Do You Really Want the Truth?

Zen Gardner, Contributor
Waking Times

What if pursuing and finding the truth costs you everything? Everything you’ve cherished and held dear?

We have to let go and say goodbye to something to welcome something new. That’s not always easy. And then the next challenge comes.

What if doing so blows your belief systems apart? What if you find out you really have nothing to hold on to, regarding your perceived reality and your very identity?

So what.

  • The question remains; where’s our willingness to let go and venture into the unknown? Are we so attached to this fleeting physical plane when we know there’s so much more? Psychedelics and plant medicines just give a taste of this experience of the other realms that were hidden from us. So have near death or kundalini or peak related experiences, or just the call and longing of our souls. Every generation has had its own chance to wake up. Other dimensional realities have been there all along, alluded to by the sages of all time and verified by things as mundane as our hopes and dreams.

    Never Mind, No Matter…

    Does any of that matter? Not if we’re looking from the materialistic world view that’s been imposed upon us. Take a look again where “they” have taken humanity and society. It’s a synthetic diversion far away from Creation’s source. Can we really trust anything these fake, self imposed “authorities” tell us?

    Why can’t we look through such simple, idealistic eyes any longer? Why has this been stripped from humanity? It’s a pathetic state of affairs overall, but even that is much of a manipulated illusion designed to discourage and denigrate. Does this sound cynical to you? Not at all. Realism exists on many levels. But that too is never, ever confining.  A bit enigmatic perhaps, but it’s out there for the grasping.

    Something as simple as awakening is available to every generation, every individual. Perceived confinements are illusory, a prison of the mind and product of the subdued heart. Where’s humanity’s guts? Will it slip into the morass of false history and this projected confined narrative of stasis continuity, like what today’s fake, power crazed governments and occulted systems try to reinforce? Not for me.

    It’s Right Just As It Is

    The same test for humanity rolls ‘round and round. The cycle repeats and repeats, until we want to get off the merry go round. It’s a grand school, the purpose for this amusement park called life. Comfort and that false sense of security in a constantly changing Universe are like plastic wrap around a living organism. It will either burst out, or rot from allowed containment.

    Which are we individually?

    The wild card is free will. The power of personal decision making at every level. We can fall for the hypnotic spell in this amusement park or respond to those deep inner impulses. The choice is each of ours within every breath of our existence. The collective is nothing we can rely on, nor any, however spectacular, form of outside redemption or salvation – – be they the trick of religion or a zillion other shallow, synthetic and self excusing belief systems to get us off the hook of personal responsibility.

    Does any of this matter? Why not just settle for immediate safety, security and comfort? Because there is none! That’s why. Let’s not fall asleep at the wheel. There is way more at our fingertips than we can begin to realize. Let’s at least make a go of it. Let’s not fall for the gas of somatization.

    Some thoughts from the same petri dish as you. I fully know “I am no longer “I”. I wish the same for you. From there we take our next conscious steps, and they have nothing to do with what we’ve been taught or even thought previously as we progress. The irony is, none of us are who we were only minutes ago. Just another proof it’s the programmed mind that falls for the illusion, not our true selves.

    See you on the flip side.

    Actually, there are no sides either. The whole thing needs to be jettisoned for the illusion that it is. Truly perceive outside the hoax is all I can say. From our true selves. It simply awaits our discovery.

    “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  – Socrates

    All the best, Zen

  • About the Author

    Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst entrenched alternative pundits. His book “You Are The Awakening” has met rave reviews and is available on

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