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The Possible Existence of Multiple Universes

Video – How many universes are there? Physicists are now postulating that there may be far more universes than just our own. Chris Anderson explores the thrilling implications of this idea.

Crop Glyphs: Allowing for Hope?

Daniel Rozman, Contributor Waking Times There are currently 6492 crop glyphs documented and archived.[1] Their proliferation and evolution in design has escalated radically over the past quarter of a century. The phenomenal spirit of the glyphs has charmed the bullish, the meek, and all personalities between – thousands who have undertaken cross-thematic studies from their

The Basics of I Ching, the Chinese Divination Tool

Reg Little New Dawn In a changing and unpredictable world, no classical text is more rewarding, or more challenging, than the ancient Chinese I Ching or Book of Changes. This classic presents itself as a book of divination and invites dismissal on such grounds amongst educated Western circles, including even the great British sinologist and

Synchronicity & The Mystery of Chance

Peter A. Jordan, Strange Mag Waking Times At some time or another it’s happened to all of us. There’s that certain number that pops up wherever you go. Hotel rooms, airline terminals, street addresses — its haunting presence cannot be escaped. Or, you’re in your car, absently humming a song. You turn on the radio.

Mysteries Of The Pineal Gland

Dr. Swami Karmananda Saraswati, MB, BS (Syd), YogaMag Waking Times Scientists have been mystified by the pineal gland for centuries. As the brain and central nervous and endocrine systems were progressively unravelled by the anatomists, physiologists and biochemists, the pineal gland resolutely refused to yield up its secrets. Until recently the scientific community regarded it

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