Gardening More Meaningful than Voting in a Rigged Political System

Ron FinleyAlex Pietrowski, Staff
Waking Times

The most effective change-makers in our society aren’t waiting around for a new president to make their lives better, they’re planting seeds, quite literally, and through the revolutionary act of gardening, they’re rebuilding their communities while growing their own independence.

Every four years when the big election comes around, millions of people put their passion for creating a better world into an increasingly corrupt and absurd political contest. What if that energy was instead invested in something worthwhile, something that directly and immediately improved life, community, and the world at large?

The simple act of growing our own food directly challenges the control matrix in many authentic ways, which is why some of the most forward-thinking and strongest-willed people are picking up shovels and defiantly starting gardens. It has become much more of a meaningful political statement than supporting political parties and candidates.

“Propaganda gardening, a combination of guerrilla gardening and political protest, is about developing self-sufficiency while making a simple, yet bold statement about the world we all share, and the rules we choose to live by.” [Source]

Take, for example, Ron Finley, the ‘Guerrilla Gardener’ from Los Angeles who inspires the world with no-nonsense truth about how the corporate food system enslaves us, while proving to us that the most effective weapon in this fight is fertile soil. He makes growing veggies cool again, as it should be, because food sovereignty is the very foundation of personal independence.

“I live in a food prison.. It’s all by design just like prisons are by designed. I just got tired of being an inmate. So I figured, let me change this paradigm, let me grown my own food. This is one thing I can do to escape this predestined life that I have unwillingly subscribed to.” – Ron Finley

Think about it. Creating your own food supply challenges the status quo in a number of important ways. Growing your own food:

  • Decreases dependence on a polluted corporate food system
  • Improves health and wellness by providing exercise and nutritious food, freeing us from dependence on a for-profit medical system
  • Undermines Monsanto and the agro-chemical industry that is polluting our world and killing bees
  • Highlights issues of political control by pitting homeowners and gardeners against government and ordinance makers
  • Builds and heals community by providing a place and activity worth coming together over
  • Works to repair the damage we are doing to the environment with our consumer lifestyles
  • Protects us against insecurity and food unrest
  • Facilitates a greater awakening by setting an example for others to follow

When united, awareness and action create the kind of changes that a rigid control system cannot tolerate, and when extraordinary people like Ron Finley take the lead, a meaningful movement can take hold. This is real action, it is very effective, and as it becomes more mainstream to set up gardens in your yard and on your block, we will witness the re-emergence of the kind of society we just cannot create by playing by the rules of a rigged system.

“I had sixty people putting in an urban garden while you all were marching. Now who do you think was more effective?” – Ron Finley

Here’s Ron in a recent interview with Marc Angelo of the Superhero Academy:

Just a few generations ago, gardening for sustenance was not the fringe activity that it has become in recent decades, because it was a basic daily act of survival. One that will rise again as a controlled economy and engineered economic collapse will make it imperative to join forces with your community and defend your personal sovereignty.

““Why don’t you churches get together instead of with your ‘my religion is better than yours’ bullshit, and get together and put in a healthy food market… isn’t that doing good business? If your people live longer, don’t you get more money?” – Ron Finley

What happens when you transform yourself by deepening your connection to nature? What happens when you then transform your community by bringing your neighbors together in the goal of providing something of immense value to all? What happens then when a nation of transformed communities sees their world without the boundaries of and limitations imposed on us by a corrupt system?

The four year cycle of presidential politics in the US is far more effective at stealing the constructive energy of motivated people than it is at bringing about meaningful change to our lives, communities and to the nation as a whole. Time to try something far more effective and rewarding. Let’s overgrow the system, and transform our health and communities in the process.

For a sign that this movement is spreading across the nation, check out this homegrown music video, ‘Gardening is Gangsta,’ by Mark Jankins and Sifu Paul Davis. “I don’t rely on new food stamps. Cuz’ every season got me harvesting some new plants.”

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About the Author

Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for and Offgrid Outpost, a provider of storable food and emergency kits. Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.

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  • BlackJack77

    The problem with what you are saying is that if you don’t vote they will soon make gardening illegal. By opting out of the political system you are allowing the worst of the worst to use it to totally control you.

    • Alex

      No, that’s incorrect. By not buying their poisons you are voting with your dollar, which is infinitely more effective. The political system is completely rigged and run by the corporations regardless of your vote.

  • David Fiske

    I’ve had an acre organic vegetable garden for years now reduced to half as at 77 getting down on my knees is getting harder and harder.I might die on my knees there! getting harder and harder to get back up.
    Montaigne wanted die planting his cabbage.
    “I agree that we should work and prolong the functions of life as far as we can, and hope that Death may find me planting my cabbages, but indifferent to him and still more to the unfinished state of my garden.”

    • anna miller

      Dear David, I developed much trouble in my R knee, an x-ray showed thinning of cartilage. Suprisingly, my GP offered “prolo-therapy”. Prolotherapy is an innovative technique that relieves pain by directly impacting the underlying condition causing that pain.
      In contrast to many medical treatments that may provide only temporary
      benefits, this safe, proven treatment offers lasting relief. It is basically an injection of dextrose (sugar) & cod liver oil. The injection acts as an irritant to the joint and stimulates the growth of more collagen. Also try mixing a packet of Knox gelatin (tasteless) in your coffee or smoothie each day! It really works! And the prolo therapy is much cheaper than traditional injections, such as steroids. From one gardner to another- peace on you brother, and may your knees heal. Yes it is possible! even at 77. Check and see if your town offers this service. It only takes 3 injections spaced a month apart.

      • David Fiske

        Thank very much. I take some gelatine every morning in my turmeric cocktail. Fortunately no pain but great laxity. Sweet of you.

      • zlop

        A yogi I spoke to said that as long as the central part of your body is in good shape, other parts usually are. Take up Tai-Chi breathing (opposite to yoga breathing) – takes about 6 months. You will feel like a 13 year old again?

  • jimmime


  • conny


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