Taylor Swift’s Latest Video is an Occult Masterpiece of Illuminati Mind Control

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There is an open secret in the entertainment industry. In order to rise to the highest levels of pop music stardom you must completely give yourself over to an establishment that has long been perfecting the art of mind control through dark imagery and occult symbolism.

Why is the one-eyed thing so popular in pop culture?

Examples of this are dreadfully ubiquitous in our society today, most notably with the image of the starlet with one eye covered, a pledge of allegiance to the Illuminati’s all-seeing eye of dominion.

The subconscious mind absorbs meaning and takes direction from images and symbols in imagery, often sensing that which the conscious mind overlooks or filters out. This is well-known as a fundamental aspect of human spirituality, and visualization has long been the essential

  • When you see such powerful imagery presented in a carefree medium like a music video, it’s critical to understand that the images flashing in rapid fire on the screen are working a kind of magic over the mind of the viewer. It’s subliminal programming, although in today’s pop-art culture, it’s hardly subliminal, but so few people know this when consuming media.

    Mega pop star Taylor Swift is at the very top of the industry, and getting paid like royalty for her commitment to the pop game. “With tour revenue, album sales, and dollars earned via streaming, her paycheck comes to…drumroll…a cool $73,500,000. The figure landed her in the #1 spot on Billboard‘s list of highest paid musicians of 2015,” writes Glamour Magazine.

    Swift is undoubtedly talented as a singer, songwriter and performer, yet as her career has gone supernova, so apparently has her commitment to the Illuminati message. The video for her most recent hit single, Look What You Made Me Do, is a masterpiece of occult mind-control symbolism, and the plot centers around the transformation of Swift’s old self into a high priestess of mind control. Perhaps even eclipsing Katy Perry’s, Chained to the Rythym.

    “The video symbolically describes what happens to stars who get caught up in the higher levels of the occult entertainment industry. Although they are insanely successful, they also become slaves to the industry, with no life of their own. Their sound, image, and even their personality are shaped at will by those behind the scenes.


    The video doesn’t only portray Swift as a slave of the industry, it also announces that she has paradoxically “ascended” to the status of Grand Priestess. Sounds ridiculous? Maybe it would be ridiculous … if the video wasn’t so blatant about it.” ~Vigilant Citizen

    The video begins with a dead, zombie Swift emerging from the grave, who is then reborn again in her new image of lavish and outrageous wealth.

    The old Taylor Swift is dead, awaiting rebirth as the queen of the damned.

    Here she is reborn into the inner circle of ridiculous wealth and narcissistic treasures.

    And finally Swift has ascended to the level of a dark queen, the new High Priestess of pop culture. In this scene, she is re-enacting a Tarot card in an ode to the mystery schools which inspire the occult.

    The High Priestess depicted in Tarot.

    For a complete scene-by-scene analysis of this video, take a look at, The Sinister Meaning of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” by Vigilant Citizen, who has been dissecting celebrity occult symbolism in pop culture for many years.

    In general, though, the themes in this video are repeated ad nauseam in the upper echelon of mainstream pop music, serving as messages to the masses of what it takes to play this game at this level. One must transform themselves into servant of dark influences by submitting to Monarch mind control and Beta Kitten programming, such as Ariana Grande who is an up and coming beta kitten.

    “The main goal of Monarch is to program slaves to have multiple personas that can be triggered at will. Beta Programming (aka Sex Kitten programming) is used to create sex slaves to be trafficked in the shady elite underworld.


    Newsflash: The entertainment industry is full of Beta Kittens. Newsflash: The elite brags about this in mass media using the likes of Taylor Swift.” ~Vigilant Citizen

    The video is directed by Joseph Kahn who’s well-known for his work with Britney Spears, the quintessential modern example of Monarch and Beta Kitten mind control programming. Groomed as a pop star from her days as a Mouseketeer, Spears’ career saw her rise to unbelievable height, becoming an outrageous sex symbol, then crashing in a mental breakdown only to be tossed aside and replaced with a new generation of young female stars.

    This aspect is demonstrated in the following scenes where the imagery of sexy kittens appears both in the background as well as in the forefront in order for young minds to make the association between stardom and sexual kitten, implanting these desires deep within the subconscious of young viewers.

    Swift in leopard skin print with a strange cat friend in the passenger seat.

    In a kitten mask with money strewn about the room.

    Swift’s young audience is being instructed to be obedient to the ideals of the beta sex kitten.

    All old versions of Swift are killed off as she takes her place at the top.

    Old versions of Taylor Swift are subjugated to make way for the new Illuminati queen.

    The social goal of media such as this is to forward the degeneration of the youth, encouraging them to become mindless followers of pop culture and nothing more than sexual objects. This can be seen in a frame from Swift’s video, where a room full of robotic sex-bots are lined up, ready to serve.

    The endgame: a society of over-sexualized robotic, group-thinking slaves.

    In the end, Swift is enslaved to the game and while she enjoys uncanny riches, she is nothing more than a prisoner, locked in the symbolic bird cage while her handlers look on.

    In the bird cage having sacrificed her freedom and virtue for wealth and fame.

    The art of occult themed pop-star music videos is reaching its pinnacle, and as the symbolic messages are fine-tuned to near perfection, most people still don’t even realize what they’re being exposed to. This video tells this story very well.

    The video has generated somewhat of a cottage industry for celebrity media, and articles about it are in abundance, but while many major media outlets discuss the finer details of this masterpiece of a video, few are willing to connect the dots and alert young viewers to the covert intention of psychic snuff porn such as this.

    As with all spiritual development, though, awareness is the key to controlling the contents of the mind, both what the mind produces as thoughts, and what the mind consumes as food. Knowledge of this type of overt occult programming through imagery is immunity to it’s negative effects on the psyche.s

    Take a look at the full video for yourself, here.

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