18 Human Qualities Most Needed to Advance the Global Awakening

Cosmic Earth Storm-1Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.”Shakespeare

Reality is anything but fixed, it is created again and again, re-defined from moment to moment as a product of the behavior and choices of all sentient beings. For certain, we are more powerful than we yet know, and each one of us is indeed an actor on the same stage, all of us with the ability to impact and contribute to the story.

Our connection through media amplifies extreme qualities of the human experience, offering a rather warped vision of reality, making our whole situation difficult to see clearly through the fog of sensationalism, distraction and propaganda.

Although truth and justice are severely repressed in our world, an evolutionary shift is rising just below the surface of the mainstream, already effectively challenging the power structures and control paradigms that are driving all of us towards extinction.

The most important players in the world right now are not in the limelight, they are not celebrities, nor are they freaks, oddities or authority creatures. They are the activated human beings out there, setting extraordinary examples by living courageous lives, helping to expand our awareness of what is possible, contributing to a proper vision for the future.

They’re the ones making adjustments to the trim-tabs on the rudders of humanity, so that the future holds promise for a meaningful sea change.

In opposition to the controlling forces of fear, scarcity and decay, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the powers of love, abundance and creativity. For this to come to pass, we are challenged to bring forth, amplify and elevate those human qualities which are most needed right now to push the global awakening forward and bring it into its full power.

Observing the world from my little outpost, I see the potential for people with the following exceptional qualities to play extraordinary roles in this awakening, however, this perspective is mine alone, and the list could just as easily be infinite. If something mentionable is noticed to have been left amiss, please comment and share your input.

1. People who furiously pursue self-mastery, but are able to dodge the traps of the ego and the fantasies of new age salvation.

2. People who meditate, but do not worship.

3. People who practice de-escalation, who understand the high art of withdrawal, and who are willing to compromise in order to win.

4. People who realize that in order to be free you must give freedom to others.

5. People who are capable of staring into the abyss of darkness without falling in, and without losing sight of the light.

6. People who have opinions, but revise them as often as needed to avoid getting fooled by them.

7. People who are more afraid of conformity than of standing alone.

8. People who value experience over suggestion.

9. People who love themselves first, and protect themselves first.

10. People who respect the universal principle that nature is here for our use, but not for our abuse.

11. Self-healers and self-teachers who survive by practicing independence.

12. People who understand the import and impact of history, but who are willing to abandon it or escape from it.

13. People who appreciate and rabidly exercise the power of saying ‘no.’

14. People who recognize that material truth is multi-layered and rarely revealed in its entirety at once.

15. People who know that spiritual truth is revealed in cosmic flashes of total clarity, but whom happily return to their work here on earth when the ride is over.

16. People who maintain harmony and balance by practicing gratitude, acceptance, appreciation and most importantly, service.

17. People who are experienced and skilled in transmuting their own anger into love.

18. People who can laugh at anything. For if it cannot be laughed at, it is not the Tao.

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Final Thoughts

We have a tremendous opportunity at our fingertips. Rather than accidentally submitting to the Orwellian reality being scripted for us by the engineers of a society and culture in collapse, we have the choice to actively participate in re-writing our future for our own benefit.

This humble list is a reminder that it’s time to figure out where you stand in the struggle, to get there, and to stand firm.

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About the Author

Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of WakingTimes.com, the proprietor of OffgridOutpost.com, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. He may be contacted at wakingtimes@gmail.com.

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  • Straflegate

    to me our power is the fact we are completely insignificant in the scheme of things, I am so little meaning to the universe I can create what matters around me, I am so irrelevant to everything, the things I choose to matter give me godlike power,My responsibility is what i choose , my power is that in the small sphere of my life i can offer love, support, knowledge, comfort, i dont need to change the world, i cannot change my society, world politics, but each day in the people I impact, in the things i do I can input huge positivity and creativenss, love and light if you want. we keep looking at the big stuff and it disempowers us, but if we take hold and positively impact our small sphere of influence, the whole world will change from the ground up.it is the only place true change can come from.

  • Nick Schmidt

    nice opinions lol

  • BadClown
    • BDBinc

      A kind of dark & negative short Buddha does not ” drive a jagged stake into hearts” and suggesting the ache grows and the tears flow is suggestive not instructive. But in the darkness a good point is bad clown from the Garden of Zen Gardener, that much of the “alternative” narrative is MSM. It mentioned Zen’s squirrel acorn donation button.

      *Buddha in his seeking was practicing an extreme bodily deprivation measure that he stopped when he found starvation was not the way to enlightenment.

      P.S Setting 18 rules for helping enlighten others is funny. Rumi is laughing.

  • BDBinc

    “Practice equality”? .How do you live the practice of equality?
    So you share/give everything you have “equally” with those that don’t?

    (The “equality” mantra was used for the purpose of redefining marriage and promoting homosexuality by the msm propaganda.)

  • Rachel Thompson

    very nice, but you can lead a mind to knowledge but you can’t make it think, or break it’s thought habits, or change it’s natural proclivities. A paradigm shift in universal human conscience, or simple put, a change in how people think is necessary for us to save ourselves from our selves. Lists won’t do it. The human condition has not changed in all our recorded history and it won’t change now. There are some people who are critical thinkers and independent thinkers, statically that is 2% of the general population. we need that number flipped to 80%– if history is a guide and it is, it will never happen. we will go on like this until there is nothing left, but t least the last sociopath standing wins.

    • Robin Raven

      “You can lead a mind to knowledge but you can’t make it think.”

      Very clever word play. Did you make that up yourself? So easy just to give up, isn’t it? Just give in to the sociopaths, abdicate full responsibility for your mind, and await your fate. That’s a lot easier than actually becoming one of the 2%.

      • Rachel Thompson

        I leaned as a critical thinker it is best to understand the realities around yourself so yo can protect yourself, one of the best ways to do that is blend into the herd, you don’t have to buy in and I don’t, I dance between the cross hairs. It is good cover. 2percenters that stand out, like DR,King, Kennedy and guys like Jesus… well you see what happens to them. Truth is the enemy of the powers that be. Show them truth they show you the door or much worse. Fighting with pigs only gets you dirty and the pigs like it, it’s their modality. It is better to subvert pigs by fooling them into acting positively. You can’t beat them at their game but you don’t have too–change the game. The best way to win the sociopath games is not to play them or trick them into your home court, like the power of public opinion, for example.

        • Robin Raven

          You’re making it far more complicated than it is. There is no power in public opinion, there is only power in personal action. Gandhi (a 2percenter as you call them) said, “Be the change you want to see.” Can’t get any simpler than that. No fighting required. He said that too.

          • Rachel Thompson

            I agree. But getting people to be critical independent thinkers who can act this way as you and I do en mass is impossible. To quote another thinker, less great, ” You can’t fix stupid” Ron White. How do you get people who have been indoctrinated not to think, thinking? I do my part by writing and speaking, sharing what I see but 9 out of 10 will reject it out of hand as it goes against what they have been told to believe. It has been shown that the majority of people rather believe than known and when a fact upsets belief they reject the fact. I hammer away with facts, sometimes it sinks in.

          • Robin Raven

            It’s not necessary hammer away on “the masses” to teach them to think. At this point, only those that are willing, able and ready are going to awaken. Doing what you can do to help those you can is all that’s necessary, the rest is not your responsibility, or mine. The 100th monkey has already been reached and the old system is flailing and failing, so we concentrate now on building new systems. Those who are supposed to help with that already know it and most of them are either living it already or making plans to do so. Relax, it’s all going the way it’s supposed to.

          • Rachel Thompson

            things are going the way they have too, because of the way humans think, it’ how we developed, it’s our genetic and cultural programming running it’s course. See that’s the problem, the way we are wired is the road to prediction, except for the 2%. This is why our end is inevitable. All species die off for the same reason, failure to adapt or change. Humans have thus far not changed and there is no sign that we as a species will or can. It’s nature. I find it hard to relax when I’m looking at the mechanisms that leads to our extinction. It’s just a question of how soon and the clock is running down. The delusion is, good guys always win, when they never win. Normality biases and false hopes further ensure the end. Only radical changes universally applied will do and it can’t happen, we are not programmed that way.

          • Robin Raven

            I totally disagree with your defeatist take on the demise of humanity. I don’t know how you come to this conclusion but it’s not based on history (real history, not the fabricated kind we get in school) or anthropology, or any other rubric I can think of. Your statement, “It can’t happen,” hardly qualifies as critical thinking. Besides, it’s not how our brains are wired, it’s how our hearts function that will decide our fate. It’s very sad to hear someone state “We’re doomed!” with such conviction.

          • Rachel Thompson

            Where I get this from is long study of history, anthropology, comparative religions, and psychology. It’s not defeatist, it’s facing the facts. Looking at humanity’s patterns threw out history ( never changing) and driving mental states that motivate it, ( never changes) looking at how all empires fail and why–human behavor drives us all and in all recorded history it never changes. Evidence from paleoanthropology supports it as well. Neanderthal is a good example of how none-change works. They existed 300K but never differentiated in how they addressed their world, in other words, how they thought, so when their environment changed (slowly I might add) they did not adapt and so they are gone. We face the same problem, we must change and we will not, we never have before nor has any past human species or any none-human species for that matter. We hit our mental growth evolutionary wall 10,000 years ago. If we don’t evolve psychologically we are finished. Cause and effect or a lack there of. Our best hope is getting knocked back to the stone age when egalitarian social structures were necessary for mutual survival. But we have broken from the natural world and that doesn’t bode well for our future. We are of nature, not above it, and so not impervious to it.

          • Robin Raven

            I have to give you points for stating your case well, but you’re making an error in your assessment of Neanderthal evolution, or lack of it. (Looks like we share an interest in paleoanthro, how fun.) The authorized, sanitized version of Neanderthals is not necessarily how it all went down- we don’t really know for sure who they were, where they came from, or where they went, and very little about how they lived. It’s all supposition based on a fixed agenda and I don’t buy any of their mainstream theories.

            As to getting knocked back into the Stone Age, that might actually happen, but there will be humans who raise their vibration enough to escape that timeline. You could be one of them if you stopped fixating on the timeline that ends badly. Once again, it’s not the mind but the heart that determines your outcome. Those with warrior hearts will adapt and thrive. At least that’s the timeline I’m on.

          • Rachel Thompson

            we are of the same mind in many areas, I don’t buy the official narratives in history, anthropology and the rest either unless it holds up and it sometimes doesn’t. I do understand how they work and think and taint their findings with indoctrinated biases or politics, but that is not what I do. Academics have their rail to ride, I don’t. I take it from where it comes then apply my own independent thoughts. Your esoteric ideas, it seems, is where we part company.

          • gooseberry

            It’s true that a determined minority, as little as 3%, can defeat the most powerful enemy. But, it’s not going the way it’s supposednto. This cabal, a 100% corrupt, Inverted-Totalitarian, Police-State Government, is getting more oppressive daily. Daily they pass oppressive international trade agreements, daily Obama goes a little farther in his(the people that tell him what to do)actions to disarm citizens, daily the gap between the rich and poor increases, daily jobs evaporate and are shipped overseas to slave factories(what few jobs are left), daily a militarized gestapo police force murders citizens. daily laws are passed nullifying the constitution, that is no longer followed anyway. I could go on non-stop ror monhs with examples . You say things are going as they should? I brg to differ. The only way to deal with this cancerous-blight on humanity is to engage it and defeat it by way of guerilla warfare. The 3% that will do this, and is all that is needed to accomplish this, already know this. People like you on the other hand are so far socialized, indoctrinated, brainwashed, and love tyranny, that you can’t see pastyour on worthlessness and self-delusion.

          • Robin Raven

            People like me? I’m not the enemy. How are you going to win this battle you think you’re going to wage if you can’t even identify your enemy? The elite you are so sure have taken control are paranoid and pathological, and what you perceive as the world falling into their grips is really only the base reality they are creating for themselves. Is that the reality you choose? If so, then you are the brainwashed one. You can choose not to be part of their reality and create the world you want to see through direct action on a personal level, or you can play guerilla and continue with the violence that feeds the system you hate. Good luck with that.

          • gooseberry

            You think that the ‘reality’ of the oppressors only exists in the minds of the oppressors? What planet or dark hole did you just emerge from? You were born in Raytown and immediately put into a closet, a dark one, with your thumbs tied back. A couple of weeks ago they let you out and Gave you crash courses in Google and American High School Civics, and here you are.

          • Robin Raven

            And you are not just talking smack, are you? You have some amazing, courageous war plan for taking on these “oppressors” like some macho guerilla super hero named gooseberry. Pardon me for snorting with laughter.

          • gooseberry

            Snorting! That’s for sure.

          • Robin Raven

            Using the word “fart” nicely establishes your level of intellectual immaturity. Thank goodness humanity is not relying on you and your little band of guerilla warriors to save the planet from the evil oppressors. Yoda, you ain’t.

        • gooseberry

          Some of what you say is true. But blending in and going along, and acting happy doesn’t solve the problem. The probpem still exists, and gets worse every day, unchecked. Unless the enemy is being engaged violently, by asymmetric-guerilla warfare until it is totally eradicated, people will incresaaingly be oppressed, impoverished, and murdered, by Totalitarian Government.

          • Rachel Thompson

            that is why I write and speak, change a few minds, inform a few that will hear. It is a small hope that humans can change but I try and the best way to not be a victim of this corrupted system and all it’s stupidity is to avoid and blend. Change from the bottom happens one person at time. I don’t believe we can survive as a species but there is no choice but to work for change. What we are up against are the powers that be and it’s best not to confront them, then nobody advances. The way to beat their game is to not play it. The goal for us is to advance mentally and get others too do the same. Engaging them on their home court won’t do it, because it’s always done that way and always results int he same conclusion, you become them and worse. What would the powers do if all of us just decided not to go to work, and just help ourselves to the food and gas? Not show up for military duty. that is a game changer. Fighting a war only brings more of the same.

          • gooseberry

            Most of what you say I agree with. Except, that engaging this 100% corrupt, Inverted-Totalitarian, Police-State Government by Guerilla Warfare must be a contingent of that process,in fact it is a moral imperative. Sometimes it’s not enough violence coming from the right source that allows evil to manifest. This evil cabal has killed 55 million people as a result of American Foreign Policy since the end of WWII. It is an Inverted-Debt-Totalitarian-System that oppresses, impoverishes, and murders it’s own citizens and citizens of the world so that a handful of Bankers and Trillionaires can keep a status quo in place that allows them to concentrate all wealth and power. That concentrated power, their personnel, their infrastructure, their Banking/Money system needs to be destroyed. Many tactics can be employed to do so, violent Guerilla Warfare must be a main ingredient. Otherwise, you’re employing and relying only on magical thinking, and hoping that mankind do some things he’s never done. History has proven that a determined minority can defeat the most powerful enemy.

          • John Congdon

            The mind is their home court.

    • gooseberry

      I agree. I will add that man can do nothing on his own. He can only grow, accomplish, etc. by God’s will and compliance, etc. I will also agree with you on the two percent, but believe that probably only about 3% will/are be saved by there value and from their God. I hope that I’m wrong bon some of this.

      • Rachel Thompson

        Sorry but I must disagree about the god part. As a long time comparative religions and anthropology geek I’ve seen how religions have always been used by the powers for profit and control. Understanding the development of magical thinking over time, one can clearly see god is an invention of man and man has used it to lord over other men since the firs shaman figure out how to get others to provide for him or her. God concepts are indoctrinated into us from birth onward, it’ a self perpetuating social construction.

        • gooseberry

          Religion and God are not the same thing. Mankind has and does use anything and everything, to oppress, impoverish, and murder his fellow man. Religion, is an indoctrinated concept that is ingrained from birth to death. But, more the case than not, it’s the inapprpriate misguided misapplication, and deviant interpretation of religion that is the problem and not religion. The worst socialization, indoctrination, and brainwashing from birth to death that mankind inflicts onto mankind is Totalitarianism by Government. Again, when mankind begins to act and think without God, he goes wrong everytime.

          • maybeperfect

            One may wonder whether the possibility exists that God may really, in some way, unbeknownst to us, be doing everything, and for whatever divine reason, we seem to believe that we are really only “us”.
            There seems to be plenty of “empirical evidence” for the existence of some apparently unknown agency operating through a conceivably infinite number of different methodologies, in spite of defying human discovery.
            Personally, I seem constitutionally incapable of enumerating a single idea or thing, etc. which I can categorically say that I know is NOT God.
            I may be the only human enjoying this paradigm, or under completely honest self examination, all may find that this could possibly be the way of things.
            Of course, God may be the only One who knows of his own existence for sure, and how would “we” know whether He does or not? Or who are we anyway, if we do, indeed know?
            This all could be a giant experiment by God to find out if he exists, for all we know.
            There may be an infinite number of ways in which God believes in Himself, maybe including NOT believing in Himself, (which might explain the existence of atheists,) indeed, if all “our” psyches are the products of every vibration emanating from the mind of God, (not yet disproved,) “we” may inevitably seem to believe whatever “we” must (though it might prove to be indistinguishable to “us.”
            On a spiritual level “I” must fervently desire the accomplishment of God’s purposes, though I must confess apparent ignorance of what they might be.
            Is not the fairly obvious miracle of existence itself, seemingly infinite, enough, or are there an infinitude of other equally miraculous causes, each lovingly pursued through what we come to think of as “our” daily lives?
            It all may be perfect, right down to the direction of spin on every atomic particle, resulting in what we seem to take for granted every second (time, another miracle?) of every day.
            It might be possible that humanity is graduating to the family comprised of types of beings who CAN know God, if such a thing be possible, though as far as “I” can see, the jury may still be out….

          • gooseberry

            ‘For now[in this time of imperfection] we see in a mirror dimly [a blurred reflection, a riddle, an enigma], but then[ when the time of perfection comes we will see reality] face to face. ‘Now I Know in part [ just in fragments], but then I will know fully, just as I have been fully known [ by God].’

  • wakinglioness

    and with respect to history, we need people who suspect that all of recorded history fails to reveal true human nature and that human nature is best understood through observation and oral history.

  • Darkwing

    People who understand the real Bull Shit that is coming from the government and all MSM. People who understand that government is not there for you, they are for total control.

  • Enos Anderson

    People who understand that unconditional love is everything.

    • xyz

      Hippy BS

      • Enos Anderson

        Could you please explain your comment?

    • Rachel Thompson

      the problem with that is the sociopaths that control everything take advantage of it. They want docile loving people because such are easy to screw over and they will always do that. kill off 25% of the population that are sociopaths and that love thing would work, but, peace loving people won’t do that so the monsters always win by default. Beating back the pigs makes you one of them– Earth is real catch 22 pig farm.

      • Robin Raven

        Docile, loving people are not easy to screw over, that’s only your defeatist opinion. You’ve already lost to the sociopaths if you can’t summon the courage to exist outside their world and live in your own.

  • BDBinc

    1) People who know who they really are.

    “Know thyself” was not a question but the ultimate answer.
    With knowing you don’t need to worry about developing 18 rules, traits or “qualities”.

    All can help in the awakening process (as they are all in it) you don’t need to “chose a side”, polarize or stand firm( unyielding).
    Don’t even stand in the struggle.

    ” Not a soul will be left behind”

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