Is There a Conspiracy to Bring Honest Money to the World?

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It is impossible to unravel our greatest societal problems without taking aim at the world’s financial system, which is fundamentally corrupt on many levels.

The global financial system, organized around centrally managed, privately owned, fiat, fractional reserve currencies, is an engineered tool of the world’s banking elite that, by design, enslaves the public to inflation and impossible to pay off debt. The efforts of the money masters to take control of the world with their debt-backed money has paid off wildly for them, and the resulting economic imbalances and fiscal atrocities can be seen in every corner of the economy and in every nation on earth. While poverty is being globalized, the banking cartel and their 1% elite are reaping riches greater than the wildest imaginations of history’s most opulent Kings and rulers.

Freedom for the human race begins with freedom from servitude to corrupt money.

“The American people have no idea they are paying the bill. They know that someone is stealing their hubcaps, but they think it is the greedy businessman who raises prices or the selfish laborer who demands higher wages or the unworthy farmer who demands too much for his crop or the wealthy foreigner who bids up our prices. They do not realize that these groups also are victimized by a monetary system which is constantly being eroded in value by and through the Federal Reserve System.” – G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

Many activists and people with integrity are chipping away at the financial system by demanding a return to publicly managed, asset-backed currencies, by creating rogue local currencies, and even by exploring new technologies like Bitcoin, but, all of these efforts seem to be gaining momentum much more slowly than the current financial paradigm is stealing our prosperity and future. For this, many intelligent and prudent folks are preparing for the worst, a global economic collapse, which would inflict unimaginable suffering on the world. Under the current paradigm collapse is inevitable.

  • Is there any hope of overcoming the banking cartels and the money-changers without the end of life as we know it? Can the human race go from a completely corrupt economy to an honest economy practically overnight without suffering the total devaluation of everything so many have worked for?

    It seems highly unlikely, but some outspoken people are getting behind the message that powerful, yet benevolent hands are at work behind the scenes to do just that: bring about honest money for the world as a replacement to the fiat fraud and financial plunder we toil under now.

    Enter The Dragon Family

    Outside the circle of usual suspects involved in the debate about monetary policy are some interesting characters who are unified in a public message of hope for the world in this regard. Their major claim is that there is an extremely powerful, yet benevolent, secret Asian organization that has the connections, influence and capacity to overcome the inertia of corruption in world finance, doing us all a colossal favor of the highest order.

    The primary conspirator in this theory is the so-called Dragon Family, an above-the-law, outside of the system, extremely wealthy family who is motivated to save the world from the grip of the evil Rothschildian banksters and financial manipulators.

    A rather basic primer on the Dragon Family is found here:

    The Super-Gold Solution from a World Bank Whistleblower

    Former World Bank lawyer and whistleblower, Karen Hudes, recently made statements regarding a behind-the-scenes move by secretive players to introduce and new gold-backed world currency to replace the collapsing dollar. Her main claim is that there is a considerable amount of going being secretly held in bank vaults in Hawaii, Singapore and throughout the US, and that this gold is being positioned for roll out as a new currency once the dollar begins to crumble under the stress of corruption and manipulation.

    “The gold will be pressed very thin and put between a plastic envelope which will act just like paper currency, except that the value of the gold will be equal to the stated value of the currency.” – Karen Hudes

    She suggests that within the coalition of BRICS nations there is a movement to release this wealth to the world as a means of upending economic collapse:

    “Numerous coalitions have formed, such as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and the Group of 77 (which is actually 130 developing countries) to help releases these gold funds to humanity.” – Karen Hudes

    Her claims to this end are further explained in a recent interview, here:

    Foster Gamble Talks Money Changes

    Additionally, Foster Gamble, the creator of the hugely popular and inspiring documentary film, Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take, recently made a public announcement making similar claims about a powerful behind the scenes family making moves to bring honest currency to the world. He claims that the BRICS nations have created what is called the New Development Bank, and are actively making agreements that will undermine and replace the dollar, to our advantage.

    His recent statement on this matter is seen here:

    A Conspiracy?

    So, is there a conspiracy to bring the world honest money? It sounds like fantasy when you consider the powerful legacy and ongoing history of the present money masters, yet with such a global awakening underway, the truth about financial corruption is plain for anyone to see. Something has to give.

    The message that there is a hidden hand working to bring honest money would be exciting, yet there simply is not sufficient evidence available to support this notion. The downside here is that without the confidence that this message is true, which we don’t have, the message becomes disempowering, and we can do without that.

    If good-minded and active people are being told that some behind the scenes, as yet unverifiable, actors are going to swoop in at the last minute and overrun the corrupt banking cartels, saving us from economic collapse and financial tyranny, then we are essentially being told to stand down and wait for the white knight to come to the rescue. The do-nothing approach.

    For those of us in the trenches of 9-5 with bills to pay, we have very little say in what happens with global financial policy at the national and international level. So, rather than stand-by and wait for this unseen hand to reveal itself as our savior, it is more empowering and productive to participate in exposing the financial fraudsters, while exploring tangible, perhaps even local alternatives to exchanging in fiat dollars.

    In doing so, we just might stumble upon a verifiable means of co-existing here on planet earth without the reptilian need to accumulate and hoard permission slips of paper issued by corrupt tyrants and soulless bureaucrats.

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