Psychological Warfare and the Fragmentation of the Psyche

Psyche Dissociative DisorderJay Dyer, Guest
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The subject of dissociative identity disorder and the fracturing of the psyche is a complex topic that is becoming more mainstream through alternative media. The causes, nature and extent of the disorder are still shrouded in mystery, though modern medicine and psychology do have a lot to say about the matter. One of the reasons the disorder is controversial is that it doesn’t seem to fit well in the dominant materialist/biologist reductionism upon which mass science is built. Given the presupposition of modern science that the psyche is entirely equated with the brain itself, the assumptions are thus that any possible solution to mental problems of this nature can only be remedied or suppressed through the addition of, and rearrangement of, molecular compounds.

This fact is seen most clearly in the pharmaceutical solution, which may provide temporary relief and the subduing of more manic tendencies, fails to address the spiritual dimension of man, excluding from the outset the idea that the psyche might be more than a series of neurons firing. The monetary and propagandist power of these corporations, combined with the power to dictate the results through the funding of their “objective studies” that vindicate the latest happy pill, disavow from the outset any other approaches, models or therapeutic applications. Despite the deep interconnectedness of the pharmaceutical industry with the intelligence agencies and psychological and biological warfare industries, few and far between are those who are willing to question this approach as a whole, due to the almost universal indoctrination of neo-Darwinian theory, which thus also preconditions all approaches to therapeutic psychology.

One example of the dilemma a proponent of the modern approach must grapple with is something I have highlighted in the past: if the DSM-V is the “bible” of psychological disorders, then one must accept that the DSM-V still cites older articles referencing mind-controlled alters. If mind-controlled alters are a non-existent fiction of raving conspiracy lunatics, then the DSM-V is now subject to change (as it constantly is), and must be revised. Of course, the DSM-V is constantly revised, as “disorders” suddenly appear quite frequently, all of which are dependent upon the theorizing of so-called experts that operate within the existing paradigm. In this regard, we can see the clear incoherency at work: The circular nature of the existing psychological establishment vindicates the pharmaceutical establishment, which in turn provides the funding to vindicate the psychological establishment. The circular establishment becomes the de facto final court of appeal, even as its theories and revisions are constantly over-turning each other in a perpetual cycle.

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    Psi and the Caduceus

    Since most people in this field are not familiar with psychological warfare, the military application of such techniques, and the origins and rise of the American Psychological Association and its cousin, the Tavistock Institute, the analogy with the advance of super technologies is appropriate – both “techniques” arise from the military application. In other words, the technological advances of an entity like DARPA are for warfare purposes, even though they are marketed publicly as “humanitarian.” In the same way, the application of modern psychology arose from Institutes and agencies concerned primarily with the subject of mass social engineering and psychological warfare. It should come as no surprise the establishment remedies have such a low success rate. Of course, what one considers a “success” and “progress” is determined by what one’s worldview and ends are, so from the perspective of mass social engineering, the present psychological establishment is a huge success, providing cheap mass experimentation and billions in profits. If mass drugging of the populace into a catatonic, zombie-like state is the end goal, then the existing system can certainly claim it is a great, progressive success.


    Through the chemical process, the alchemist seeks the transmutation of matter.

    With this in mind, it is understandable why “alternative” approaches and forms of therapy are derided and laughed at, as the goal of modern “health” is not the integration and healing of the person as a whole, but the chemical treatment of the effects of the problem. As with other fields of research, the “compartmentalization” of information is applied in psychology and medicine as it is in military information. The long-term plans and goals of the pharmaceutical industry and their pill-pushing doctors are ignored at the expense of short-term gains, but the difficulty extends much deeper than the standard left/liberal approach to this question, where the true ends of these industries are almost entirely ascribed to monetary gain. However, the oligarchical elite that dominate the western establishment themselves have stated many times what the long-term goals of all these industries are, including “psychology” and the pharmaceutical application. This is why, for example, treatments for disorders that have a higher success rate with cannabis are demonized, while synthetic versions of the same chemical are offered for ridiculous prices.

    Unfortunately, the level at which discourse on the topic of cannabis is so dumbed-down and stupid on both sides of the aisle, it is almost futile to discuss, as both the left/liberal pothead are as clueless as the faux “conservative war on drugs” crusader. Both sides of this question are unaware of the complexities involved, as the left/liberal sees the government as “the man” infringing on the “rights” of atomized nobodies wanting a good buzz. On the other hand, moronic conservatives (so-called) are ignorant of the fact that the “war on drugs” was a covert plan for deep state control of the drug trade, criminalizing certain substances so both the black markets and pharmaceutical markets can maintain a monopolistic control. For the left/liberal, the foolish trust in NGOs he believes are actually interested in his “freedom,” are actually promoting a destructive social agenda for think tanks that have a different strategy of social engineering than other think tanks.

    This dialectic is similar to the managed dialectic of environmentalism, where both the mainstream left and right are played like fools by corporations and think tanks that simply have different strategies for achieving the same ends. Left/liberals cannot fathom that the top oil conglomerates have a large stake in the “green agenda” itself, buying into childish, Manichaean dialectics of good guy green vs. bad guy oil. Similarly faux conservatives who think their “free market” corporations are fighting for expansion, jobs and economic growth against the hippy liberals who get in their way, hugging trees and munching pot brownies. In reality, both of these teams are played like puppets, as the same think tanks and foundations are universally on board with the global agenda of centralization through the invented crisis of resource scarcity repackaged in the green agenda.

    Returning to the question of the psyche, my proposal to reassessing this question involves questioning the manufactured, existing paradigms at their core. As Thomas Kuhn posited concerning the nature of scientific revolutions, the same understanding needs to be applied to diverse fields, where it needs to be understood that medicine and psychology cannot be based on purely materialist models.  These models, in turn, are based on the still reigning paradigm of naïve empiricism, the immortal philosophical zombie that never dies. Until these presuppositions themselves are questioned, functionaries of the establishment will never make true progress towards healing and integrating the psyche.

    At the top, of course, there is no plan to heal man, but rather to end man, as the Royal Society openly states, yet for the majority of middle-men who have bought into the humanitarian propaganda and are compartmentalized, they operate and make real and accurate discoveries that are genuinely positive. However, such discoveries are not implemented, but suppressed, and generally the inversion is implemented on a mass scale, such as psychotropic treatment of the psyche. In the studies of the MK ULTRA programs, for which modern psychotropic treatment derives, the effects of psychedelics resulted in the fragmentation and disintegration of the psyche, by design and promotion of the Frankfurt School working in concert with Bertrand Russell and the Fabians. I wrote concerning this previously:


    Pop culture imagery expressing the notion of a fragmented psyche.

    From my own observations and research concerning those who have had intense hallucinogenic drug experiences, definite patterns emerge. One of the most prominent patterns is the sense of the psyche being fragmented, disintegrating and becoming “one” with the all. The hallucinogen causes a kind of inner journey which shamans of primitive religions have embarked upon for millennia, but the result tends towards the same conclusion: monism. Yet oddly the philosophical monism adopted invariably leads many of the drugged to feel that their own psyche has fractured, divided, or split.

    The so-called “revelations” most experience on the drug trips end up being very monotonous. It rarely occurs to the drugged that their narcissistic “insights” are one and the same as ancient pagan and eastern religions. Reality is thus viewed as an “illusion,” a “trick,” a product of their own mind (solipsism), and who they were/are as a person was annihilated or dismembered. The drug trip thus tends to result in the unwitting conversion of the drugged to some form of pantheism or animism.

    BBC reporter Bruce Parry, for example, logged several hallucinogenic rites and journeys that brought him to similar conclusions. Modern man’s lack of spiritual connection has allowed the return of ancient shamanism and paganism to reemerge with the 60’s revolution. Unfortunately, the 60’s culture “revolution” was something engineered by elites in the pharmaceutical, banking and intelligence communities. Researchers Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin have done excellent work in demonstrating that claim here. The social engineering of revolution was in harmony with the Marxist plan of Theodore Adorno to, along with drugs, promote this very depersonalization and fragmentation through pop music.

    He famously stated:

    “What radical music perceives is the untransfigured suffering of man…. The seismographic registration of traumatic shock becomes, at the same time, the technical structural law of music. It forbids continuity and development. Musical language is polarized according to its extreme; towards gestures of shock resembling bodily convulsions on the one hand, and on the other towards a crystalline standstill of a human being whom anxiety causes to freeze in her tracks…. Modern music sees absolute oblivion as its goal. It is the surviving message of despair from the shipwrecked.”

    That “schizophrenia” he speaks of is what has been achieved in our day. Schizophrenia is the dividing and fragmenting of the psyche into disconnected, meaningless “parts,” which have no relation to anything or anyone else.  It is the ultimate atomization and alienation, resulting in an arrested development blob of masses that are unable to even reason about what is in their own best interest.   Modernity’s nihilistic suicide pact is something that is not mere happenstance: it has been engineered on purpose by our so-called “elite,” as Irvin shows. Aldous Huxley famously said:

    “But now psycho-analysis is being combined with hypnosis; and hypnosis has been made easy and indefinitely extensible through the use of barbiturates, which induce a hypnoid and suggestible state in even the most recalcitrant subjects.  Within the next generation I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience.”

    Considering specifically the fragmentation of the psyche, the extreme versions appear in the diagnoses of MPD/DID and schizophrenia, with the unifying factor being sever trauma, often in childhood.  Trauma later in life appears in “Post-traumatic Stress Disorder,” with the same patterns of dissociation and fragmentation and psychosis often appearing.  What is almost never discussed, though the evidence surfaces daily, particularly with former military and pop star circles are the realities of ritual abuse.  Having read several works on the subject, ritual abuse appears frequently in these cases, yet goes unmentioned in the mainstream.  This tide appears to be changing with the case of Jimmy Savile and his network, as even the mainstream media has been forced to report on the avalanche of officials involved in occultic and ritual abuse. I wrote previously:

    “With this direct Hollywood connection in mind, we can see the likely possibility of the abuse of pop stars, who become high-priced commodities for the same establishment.  I have written before about Candy Jones, and all the way up to the present, top stars are now alleging they were abused by their “handlers” and/or producers.  While some cases may be publicity stunts, it is hard to believe they all are.  News hounds will recall Amanda Bynes believing she was brainwashed and implanted with a microchip and Ke$ha recently suing for abuse by her “handler,” Dr. Luke, with Luke in turn counter-suing.  Prior to that, we have witnessed a barrage of news stories the last few years recounting a stream of victims alleging networks of sickos using and abusing those under them.  Let us not forget Penn State and Jerry Sandusky and Jimmy Savile of the UK, as well as a host of UK government officials.  Recent reports also arose from actors like Corey Feldman, who alleges similar crimes.”


    Psyche and Cupid.


    Both cultic groups and government agencies have the desire for control in common, and particularly the control of thought.  One effective way such groups achieve this is through childhood indoctrination, as this is the most formative period.  Propaganda and manipulation targeted at children are thus the most effective and the most insidious, and the solutions cannot come through a rearrangement of chemicals from one form to another, based entirely on the evolutionary biological model.   It is no accident the rate of mental illnesses and neurological disorders are thus skyrocketing, as the application of more and more chemical solutions is compounded with more and more prescriptions to counter the effects of the previous’ side effects.

    In proposing a solution, alternatives avenues are much more promising, particularly when considering the alternate anthropology of eastern theology, where man is not merely a chemical machine, but a biological entity with a psyche and a nous, a higher faculty endowed by God. Strategopoulos comments on this teaching:

    “The human nous in Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the “eye of the heart or soul” or the “mind of the heart”. The soul of man is created by God in His image; man’s soul is intelligent and noetic. St Thalassios wrote that God created beings “with a capacity to receive the Spirit and to attain knowledge of Himself; He has brought into existence the senses and sensory perception to serve such beings”. Eastern Orthodox Christians hold that God did this by creating mankind with intelligence and noetic faculties. Angels have intelligence and nous, whereas men have reason – both logos and dianoianous and sensory perception. This follows the idea that man is a microcosm and an expression of the whole creation or macrocosmos. The human nous was darkened after the Fall of Man (which was the result of the rebellion of reason against the nous), but after the purification (healing or correction) of the nous (achieved through ascetic practices like hesychasm), the human nous (the “eye of the heart”) will see God’s uncreated Light (and feel God’s uncreated love and beauty, at which point the nous will start the unceasing prayer of the heart) and become illuminated, allowing the person to become an orthodox theologian.”

    In regard to the fragmentation of the psyche and the loss of memory (something crucial for extreme cases of MPD/DID) are highlighted in a fascinating way not found elsewhere, as the possibility of a spiritual dimension to psychotic disorders is often overlooked and ignored.  Strategopoulos continues:

    “They became vain in their reasonings, speculations”. Please pay attention to the choice of words. Almost always, especially in the New Testament, the term (“dialogismos” in the original Greek) is used in a negative sense. When He is about to heal the paralytic, Christ is aware that people “are reasoning within themselves” (Mark 2:6). So Christ says: “Why are you reasoning about these things in your hearts?” You see, the word in the Greek text is not “logismos” (thought, contemplation), it is “dia-logismos”, i.e. fragmented, scattered thinking: The fragmentation of the nous. You might as well apply this knowledge when you are confronted with cults, heresies and similar issues, [considering that the same word is used today for “meditation”]. There is a direct link. Reasoning, speculation [of a fragmented nous]: terms which are always used in a negative sense in the Holy Scripture. Thus, man ends up in a state of ignorance, although he is created with a predisposition towards God, with a nous that is meant to turn to God for help: “Love the Lord your God”. This is faith, the movement towards God, and it is something that we have overlooked….

    St Gregory of Sinai clearly states that forgetfulness of God is a disease of the soul and of the faculty of reason. It has a direct impact on human memory, which ends up divided, diffused and fragmented, a prey to tempting thoughts. If I forget God, my memory will crumble into pieces, resulting in scattered, wayward thinking: “Dia-logismos”. That explains our deep anguish: What shall we do here? What shall we do there? What is to be done?”

    The loss of memory and its fragmentation is the same pattern seen in those with alters who lack integration with the core personality.  Extreme forms of schizophrenia demonstrate this in a profound way, where the psyche’s core is so fractured it appears to dissociate into incoherence.  Alters, by contrast, appear to be structured to handle and absorb trauma, retaining a level of rationality and coherence, even in the split.  My consideration is that perhaps as a result of the Fall, all of us are in some degree fragmented, while MPD/DID demonstrate more severe versions of the universal fragmentation.  This is not to propose some new agey, generic dissolution of individual, on the contrary, the individual psyche needs to be unified, coherent and integrated.  Psychology’s approach has been to attempt to integrate these various personae, and this makes sense, yet still lacks the possibility of considering man as a spiritual being with a nous.  If God exists, then the faculty that exists for unification and integration through the knowledge of God cannot be ignored.

    In my estimation, one of the deep programs of the establishment’s anti-human agenda involves the destruction of memory itself. As long as humans have a memory of how they lived in a more natural, traditional setting, the potential for the rejection of a technocratic system where free will is eliminated remains. Thus, ending and reprogramming memory itself must become a chief of the technocratic establishment, and it has. Memory alone cannot be a solution, however, as individuals with hyperthymesia might still be wicked or self-destructive. The solution lies in the alteration of man’s heart, intimately bound up with his nous, which involves a change of perspective and life where God is no longer suppressed and forgotten, metanoia. The solution is therefore not merely material or intellectual, but a holistic change in one’s life, whereas fragmented approaches of therapeutic treatment are only addressing a fragment of the problem.

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