Travis Scott, Mass Hypnosis and The Music Industry’s Wide-Open Portal to Hell

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Editor’s Note: I’m hosting a special event on Nov. 17th where I show you exactly how these forces exploit known faults in the human mind to sideline you from your power with self-defeating and self-sabotaging behavior. It’s called The Story of Your Hypnosis, and you can register HERE

‘Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.’ – Confucius

It’s rare that an event in our world has much of an effect on me. After all, we’ve been subjected to crisis after crisis, and horror after horror for the last 20 plus years. I’m old enough to know what life was like before 9/11 and Columbine, and I can recall the peace of mind we shared before twenty-four hour cable news commandeered the collective conscience. The new normal is anything but normal.

I’ve learned to tune the programming out, but the fact remains… we are all targets of psychological warfare. Of trauma based mind control.

It is done by the media through the repetition and replay of traumatic, shocking events. By exaggerating fear in order to bypass critical thinking. It’s done with imagery and symbols that are mostly ignored by the active mind, but speak directly to the subconscious mind. A type of hypnosis. Traumatic, tragic, and fear-inducing events, like what just happened at the Travis Scott concert at Astroworld Houston, become symbolic milestones in our lives, implanted deeply into the subconscious mind by people who know how group psychology works.

Furthermore, we’re in an abusive relationship with government and media. They tell us what to think, and then punish us for deviating from their script. It’s classical abuse, and we are the abused.

  • On Sunday morning I saw a news story about the Travis Scott Astroworld event, where at least 8 people died in the audience as Travis Scott mumble rapped over their dead bodies in a ghastly sea of very clear Satanic symbolism and imagery.

    Here’s an incredibly disturbing video of this…

    As Vigilant Citizen reports:

    The Astroworld festival took place on November 5th, which is a few days after Samhain – the ancient festival of death and sacrifice. The week around November 1st is known to be the time of the year when the “veil” between this world and the “underworld” is the thinnest. In occult circles, Samhain is still observed and it is celebrated with animal and human sacrifice.

    A screenshot from the Satanic Cult Awareness document found on the Office of Justice Programs website. It describes the occult activities happening around Samhain.

    In this article about Samhain, a druid states:

    Samhain is a time when the doorway to the “other world” is open and we can commune with the dead—a time of divination.

    Appropriately enough, everything about Astroworld is all about a “doorway to another world”.

    The first story I saw about this had something to do with people being injected by someone in the audience with a syringe, and then falling unconscious and dying of heart attacks. While I may ordinarily brush something like this off and go on about my day, this story had a very deep emotional impact on me.

    I’ve come in contact with this energy before in my life, and I recognize it for what it is. It’s very dark, and very magnetic, tapping into an undercurrent of cultural fascination about death, ritual, sacrifice, and yes, Satanism. It’s difficult to explain. It’s about the frequency or vibration that the content carries. Something I can only describe as evil, or as coming into contact with an evil force or energy.

    The Travis Scott story stuck in my mind for the last few days, and compelled me to write this article, as I want to be certain that the significance of what the music industry is doing is not overlooked or swept under the rug.

    But that’s exactly what’s already happening.

    Look, the only place in our culture where you will regularly find overtly Satanic and demonic messaging, symbolism, and imagery is the music industry, especially the rap music industry. No matter how much blood, guts, bizarre sex rituals, demonic costumery, dead bodies, murder, dismemberment, and torture they parade before your eyes, you’re not supposed to call it for what it is.

    But now it’s so over-the-top obvious, that people around the world are calling it like they see it. Astroworld was a Satanic sacrifice, and friends, it really doesn’t get much more blatant than this. I even asked my 17-year old daughter what she thought, and she immediately commented that it seemed like a Satanic sacrifice. All the kids agree. They are not dumb.

    Psychological manipulation comes in many forms, but one of the most insidious and cruel is what is known as ‘gaslighting.’

    “Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that occurs in abusive relationships. It is an insidious and sometimes covert type of emotional abuse where the bully or abuser makes the target question their judgments and reality. Ultimately, the victim of gaslighting starts to wonder if they are losing their sanity.” [Source]

    And the mainstream media is already doing this about the Travis Scott story. The Guardian (what are they guarding?) ran a piece on this event, calling out the connection to Satanism as a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Then, without even exploring why so many people would feel that way, they launched into a bunch of B.S. by ‘experts’ warning us of how misinformation is spread on the web.

    “Despite its absurdity, the theory has steadily gained traction – with phrases such as “astroworld demonic”, “astroworld illuminati” and “astroworld upside down cross” trending among other AstroWorld content on the platform.

    Experts say the viral misinformation illustrates how young social media users are increasingly susceptible to fringe conspiracy theories, despite their reputation as savvy “digital natives”.

    Videos of the Astroworld crowd crush that killed eight people flooded TikTok over the weekend. But conspiracy theories have also flourished alongside the graphic footage, accusing the rapper Travis Scott, who founded and performed at the festival, of orchestrating a massive satanic ritual.

    “This ain’t a festival, it’s a sacrifice,” reads one typical comment. “The music industry is demonic and collects souls,” reads another comment with 34,000 likes.

    Despite its absurdity, the theory has steadily gained traction – with phrases such as “astroworld demonic”, “astroworld illuminati” and “astroworld upside down cross” trending among other AstroWorld content on the platform.

    Experts say the viral misinformation illustrates how young social media users are increasingly susceptible to fringe conspiracy theories, despite their reputation as savvy “digital natives”.

    “We have this stereotype of conspiracy theorists being older people on social media, but young people can in some ways be more susceptible,” said Jennifer Stromer-Galley, a professor studying social media platforms at Syracuse University.

    “We know that human brains really like sensational content, and teenage brains even more so because they are still developing,” she added.

    Internet users have seized on several far-fetched “symbols” present at the concert, including imagery of flames and burning doves. Some TikTok users described the stage as “an inverted cross leading to hell”.

    Others cited numerology, falsely claiming that Travis Scott and his fellow performer Drake “were born 66 months 6 days apart”.

    Joseph Russo, who teaches a class on the anthropology of conspiracy theories at Wesleyan University, said such wild claims bore links to QAnon, a conspiracy theory that claims a secret cabal of pedophiles controls the government and is trafficking children.

    “It is mutating and taking different forms, but it goes back to the idea there is a shadowy group of people in control behind it all,” Russo said. “It is super seductive, and always comes back – but it is surprising young people are following this script more and more.”” [The Guardian]

    Who is the Guardian trying to protect? Seriously.

    I’m not here to make the case that this event was an actual Satanic ritual that literally consumed the souls of unwitting fans who’d been hypnotized by the repetitive and deeply emotionally jarring content of the rap music game. I’m here to remind you all that this is not a one-off event. That the Guardian is psychologically manipulating you, and that no matter what you are told, it is absolutely OK for you to accept the evidence of your own eyes as real, and take action on that.

    No matter how much the mainstream media tells you that things you see with your own eyes are just ‘conspiracy theories,’ you have the power of critical thinking and discernment, should you choose to use it.

    Here are some images from the Travis Scott event. You make the call.

    The stage was literally an inverted cross leading to a portal to hell.


    The entrance to the show. Does this look Demonic to you?


    The stage. The other side of what, exactly?

    Seen enough yet?


    Even Travis’ shirt has dead souls moving through a doorway.

    TVarius Richardson posted about this in a viral FB post showing event fliers and linking some of this imagery to classical Satanic imagery found in works of art. The stage is clearly meant to represent a portal to hell, and for the Guardian to ask you to deny what you’re seeing with your own eyes here absolutely amounts to gaslighting. Don’t fall for it.

    Over the last decade at Waking Times we’ve reported on the overt Satanic, demonic, and Illuminati symbolism that has become the baseline for today’s music industry. It’s absolutely clear that the executives and decision-makers in this industry are deliberately filling the public psyche with terror, fear, abuse, and outright evil. This goes far beyond just selling records, and very much represents the tip of the spear in the spiritual war against you and your children.

    In a May 2017 article entitled Ariana Grande and the Illuminati Beta Kittens of Pop Culture, I wrote about how dark Illuminati symbolism, especially the one eye symbol is utterly ubiquitous in pop culture, and how it keeps taking on more demonic tones. This images are two out of many, so please visit that article for loads more.

    Lil’ Wayne loves being a Lil’ Demon.


    Pop stars covering one eye. Is this just a coincidence?

  • In 2018 I wrote an article entitled, Why the Entertainment Industry Loves to Use Illuminati and Occult Symbolism to Sell, exploring why this type of symbolism is so sensational for the bottom line. Here’s a music video I referenced, by Panic! At the Disco featuring the ritual torture of a child.

    That article also talked about one of rap star Eminem’s videos where he goes around murdering and chopping people up.

    Are you a conspiracy theorist for calling a blood and body part laden music video Satanic?

    In a 2017 article entitled, Taylor Swift’s Latest Video is an Occult Masterpiece of Illuminati Mind Control, I looked at the classic mind control imagery in a recent video of hers. It’s truly mind-blowing to think that there is no other way to market and sell such talented young stars, but here we are. For more on Taylor Swift, check out some of Vigilant Citizen’s articles.

    Here she is in a grave yard doing some non-Satanic stuff.

    Taylor Swift enjoying being a corpse.

    In 2014, we featured an article from contributing writer David Garner entitled, The Music Industry Exposed – Misuse and Abuse of Esoteric Symbols. He looks at some of the obviously Satanic imagery widely used by the music industry, showing its historical origins and focusing on the one-eye symbol.

    Here’s a photo he selected, featuring Tyler the Creator with an inverted cross tattooed on his forehead.

    Are you a conspiracy theorist if you see inverted crosses as Satanic?

    And this one of Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rhianna making the ubiquitous one-eye symbol on stage with their hands.

    “Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body”
    “Secret society, tryna keep they eye on me”
    Jay-Z, D’Evils

    All hail the all seeing eye at the top of the pyramid!

    In the 2015 article, Black Magic and Dark Hidden Influences in the Music Industry, also by David Garnerhe writes:

    “For many artists and those in the music industry’s hierarchy of influence above them, this appears to go well beyond the realms of religion to personal experience of forces beyond this physical world. Unfortunately  they appear to be in touch with the dark side rather than the light.”  ~David Garner

    Lady Gaga is the new version of Alistair Crowley???

    Final Thoughts

    Much of my work focuses on helping people to free their minds from the dark and subversive influences of advertisers, social engineers, culture cults and mainstream propaganda. The fact is that those in positions of societal influences generally know the the public mind, or the group mind, operates differently than the mind of the individual.

    To mass produce conformity, obedience and acquiescence to ever-increasing government control, these institutions rely on the tricks, tools and techniques used by hypnotists to hack your subconscious mind. Then they tell you that what you are seeing with your own eyes isn’t real. This confuses people, making them even more susceptible to hypnotism.

    They want to spin your curiosity about the obvious manipulation in this world as ‘misinformation,’ I suppose so they can take censorship to ever greater heights with public support. The Guardian isn’t bothered by the obvious Satanic content of this event, it is bothered by the fact that you are calling it like you see it. They want to psychologically control you, and they want you to think within the confines of their corporate funded narratives and propaganda.

    You’re better than this. You’re smarter than this. You’re more awake than this, and it’s time flex your resistance muscle to these clear attempts to control your mind. This is spiritual warfare. Don’t fall into the music industry’s wide-open portal to hell.

    I’m hosting a special event on Nov. 17th where I show you exactly how these forces exploit known faults in the human mind to sideline you from your power with self-defeating and self-sabotaging behavior. It’s called The Story of Your Hypnosis, and you can register HERE.

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