Is Your Body Infested with Self-Replicating Nano-Fibers?

Nano Fibers

Buck Rogers, Staff Writer
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Many of us already know that public health is under attack on almost every front. We’re talking genetic manipulation by GMO foods, a massive global program of geo-engineering, radiation poisoning from many sources, the bastardization of nutrition, an ongoing media propaganda and fear campaign, the chemical poisoning of water supplies with fluoridation, vaccine overkill, prescription drug overload, and so much more. The process of discovering all of this is like digging deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole with no end, and it keeps getting darker as you go.

However, the further we dig down this rabbit hole of ‘alternative’ information, or ‘truth’, or what have you, the stranger things become. So, when personal experience opens the door to believing something that sounds super far out, we owe it to ourselves and to our personal exploration of truth to keep an open mind and see where the info takes us. Try it on for size if you will, to see if it fits.

Are We Being Infected by Nano-Fibers?

To that, here’s something really unsettling to ponder: Are people being infected in mass with self-replicating semi-robotic, non-organic nano-fibers?

Recently a personal experience brought my attention to the growing concern that among the chemical poisons believed to be raining down on us from geo-engineering projects (aka – Chemtrails), like aluminum and barium, it may also be that we are being infected with nano-fibers. These fibers are believed by some to be delivered by chemtrails and are taken into the body when we breathe infected air or drink infected water. Once inside they continue to self-replicate ad nauseam, ostensibly to deteriorate our health and well-being, disturb our natural emotional states and sleep patterns, influence our behavior, inflict chronic pain, to collect and transmit data, and to deliver other nano-organisms and nano-bots into our bodies. This is part of some secret transhumanist mind control conspiracy.

  • All of this is certainly difficult to impossible to consider and to prove, but in the world of dot-connecting there is certainly enough of a foundation to at least consider it.

    The Nano-Future is Already Here

    It is already public knowledge that nano-technology is a real part of our modern world and is considered by many to be the most happening frontier of science and of research and development.

    Nano-particles are nanoscopic versions of chemicals and substances, and our consumer supply chain is already totally infested with them, from foods, to clothes, to paint, to toys, you name it. They ‘enhance’ products in some way that ostensibly makes the product more attractive to we the consumers. Some of these consumable nano-particles may very well cause cancer or even damage human DNA, but, hey, that’s another conversation, but for now we do know that they’re here… to stay.

    Nano-materials are tiny versions of materials that are engineered to perform specific functions. Nature came up with the idea, and nature’s own nano-materials already coat things like lotus petals with water-resistant wax, or butterfly wings with nanoscopic scales. Modern technology has come up with fascinating things like carbon buckeyballs, carbon nanotubes, quantum dots and other mind-bending creations. You could really burn some quality time googling some of this.

    The Rise of the Nano-Bots

    Nano-bots are another reality of the age of nano-tech, and it is already public knowledge that versions of these tiny man-made robots can do some pretty incredible things. Nano-robots can tinker with cockroach DNA from inside the cockroach, gold nano-rods can race each other on the inside of a human cell, and nano-bots are being developed to perform operations on human blood cells and to deliver highly targeted medicines in the fight against cancer and other diseases. Ray Kurzweil imagines that soon, nano-bots will connect the human brain to the computing cloud. Pretty far out.

    If information on all this is publicly available, then who knows what the government and its black budgeted agencies are really capable of. One thing is for sure, nano-bots are already in research and development and their continued proliferation is guaranteed.

    Nano-Fiber Invasion 

    There are some strange things happening in the world of medicine these days, and close to the top of the strange list is an extraordinary phenomenon called Morgellons Syndrome. The symptoms are many, including a wide range of psychological and physiological symptoms, but the strangest thing about is severe itchiness and blotches that develop in the skin that sometimes erupt with an alien like blossom of very small unidentifiable fibers. This fibrous material looks kind of like little worms of hairs that burst through the skin and crawl out of the human body.

    The fibers can be different colors, some are bio-luminescent, some regenerate once they are extracted or torn from open sores in the body, and the many people around the world are documenting having this horrifying experience. Looking at Morgellons under a microscope is rather amazing as people have documented the wide range of appearances these fibers can have including taking on geometric shapes like perfect hexagons, spirals and other bizarrely beautiful shapes.

    There is no singularly accepted explanation for Morgellons at this time, but much information is available online for those who look, so if you’re not yet convinced that Morgellons is real and is not merely psychosomatic, then spend some time looking at some of the resource links in the footnotes of this article.

    Geo-Engineering is Real

    For years people have been looking up to the sky and crying foul at the bizarre and unsettling designs being painted in the clouds by unidentifiable air tankers. They’ve been called chemtrails for some time now, but only recently have major media outlets begun talking openly about geo-engineering, the science that includes polluting our atmosphere with toxic chemicals in order to tweak the environment.

    There is an abundance of information on this topic available for viewing on the web, but here is an outstandingly mainstream admission of how geo-engineering works, and an example of just how insane this all is. Here’s David Keith, author of, A Case for Climate Engineering, on the Colbert Show…

    How Would You Know if Any of This is True and if You Are Infested?

    The most frightening aspect of all of this is that nano-technology is so miniaturized that it easily evades detection by the five senses, so how would we know if we were in fact infested with self-replicating nano-fibers, or other diabolical agents?

    I might not have given this topic much consideration until an interesting experience gave me cause for curiosity. 

    A friend invited me to a shamanic ceremony with the African plant medicine Iboga, another story for a different day, perhaps, but Iboga is an alkaloid rich root bark that causes an intense psychological journey, and a serious detox of the body, mind and spirit.

    The guide for this journey forewarned us of the powerful purgative effects of this medicine and said how it can kill and expel viruses, parasites, harmful bacteria, and other diseases from the body that would be nearly impossible to get rid of naturally or with traditional medicines. He also said that it would suck the nano-fibers our of our body, explaining that nano-fibers were a mysterious byproduct of our modern industrial society, and that nearly everyone of his clients was heavily infected with them. It was likely that the effects of Iboga would make us vomit, and in the morning we could take a look in our puke buckets to see for our selves how many strange fibers came out of our stomachs during the night. 

    I get it that this is gross and all, and not something you might ordinarily talk about over Thanksgiving dinner, but sure enough, in the morning, accompanying stomach stuff in the buckets were very unusual clear fibers. Some people had a lot, some people had none, but the fibers were very peculiar and very plain to see.

    For those who are extra curious, here are some photos from my bucket. Be warned, these pictures are unmistakably of human vomit, and are gross… sorry in advance. So, don’t open them if you don’t want to see them. Conversely, don’t complain if you open them and don’t like what you see.

    Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4.

    You can see in several of the photos long, arcing clear fibers. Other fibers are shorter. When you touched them with a pen they would shrink up to a considerable degree, hiding themselves in the masses of other stuff. When you pulled on them they would seem to grow continuously and autonomously, expanding and contracting in length. They broke easily if you tried to pull them out of the liquid, and were clear in color.

    This experience is what drew my attention to this subject, and I’ve since found that many people believe you can extract these same nano-fibers from your mouth by swishing various mixtures of red wine, grape juice and/or hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. This, of course, seems skeptical to many people, so the efficacy of this test or its outcome is certainly questionable. In absence of clear scientific evidence to support this, it remains questionable, but if you look online you can find out more about this, including demonstrations from many people.

    Apparently you can send samples of these types of fibers to the Carnicom Institute for examination and detailed scientific analysis, but they are the only people to be found who engage in this area of inquiry, and as such their efficacy, too is less than 100% dependable. They do have a breadth of information on the subject for further review, and in absence of any other credible institutions offering their professional services to resolve this mystery or to refute the credibility of Carnicom, their information stands out for people looking to understand this.


    This is a serious and very deep topic. There exists an amazingly large body of information available from private researchers and independent journalists on chemtrails, Morgellons, and the potential of nano-tech, some bits of it appearing more credible than other bits. If this topic is of intrigue to you, then please help us get to the bottom of this important subject by helping to connect the dots.

    Paranoia will destroy you, but critical inquiry is the basis for liberty. After finding such strange fibers being purged from my own body and not having any indication of what they were, brought me to the realization that my health and wellness very well may be compromised in ways beyond what I had previously understood. If there is a simple, rational explanation for what the fibers may have been, I’m the first who wants to know about it.

    If science is already advanced enough to produce the many forms of nano-objects we’ve looked at, is it that far out to consider that we may indeed already be infested with nano-fibers? This topic is both creepy and somewhat fringe, however, it is already a part of the current worldview of many people. On that basis alone it warrants deeper examination.

    Please share your thoughts and criticisms in the comments section below.

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