Harmonizing The Divine Feminine With The Masculine

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The increasing restriction of this world has the effect of increasing the forces of liberation: we are awakening to a new way of being. It’s organic and evolutionary. As we prepare for the changes to come, our intent is clear: disengage, transition through, and renew life within a unified spirit – oneness with all that is – in accord with nature.

The divine feminine energy (within both women and men) is at the helm of this renewal. We realize that we must balance the masculine/feminine poles, love the love and trust our unified intent in order to step away from the abyss and move forward as one.

We believe we know what the divine feminine and masculine poles are, as Stuart Wilde and others have taken us a long way into learning. We women greatly appreciate a man who allows his heart to open to the softer, more intuitive, more tender and respectful side of himself. We trust that man, and we find ourselves able to love him more openly, without fear of being harmed.

But to my mind we still have a long way to go, as we have traveled very far from love and unity. How else can this partnership be advanced on a deep and abiding level but to look more into who we are and expose the truth?

These ‘deep within’ places are the vulnerable parts of ourselves, and we don’t want them diminished. The world of restriction that we are leaving is an attack and diminish world, and if there’s anything we know for sure, it’s that we’ve experienced enough of it.

I’m sure that’s why Stuart emphasized the three graces… tenderness, generosity and respect. Bringing this energy of grace into our being is the ‘must have’ foundation upon which to build trust and, eventually, reverence for the divinity within each other.

  • Perhaps we’re working on comprehending and unifying the feminine and masculine poles within ourselves, refining our balance, understanding where our anger is, where our hurt is, what our memories of relationships do to us, and where our weakness lies. But, as I see it, damage will continue to be done until we can refine our outer masculine/feminine relationships and use tenderness, generosity and respect as the ground on which we stand with each other.

    All too often we’re faking it in the masculine/feminine mutual admiration arena. I’m grateful to my sons and godsons for openly talking with me about these things. They have developed trust, as they have seen the feminine essence in their mother working things through in front of their eyes.

    They have watched me receive an unrefined emotional blast, digest it, and then come back with understanding and encouraging words. Why would I do that? Why would I not fight back? I take it in, transmute it, and give it back as tenderness because I know that the man is overwhelmed.

    He is in such a state because he has to deal with the assault of the outside world and his nature is to act on things. Acting on things you cannot fix is painful. He’s projecting the pain, and it’s a sad state. Soon he will see, but often he will not know that it was the feminine that transmuted his pain.

    While I help him, at the same time I’m digesting his emotion and it leaves a residue. So, in a sense, I’m like the earth, cleaning up pollution by receiving it, detoxifying it and transforming it. But eventually the earth gets worn by overuse, and cries out… dumping that pollution on me is not good. Tend to me, love me, nurture me.

    My godson has said some interesting things, and I’m grateful to him for it. With regard to a man belittling a woman because of his own emotional frustration, he said: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Awareness. Just because a woman is receptive, doesn’t mean she should be subjected to receiving everything a man contains.

    Some of the pain of being here in this world can be digested within himself, by utilizing the wisdom and understanding and higher knowing of his own feminine aspect.

    This morning my godson said another interesting thing: “To be honest with you, men view women as an annoyance.” That’s the view of arrogant men, we all know that, and not all men. Many have gone beyond that view into an expanded awareness, but still, the arrogant side does reside within, otherwise he wouldn’t have seen it.

    There is something in the arrogant man’s interaction with the feminine that he is not aware of… something he is receiving that he doesn’t value as an equal force; and that something is the work she does, or the damage she sustains, from his negative energy.

    I can say, in all truth, that we women love the fire and brightness and intellectual light of men – without it we would be so in the dark. We know the value of it as it is apparent… external. Any woman who denies our need for the masculine light is greatly deceiving herself.

    But in this polarity world there are two forces. Stuart described them as Om and Ka: Om… the cool dark feminine and Ka… the burning fire masculine. When Ka needs a place to cool himself, regenerate, and wander about in peace, exploration, and devotion, he goes to Om, for she is internal, vast and receptive to the light. She cools his fire and brings forth life from taking his light within herself.

    This very writing is an example of a woman bringing forth life from taking in light. It’s the process of the feminine: taking in, transmuting, transforming or translating. In this case I am taking in the light of what I have learned from Stuart and others, I’m weaving it through with my own experience, and translating it back out in a new form.

    These Om and Ka forces are equal and divine, and the balance of these forces is vital. The renewal cannot take place without both on the throne, in our inner divinity and in the outer world.

    We are living in the world where the masculine intellect has attacked and diminished the feminine receptivity nearly to the point of death. She is the life creator. He has become so arrogant and dismissive of her that he believes he can create life on his own. We are horrified at the sight of him trying to do it. The world you see collapsing before you is the result of the insanity of arrogance.

    You can see now why the divine feminine energy is at the helm of this renewal.

    This is not a superficial contest between men and women, although to listen to some discussions one would think it is. Ego somehow gets involved. Women climb to an elevated position and announce… “I am a Goddess,” thinking that the return of the feminine is her possession. So silly. Goddess is not elevated… she is the force of Grace in all things, and in all of humanity. The male ego then becomes involved, and sees only the silliness of such thought, which is easy to attack and diminish. And there we go again.

    The divine feminine is within us both, internally. As feminine persons and masculine persons we each have our attributes to apply to battle at this great evolutionary time. It is the greatness of our need and our balanced and unified intent to create something new that will take us forward. There is no egotistical element to the renewal. This is our joint fight for life on behalf of all who will come after.

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