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The Deep State Institutions that Couldn’t Care Less Who You Vote For

deep-stateDylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

The American people are again fully enthralled in the puppet show of national elections, and while arguments grow ever-more heated and partisan, the fact remains that no matter which way we vote there will remain a deeper state which represents the real and unchanging forces driving the destiny of this country and of the world.

Even veteran politician’s such as the constitutionally-minded Ron Paul have publicly stated that your vote doesn’t matter as long as the ‘Deep State’ continues to exist, living off of funds syphoned from tax payers and scuttled into covert, black-ops and secret budgets.

The elections don’t matter. This is a ritual that we go through… My belief is that the control is the Deep State, and people have to realize that.” ~ Ron Paul

Former Republican U.S. Congressional aide Mike Lofgren who retired in 2011 after 28 years as a Congressional staffer defines the Deep State as follows:

“It is a hybrid of national security and law enforcement agencies: the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Justice Department. I also include the Department of the Treasury because of its jurisdiction over financial flows, its enforcement of international sanctions and its organic symbiosis with Wall Street.” ~ Mike Lofgren

These are the institutions, agencies and ongoing programs that are above the law, beyond scrutiny and operating in near total secrecy. They truly couldn’t care less who the American people vote for come this election day as their powers are now so fully entrenched that in spite of whichever political puppet sits in the White House they will still be able to muster the funds and authority to continue on with their subversive, anti-democratic agendas.

Topping the list are the following major players:

1. Intelligence AgenciesBusiness Insider reports that US intelligence community is comprised of 17 discreet agencies that operate with enormous budgets and incredible secrecy, bringing total surveillance and total information awareness to bear on the people of earth.

Of the 17 agencies, some of the most prominent and most active include the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR), none of which will be adversely affected by either candidate’s policies.

“Oversight of these agencies generally falls to the Department of Defense or Congress, leaving the average citizen with precious little knowledge of how they operate.

Funded by largely classified budgets, it’s difficult to assess how much the U.S. annually spends on these clandestine operations, but one 2012 estimate pegs the cost at about $75 billion.” [Source]

2. DARPAThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is the scientific vanguard of the Deep State, and the world’s pioneer of advanced technology, bringing science fiction to life. With an on-the-record annual budget of close to the $3 billion, their role in our world seems to be to absorb any and all human innovation and re-direct it toward the art of killing and controlling people. A simple Google search of ‘DARPA’ reveals an endless array of incredibly cool science projects, and public science competitions designed to discover and recruit the greatest upcoming scientific minds the human race produces.

Their influence in our world cannot be understated, both for their positive contributions to society, such as development of the internet, and for their nefarious re-works of every great scientific idea. Their work will continue unabated no matter who is president.

3. Wall Street and Silicon Valley – Wall Street is the organization of criminal bankers and law firms who’ve managed to re-configure government and global finance to work in their favor, allowing them to privatize profit and socialize losses, guaranteeing the infinite enrichment of the 1%. Their power, originally garnered with the creation of central banking and banking corporations like The Federal Reserve, is now maintained and concentrated by their technological sophistication through their coordination with Silicon Valley.

Scientist, author and celebrated technological philosopher Jaron Lanier writes of the banking elite’s ability to outpace even any regulatory agency’s ability to understand and control the technology now involved in exacting trades, due to the simple fact that private companies with endless resources can afford to buy the best minds on earth.

As Lanier puts it, “there was a high-tech network scheme at play that seemed to concentrate wealth while at the same time causing volatility and trauma for ordinary people, particularly taxpayers who often ended up paying for a bailout.” No individual investor can compete with these Siren Servers, no matter how smart or lucky. [Source]

Combined, the powers of Wall Street and Silicon Valley effectively own the U.S. government and rest assured, whichever candidate makes it to inauguration day, they will be well-funded by, and well-respecting of the powers-that-be on Wall Street.

4. The Military Industrial Complex’s Defense ContractorsThe Orwellian permanent war is not a necessity in our modern world, but rather a natural by-product of exorbitant, unfettered investment in the arms race. The list of defense contractors that comprise the military industrial complex and manufacture and produce the equipment and war material that makes endless war a permanent feature of the modern world is, again, noted by Business Insider. At the top of their list of nine companies is Lockheed Martin, followed by Boeing, Ratheon, General Dynamics and Northrup Grumman, all receiving tens of billions of dollars annually from the federal government.

Their power is derived from the good-old-boy and revolving door network of government insiders and private sector free-agents who compete for taxpayer money and contracts. Both Trump and Hillary are supportive of this network, so take your pick.

5. The Secret Black Budget and Space Programs – These are the programs that are spoken of mostly in rumors. The best guess is that they are funded by money stolen from the American people and operate in locations such as the fabled Deep Underground Bases (DUMB’s) under the protection of the military. We know they exist because of occasional media leaks about their technological achievements and secretly funded programs, yet information is often sketchy. None-the-less, their works will continue to influence the direction of global conflict while pushing the world toward a space-based economy no matter which candidate you choose.

The Missing Trillions of Taxpayer Money

Former Wall Street investment bank director, and former assistant secretary United States Department of Housing and Urban Development during the first Bush Administration, Catherine Austin Fitts estimates that some $40 trillion dollars in taxpayer money has disappeared in recent decades from the budgets of the Pentagon and other agencies and has been covertly directed toward the operations of these Deep State institutions.

In 2015 the gross domestic product of the U.S. economy was close to $18 trillion, meaning that, at least, over 2 years full years of American productivity has been vaporized by the secretive government, and most recently some $6.5 trillion was reported missing from the Pentagon. This is how the Deep State is funded and why the elections play such an important role in distracting the American public.

Final Thoughts

In light of revelations about the existence and operations of these agencies, as well as their speculated funding by missing public money, voting for a president is rightfully acknowledged as futile. For those of us truly seeking positive change in a world where government is completely unaccountable to the people who fund it, there’s simply no way to ignore the relevance of exposing the Deep State.

“As all governments—sometimes for good reasons—engage in concealment of their more questionable activities, or even resort to out and out deception, one must ask how the deep state differs. While an elected government might sometimes engage in activity that is legally questionable, there is normally some plausible pretext employed to cover up or explain the act.

But for players in the deep state, there is no accountability and no legal limit. Everything is based on self-interest, justified through an assertion of patriotism and the national interest.” ~ Philip Giraldi

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Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of, the proprietor of, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. He may be contacted at

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  • Meter

    > no matter which way we vote there will remain a deeper state which represents the real and unchanging forces driving the destiny of this country and of the world.

    You’re wise to point out what you are in this article, yet it’s also important not to trade blind belief in politicians for blind belief in a deep state which controls everything. No one controls everything, and there are many possible narratives for what is happening in ‘the world’. In many ways, the whole media narrative of world events, elections, etc. represent how people are adapting to forces beyond their control (lately in a panic). The ego just likes to pretend it’s in control (or that daddy is in control), because it makes it feel safer. Yet this isn’t a safe universe.

    The whole narrative ‘world’ that most people live in is what David Icke calls postage stamp consensus, a tiny spot that millions of people try to squeeze onto and control. Rather than being in control, the deep state, as well as that which pulls its strings, is desperately trying to adapt too. Its trying to save its collective skin in a changing universe. Its desperation is plain to see: violence is always based in desperation; it is the last act of the desperate.

    One forms a narrative by highlighting some events and players, and not highlighting or obscuring others. Some narratives are helpful in that they can clarify how things work, while other narratives are deceptive and hide how things work. The latter mislead people into traps, while the former leads them out.

    Ultimately, narratives face the test of a larger reality which exerts pressure on an unreal bubble the narrative may create. This outside pressure is what most people can’t see; they don’t have the patience to wait for natural outcomes to assert themselves. Instead they believe they need to control everything and punish everyone (create an artificial outcome), or the outcome of life is in doubt.

    For example, many humans have retreated into a virtual life far removed from the very nature of their bodies and the planet, following a narrative which is growing increasingly at odds with reality, and increasingly expensive to maintain. This is analogous to a person just believing their own BS and thinking it’s real. Eventually, real reality breaks through as it must, sometimes rudely.

    You can drive for just so long with all your attention on your smartphone before you hit a brick wall called reality. Awareness is a survival trait, plain and simple.

    The shadow of death looming over the deep state is actually based in the belief that they can create reality by creating a narrative. This is their addiction, and you can see it starting to fall apart already. This does work in human world to a point: you can create an outcome by saying it is so, or by hammering on people, and feel powerful doing so. People believe in many things too easily. Yet the deep state’s tragic flaw is that it doesn’t see or honor a larger system of life of which we are a part. It is godless. It creates artificial systems to replace natural ones, attempting to domesticate and exploit humans (just as humans act this out on other humans and on animals). Yet the larger system, call it Supernature, has other purposes. In failing to go with the grain of life and its larger purposes, smaller purposes are condemned to oblivion. This is true no matter how large and powerful they may appear in a narrative. Reality can be a bitch, and there is a much larger purpose to life than mere exploitation and other lower-consciousness perspectives.

    It is wise for people to tell the truth and challenge false narratives, because it aligns them with reality, with real outcomes. This is what Jesus meant about building your house on rock versus sand.

    What is real? For starters, bringing quality food and water to people’s lips, bringing clothing and shelter, and evacuation from dangerous areas, is real. Most of the rest that humans get into is just mental nonsense, insanity. Not long from now (already for some), ridiculous narratives will be dropped for simple efficiency: a need to eat and keep breathing. Then all the well-dressed politicians will be seen for the useless fools they are. This is called a natural outcome and doesn’t need to be forced; it’s on the way already, a return home.

    In the meantime, enjoy this showing of ‘Titanic’, as most people claw and scramble and panic aboard their sinking narrative, thinking it’s reality. Eventually, it’s the narrative that will be thrown overboard, like a drowning man rising above water and gasping for air. It’s automatic, a built-in instinct of life. Already we are seeing this happening.

    Thanks for the sobering article/narrative.

  • Ray Songtree

    This was a well written article. I would like to add another category and that is the education and entertainment social engineering operation which make sure people are complicit and supportive of “progress”. I disagree that internet has been positive. Over 2 million species would be better off if electricity was never developed just 250 years ago. By stating this, the author reveals himself as supportive of human supremacy and destruction of natural systems. He follows the money without following the money. The control of corporations, contractors, technology and policy is done with money, and as we just saw with the merger of Bayer and Monsanto, it is the Rothschilds that guide and corrupt civilization and they, as the article infers, have an ancient off planet agenda. The reason Trump is not trusted by the Rothschild media is that he invokes common sense, which we dumbed down sheeple are not supposed to have. The reason Hillary is to be opposed is she is a card carrying satanist, ritual killer, and murderer at large. See youtube, Waco, a new revelation. The article is not pro active enough. We will correct our suicidal unsustainable civilzation by demanding accountability. This starts with each of us in our own homes. Are we willing to eat clean food or not? Are we willing to be law abiding if the law protects the rich and ultimately, the pyramid of abuse? Here is recent article on Monsanto/Bayer…

  • John

    Another entity worth investigating is the Rockefeller/CFR, which has been coordinating all of the “deep state” branches for the past century. Every Fed chairman for the past 60 years has been a CFR member, along with most Secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, CIA, etc.

    Current members include Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, Robert Rubin, Janet Yellen, Lloyd Blankfein and David Rockefeller, to name a few. Corporate sponsors include Citigroup, J.P.Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Lockheed Martin, Time-Warner, and Google. Many of their executives are also CFR members. See member lists at cfr dot org.

    • Ray Songtree

      Citigroup was First National Bank, a Rothschild bank, that existed before the Rockefellers. Jacob Schiff, the Rothschild lead in U.S., started Kuhn and Loeb that created Rockefeller Foundation. Rockefellers have always been controlled by Rothschilds to this day. I call them the Roth-efellers, and they created UN, IMF, etc. Please study Jacob Schiff. Before the Rothschilds, were the Freemasons who study the Jewish Kabbalah. The King James Bible was written by Francis Bacon, a Freemason. The forces of sinister activity have a thread, from beginning to end, and I just named it. I cover this in my non-profit books.

  • Another consequence of the 18th-century founders usurpation of Yahweh’s exclusive election authority (Deuteronomy 17:15), impossible under the biblical election system.

    See blog article “Salvation by Election” at

    An expanded audio presentation by the same title can be found at

  • BlackJack77

    If they don’t care why have they used every dirty trick on earth to stop Trump? Why have they ceaselessly lied and demonized him?

    • Ray Songtree

      As I said in above comment, Trump still uses common sense, and though owned, is not as owned as a life long puppet, (from at least high school), as Killery Clinton. For that reason, he is not trusted by Rothschild owned media. The internationalists are trying to destroy sovereignty and nationalism. Internationalist is nice way to say “the world order” which is nice way to say tyranny.

  • Pete

    In times past I have expressed the sentiment, and urged people, to stop (bluntly) paying tax. I know as well as the next man that it is a hard decision to make, for most of us all, that means to quit your job and look for some form of self-employment or go for a benefit of some sort. However if people where to make an effort in that direction and started to get united and work together, I am sure there is a way to do this. It is obvious of course what I am going for!, let them run out of money and see which way they jump then! Let’s get organized people!

    • Steven E

      I agree man, there are ways we can starve the system, we just have to come together and help each other find the solutions to our problems.

    • Ray Songtree

      It would also help to boycott Google. Our choices do matter.

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