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The Light Side Of A Dark Age

Zen Gardner – By apparent design, everything is crumbling into dystopian madness in the social matrix.

The I Of The Storm

Zen Gardner – Talk about chaotic times. To look on the surface, the external can really get you down. It defies common sense while at the same time it appears obviously engineered to be the way it is.

In a World Where Truth Doesn’t Matter

Zen Gardner – This latest round of rapidly deployed, over-reaching control mechanisms by packs of free-roaming predators only serves as another wake up opportunity for mankind.

The Only Way Out Is In

Zen Gardner – External reality got you down? Pretty well destabilized and confused? 

The Irony and the Ecstasy

Zen Gardner – I find it especially ironic that this latest round of draconian clampdown is based on a media perpetuated invisible virus meme.

So Why Are We Here?

Zen Gardner – What is this directive control system implanted in the human mind?

Gaming the Illusion

Zen Gardner – This is a programmed paradigm we’re watching and drawn into participating within.

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