husband used to call a ‘draw-out’. He was a martial arts master with a warrior’s emotion/reaction control. Many times he would say to me, “Let it go, it’s a draw out.” What would cause him to forget his own advice? As with Soren: encountering something that assaults his counterpole.

    If we attribute truth to the masculine energy and love to the feminine, then the counterpole in a man would be love, and in a woman, truth.

    Haven’t we always known that a man’s soft heart sets him up for attack, and a woman’s truthful words do the same? We can get carried away with both… big time. They are the Achilles heel. This is not to say that men need to be hard hearted and women need to shut their mouths… kind of a regressive notion… makes me chuckle to say it.

    Our objective with the masculine and feminine aspects is to bring them together – unified within. That would allow the counterpole to take on refinement and discernment. Internal balance… unified self. We still have a lot of work to do, but some of the warriors have been there for a good while. For the rest of us, just working on it is making us beautiful and able to be warriors in training, bringing in a new way.

    A masculine/feminine balanced man is no less a man… he’s actually quite a lot more. He’s capable of the valor we’ve prayed for. The feminine/masculine balanced woman is in her realm at last… able to speak her wisdom and be listened to with reverence.

    We know that the renewal is bringing back the feminine energy, the mother, the earth and love. Beauty and softness will win in the end. We know that.

    But who knew that the key to this liberation would be to end the contest between men and women? It seems to be so, as we have found grace and power in it… and trust.

    While the battles in the world are far from over, there is no need to despair. The intensifying darkness is helping the renewal. Good people, who have had enough of pain, are slipping away to the warm side. Encouragement, information, cleanup training, healing and connection – it’s here.

    There is a distance to go before we emerge beyond the darkness, but you know, this light is real, and growing. Something feels finished… like an agreement is made. Could it be an agreement between us… to forgive, and adore each other again? Reverence, devotion and a new chivalry – I could so get into that!

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    Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has authored two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Ida is also a certified Tai Chi instructor with a special interest in helping seniors and the disabled with Tai Chi and Chi Kung practices modified for their use. Her goal in life has been to find answers to the question of ‘why’ and then to explore the question of ‘what is’. More of her work is available at her personal blog, http://talk2momz.com/.

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