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The Price of Gold: Winners and Losers in Latin America’s Mining Industry

Meghan Walsh, Mongabay Waking Times On a Friday afternoon in June, the Plaza de Armas in Cajamarca is pulsing with life. It’s winter here, and although thick white clouds hover low in the distance, the sun in this northern Peruvian city is warm. Couples sit on benches facing one another. Kids run in the grass

Severe Oil Contamination Found in the Largest National Reserve in Peru

Stefan Kistler, Alianza Arkana Waking Times Last week Peruvian governmental authorities released test results that prove alarming levels of contamination in Peru’s largest national reserve, Pacaya Samiria. The park has been declared a “wetland of international importance” by international treaty and is part of Kukama Kukamilla indigenous territory. The contaminated waters are the source of drinking

Gold Mining in the Amazon Rainforest Surges 400%

Rhett A. Butler, Mongabay Waking Times The extent of gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon has surged 400 percent since 1999 due to rocketing gold prices, wreaking havoc on forests and devastating local rivers, finds a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The assessment, led by Greg Asner of the Carnegie

Video of Amazon Gold Mining Devastation Goes Viral in Peru

Rhett A. Butler, Mongabay Waking Times Video of illegal gold mining operations that have turned a portion of the Amazon rainforest into a moonscape went viral on Youtube after a popular radio and TV journalist in Peru highlighted the story. Last week Peruvian journalist and politician Güido Lombardi directed his audience to video shot from

People, Law, Government – Three Elements at the Center of the Human Story

Jeffrey Scott, Guest Waking Times People. Law. Government.  These three elements have been at the center of the human story since recorded history and the subject of dreamers and despots alike. How shall people live in a society? Who decides “rights” and whether they are granted or a natural birthright? Are governments created to serve

Peru Finally Declares State of Emergency Over Oil Contamination of the Amazon

Jeremy Hance, Mongabay Waking Times The Peruvian government has declared an environmental state of emergency after finding elevated levels of lead, barium, and chromium in the Pastaza River in the Amazon jungle, reports the Associated Press. Indigenous peoples in the area have been complaining for decades of widespread contamination from oil drilling, but this is the

Ayahuasca – A Cure Through Love

Ross Heaven, Guest Writer Waking Times Shamanic healing often employs plants to good effect, though it is rarely about herbalism, per se. Indeed, most shamans are explicit that the pharmacological properties of the plants they employ are of far less importance than the spirit which is held by the plant. It is the spirit which

Peru’s Takiwasi Center Uses Medicinal Plants to Treat Addiction

The ritual is part of the nine-month therapy program at the Takiwasi Center, a cluster of rustic buildings on the edge of Tarapoto, Peru, a steamy town in the Amazon. Founded by Mabit in 1992, the center has treated nearly 1,000 drug addicts with a combination of psychotherapy and medicinal plants, including the ones mixed to make ayahuasca, a hallucinogen used by indigenous healers throughout the Amazon.

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