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Cyber Activism Scores Victories Behind the Great Firewall of China

Michael Caster, Waging Non-Violence Guest Waking Times A popular meme on Weibo of a photo of the Wenzhou crash site with oversized monsters tearing up the rails with a caption that read, “I would rather believe this than the official explanation.” On Sept. 26, 2013, a court in Beijing sentenced Li Tianyi to 10 years

Anti-Elephant Poaching Story Goes Viral in China

Rhett Butler, Mongabay Waking Times A newspaper story about the impact of the ivory trade has gone viral in China, raising awareness among millions of Chinese, reports the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The story, published November 15 in Southern Weekly, has been shared widely across Chinese web sites and social media, according to the conservation group.

Are Psychic Phenomena Illusory?

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Guest Waking Times Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Chapter 9 – Are Psychic Phenomena Illusory?, of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s book Science Set Free. Reproduced here with permission. Please visit for more of Rupert’s inspiring work.  How an open-minded scientist opened my mind Telepathy literally means “distant feeling”, from the Greek tele, distant,

Internet Freedom – Get Free Access to Anonymous VPNs Via University Project

Torrent Freak Waking Times  As citizens around the world endure Internet censorship of all types, a Japanese university has stepped in to level the playing field. Whether you’re in Iran or China and blocked from YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, or in the UK desperate to get back on The Pirate Bay, KAT or H33T, a

Internet Freedom Fighters Build a Shadow Web

With its multiple, redundant pathways between any two network nodes and its ability to accommodate new nodes on the fly, the TCP/IP protocol that defines the Internet should ensure that it can keep on carrying data no matter how many nodes are blocked and whether it’s an atom bomb or a repressive regime that does it. As digital-rights activist John Gilmore once famously said, “The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.”

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