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China’s Answer to Teen Internet Addiction

Video – Can Internet overuse result in destructive behaviors? Here’s a short film that offers a glimpse into a correctional facility set up for young Internet addicts in China.

Speculations on a Probable Future Destruction of the Internet

Zakaria Bziker, Contributor Waking Times Kenitra, Internet after all is not without enemies… The Internet has become the Archimedean point in our daily life. Almost nothing gets done without it nowadays. The more we rely on it, the more it seems impossible to live without it. It is undoubtedly the most reliable machine Man has ever

Is DNA the Next Internet?

It is well known from biological laboratory experiments that if you blast a cell with UV light so that 99 per cent of the cell, including its DNA, is destroyed, you can almost entirely repair the damage in a single day just by illuminating the cell with the same wavelength at a much weaker intensity. To this day, scientists don’t understand this phenomenon, called photorepair, but no one has disputed it.

The Age of Confusion – Mass Manipulation, Propaganda and Frequency Prisons

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times March 17, 2011, the UK Guardian published a report warning that social media is being manipulated. Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media – Military’s ‘sock puppet’ software creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda “The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social

Internet Freedom – Get Free Access to Anonymous VPNs Via University Project

Torrent Freak Waking Times  As citizens around the world endure Internet censorship of all types, a Japanese university has stepped in to level the playing field. Whether you’re in Iran or China and blocked from YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, or in the UK desperate to get back on The Pirate Bay, KAT or H33T, a

Internet Energy Usage Outpaces Gains in Efficiency

Mongabay Waking Times Energy efficiency gains are failing to keep pace with the Internet’s rapid rate of expansion, meaning that global web use is consuming an increasing share energy, warns a new perspective published in the journal Science. Noting that the world’s data centers already consume 270 terawatt hours and Internet traffic volume is doubling every

How to Evade Government Surveillance and Stay Anonymous Online

Chris Dougherty, Contributing Writer Waking Times Why stay anonymous online? In today’s society there are people and automated devices that are recording your deepest, most private thoughts and activities. Each day we voluntarily divulge the most intimate details of our lives through social networking accounts, email, banking apps, online games and more. In addition, governments and corporations can censor and block our

Internet Makes Cancer Treatments Harder to Hide

American Freed Waking Times Here’s an unpalatable truth: The global elites that control Big Pharma have continually repressed promising cancer treatments because the current regimes of drugs, chemotherapy and radiation are immensely profitable. But in the past few years, thanks to the Internet, various potential cures have emerged – some of them featuring intravenous treatments

The Internet Told Me To Wake Up

Contributing Writer Waking Times I’ve had people ask me why I think a revolution or evolution of human consciousness would happen now. Why are we so special? People have been predicting “big things” throughout time and most of them don’t turn out to be true. I think the answer to that has a lot of

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