Coronavirus Crisis Exposes the Brutal, Inhumane and Orwellian Truth About Communism

Buck Rogers, Staff Writer
Waking Times

There’s an ongoing debate amongst 20th century historians. Who killed more people, Hitler, Stalin or Mao?

Surprisingly, Chairman Mao Zedong of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the frontrunner with estimates ranging from 45 to over 60 million people murdered, starved, or worked to death under his iron fist.

Mao’s CCP lives on as a modern capitalistic, technocratic, authoritarian regime, and aside from general information about what life is like for the average Chinese citizen, we in the free world really don’t know what true authoritarianism is like.

  • In recent years we’ve been able to learn about some of the more outrageous social controls in Chinese society, like social credit scores, heavy internal censorship of the internet, the occasional mass public execution, and the ubiquity of facial recognition technology to monitor ordinary people.

    Not since Tiananmen Square has the world really bothered to criticize Chinese authoritarianism, and even those who’ve been fighting for decades to stop the persecution of the Falun Gong have faced an uphill battle against Chinese public relations efforts.

    Recently, however, massive protests in Hong Kong have brought attention to the daily injustices of everyday life under modern communism. Now, with massive crisis of coronavirus quickly becoming a serious crisis, technology, social media, and the internet are giving us a closer look at how the Chinese government manages its citizenry.


    What we are seeing is really quite terrifying, for it really is one enormous human experiment. The official story is that some 50 million people are on severe lockdown and quarantine in central China. While information control is historically a primary objective of authoritarians, desperate citizens and independent journalists have been able to break through the Great Firewall of China to share statements and videos about the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

    Since this is communism we are talking about, the response we are seeing is predictably brutal, inhumane, and Orwellian, and for the frightened people in and around ground zero, things appear to be deteriorating rapidly.

    Author and activist John Vibes comments:

    Regardless of what you think about the virus or how dangerous you perceive it to be, a massive human experiment is taking place, in the form of the largest and most sophisticated quarantine in human history. I have waited to share a lot of the videos because they were hard to confirm, but now some smaller mainstream sources are starting to report on the people that are being literally welded into their apartment buildings, the big weird ass trucks driving through the streets shooting disinfectant chemicals into the air, hospitals lined with body bags, cops with biosuits and machine guns roaming the streets and violently carrying anyone away who shares footage of this stuff happening or walks around in public without a mask.


    They got tanks on the streets right now, and they are scooping up activists and throwing them in “quarantine” even when they aren’t sick. It is not news that the Chinese government is authoritarian, but the scale and intensity of what is happening over there is not normal, even for this regime. Another interesting thing about this situation is that the WHO is basically covering for China, and politicians in the US on both ends of the spectrum, said during the house subcommittee hearing today that the WHO can’t really be trusted, implying that they were corrupt. The WHO has excluded Taiwan and Hong Kong from individual representation in this situation, which means that China can easily just impose their own quarantine in these areas, and impose similar measures as they did in the mainland without any kind of international pushback, at least not from the major organizations that have sway in that kind of situation.

    All of the the following videos are allegedly from recent events in China, however, given the nature of this crisis and the state control over the narrative, it is not possible to verify their authenticity, although there certainly is enough supporting evidence to place the burden of proof on skeptics.

    Here are the most disturbing and Orwellian clips that have so far surfaced from affected areas of China.

    This first video shows Chinese officials monitoring citizen text messages, monitoring what people are saying about the outbreak.

    Here is an operation to fumigate public streets with who knows what:

    Another video of disinfectant spraying of city streets:

    Video of a newly constructed hospital which looks more like a prison:

    Thermal drones are used to check the temperature of pedestrians:

    This housing complex is sealed up with a load of dirt:

    Welding people into their homes:

    All rooms in a housing complex are welded to prevent people from leaving:

    Another video from inside of a barricaded home:

    Video of a large apartment building being welded shut:

    Forcibly removing people from their homes and shipping them away to quarantine:

    In this video a woman apparently resisting being quarantined is brutalized by officials:

    Here, a screaming woman is loaded into a metal box on a truck and taken away:

    This man is arrested for not wearing a mask:

    Another patient is being arrested and beaten by militarized police with masks:

    This video shows a trio of heavily armed officials in hazmat suits patrolling empty streets:

    Apparently the same men are seen arming themselves:

    Here, armed officials in hazmat suits man the entry of a building:

    Two men are arrested after police search their cell phones:

    Here, a woman is beaten for refusing to have her temperature taken:

    In this video, police are threatening citizens with the death penalty for not reporting themselves to the authorities after traveling to Wuhan:

    Final Thoughts

    Communism is historically brutal and inhumane. It is corruption, nepotism, tyranny, violence, oppression, murder, and authoritarianism, with no regard for human life.

    For those in other parts of the world who have a more favorable relationship with government, you have to wonder how a modern western government would handle such a situation like this.

    Would a western democracy declare a state of emergency and bypass constitutional law to enforce harsh social controls on people? Will countries with armed citizenries be able to navigate such a public health crisis without losing basic liberty?

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