16 Signs That You’re a Slave to the Matrix

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Today’s world is a strange place. We are inundated with signals from early on in life, encouraging each of us to walk a particular path, establishing blinders on us along the way to discourage us from looking for alternatives to what the herd is doing or thinking. Life is so complex that over time, if we are paying attention, we realize that there are an infinite number of possibilities to what the human experience could be, and we come see that the world is on fire because individuals all too infrequently question why things are the way they are, failing to notice that their mindset or behavior needs adjustment in favor of more intelligent, common sensical, or sustainable patterns of existence.

Not meant to be overtly critical of anyone’s lifestyle choices or personal situation, the following 16 signs that you’re a slave to the matrix are meant purely as an observational approach to helping you identify the areas of your life where you may be missing an opportunity to liberate yourself from someone else’s self-destructive design for your life.

Read on, and please take a moment to comment below with anything you’d like to add to the list or object to.

  1. You pay taxes to people you’d like to see locked up in jail. This is perhaps the biggest indicator that we are slaves to the matrix. The traditional notion of slavery conjures up images of people in shackles forced to work on plantations to support rich plantation owners. The modern day version of this is forced taxation, where our incomes are automatically docked before we ever see the money, regardless of whether or not we approve of how the money is spent.
  2. You go to the doctor, but you’re still sick. Modern medical care, for all of it’s scientific progress, has sadly become sick care, where we are rarely advised to eat well and tend to our mental and physical health, but instead are routinely advised to consume expensive medications and procedures that are pushed by the for-profit healthcare matrix
  3. You’ve picked Team Democrat or Team Republican and argue with your friends, family and co-workers about politics. This is what the control strategy of divide and conquer looks like in our society. Both of the major parties are corrupt through and through, and independent candidates are not even allowed to participate in public debates. By believing in one of these parties and burning your personal energy on arguing with other ordinary people you are turning over your soul the matrix, and doing your share in making sure that ‘we the people’ will never be united against corruption.
  4. You work hard doing something you hate to earn fiat dollars. Work is important and money does pay the bills, however, so many people lose the best years of their lives doing things they hate, just for money. The truth about money today is that we do not have money, but instead, inflationary fiat currency that is privately owned and manipulated. Since it is still necessary to get by in this world, it is best that you get more value for your time by doing something you enjoy or by working with people you do not despise. It is easier than you may think to live on less money than we believe we need, we just have to be willing to go against the grain realize this.
  5. You’re willing to accrue personal debt to fund the acquisition of a consumer oriented lifestyle. Each time a credit card is swiped it creates digits on the balance sheets of the banks that are most involved with the financial looting of the world today. These digits are then multiplied electronically by the fractional reserve system, which exponentially increases the power of these institutions. To participate in this, and by agreeing to pay this fake money back with interest, in order to maintain a certain lifestyle, is a strong indication that you are bound by one of the main tenets of the matrix – consumerism.
  6. You converse with real people about the ongoing happenings of TV shows. TV is the most potent tool used for mind control, and the ‘programming’ that is available, while certainly cool, fun, or entertaining is geared to reinforce certain behaviors amongst the masses. Dramatizing the ego’s importance, over sexualizing everything, glorifying violence, and teaching submissiveness to phony authority are the main features of modern TV. By taking what is happening onscreen and making it a part of your real life, you are doing your job of supporting the matrix’s desire to confuse us about the nature of reality, proving that something doesn’t have to actually happen in order for it to feel real to people.
  7. You don’t have anything to hide from total surveillance. If it does not bother you that someone, somewhere, working for somebody is watching you, listening to your conversations, and monitoring your movements, then, you are a good slave to the matrix. Invisible surveillance is an insidious form of thought control, and by using the logic of, ‘I have nothing to hide, therefore, it will do me no harm to be surveilled,’ then you are mindlessly admitting that you have an earthly master and are not of sovereign mind and body.
  8. You think the world would be safer if only governments had guns. This is a violent world, and criminals engage in criminality against honest people at every level of society, including from within the government. Sure, in a perfect world, weapons wouldn’t be necessary for anyone but, sadly, our world is anything but perfect, and firearms are indeed a very effective form of protection against common criminals and abusive governments alike. The willingness to forego your right to self-defense is a sign that you’ve relegated personal responsibility to someone else. Having the masses abdicate personal responsibility is one of the most important aspects of controlling them. Welcome to the matrix.
  9. You knowingly drink fluoridated water. Of all the health debates taking place today, the topic of fluoridated water is the easiest to understand, for it is a toxic by-product of an industrial process… poison. Water is supposedly fluoridated to aid in dental health, which is debatable in itself, but if this were so, then the involuntary fluoridation of public water is a medication without your consent… a form of slavery. Knowing this and continuing to drink fluoridated water is a sign that you’re content with your slavery to the matrix. Here are 18 scientifically validated reasons to end public water fluoridation.
  10. You knowingly consume toxic poisons like MSG and Aspartame. These two chemicals are widely known to be toxic to the human body. Knowing this and continuing to poison yourself with tasty, but chemical-laden processed foods is a sign that the matrix has programmed you to place less value on your health and future than on your immediate gratification.
  11. You depend on the pharmaceutical industrial complex for the management of your own mental health. The use of psychotropic medicines is rising rapidly in our society because people have been convinced that mental and emotional states can be classified as diseases, while the truth about natural mental health has been obfuscated by corporate media and a for-profit medical establishment. If you’re taking psychotropic medications, then you are under one of the most potent forms of mind control available. Part of this control is to convince you that you have no authority over your own mind. This is perhaps the matrix’s most terrible lie, and by willingly taking these psychotropic medications you are conforming to the worst kind of slavery, and inhibiting your natural mental and emotional responses to the life stressors that are signaling to you that you need to change your behavior and habits.
  12. You haven’t yet stopped watching your local and national news programming. The mainstream news media is a tool of control and manipulation, and by continuing to support their ideas and world views by giving them your attention you are volunteering to be a slave to this not-so-subtle form of mental programming. Even the local news is scripted at the national level by agents of the handful of corporations tasked with shaping our opinions of events.
  13. You’re more concerned with televised sports or other mindless distractions than you are with the quality of your natural environment. The Deepwater HorizonAlberta Tar Sands, the rise of Fracking, the sacrifice of the Amazon, and Fukushima are all life-changing events that will severely impact our future on planet earth. To be unconcerned with all of this while tuning into a never-ending stream of sports trivia and distraction-based living is a sign that your sense of self-preservation has been stolen and replaced with an impulsive tendency for triviality and escapism.
  14. You’re skeptical of any area of life that hasn’t been ‘proven’ or validated by modern science. The very essence of science is the inquiry into the unknown, implying that until science can grasp something, it is unexplainable. By discrediting or ridiculing experiences that other people have, which yet evade scientific understanding, like near-death experiences, acupuncture, or the life changing effects of Ayahuasca, then you are slavishly reducing your understanding of the world to a narrow range of possibilities. The matrix is made possible by the efforts of volunteer gatekeepers who are unwilling to think outside of the box.
  15. You’ve never questioned the popularized version of ancient history and the origins of our civilization. There are many unanswered questions about the origins of the human race that point to a different version of human history than what is taught in school. Read 2o history questions they refuse to answer in school to discover some of the many ways in which our history has been hijacked. By never questioning what we’ve been told about our origin we are acquiescing to many of the imposed belief systems and narrow-banded views of human potential that the matrix promotes.
  16. You haven’t yet realized that you are a spiritual being living a human experience. 

If you can relate to any of the items on this list, then the matrix has you, and it is now your duty to engage more deeply in your liberation.

If you’d like to add to or object to anything on this list, then please do so in the comments section below, and be sure to share this with your friends.

About the Author

Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com where he indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for mankind.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  • lacey

    You can check out anytime you like but YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE

  • lacey

    Start with being grateful and stop listing what you don’t have what you didn’t get

  • Stefan D

    Not many people are awake, by far. We need many more plus an economic disaster, this is the only way for the masses to see who the real shepherds are. Otherwise it is just talk. People who have nice houses, careers, law obedient citizens, you know you are talking to people living in an overly inflated bubble. When it bursts, then they will ‘see’, until then we are moving on a downward spiral, and the worst of it, it is dragging us all at the same time. Being awake in this environment is a wonderful thing, but it is also a curse. It feels like I am playing with children video games, and I want to take them out to play outside. They will wonder why, the video games are perfect. They are zombies in human form, hypnotized and unable to think for themselves, heavy layers of programming. And then they create laws so you are basically confined within the structure of the matrix. One can certainly live off the grid, but one separates from the community as well, there is no reason to live secluded, desolated life somewhere for the sake of being alive. Until something happens on a large scale, there is so much we can do.

  • Can Ritalin be considered a psychotropic medication? Or is it a real medicine?

    Serious question.

  • Jay-Bee Jones

    This is really wonderful. I’m so happy that I’ve found your articles, I can’t stop smiling. Other people feel the same, that’s good (:

  • Anonymous

    If you really get the article as i’m sure the author intended you would not need to comment…

  • Marie

    These “16 signs that you’re a slave to the matrix” apply to most people I know, even my adult children. But it is discouraging, because they don’t seem to want to wake up. If I try to talk to people, even good people, they say “I’m not into that conspiracy stuff.” Most people seem to think that everything is just fine. Even the priests and pastors of churches won’t say anything disturbing or controversial. However, I do know about three people (two are relatives; one is a neighbor in her 80s) who are awake.

    • Tony Stark

      I am awake. My mom’s uncle is a pretty spiritual guy and has spread his knowledge across my family. My mom, grandma, three best friends and I are all awake, but my sister is a lot more stubborn. You are not alone in this. There are more of us.

    • lacey

      I know exactly how you feel I have tried to tell my husband these things he just thinks Im an over emotional female while hes glued to the sports channel

  • EvenStar LoveAnanda

    Good list.
    Completely agree.
    Passed all counts.
    The Awakening IS happening and,
    We are winning.

    But this war can only be won from the Spiritual Realm.
    This list is mainly about what to avoid.
    We need another list of what to reach for.

    Check out Abraham Hicks and Bashar on YouTube!!!

    I EvenStar LoveAnanda see and Draw to me, through Divine Love, All those Beings who seek enlightenment through my process.
    The sharing will elevate us both now!!!

  • ScienzaObsoleta

    17) After the death some entities will convince you to be reincarnated again and again

    • lacey

      all entities will force you into the light which is the trick you go to the light and then the darkness of the moon they erase your mind and you go to another womb endless cycle

  • matthew

    I only got the one .

    Among other thoughts, what a selfish and poorly motivated article. This author points out to most of those in the modern world what is “wrong” or “broken” with them without any effort challenge that paradigm. No talks of permaculture, sustainability as a mind set, renewable energies, local farmers markets, community service agreements (CSA), food hubs, avoiding excessive use and or exposure to chemicals. Any “spiritual being living a human experience” that strives to be greater then the sum of the matrixres parts might not feel a need to spend the time looking down on people in such an unproductive way. We’re talking about seven billion people here, it’s not going to change in our lifetime. The machine will always exist.

    Shitty article. written by an author whom is not even willing to take claim for there work by name. What a fucking joke. Who read’s this shit and thinks “yeah ha, ha, those fucking drones”? That makes you apart of the slave to enslaved paradigm. For any of us that are even half self aware, we know well enough that both are enslaved. Nice work there Sigmund Fraud, you’ve got three whole pieces out on the web, I’ll have to print them out and have them bound. We’ll put them next to my Nietzsche collection and just before the complete works of Voltaire.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      lol this guy is govt plant

    • Tony Stark

      THIS is a prime example of who to look out for. ALWAYS question the system, NEVER submit to assumptions, forgive common mistakes and grow as a person, not as a critic.

  • Your glass fills with mineral water.

  • ’16 things I think are important and if you happen to not agree with me on one of the particulars, then you are a slave to the matrix’, may have been a more appropriate title for this.
    You don’t agree with my stance on gun control? Slave to the matrix,
    You don’t go out of your way to avoid the things I avoid? Slave the matrix.
    You are entertained by and interested in things I am not entertained by? Slave to the matrix.
    You have a nuanced view of the political system and recognize that even if you disagree with someone or some group about some issues, it doesn’t mean they are wholly bad and everything they do is evil? Slave to the matrix.
    You have exprienced the life changing (for some) benefits of the pharmacutical industry which allows you to get out of bed each morning and enjoy your life? Slave to the matrix.
    You don’t automatically accept the sort of fringe sciency things that I automatically accept without skepticism because they support my preconcieved notions? Slave to the matrix.
    You don’t share the authors same passion for eating healthy or have poor impulse control? Slave to the matrix.
    You find story telling entertaining and get pleasure from discussing stories with others? Slave to the matrix.

  • charles

    Hmmm I thought this was a website for the awakenend being ? Transending mind, time & form ?
    Nonjudgement, nonattachment, nonresistance ? True wealth is the joy of being ! Not a pile of paper with green ink backed by 100 trillion dollars of debt. Forgive them for they not know what they do sure rings true. Gods peace

  • John Hoffman

    We have to start electing politicians that believe in a free America, we have to cut down on our addiction to social media networks. We have to stop using search engines who build a profile on us and track our every move. I use http://LookSeek.com for my searches for about a year, they don’t track and they say my privacy is safe. If we keep letting all our dirty laundry all over the internet , well than its our fault.

    • Tony Stark

      Remember what Obama’s stance on everything was before he was president? He wanted a free America. He was saying all the things that people wanted to hear. Sorry to break it to you buddy, but the entire government is corrupt. All governments are corrupt to some extent.

  • Rabbitnexus

    I had the advantage of being a bit of an outcaste from a young age, so never managed to get into the habit of conforming. I just wasn’t any good at it, hard as I did try at one stage. I am aware of being outside the matrix and the matrix as such has become increasingly obvious over time, especially this last decade. This article quantifies the reasons quite elegantly and even presents a road map to the destination. A fine achievment.

    Now I admit this list presents a tall order on at least a few fronts for most people and many will surely say it’s impossible but it is possible. Here’s how I manage.

    1. I am self employed. I own a manufacturing business and we have been hit by the usual malaise of manufacturing in developed economies. From speculators selling imported junk online to the big corporations flogging cheap imported products and getting monopoly over the retail industry we supplied our particular industry is in decline locally and even doomed in the longer term in it’s current form. We jumped ship and went online, selling direct to the public and building on our local market at a price which was OK for us given we once sold at the same price wholesale to retailers, and so cheap as to give the importers of cheap Chinese made junk a serious headache. In fact we’re winning and driving them down online. Now one must be circumspect about such things these days online but with an embezzling accountant for a father and one of the state’s more successful con men as a brother I am the black sheep of the family…but there is one entity which derives full benefit from my inherited attitude to fiscal matters. Taxes are to me a particular offense in a country where the government does everything to help the corporate business community, at the expense of the far more important and productive small business community. They aren’t my leaders or even protectors, why should I pay tribute to the bastards? I definitely pay for everything I use in this system they make sure every little stamp and paper has a fee attached. On balance I win this one. It isn’t as easy for a PAYG worker sure but that’s your problem, I’ve sorted mine.

    2. Doctors? Please! I go to my doctor when I need something he has the access to, which means I tell him what I want if I ever need a prescription. We’ve known each other a long time, and I’ve won all the debates over the years about various issues he and I have gone over and he’s man enough to have followed through and admitted when I was right. He knows I know my own body and have a good grounding in chemistry, biology and pharmacology so it’s simple and easy and I’d never to a doctor without a good reason. I’ve also not had any illness except food poisoning for the last thirty years. Not a cold or flu. I put this down to having used natural health and organic wholesome foods all my adult life and I use pot and ginseng in abundance too. Both things my doctor now admits might have something going for them despite his denials twenty years ago.

    3. In a country with compulsory voting, more often than not I don’t vote and instead end up being fined for it, which I also refuse to pay without a good fight which at least makes the process more costly than the $50 fine. Paying such fines irks me, but I see it only as money taken from me under threat of violence and ensure that this sentiment is expressed, even down to writing it on the back of the cheque.

    4. I love my job. I own and run a small factory which makes a high quality product for leisure on the water and it allows me lots of people contact, the chance to use my creative talents and lifetime of accumalated knowledge and skills as I am also the engineer who designs our new products and we have something AWESOME coming up over the next couple of years. Before this I owned a fireworks and special effects company which are still hobbies of mine however not for hire. I’d never do anything just for money.

    5. It took a while, but since reverting to Islam I have worked hard to reduce and finally eliminate the debt I once had to credit cards. I keep them still and use them because many things in life these days live little option, but I keep them paid up now and accrue next to no interest. I’m very conscious of that little though and my plans for economic readjustment are still underway. Generally I’m for cash, cheque or barter in business. No need to involve banks who only score their slice of every little transaction otherwise. Most people appreciate it.

    6. I have nothing to say to anybody about what is on TV except a contemptuous rejection that any of it is truthful, relevant or not geared towards further degradation of what remains of our society and morality. I can’t watch TV news without shouting and swearing and turning it off within minutes. Fucking liars!

    7. I can’t even write this post without carefully parsing my words for the inevitable watchers. I consider the Snowden Snowjob to be just another limited hangout psyops and knew everything this boy is telling us, more than a decade ago. Anybody with a clue should have. I’ve had a visit from a secret police internet cell questioning me over my posts about Israel and Jews. Sent them on their way with their tails between their legs too, damned puppets! I made a video about it and harasssed them and insulted them by email for some time afterwards just so they fully understood my contempt.

    8. The only reason I’d own a gun these days, is to use it against the government if it was necessary.

    9. I find the simplistic and frankly wrong information about the dangers of fluoride very frustrating and notice they are repeated here. This is unfortunate because the hazards of Fluoridation are real than the red herring argument that the stuff is a waste from industry. SO WHAT? Waste is a term which can be applied to anything or nothing and what sodium fluoride is via production of aluminium doesn’t have to mean anything if it were a useful product. What it is is a product of a chemical reaction and not all chemicals are bad and even very deadly chemicals can be used to create beneficial or harmless ones. For example table salt is made from two toxic (to us) elements which also are highly reactive. However Sodium Chloride is not only harmless in reasonable amounts, it is essential for our survival. The reason by the way is to do with more chemical reactions which occur within our bodies, which by the way contain dangerous acids like hydrochloric acid. So I’m tired of the stupid childish and counter productive (educated people immediately reject the poor science) arguments made by many reactionary folks over fluoridation of our water supply but I am aware of it and not only avoid drinking it as much as possible (I treat what I do drink of it) I am working on the guy who is responsible for fluoridating our water supply here and have at least put a fire under the debate which is now ongoing in their department.

    10. I avoid aspartame like the plague and have forbidden my wife to use MSG in the kitchen (she’s Pakistani so that was a fight)

    11. I not only don’t depend on them for anything I can extract/synthesise all the useful classes of drug (usually from natural sources) in the event they were not available like after the zombie apocalypse.

    12. and 13. Must by now go without saying. It is the main reason I cannot abide in most society for long, they just can’t handle the intensity of discussion when all they want to talk about is TV “reality” programs and talent shows or some stupid latest fad begun and run by the puppet masters. Sport is good for a single exchange, much like exchanging greetings or commenting on the weather and for me is only an ice breaker when appropriate and then I have to fake it. I’d not even do that except you have to try to be polite to family and I do have to sell a leisure product to a sport inclined public.

    14. Agree with the definition of science 100% and I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a few close encounters now so have personal knowledge of the existence of something so profound that it alone destroys our presumptions about what is possible ‘scientifically’ (sic) and if that wasn’t enough I’ve had a lifetime of experiences which defy explanation but are no less real for that. I use certain understandings in my daily life and the results seem literally supernatural to some, but to me it’s just something I’ve noticed works, even if I can’t explain it adequately. Science is observation and not some sort of official rules.

    15. It appears to me that we’ve been on this planet for vastly longer than mainstream ‘science’ tries to assert and that we’ve risen up technologically to great civilisations and collapsed into primitive scattered groups again on a number of occassions. It seems we have been subject to considerable and ongoing interference from much more technologically and mentally advanced beings who may even be among us, in disguise and I don;t trust anything/anyone which prefers to remain hidden whilst it messes with me or my species or planet. I also think slavery in one form or another has usually been the lot of humans. I’m open to new information and have had to revise my beliefs too many times to say any of this is cast in stone but I am absolutely in no doubt that virtually nothing we officialy believe about history, including the most recent history is even close to accurate.

    That’s it, I am matrix free or as near as that I could be called a visitor at most. Good luck to others, it can be done.

    • Tony Stark

      Do you have a name and website for your company/factory? I’m fairly interested in what that’s about.

      I fully support what you’re doing, if that counts for anything. 🙂

    • DDDDDuane

      You claim to be “out of the matrix” but then you claim that you are “reverting to Islam” …
      A toxic junk religion (alien to Whites) started by an insane psycho with most parts stolen from the other 2 older fake, junk abrahamic religions…
      On top of that you are obviously a WHITE guy….You desert your White Race by marrying a paki woman (and probably produce mongrel half breeds…)…
      You admit that”: “we’ve been on this planet for vastly longer than mainstream ‘science’ tries to assert ” Which means it probably took 10,000 generations to give a White man his unique intelligence, ingenuity anl looks and you simply (and ponderously) END your White gene pool by ending it with a paki….
      This insane (new world order mandated) race mixing is a sign you ARE in the matrix
      It seems you STILL have a lot of corrections to make….

  • Sean

    I’ll give you 4 to 1 odds that #13 shouldn’t even be on the list!

  • The 1 sign you are part of the Guru Cult- Telling everyone they are wrong about how they live while claiming to be living differently.

  • Jack Ittoff

    1. Not everyone has the money to eat all organic.
    2. Many of us are forced to work in jobs we don’t particularly like because there aren’t too many available jobs out there (I do like my job though).
    3. Nothing wrong with chattering with someone about a cool TV show.

    This article has so many biases it is simply unrealistic. Maybe this writer can use their brain first when making fun of all of us. They must have inherited wealth so they don’t have to work.

  • CeeJ

    Well, when the tranny goes out in the van and the shop wants 3 grand to fix it, at that point I guess I’m a slave to the matrix cause I don’t happen to have that much cash laying around. Aside from that and #1, then just go ahead and nail me to a cross.

  • Dianeeee

    You forgot an important one! Banking system….non FDIC-401k-VOLUNTARILY giving strangers your hard earned money to make more money(greed) and even sign a form saying it’s OK to lose all your money! And when it loses money you call them greedy criminals.

  • Edward Paddock

    if silence is not your ally, or prefered state, and your mind is always engaged in “thinking” or needing distraction, you are stuck in the matrix. one must be able to listen to navigate the other side.

  • Zombie

    #16. You sent your children to the Government indoctrination schools…

  • Ron

    Perhaps the most basic misconception is the idea that anyone can actually “own” anything. This may be the most difficult hurdle in ones path.
    Everything you’ll ever have is only borrowed. If you don’t understand that, you are blinded by the matrix.

  • WJ

    #4 makes incorrect assumption that fiat money is somehow flawed. The Roman Republic was built on fiat copper and bronze money, but when Julius Caesar started using gold, the plutocrats took over the country, the gap between rich and poor expanded and the empire began its long descent. The British empire became the major world power with a local economy based on tally sticks until the Bank of England was founded in 1694 and the banksters killed the tally-sticks. Forcing the American colonies to use gold to pay all taxes caused the Revolutionary War. The War of 1812 started after Congress chose not to renew the 1st bank of the U.S. (a Bank of England trojan horse) in 1811. Lincoln’s greenbacks worked as did colonial scrip during the Revolutionary War(until British banksters began sending over bales of counterfeit money – the standard attack in a planned takeover). The flaw is in debt-based money of any kind that allows parasitic middlemen to suck the blood out of the economy. The whole con-game of “real money” or “good money” meaning gold is exactly what people who control it want foolish masses to believe, and the phrases date from the 19th century as they eliminated the greenbacks and drove the country into depression after depression while they attempted to lay claim to every bit of property within our national boundaries. So we gave those criminal scum the control of our money in 1913 and within 4 years they used their new bonanza to fund the Bolshevik Revolution, and engage us in WWI using the Lusitania false flag; within 10 years they were funding the Nazis; within 16 years they intentionally crashed the American economy and started the Great Depression (a repeat of what they did in the 19th century). There is a pattern here and the pattern is deception. The point is that it doesn’t matter what the money is based on, the only thing that matters is who controls its quantity. We need only enough to keep the economy healthy, and not so much as to cause inflation of prices. That can be done by civil servants working in a branch of the government and counterfeiters need to be hauled in front of a firing squad and executed in public.

    • No it doesn’t. It makes the correct assessment that fiat money, owned by privately held banks and lent to the public with mathematically impossible to pat back types of interest is flawed.


      • Maybe

        The flaw is in allowing a private group to issue debt based “money” with interest. A sovereign nation can and should provide a legitimate medium of exchange, though not an exclusive one, and it should be issued without debt and locked to a given value, such as GNP/GDP. This is not a panacea, but does have utility in facilitating commerce. Private entities are, of course, free to engage in lending of value as long as the deal is clear and free of fraud.

        In the long run, a legitimate government will serve the citizens of the nation while remaining minimal, and all will prosper as a result.

  • King

    Good that some people are trying to understand the inner meaning of the Matrix movie! Excellent synopsis of it in this article.
    At least, keep watching the first part whenever you have time, whether you understand it’s true message or not!

    • There’s been some great comments about including other social paradigms like racism and sexism. This article may need an update.


      • Rabbitnexus

        Not needed. Racism is a sort of natural defensive mechanism which relates to our animal nature and whilst it should be fought shedding it is a spiritual progress thing, not necessarily removing one from the matrix. One can be outside the matrix and racist and inside it and non-racist. Sexism is so many things to so many people, I also think it might not be so important to the matrix, except to recognise the pattern of perversion of our natural sexuality which is a rampant feature of the matrix as perverse becomes normal and normal becomes perverse. This is supposed to be about breaking free of the matrix, not enlightenment. One can happen without the other.

  • Exodoc

    1,2,4,9, and 11. They all have me by the balls.
    I work to feed, clothe, shelter and get medical care for my family.
    I am a veteran with PTSD. I suffered for years trying hypnotherapy, EFT, counseling, you name it. The only thing that has helped me is Citalopram. Since I started taking that two years ago I’ve been finally sleeping with only occasional nightmares. I can function in society and as a husband and father. If I am a Big Pharma Zombie, so be it. At least I can actually live a normal life now. And enjoy some of it.

    • Rabbitnexus

      You do not have to surrender to hopelessness. Citalopram is a horror story, all SSRI drugs are. I had a doctor put me on them many years ago and had a minor but definite heart attack before I realised ther danger and dropped them in the bin. Stuff not stopping the dose without consulting the doc, it was bad shit and I knew it. I’m also old enough to have plenty of mates who are vets from Vietnam to the more recent mistakes and whilst many of them have passed on many others seem to have their act together and never looked back. The common factor seems to be cannabis actually. PTSD is a disease of the soul anyway, and SSRIs can only camooflage it in you, but at what cost? Surely it must be worth the time to at least look at other possibilities because of all the classes of drugs I know a bit about these are the ones which scare me most and which I never have any interest in understanding like I do the alkaloids and opiates for example which still have very valuable drugs within their familes. If you need to raise your serotonin levels and who doesn’t?) there are some wonderful recreational drugs which if you treat them carefully can do better without the risks of shooting yourself one day or somebody else when the chemical imbalances which accumalate from inhibitors backfire. Anyway brother no offence just offering a concerned point of view and wishing you the very best no matter what.

    • Rabbitnexus

      By the way, it was citalopram I was on back when I got a heart attack from it. Never had anything like it before or since either. I do know the trigger though. A large burst of adrenaline during the day I believe combined with the SSRI Citalopram was what caused my heart to do something very painful which left me struggling for several minutes to hold onto life whilst I lay on the floor of the shower and blackness closed in around me. The doctor refused to believe the SSRI was the cause, which given my zero history of such problems would seem stupid and so he never even recorded the event as a side effect to be reported. That’s probably one reason the true dangers of these things is better know anecdotally than by the medical system. Selective blindness on their part. The doctor has not been told to watch for such side effects, he was more concerned with the fact I’d “broken the rules” and stopped taking the drug as soon as that happened but I couldn’t care less. I’m responsible for my health, not him. After that I dealt with the emotional anguish which was my lot at the time, the time honoured way with lots of alcohol and reckon that did me less harm in the long run, especially since I reverted to Islam and stopped drinking some years ago anyway. However I believe religion or spiritual practices or even an obsessive hobby or sport could have done as well as the drinking which I don’t recommend anymore.

  • “Understanding how and why we were conned helps us be less naive and less likely to be harmed in the future. We begin to disengage from the matrix and create our own realities in which self-ownership can thrive. Hierarchical accolades such as professional training are seen for what they are, measure more of indoctrination and attitude readjustment than as measures of worth or even of knowledge or intelligence. And we work to create the conditions necessary for the creation of emancipation in our local communities.”

  • dona

    i’d like to see mentioning of other institutions that bind us outside of capitalism and neoliberalism, like patriarchy, sexism, colonialism, racism. these institutions are tied to each other and each affects one another in different ways. for example the prison industrial complex is highly capitalistic but also racist. etc etc. too many examples but i think this addition would make this list more inclusive.

    • PJ London

      I would be interested to know how “Sexism” and “Racism” relate to the Matrix.

      • Kat

        We are programmed to think a certain way, to objectify women and to separate one another by the color of our skin. The matrix thrives on separating each human being and demeaning them because the matrix knows that if we so happen to figure out just how strong we stand when we are together, it will be destroyed by our will and love.of one another and power to set things right.

        • PJ London

          Is it OK to discriminate on ability and suitability for purpose?
          Is it OK to discriminate in whom one associates?

          • PJ London

            Sorry “in whom” should be “with whom”

  • Annie

    Well I easily pass all 16 tests and probably many more. Follow Jesus and be liberated – he would not approve of TV btw. How can it be right to look at the things which are wrong to do?

  • The list covers already many areas of our lives. It’s certain that it can expand much longer but it would render this article indigestible – literally – which could be good in a way to awaken more people who have not yet realized the extent of our state of slavery.

    The list could include education, investments, family, work, religion, just to name few other domains of matrix reinforcement. We could detail so many aspects with all their facets, it’s endless. Let’s simplify for a full and clear understanding of the extent of our slave programming: 99,99% of what humans currently do, the way we think and behave is in the “matrix”. As raised by Sigmund Fraud, we are slaves without shackles and the modern name for our covert slave condition is ‘citizens’. (Notion discovered by Ghis that she explains in her book “Madame Ghis, Escape In Prison”: http://personocracy.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/from-democracy-to-personocracy/)

    But after the awakening to this ‘matrix’ reality, to our present human condition, what can we do? Should we protest, sign petitions, strike, march in the streets, change our government? Or should we meditate, think positive, pray, raise the vibrations of the planet or call for alien help? Personally, I have not found any satisfying solutions in the above. And I’m sure many people around the globe have not either.

    I’d like to share some links to articles that suggest a different approach to get out of the matrix and to manifest the reality of who we (humans) really are (16th point of the article). It’s the solution that makes more sense to me after having explored many avenues, maybe some of you would also find some answers in it.

    1) Where Does All My Money Go? http://personocracy.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/where-does-my-money-go/

    2) The War Is Over ! (video on where the real power lies) http://personocracy.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/the-war-is-over-by-ghis-full-video/

    3) Education: The High Price of Idiotization http://personocracy.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/education-the-high-price-of-idiotization-introduction/

    Happy transformation!

    • Kat


      Thanks for that info, I am too at the same stand point. I understand the corruption to a degree but where do we go from here. Half a mind to stand in the streets with a microphone yelling wake up! But finding like minded people to discuss such realities and picking up new information everyday helps. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
      I also believe “No man is truly free, until every man is free”
      So going off the grid and becoming self sufficient almost seems like the cowards way out. But also the more people who start to go off the grid perhaps the more the matrix will collapse?

      • Maybe

        Going off grid is leading by example!

        • Colin Derek

          I disagree…. we have a “duty” “But when a long Train of abuses and Usurpations, pursing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government and to provide new Guards for their future Security/”
          That is pretty clear! and also look at 18 USC 4 misprision of felony… if you know of a crime and fail to make known to some Jude or other officer… you can be jailed for up t three years…
          So not only is it “cowardly” but it is a form of “desertion” of a “Duty” and obligation…. this is “our Government, our creation and we are liable for all that it does!!!!!! “What you allow, create or promote” is your responsibility… stop running away from your responsibilities!!!!
          And really, how stupid can you be? Do you really think that you can “escape” the satellites? Have yo not seen “Enemy of the State”? What the hell do you think the message of Jones Town was about? No matter where you go we can wipe you all out to create a facade so we can kill a representative we don;t like…. See the truth about Waco… They shoot their own for the new reel.
          As long as they control the money they control the world! Wake up you can not stick your head in the sand and hope it all goes away any more … that is how we go here to begin with.
          And what about the children, grandchildren? Are you going to let them be slaughtered because you are a chicken shit, lazy, Puck?? Talk about evil… GRRRRRRrrr…. and as a VEt I am angry as hell that we innocently put our lives on the line for Freedom while you guys pissed it away for “comfort, don;t rock the boat, go along to get along, attitude.. Despicable!!!
          do you really want to know how I feel? This is why 15 Vets commit suicide every day… because they realize it was all a scam, they killed innocent people around the world just so you little shits can have your BMW’s and cable TV game shows and never spend any time even raising, teaching your children and yourself how to manage your Government.
          Typical American’t… can’t get involved, can’t read any more than a tweet from another idiot, but not the pertinent documents like The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, Constitution or any Statutes, or other laws which are being misused to enslave you by self induced ignorance.
          But I bet you know all sorts of Bull shit stuff like who is who in Hollywood, lyrics of many songs, all the sports and how t “play the game” but not a clue how t write a Motion, what “procedures’ of the Courts are, or how to force them to do their jobs…. Did I say “despicable”??

  • Moleman

    Finally! Someone actually “gets” this! I’m one of the lucky ones- I figured this stuff out when I was a teenager, over 30 years ago- and so I never got caught-up in it. I’d mention the tax-on-your-labor-equals-slavery to adults, and they’d look at me like I was crazy. Sadly, by the time most figure this stuff out, and accept it…it is too late- as they are shackled in debt, and committed to people who have more loyalty to the “system”[matrix- if you will] than to them…and their fate is sealed for the rest of their lives.

    Kudos to the author! This is a message that needs to be spread like the Gospel! -especially to the young, who are the ones who avoid being caught-up in it before it is too late for them!

    We can’t escape all the evils of the police-state/NWO in this life…but we can sure have happier, guilt-free, no-regrets lives if we can mangae to avoid participation; and the first step is to identify the chains that bind most.

    The best message you can give a kid: DROP OUT! Pursue the thiongs which interest you; and pursue an honest occupation in which you can work with your hands, and deal in cash/barter; and not have to deal with the government/corporations/bosses. Real education consists of reading; observing; gertting out in the world and seeing how things really are; and asking questions; and actually doing things, and NOT listening to some burnt-out ex-hippie pontificating about his idiotic social/political/utopian ideals in some clkassroom paid for with money taken from fellow slaves!

    • Jeff Blanks

      Nearly half a century later, and “hippie” is still a pejorative. Figuring out why that’s so is the key that will unlock the door.

      • Isnamthere


        Your comments have made the most sense on this entire thread.

  • Fiscal sovereignty and personal sovereignty go hand in hand and they can both be yours. To hugely kick up the bandwidth, accessing golden brain gland secretions and rejuvenating the glands go to: http://fukushima50.blogspot.ca/. There you will also find a link to a discovery background video showing a newly patented and proven technology for making gold from barren seed ores,

  • John

    well i guess i better quit everything and starve to death….. “die clean white man” (Thinner)

  • Guy369

    Please explain how you can live in a country and not pay taxes?

    Every single one of us are slaves to the Matrix, I see no rebellion, no people marching for truth, no ambition for a better world.

    Everyone is looking out for themselves, and sure – I may be a slave to the matrix, but with your ego telling you to write an article like this, you are too.

    Again, please tell me how not to pay land tax on the land I plan on becoming self sufficient on?

    This article reeks of the authors ego.

    • The author never made any claims to be outside of the matrix or better than anyone else. This is merely an examination of the many ways in which we all are bound to our masters.



    • Di,Cerrillos,NM,USA

      Unless you have an allodial title, you will never own your land. Taxes are the rent you pay. You may own the buildings and resources but still pay rent to the county/city,state.

      They will tell you that taxes are necessary to pay for the commons, such as roads, bridges, schools, govt buildings but we here in NM vote on bond issues raising money for specific projects. The feds provide money for maintaining or building interstate highways and military bases.

      Income taxes go to the Fed Reserve to pay the interest on the debt. The principle just keeps growing because the Fed prints more. The taxes go into the Rothschild pockets.

      Our system has so many ways to snare one into slavery, one is a slave to something before one even notices.

      Pay off the CC every month and live within one’s income. It is a start.

    • Ron

      Every life form comes from the Earth, and eventually returns to it.
      How can anyone “own” the land from which he came?

    • Imnaha

      Research “Land Patents” @ teamlaw if you want to quit paying property taxes and avoid any type of liens (if you live in the U.S.) “

    • truthmonger

      Wow, you really are programmed!! The whole Revolutionary War was about among other things Land Ownership.. exclusive, alloidial as a King in our own right!!!! Property tax is only for ACTIVITIES ENGAGED IN ON THAT PORTION OF THE PROPERTY FOR PROFIT OR BY SOME LICENCE OF THE STATE !!!!
      If you actually read the Property tax laws you will find that there is no “situs” for any Man doing what he wants on his private property!!
      Look people it is this simple: Can you or anyone else tell me or anyone else what to do with their property, life, business or other wise? NO.. so then if no one has that power and the Government gets it powers from the People then there is no “Source” of that power. Period!!! If I can not do it to you then I can not authorize anyone to do it either!! it is a crime! Simple as that… I am fighting it right now and have shown without rebuttal that they are engaged in at least five federal criminal acts. Including creation of counterfeit instruments and Uttering and Passing of counterfeit instruments (see 18 USC 471-474. The idiot Judge (the superior judge at that) had no clue as to the term “situs” and as I read the Statute which clearly stated that “assessment shall only be in accordance with a situs” which describes the exact for profit or commercial activity engaged in, and he had no clue. Next I asked where the properly filed and perfected lean was .. no answer, when shown the laws and the Constitution which requires in no less than three places the requirement of Due Process before Life liberty or property can be taken and if taken for public purposes must be justly compensated… no clue.. remember they have sworn an oath to support the constitutions… Next I stated that it is a Maxim of law that you can not sell that which you do not own, so please show me where I transferred my rights title and interest in the land/property to the state??? Silence.
      I could go on for days because I have read and studied the law and case law and found them to be wanting. So now I go to the Federal courts under an 42 1983 Deprivation of rights suit because it is an unalienable right to own property without encumbrances, see 1 USC 241 and 241 “If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate any person in any State, .. or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any Right or Privilege secured to him by the Constitution or the laws of the United States shall be fined or imprisoned not more than ten years or both…”
      So it is a fact that they are engaged in criminal acts, both because they do not have any authority to do what they are doing and it is also prohibited by the supreme law of the land and various other laws of the United States and State laws and Constitutions too.
      But the Americant’s refuse to read and rally around those who are fighting. Not one person comes to these hearings to learn or witness how to handle or how to do it right or witness more criminal activity to be a witness for a future suit.
      At this point the Treasury returned the money to the alleged buyer of the counterfeit “Tax Deed” and the District attorney just stops his feet like a two year old ans says “your honor he is refusing to pay the taxes” I respond ” I am not refusing to pay any lawful taxes I may owe I am merely saying to show me the lawful taxes I owe, and they have failed to do so” Silence.. then “he had an opportunity to challenge it under the tax code and failed to do so”.. I quoted the case law in which it stated clearly that the non taxpayer is not subject to the tax code and can stand upon his Constitutionally protected rights to due process as in any other case. and another which stated more emphatically that since for a twenty dollar mechanics lean one must jump through all the hoops to sue by due process , how much more must thee be for the ownership of land.
      They just sat there dumbfounded. I then went on to share their own Statutes and definition of a “person” in the tax code and how there is no evidence that I am a “fedicuarly, trust, partnership, Limited Liability Company or any municiple subdivision of he State” and that one must first be a “person” in order to b a “tax payer” as defined by the Statutes them selves.
      Silence again. “But but but.. he is refusing to pay the taxes”… I then pulled out the copy of the “letter of non assistance” from the Secretary of States office which had the exact “assumed name” on the property tax bill/certificate (yes it is another counterfeit instrument and they are sending them as threats to the people through the mail which is another series of crimes up to twenty years for each) and that the “Assumed name” they created and are using which is required to be registered with the Secretary of States office .. is not registered and thus another crime. …Deafening silence… until the Judge says “I find that the taxing authority has done nothing wrong”..are you kidding me? He then went on to say “I appreciate your opinion” to which I replied “oh no I have not given you my opinion but merely read you the law to which you and these officers are subject to. … Silence again.
      So again they are trying to sell tax deeds representing my property which now after over a year I can show the required “elements” of a “policy of the State” to deprive me of a right secured to me by the Constitution or laws of the United States and see how much they will pay to keep it quiet so others will not follow suit. My friend has done it three or more times for others and the last one the State paid something like 36 million for him to do a non disclosure. Now why would a State pay so much to keep it quiet???? Because it is just the cost of doing business of theft… but if enough of us took the time and effort to study, help each other to study and do it more often, it no longer would b profitable and they would stop.. and needless to say Judges lose their jobs which means we need good men to take their places. Know any? Know any that are willing to get off their asses and take a position of public trust? and do it right?
      I have given the last 8 years of my life .. that means 18 hrs a day 7 days a week, New Years and all other Holidays studying and reading and teaching others in need who are finally motivated because it is happening to them and I do not know how much more I am willing to give to disinterested people. I may simply take my just winnings and find a home in another place where I can be Safe and Happy… like China or Russia or south America where all the “ex patriots” have flocked to (cowards)… Still receiving their money from here but chose to not fight for the freedoms of the rest .. and what about their children and grand children? Worse than vultures I say, because even vultures will not eat their own and will protect them form enemies. ..
      Thank you to all those who do and are at least trying got do such as this site and author. Be careful of “controlled opposition” though .. shit that sounds really good but is not founded in Law. They put that stuff out purposely to distract the people again.
      Blessings everyone= ma your desires be fulfilled

      • truthmonger

        Sorry for typoes.. it is 18 USC 241 and 242, and 18 USC 471 through 474 an a 42 1983 Deprivation of Rights suit.. but please study how to do it right and how to write it up properly with case law, Statutes, law, and be sure to have “exhibits” for evidence and to be sure to show evidence of what you claim.. too many times people put a lot of accusations without evidence. Pretend you are a prosecutor and you mus prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they have violated a law, right and so forth. And Please know that filing is only the “kick off” to the process, yo have to be prepared for the counter motions, challenges to Jurisdiction etc. etc. it is a four quarter game with many downs.. but preserver and you will win. Thin how hard you will world your entire life to make only one million… put that effort into this for several million!! or don;t do it at all because half assed hurts all of us because they will use your failure to show that those claims are not valid.
        Find http://www.federalpracticemanual.org/node/3
        as it layes it out… get Jurisdictionary for the basics and overview and then go to the law library to find cases.. the librarians are very helpful and you will find cases that the search engines will not allow you access.. yes they control the search engines too. I have the ural for a case but no matter how you type it in to the various search engines it will not pop up… but it is still there… Google.Scholar.com is also very useful but remember not all the useful cases are there!!!! They do not want you to see them so they keep them from you… but you can get them at the Law libraries and a whole lot more…
        Take it seriously, take your friends, your children especially as they must know this stuff for the future.
        Also let please institute legislation that requires all public servants and agents of Government to be periodically tested as to their knowledge, understanding and accurate use of the Unanimous declaration of Independence and he Principles all Government id founded upon since 1776 and the Constitution to which they have sworn an oath to support. Also “whatliesinyourdebt” is a good site to get an idea of how to win at the process.. I think there is still a lot that is free… and if it is not in law it is a lie… that simple. So any wild ass process is a con.. even if they believe in it themselves… we are imprisoned by our own ignorance and we must do as the warden requires an still win by proper process, evidence and steadfastness, perseverance, dedication, time and effort… anyone willing to help and learn along the way send and not to truthmonger@gmail.com
        And again Thanks to all those who do and even those that try.
        Blessings=May your desires be fulfilled

  • 16. You believe your country is a democracy.

    Democracy is a theoretical government owned by the People and designed to publicly DEFINE and FULFILL the true will of the People. Has that ever existed?

    Would you like to help end the psychotic banksters’ and corrupt career politicians’ matrix of lies and trigger our prophesied thousand years of peace, justice, truth and prosperity for Posterity…. all from your easy chair at your convenience? Then, sign the Real Democracy Petition to End Political Corruption at https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Humanity_Start_real_democracy . And, please spread this message.

    • SuperLuminal Man

      The United States Of America was never INTENDED to be a “democracy” from Its’ INCEPTION: America was Founded as a *Constitutional REPUBLIC*.

      —And you CANNOT “help end” tyranny from an EASY CHAIR.

      • Jeff Blanks

        What are the first three words of the Constitution? Who institutes the government, and to whom is it nominally responsible?

        See, this is why we can’t get together: We don’t really agree on where the problem is, much less what to do to solve it. (I mean, *flouridated water*? That was considered right-wing nutbaggery in 1970.)

        • Anonymous

          Fuckyou ac nd your1970/it started in 66..70was the first

  • sj

    Thank you Sigmund, and well done to escape modern psychiatry. Few make it out alive.

  • Morpheus

    The Matrix is a system. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

  • Morpheus

    I’m trying to free your mind. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.

  • Morpheus

    What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

  • Stephen Patrick

    I failed #1. Thats it.

  • Withgoddess

    The list above is not my list or your list. It is the author’s list.
    We need to make our own lists of what is important for us and make it happen!

    • ness

      Absolutely! ” if you belivee all you read don’t read!!! the important is awarness, and than the lists changes from oneperson to another

  • I passed all the tests apart from the surveillance one, I live in England in the country so cameras are not here, but I do surf the web, for the moment anyway until I ditch my mobile phone which will be hard to do because I use it for my shopping as well as research. I have been a mental health patient for about 14years now and have been off my meds for months… I use only natural medicines now like turmeric, fresh fruit and veg, msm and chi kung.
    I will never contribute anything to this society or government as long as I live, I’m well trained in psychosis, mania and depression and anxiety disorder which I will use when needed. I have been in and out of psychiatric establishments all my life so I have a lot of back up from one of the systems used to control us. Fight fire with fire…. Use a system to beat itself, maybe I really am mad when they say I am…. But if this is the case, then I pray to increase my madness and to increase their sanity… Because my madness comes from the power of love.

    • emf_note

      Regarding your use of the mobile phone, it might not be just surveillance but also various health risks:


      Despite 20k+ papers on this subject governments/telcoms world wide do little about this and everyone just goes along with the new gadgets.

    • Anonymous


    • mary

      hey, i’m an amurikan but don’t kid yourself that “cameras are not here” – they’re everywhere the matrix is….and i mean on the streets not just on satellites /// but indeed from what you’ve experienced, your mental agility sounds impressive

  • Sid

    1 and 5 still have me. I would say I’m doing pretty well on the list. Sure wish others would wake up. It’s wearing me down.

    • Grazyna

      You may check on The Freedom Law School and Cracking the Code to find details on taxation. As to number 5, try to relearn to pay with cash. Cheers.

  • [ Smiles ] Whoops! I am afraid to say that many of us are slaves to the matrix!

    • Welcome to the hive!


    • dws

      Ok, if you do not know the Logical Answer to the Real and True definition of Liberty, then you are a child of the Matrix. Liberty is NOT and I repeat NOT freedom. Liberty is a word like a ship at sea, a ship that is perfectly armed with the most advanced weapons and computers, perfect engine, perfect crew, and cannot sink under any circumstances, and the crew knows no boundaries and is un-controlled by any ship Captain. There is no brig, no way to be thrown over board, the ship mate will never die, and lastly, the sea is the limit.
      The very fact that there a people languishing in prison who are clearly innocent, means that America has lost it’s concept and definition of Liberty. The fact that Americans do not no longer Love their Neighbor as thyself, and the fact that there is a IRS and the fact that there is a POTUS is a big fat liar, who the support of over 50 million people, means Liberty is a word very few people in America understand and certainly cannot define. The fact that in this country it is so very possible to get pulled over by Law Enforcement and find yourself with ticket you are innocent of or placed in jail, when innocent, as you know you are, and then get into the courtroom and see it packed standing room only, means Liberty has all but disappeared. Liberty will only be Liberty again, at the level Liberty was originally established with the surrender of the British at Yorktown, was back when, will only come back into existence when people learn what Liberty is, and then go take it, and restore it in this land. The fact that W Bush sat silent for 7 minutes in the school in Florida during 9/11, after he was told America is under attack, means there is NO Liberty in America. The fact that over 50,000 young men and women died in Vietnam long drug out war, almost twice as long as WW2, against only one enemy, bottled up in a small amount of land, and Johnson was an Oil man, and there is OIL is Vietnam, and that HW Bush called cease fire in the Gulf War and did not send Military into Bahgdad to get Hitler, and the fact that W, ran a long war in Iraq war two, almost twice as long a WW2, also, with no win, and Afghanistan is still going on over in a land which is like a land back in the dark ages, with cave men fighting with RPG’s and AK 47’s, and home made bombs, means there is NO Liberty in America. The fact that Oswald DID NOT shoot JFK in Dallas, (see you tube) and the fact that there is Oil in Iraq, and Oil is Saudi Arabia and company called OPEC, and the fact that in 2008, while W Bush was POTUS gas was $4.00 a gallon, and the fact that a loaf of bread is still the cost of a loaf of bread, way back then and now, means there is no Liberty in America. One last fact, the fact that there is Huge Epidemic of Divorce and Re-Marriage in America, meaning kids get hurt and damaged for life, means there exists NO Liberty in America at all. 50 years old. Highly Decorated Combat Veteran, traveled the globe, in the Military, Iraqi Veteran, father of three sons, grandfather, divorced twice, believe in God and the Constitution political party, Independent and believe in Free Will and Free Choice, oh and wait, I almost forgot, the fact that there are White men in high places and the fact that there are Ghettos where Black people live, and I am white, a Cowboy, from Texas, and grew up immature, not because I fell from the Apple tree, but because I were influenced in School, to be racist, and am no longer, and fully support and believe in what MLK Jr said about a dream, and the fact that dream is still not possible in America like he said it should be, means there is no Liberty. Out here.

      • EvenStar LoveAnanda

        Blah, blah, blah.

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