The Big Why And Other Observations

Zen Gardner, Contributor
Waking Times

This is a hot button question that continually lurks behind the scenes of life’s garish activity and all of its ongoing drama.

It touches on free will, purpose and meaning, and all kinds of deeply philosophical issues. Yet it is a very simple, everyday question any conscious being asks continually within this reactive matrix we call human consciousness. All of which is inside this evolving and often seemingly devolving experience we call life.

Who’s to say what “direction” things should go?

Such questions are a pervading angst on so many levels.

Is there a reason, a meaning, a purpose to anything, immediate or even deeply remote to what we call life?

Never mind for the day to day madness that’s unfolding before our eyes?

  • It really is a time of opportunity.

    Stay with me here. This is tough stuff to try to articulate.

    The Meaning of Meaning

    Whatever we think we are is always there looking for meaning. Reason and purpose are right on its heels, along with the big underlying question of “why?”

    The way bigger question is, who is it that’s asking?

    That’s the whopper if we’re willing to go there. If we don’t get that one, all bets are off and we’re trying to perceive things in a primordial soup of mental relativity. We assume self is one thing, the programmed sense of a continual self and reinforced identity, by ourselves as well as our environment.

    But is that an illusory perception?

    From “just because it is” to the religious default of “it’s God’s plan”, many foundational understandings are much closer to the truth than we realize. They default to “isness”, which escapes the rational mind. Lao Tzu had many mind-stopping things to say about this. Heck, even the Bible says that the supposed God said when asked about his name, “I am that I am.” Clearly derived from earlier teachings.

    Profound realities have their way of surfacing. This mind blowing point is found throughout all great teachings.

    Things just are. The implied powerlessness of such a simple realization is overwhelming to the ego driven self.

    I say good. Deal with it. Head on. That fake self stuff is what’s making such a mess here.

    But that’s all part of it too. Nothing is outside of the all pervading “what is”. A tremendous relief to realize. In fact, in that understanding there is no “awake” or “unawake”, despite the polarity of the informational field and the endless treadmill of so-called spirituality. We are where we are.

    If you hunger for more, get there.

    But I have to warn you, as was wisely said, “The way out is realizing you were never in it.”

    Today’s Whirled

    Let’s look at today. In my opinion, humanity is being given an opportunity to transcend the bullshit on every level. As the world structure falls apart, much is being revealed. And there’s plenty of time to think about it now.

    Whether consciously or subconsciously, or be it so-called deeply intellectual or within the free-for-all of so-called spirituality and belief systems, that big question of “why” looms.

    Not so much the how, which we find fascinating to track thinking we can change things – but the “why” is always implied.

    As if there has to be a reason. That immediately alludes to a structural form of thinking within the very box from which the “other” is attempting to perceive outside of.

    That’s not possible. It’s a closed loop.

    Yet we can somehow perceive otherwise – that there’s something more profound going on.

    Therein is the key.

    This I feel is a time many are approaching deeper questions arising within them. Hence the clinging to religious and otherwise beliefs, or perhaps exploring other perspectives as they arise in awareness.

    This is a healthy process, as all processes are. Creation arising in whatever form or circumstance is what’s going on, continually. Only now a great space or pause has been imposed upon humanity to reflect, as well as react.

    And most of all, watch them both.

    That’s where the cool stuff kicks in.

    Who’s watching?

    Cause and Effect

    To the plethora of historical trackers and research adherents this means a lot; cause and inevitable effect, tracking the story in some sort of quest. But all of this is only true on a timeline of events. The predictable unfolding that’s led up to today’s condition is clear, yet few seem to notice, to the frustration of the trackers.

    We may think we know “why” in both scenarios, how it came to pass as well as the acquiescent reaction.

    As you know, there are reams of “information” and apparent reasons for both causes and effects. The human mind is fascinated by these.

    My question here is; is that the real issue at hand?

    How can we proceed if we don’t even know who or what we are?

    Tricked by the Programming

    This reactivity is a natural programmed reflex. We tend to see things two dimensionally. Action/reaction. All of it is extremely deterministic and by default gives the “game” over to the aggressor. Whoever calls the shots wins in such a board game.

    Animated and reinforced, and hence made possible by willing participants.

    That’s just how the game works.

    Chess, Anyone?

    The so-called opponent, as well as those being oppressed by the aggressor, are then forced into a paradigm of fight or acquiesce. If there is a social “tide” that rises to repel such affronts, as happens within small groups and large, balance can be had.

    For a time. Then it goes wonky again. It’s bound to. Any real lasting “solution” can only be had by transcendent non participation that comes as a natural state when real liberation occurs.

    That, or the oppressors so overplay their hand that the whole game board blows up and we start over.

    It’s something like that. Maybe. I’m just observing patterns. I don’t know how this works here any more that you do. But here we are trying to “make sense” of it all.

    The thing is, we have the capacity to transcend all of this by simply operating from our natural state derived from rediscovering our true, innate nature.

    Not an individual attainment of any kind. Simply aligning with that which is living through us. The great I Am, if you will.

    Nothing touches that.

    There meaning, purpose and everything we’re so attached to dissolve and we see the illusory game for what it is.

    There’s wonderful comfort and peace there. And it never ends.

    It’s simply what is living through us – and everything. No “sides”. no right and wrong.

    I know, tough to wrap the head around.

    Guess what? That head can’t wrap around nada, zip, zilch. That’s where the problem lies.

    Conscious bypass surgery comes to mind.

    It happens.

    What Role Truth? Back to the Why

    This ongoing struggle is a remarkable phenomenon. Why life has to be combative in the first place is another big “why”. Hence my theme here.

    Not just what’s going on, but why? Haven’t we seen this movie before?

    We have to look deeper. There’s great peace, comfort and joy to be found, no matter the circumstances.

    Truth has accrued a sort of reverent tone. That’s baloney. Let’s face it, to everyone so-called truth is different. Sure, some facts are facts, but they’re all relative to the observer. This current mass insanity of the human race should be proof enough of that.

    The “illusion” of this apparent reality is often referred to. What does that mean?

    “It’s just a ride”, “life is a play full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”, “Reality is an illusion although a very persistent one”. All famously common ideas in human awareness.

    Let’s apply these profound truths.

    As far as meaning goes; Is all of this for “soul growth”, learning, and all of that for some unending identity we think we have? Like the Egyptians, who vehemently lived and prepared for death and the afterlife. The wealthy burying themselves with treasures and even slaves to take with them.

    Sound familiar? Did you know Mormons of their inner circle believe the same, that they take their riches with them? That’s also how they hook their biggest contributors as well, I know it first hand. Or how about the so-called elite’s well defensed underground bunkers worldwide, or the psychopathic drive for computerized eternal life?

    Anyone see a massive fear of death here? Or more than that, fear of a full on letting go of the false self into the great all permeating ever-present that’s everything and all there is?

    What horrendous fear that reveals, on both sides of the same old dualistic coin.

    This permeates all of society. And it’s total bullshit.

    But what a great illustration.

    Do you want to pop out of that? Did you know it’s even possible?

    It doesn’t deny anything. You’ll still be here doing what you feel called to do, if anything.

    Like Arjuna, who supposedly woke up but still went to battle, but in full on awareness.

    I find that totally cool.

    There’s no judgment. Only the false egoic mind does that.

    Hence the Big Questions

    We’re talking nutsville with all of that death fascination I described above. This is exactly what we’re seeing in society today at a base social level, a herd easily led into whatever stall designed for them and overlords driven by insane beliefs based on control and self preservation, at any cost.

    Can we see to what extent this ignorance permeates this shallow social environment we were born into?

    All of those are fear-based. All just another way of missing the point. That again plays into purpose and meaning attachment as I see it.

    The cart firmly before the horse of the “real deal”, to be experienced deeply here and now, and always.

    The rest just happens. Or not. No matter, never mind, as has been aptly put.

    Yet here I am putting these ideas down in the realm I’m making diminutive in significance.

    Go figure.

    I’m not really putting anything down, just pointing out amazing inconsistencies even in this realm of so-called reason. There’s something “other” that is implied even from that realm.

    What is it?

    THIS is IT, there is no other than. But clearly there are lots of “its” in creation, but that’s not our concern, but clearly fun to think about. All kinds of things are running around in the illusion. All for us to explore and to be entertained by.

    IT just is and just doing its issing. Just don’t wear a velcro suit of identification. We’ve been there and done that. You’ll get stuck on the chessboard, and worse.

    That’s where suffering comes from.

    It’s time for liberation. Or not. Either way it’s just what it is.

    Oh the irony, eh? See how trying to “figure it out” is just part of this illusion?

    We all do find out, either in this life if we’re lucky, or eventually when our corporal existence fizzles out. We don’t know what’s past so-called death but we can be assured there’s absolutely nothing to fear.

    It’s all by design, if you will. Ours is to find out now in the here and now. For now.

    Or not. Neither way is wrong.

    I’m just speaking to those still looking.

    The Liberation of Letting Go

    You’ll still be here, no matter what you “find out” behind the scenes. That’s the amazing thing. It’s all here and just is.

    The human experience is a confluence of very different worlds. Paradoxes abound in all forms of discovery within our realm. We tend to dismiss them in our adherence to what we could call the mental, rational perspective.

    It’s a survival technique, based on the thinking that we’d be losing something by letting go. You won’t get much help in the matrix regarding this, although some great teachers have laid these truths bare.

    It’s a very individual journey. There’s a collective connection and influence, but it’s still an individual trip. As dynamics go, as we change, everything changes, and vice-versa.

    In Semi Conclusion

    All of the above referenced dynamics are fear based. Hence the control paradigm working as well as it does.

    The “why” stems from that same plane of understanding. The same goes for meaning and purpose. They’re false self preservation driven.

    We are not “in control”, neither is what appears to be externally in this base level existence, no matter how much it howls and blows.

    It truly is “false evidence appearing real.” It’s only real if we buy into it and conform to it. A profound dynamic, best seen outside of all of this.

    This is what the true spiritual revolutionaries have always alluded to. It’s profound in every aspect. The real “I Am” of which and which we all are is simply planted inside of this human experience, seemingly separated by individual bodies.

    You’ve known this your whole life.

    Hence the hunger, the seeking, even though what was seeking is what you were looking for.

    Now is the time to be there, find there, go there. Whatever it takes.

    In fact, it will find you if you’re willing and sincere about going all the way.

    That’s all it is.

    It’s simply arising. No whys, hows, ifs, ands or buts.

    The teacher (truth) appears when the student is ready, to reverse the axiom.

    Anyone reading this is clearly a candidate.

    I wish you well.

    Enjoy the ride.

    No outcome necessary.

    Love, Zen

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