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The Secrets of the Banking System

Pao L. Chang – Today, banks don’t actually lend out real money, but instead lend out notes or checks that are backed by a promise to pay.

The Price of Gold: Winners and Losers in Latin America’s Mining Industry

Meghan Walsh, Mongabay Waking Times On a Friday afternoon in June, the Plaza de Armas in Cajamarca is pulsing with life. It’s winter here, and although thick white clouds hover low in the distance, the sun in this northern Peruvian city is warm. Couples sit on benches facing one another. Kids run in the grass

Video of Amazon Gold Mining Devastation Goes Viral in Peru

Rhett A. Butler, Mongabay Waking Times Video of illegal gold mining operations that have turned a portion of the Amazon rainforest into a moonscape went viral on Youtube after a popular radio and TV journalist in Peru highlighted the story. Last week Peruvian journalist and politician Güido Lombardi directed his audience to video shot from

Dirty Digging: The Unsavoury Truth Behind the Gold on Your Jeweller’s Shelves

Tara Gould, Wake Up World Waking Times  Not everyone likes gold, some find it trashy and over stated, while others simply can’t get enough of the stuff. Gold is a massive billion dollar industry, and millions of people globally are dependent on small-scale gold mining to survive. But the majority work in harsh conditions with no

Building Communities From the Food Up

Waking Times Politicians like to talk a lot about community building; it is a surefire appeal to emotion that we are all in this together and can work toward prosperity from the ground up. Naturally, the fine print is filled with government-run programs which are bloated with extra costs, special interests, and guaranteed to fail

True Prosperity: Becoming an Employee of the Universe

Colin Bondi, Contributing Writer Waking Times I love the word prosperity. Prosperity represents a fulfilling life encompassing not only material wealth but happiness and genuine fulfillment. I think of it as a state where abundance is free to flow uninhibited through all areas of one’s life. I think you could say most people long to

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