Time – The Illusory Phenomenon

Zen Gardner, Contributor
Waking Times

It’s been wisely said that coming here to live in this 3-D reality is an opportunity. Whether we’ve been here before many times around or are just new, it’s a golden opportunity to experience, learn and evolve. This reality we find ourselves in apparently is a slowed down and densified experience, for whatever purposes. We just have to accept what we’ve been handed, whatever the source. After all, we’re here. We can start from there.

And with It all comes “time”.

  • What is time? Basically it appears to be a sort of construct, a projected marking system we co-create at this level. It’s therefore essentially an illusion in the truly grand scheme of things, in which we track in slow motion what we’re experiencing so as to understand what is playing out and thereby learn from. The present is the only real time. There is no past, it’s simply the wake of the ship of the present. And there is no future. There never will be. Like the illusory imprint of the past, the illusion of future is a massive concept to wrap our heads around and dissolve into reality.

    But this time construct seems to be necessary at this level in some way, yet we need to see it for what it is. It’s simply a tool, like most things; not true reality nor any form of restricting cage in and of itself. This seems to betray what we think we perceive in our minds, but it doesn’t. And it’s not a necessary “evil” or constraint device, unless we let it be. It’s all for good once we learn to operate within it, see it’s potential limitations, and use it for mutual benefit consciously within this experience.

    Just Another Paradox. Nothing to be Alarmed About

    It’s clear that without this externalized concept of time our learning process would not be as effective at this level, although there are much better learning methodologies in timeless consciousness. It’s an opportunity for a slowed down, step by step process within an extremely challenging dimension. But it’s only a small fraction of our experience. We just need to become functionally aware of the other timeless realms where the real action is – the awareness, or remembrance of, the more truly knowing realms, with no more limiting concepts or foolish beliefs.

    This 3D construct is in very limited contrast to other higher dimensional worlds and our own true soul level which is connected to ALL in a completely different realm without paradigms. That’s the place, a very real one, where things are truly conscious and efficiently operate outside of time. We sense this, and long for It to be more present in our lives. Yet here we are.

    This low density existence is a different playing field all together. Hence each of us feeling like “strangers in a strange land”…because we are! But by design, so let’s explore and enjoy it. Apparently we chose to come here. We might as well enjoy the experience without getting trapped in it through ignore-ance.

    The classic example of the film strip is a good one. If the frames were overlaid to create a “now” experience, coming at us all at once, the various scenes couldn’t be deciphered, at least at this level. Life films are projected one frame after another, in a linear sequence, which our “normal” perception here can therefore grasp. As we’ve often heard, once we depart this life there’s apparently an extremely rapid re-play of our experience here to learn from, with streaming awareness of it at a whole other level.

    Immediate transference of all data in this realm would be akin to telepathy, towards which we are currently moving. It exists now all around us, like a cosmic internet, and we use it within us without our full knowledge. We are always capable of using this other dimensional modality, but haven’t yet realized it in most cases. But it’s coming into human awareness more and more now.

    Time is a measuring device, a sort of marking system. Linearly, we call such a thing a “ruler” whereby we determine linear space. It holds to the rules, as do 3-D authorities and limitations of all sorts. Some are as straightforward as the nature of our electromagnetic universe and its incredible geometric design, and some as personally complex as social designs for behavior and our soul evolution through them.

    Ironically we already operate in condensed microbursts of information. Empathy, resonance, and even emotions already operate in that quantum field. We just accept them as normal and somehow differentiate those from the sentient environment we’re within. But we’re catching on during this vibrational awakening. The mind is a recorder and processor according to its input, but is always out of date. The mind is the last thing to be directing our lives. Our energetic core is where it’s all happening, connected to more realms than we’re yet fully aware of. The mind is simply a slave server – and a terrible master. Just look at what minds have done to the planet and society – an ever-present teaching tool.

    The Paradoxical Irony and the Test of Time

    An interesting axiom to consider is, whatever takes us out of living in the NOW is an illusion. We’re here to live in and deal with this realm, but it’s not real in the true sense of reality. Ideas of the past and future are known diversions. They’re mind constructs. We create our reality, moment by moment, a living dynamic. If we choose to go by yesterday’s ideas and constructions we can. But is it the true potential reality? Our true freedom of choice is boundless.

    Anyone who has had a waking up experience can attest that they have found they could literally create their life, which we all do anyway ironically enough via our choices. But awareness of our magnificent nature and freedom to do as we wish is essential. We’re constantly catching up to now. That’s our learning experience as we awaken. That time is an illusion is almost common knowledge now but how that applies to our day-to-day lives has been illusive.

    This concept is not the way we normally think. It’s transcending time while living in it – timelessly. The time test is fundamental as to why we’re here in many ways. Sorrow, pain, regrets, past traumas, longings for what we think will fulfill us or make us happy – these plague us and have no lasting solution here. These issues can be resolved through inner work within conscious awareness, identifying how we’re operating in reactive loops that keep us in limitation. But when we’re conscious, the other stuff just happens as we follow on, let go, and yield to moments, having a conscious driven impetus. Getting out-of-the-way and identifying the ego traps of dead assertions is essential. With this comes setting a limitless identity and letting go of anything else.

    When our minds are made up, what we think we’re able or designed to be will certainly keep on repeating. However, we don’t even notice time when we’re consciously engaged – proof right there how consciousness supersedes this 3-D format. When we experience being “in the zone” we also notice time seems to go on hold and even disappear. Just a hint of what awaits us should we activate our full awareness.

    We can’t waste time – but it can waste us, if we remain asleep.

    It’s time to awaken, more than we’ve ever imagined.

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    Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst entrenched alternative pundits. His book “You Are The Awakening” has met rave reviews and is available on Amazon.com.

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