Selfie Videos of Nature Vandalism a Sign of Growing Disconnectedness

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Perhaps it’s just another sign of the times, but people seem to be quite at ease when disrespecting nature if they know a camera is rolling.

In recent years there have been a number of highly publicized and shared incidents of people, often operating in irrational hordes, mobbing wild animals in order to get selfies with them, often killing the animal in the melee. In Argentina beachgoers killed a rare baby dolphin while snapping selfie photos. In Costa Rica a flock of clueless tourists destroyed hundreds of sea turtle nests and eggs in frenzy of a photo shoot. These are two examples of many.

Narcissism such as this is an indication that the human being at large is becoming more disconnected from nature and more attached the self, seeking self-aggrandizement at the expense of the environment that supports, sustains and inspires us.

Some recent examples of this type of self-absorbed sickness, albeit of a different sort, include instances of self-recorded vandalism and outright disregard of nature, where presumably the vandals considered their acts to be fitting of the approval or admiration of their peers and therefore thought to record and post them on the internet, with pride.

  • Destroying Timeless Icons

    The destruction of Cape Kiwanda’s iconic ‘Duckbill’ rock, which had stood balanced for perhaps millions of years, was intentionally toppled, gone in an instant at the whim of a group of youths who destroyed it for fun while a friend filmed it.

    The video below shows the act.

    A similar case occurred in a Goblin Valley, Utah in 2013 when a Scout leader destroyed a 170 million year-old rock formation while laughing and enjoying himself, singing ‘Wiggle It, Just a Little Bit,‘ followed by triumphant whoops and self-styled on-the-scene reporting.

    Rolling Coal

    Another popular trend captures the growing sickness of the self and blatant disregard for nature. It’s called ‘Rolling Coal,’ and is the practice of modifying a truck’s exhaust system so that it can belch out ridiculous clouds of dense black smoke, polluting the air and defiling any bystanders. It has become a trend.

    There are many of these type of videos on You Tube, but here are a couple of examples of ‘Rolling Coal.’ Often the targets are cyclists, hybrid cars, or other people who may be viewed as being environmentally concerned.

    And another one:

    Final Thoughts

    The examples presented above are but a few that have been recorded by the perps for purposes self-aggrandizement and have made it to the internet. There are numerous other recent examples of people killing iconic trees or savagely destroying rare plants such as Arizona’s Saguaro cactus.

    Is this what human beings were put on this planet to do, destroy it while worshipping the self?

    Sadly, this seems to be some part of our construction, and the insanity of it all is quite brilliantly captured in this animated short film entitled, ‘Man,’ by Steve Cutts.

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