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Kicking Off 2016 with a Bang – An Amazing Year of Awakening!

You Are The Awakening is 467 pages of inspiration and empowerment now available on

Spread it far and wide! A full on read that can also be used as a handbook of stand alone essays for regular uplifts and insights for the awakening warrior at any level.

Here are some reviews so far:


“Zen Gardner’s book is a welcome contribution to a gathering challenge to the Matrix of deceit, illusion and programmed perception. Lies got us into this mess – only truth can get us out of it.” – David Icke

“Zen Gardner is a remarkable man with a profound insight into the game of life and the art required to effectively travel its pathways. He is one of a rare breed of spirit warrior able to offer realizations that affect people on a soul level and has been blessed with the ability to be able to communicate them simply and powerfully. This book is a must have for anyone on the path to true knowledge and a deeper understanding of both themselves and the reality they inhabit.” – Max Igan

“Zen Gardner does an adventurous thing and a right thing and an exciting thing: he knocks down the wall between between consciousness and the world, without diminishing the heights to which consciousness can rise.  Think about that.  And read what he writes, because he’s also updating original Zen to make it relevant to today and tomorrow.  He shreds the illusory barrier between wisdom of the past and life as it is this minute.”  – Jon Rappoport

“Zen Gardner is a sparkling and unusually clear voice in today’s information madness.  His prolific writings and unique presence have touched millions with a thoroughly informed yet deeply perceptive outlook on a troubled world desperately in need of an honestly enlightened and empowering perspective.  ‘You Are the Awakening’ is a directional milestone and, as always with Zen’s writing, it is presented with a sincerity and compassion for mankind that not only will further open and inspire your mind but will touch you at your deepest level.  Ask yourself this…if YOU aren’t the awakening…who is?  This is a wonderful journey to a very special place.” – Jeff Rense

“My dear friend and brother Zen Gardner has an absolutely magical and divine touch to his words. He is one of our times greatest and most important writers and philosophers.” – Ole Dammegärd

“For Zen Gardner writing, thinking and doing belong in the same world of absolute immediacy. His compassionate grasp of the human condition unearths the inner calling in all of us and throws a great arc of light upon the spirit led aspiration of humanity as a whole. In ‘You Are the Awakening’, Zen draws deeply on his own life experiences and reveals that a passionate quest for truth is the key to the human awakening to which this book is dedicated.” – Julian Rose

“Zen Gardner’s new book “You Are the Awakening” emerges at a most critical time. Knowledge about the control mechanisms we face demands new responsibilities from those who have pursued independent thought. Zen deftly weaves the “real world” dots of daily news into a higher understanding of why we find ourselves in this particular time and space. With insight, wit, and compassion, he encourages each individual to begin their own path of self-reflection and uncover the single biggest secret that keeps humanity from realizing its true potential.” – Michael Edwards, Editor of

“‘You Are The Awakening’ exposes the occult agenda for mankind and the ongoing assault on human consciousness. Zen Gardner’s words are a compilation of courage, vision and inspiration, a clarion call for action in an increasingly violent and dangerous world.” – Elva Thompson

“‘You Are The Awakening’ – the title spells it out exactly. Zen’s inspirational writings let knowledge seekers understand they are not alone as the great cycle unfolds, memories return and we begin to shake off the shackles of suppression. Zen’s book is history in the making. Generations to come will be able to look back and see how it all unfolded.” – Steve (Philosophers Stone/Phoenix is Risen)

“Zen’s work is potent and powerful. He truly has his mind and heart tuned to the many facets of the Awakening.” – Sharron Rose, Producer, The Last Avatar

“Zen exudes expressive, colorful words of wisdom. His ability to explain tangible events and intangible aspects of consciousness unites thoughts and concepts in remarkable ways. Open ‘You Are The Awakening’ and begin peeling layers of insight and understanding.” – Ethan Indigo Smith, Author

“Zen Gardner’s collected works blow the lid off the lie that we are powerless against the many conspiracies that hold the world at large in physical, economic and spiritual bondage. If Paul Revere were re-incarnated for a digital, globally connected and enlightened generation such as ours, his midnight ride might feel a lot like a breakneck gallop through Zen’s mind.” – Dylan Charles, Editor of

Enjoy! May you all have a meaningful, love-filled and truly amazing new year! It’s an honor to be part of such a dynamic and inspiring community of loving world changers!

Love always, Zen

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