Accelerating Our Collective Emergence into a New Paradigm

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While a few hundred years ago there were a handful of luminaries shining their light on the waters of human conscious awareness, today there are thousands upon thousands. I remember 7 years ago I had to practically go on a wild goose chase to “find the others” and now I see so many awakened intentional evolutionaries that it’s truly inspiring and hope-inducing.

The continuing emergence of a global consciousness — zeroed in on balance, harmony, and coherence with all living systems (which includes each other, nature and beyond) — within an increasingly-growing number of people is almost surreal. The shift has/is happening so fast, perhaps in order to match the unparalleled destruction that has been happening to the one habitable home we have, and to the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual well-being of humanity.

These points of positive emergence should bring us great hope about the future and inspire us to help anchor in the new paradigm because we are all in this thing called Life together, without exception! Sure, we can focus on all the terrifying and devastating things that are still happening on the planet and in society but if we’re perpetually locked in on those things we will develop a tunnel-like awareness where we only see the state of the world as getting worse and worse, turning us into cynical and depressed clouds of negativity. Ignoring either the constructive or destructive things occurring is unhelpful in creating a bright future for humanity. Our individual actions collectively decide our fate.

Are we going to leave the fate of humanity in the hands of a few narcissistic and maladjusted manipulators or will we say enough is enough and put things back in alignment with the environment, reason and unity?  Let’s help promote the realization that Earth is everyone’s home, a place which we can make into a paradise instead of letting it become a hellscape because of actions that completely disregard the fine mesh and web of all life – plant, animal, and otherwise.

Current control systems keep us tired, disinterested, and shallow-minded for the most part. Some say that there is a war on expanded and liberated consciousness while others state that culture is a fabricated illusion we are drawn into in order to keep us away from ever becoming truly egalitarian and free to enjoy the full liberation and richness life has to offer. What is apparent as the daytime sun is that various individuals and groups hold beliefs that they wish to instill on individuals and on society as a whole which will only work to keep us in the stone age of consciousness if those beliefs are not in alignment with Truth.

How can we figure out what truth is? Truth never creates or perpetuates problems. It only solves, dissolves, and removes problems. The truth has always existed but we haven’t always been aware of it, as history shows time and time again. The truth is still the truth even if it’s rejected or not understood. The real truth is what it is despite our opinions and beliefs about it.

A great deal of people who have gone with the sands of time believed very strongly that the sun revolved around the earth yet this was not the truth. Just because the majority of people believed in it didn’t make the sun start revolving around the earth. We can take this and apply it to all the various things in society that are out of alignment with Truth… sometimes applying to things we don’t even consciously realize are falsehoods because the grooves of those illusions have been dug so deep for so long.

Now that we are past the infamous shift date of 21st December 2012, we have to look no further than right now in order to usher and anchor in a new paradigm that has as its foundation the fundamental understanding of interconnectedness being the nature of everything in existence. Through this understanding we can build up a new way of living and experiencing this world of ours that isn’t new at all yet since we’ve become so disconnected from the wider horizon of Reality it might as well be a new beginning.

Let’s reclaim what it means to be human. Let’s rediscover and intimately experience the multi-dimensionality of being. The only barrier to entry is our belief that we can’t create an upgraded reality for ourselves. Let’s immerse ourselves in the sea of possibility and become intentional evolutionaries. Today is the first day of the rest of your life… let it be the beginning of a life with more compassion, reason, understanding and love.

About the Author

Paul Lenda is a conscious evolution guide, author of The Creation of a Consciousness Shift, and co-founder of SHIFT>, a social community focused on anchoring in the new paradigm and assisting the positive transformation of humanity. With the drive to be aware of and experience the wider horizon of Reality, Paul has developed an extensive background in the spiritual and transformative elements of life; one that is both knowledge and experienced-based. Visit his website, follow him on Twitter or visit the Shift> Facebook community.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  • The dynamic of a ‘collective’ is a lightside polarity concept that eventually denies individual uniqueness. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ group thought pattern never works well …. you see this shit everywhere in the galaxy among lightside polarity civilizations … that are BORING and suppress individuality. Since you have NO idea about the actual context of your own existence, it’s easy to see why you align yourself thusly. Secondly, it’s so tiring to see the misuse of the word ‘consciousness’. You are either conscious or unconscious. The word is being used instead of ‘awareness’, which is the correct term. You can’t decide to ‘gain more awareness’ either. Your mental capacity and complexities for your incarnation, and indeed all your experiences here, can be determined by what your unique astrological chart indicates. The meme that ‘higher consciousness is coming to earth’ is not the case, either. You have no idea of the composition of the population of this planet and the different incarnational modes that are in effect, or the current larger dynamic that is in play. If you were able to get out of your body and go above the belief system areas on the 4th density, you would come upon information about the current dynamic and where it’s going, and why. Soon, we’re ALL out of here, and the experiential format on this planet will be shut down, having served its purpose, and all life will cease, here. All incarnations will be withdrawn and all the individuals here will go off to where they are destined to go. It can’t come soon enough, either. We will never reach ‘2014’ …

  • Meter

    Is it being “negative” to evaluate the data as one sees it? I find this brings much more usability to life, and is thus positive. I do appreciate the miracle factor – the possibility that life may reveal a solution. I have seen enough miracles in my life to know that it can’t be predicted linearly. Yet roads also end, and life doesn’t pity. Civilizations fall. Species go extinct. In a sense, this is positive – life moves ever onward. Would you really want the world to stay as it is? It’s in a horrible state!

    There is great value to clearly observing what is so (as far and deeply as you are aware), and saying what is so. Contrast this with normal human operations which is to deny, deny, deny, and lie. People also call this lying “being positive”, yet it is dysfunctional. You see humanity evolving when radioactive materials are allowed to run continuously into the Pacific ocean in Japan? This is not a global consciousness awakening to its potential, it’s a driver asleep at the wheel and driving off the road at high speed. Of course you can tell anecdotal stories about how some people were nice to you, but look at the big picture of what is happening on this planet, and to this planet. Amazon rain forests decimated. Millions if not billions working as slaves/prisoners in third world poverty and oppression. The list goes on. Humanity is not rising.

    If things were improving, there would be tangible signs of this, just as there are when an individual begins moving toward higher consciousness. Overall I don’t see this, but the opposite. Rather than humanity becoming spiritually richer, it is regressing, dying. Spiritual awakening is a common companion of the death process, which may explain the apparent upsurge in popular spirituality. When one is about to meet one’s maker, many things about a person may change and open. God is close. But this doesn’t mean they’re not dying.

    I believe that to feel positive, one must enlarge one’s perspective to understand that we are not merely living one life on one planet. The only way I can find peace is by remembering and ‘seeing’ that there’s much more going on here. I believe this is why people who return from NDEs and other transformational experiences have peace. It’s not that they believe everything will turn out the way we want or expect on Earth, but that larger purposes are unfolding across many lives, even through death and demise. They no longer fear death.

    Seen from this perspective, one can use one’s life in this world and even one’s death toward a larger purpose, and what others may call tragedy becomes simply change, even enlightenment.

    One way to view the collapse of civilizations or large disasters is to realize that people of all ages are dying all the time. In a disaster, more of them do it at the same time. Yet death is death. When many people die, it can also wipe out families, traditions, even whole cultures or races. This is why they are powerful events, and that is what is mourned. Yet our global culture and traditions are exactly what must end or change fundamentally, because they are so dysfunctional, utterly corrupt, abusive, etc. They in fact hold us back rather than supporting our progress. This might be one way to see disaster as being more than mere loss. Nor is it that these traditions ‘should’ end; their change is inevitable. Their own qualities ensure they cannot continue, anymore than we can continue destroying our environment yet continue to live. Evolution is always saying, “change or die”. Really, it just says “change”, because that’s what death is as well. Change or be changed.

    I don’t think most people can even seriously contemplate such change, so they revert to their only other option: denial. “Civilizations in the past have fallen, but ours never could – it will live forever.” In doing so, the true import and value of this moment is missed – people fall into addictions and distractions, mania.

    All of that said, I’m all for higher consciousness coming to Earth, even in small groups – it’s delicious to experience. As one person above said, greet your neighbors, and share your light. Yet my evaluation of the long-term consequences of humanity’s choices is based on honesty and what I genuinely perceive happening globally, not fear of death. Until you can honestly and unabashedly consider all possible outcomes, and admit likely and multiple outcomes, your awareness is limited. Your head is buried. Look at the ancient history of the Earth and its peoples if you doubt the potential for massive upheaval. Life doesn’t pity.

  • John

    I have never been a New Ager but did used to be very negative about our future on this planet.
    I now am at peace with who I am and why we are here and I know inside that we make our own reality, that which we think and believe the most will gradually manifest into our reality.
    Just because one cannot scientifically prove something does not mean it isn’t true.
    If you believe things will just get worse and worse then for you they probably will.
    Even though many are ‘waking up’ it is still a very small minority of the overall population and will continue to be as the vast majority will not be ready this time around.
    Even if my words are ridiculed please at least try to spread some positivity in your daily lives, it really doea make a difference.

  • Manuel Lodeiro

    A part of me is very low these last weeks/days , tired and slowly loosing faith….the other one knows storms get worse just before the ending, this part doesn’t want to let go of the dream. It would be easy to indulge myself in chaos right now, but I think that this is precisely the purpose of this strange time, stay focus , believe is happening, be an example and keep faith…. I refuse to think evil will take over everything we have fought for…As much as I understand those of you who don’t have hope right now…I think you are not reading the signs and are truly underestimating the numbers…Movements like arab’s springs , Indignados, Occupy , Brazil etc etc where not happening before, Pope’s were not leaving their chairs very easily, whistle blowers were not as common and powerful as Assange/Snowden and politicians like Berlusconni were not granted jail…..Something is happening, it is just hard to see in the eye of the Hurricane..

  • Traka

    I agree with the author (Paul Linda) that there is a shift occurring that has more and more and more people jumping on board who have begun to realize that we are all ‘ONE’ and this includes nature and for that matter all that exists.
    I recently went across the US via Greyhound and spent many nights in some of what are considered the worst areas of the country. I walked through Central Park in Manhattan at 2 AM and ended up having a nice conversation with an elderly man out walking his dog.
    I walked through the worst neighborhood in Washington D.C. (also after midnight) and had great conversations with both young and old people.
    I slept with homeless people always near me and never had a problem.
    I did an all nighter in Chicago in their worst part of town and never had a problem.
    I have been watching the FBI’s own yearly uniform crime statistics for the last 20 years and the crime rate in America has dramatically decreased in all but two of those years when there was a small spike that could have just as easily be interpreted as not enough to make the papers.
    We all have choices. We can either dwell on the negative or the positive and this will determine what we will experience. It is that simple.
    If you watch the corporate owned agended nightly news you would think the US and the world were falling apart at the seems. They create this illusion by focusing you on the small percentage of trouble that their bosses mostly create in the first place.
    Remember that there are about 7 billion people on this planet. A high percentage of those people are going about their daily business harming no one and making no waves whatsoever.
    The average person is a joy to talk to and interact with once you take the time to know them. True many aren’t aware of deeper knowledge but this doesn’t make them bad. I have found that as a rule people have good hearts and this is where the conscious awareness shift is beginning to occur.
    In their innocent sleep there is enough heart present to pick up on a greater love that is quickly beginning to unfold.
    Turn off the tube and release the newspapers and go out and talk to your neighbors and get ready for a surprise.
    By the way I also traveled through Europe and Russia and parts of the Pacific rim and found that people are the same wherever I went. Show them love and respect and honor and you will have friends for life.
    I am 60 now but when I was about 25 I just couldn’t believe bad people were as bad as they are made out to be. So over about a several month period I went out into the worst bars and hangouts in the Milwaukee, WI area and looked for the meanest hombre’s that I could find and in not one single direct contact did I have a problem. All I did was approach each one with a good heart and each in turn responded in kind time and time again.
    It is those in power that are almost always agitating trouble. When enough of the people rise up in love as only collective consciousness can do then those in power will respond in kind. Love will always trump fear.
    Be patient and ‘give love a chance’ now that all the new energies have entered the planet to assist in the great conscious awakening to an understanding that – ALL IS ONE: This is the true ascension.
    Traka (alias Curt Curley)

    • Meter

      > A high percentage of those people are going about their daily business harming no one and making no waves whatsoever. The average person is a joy to talk to and interact with once you take the time to know them.

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but the average person beats and abuses their children, rendering them powerless, enslaving them in school/prison/church systems that deaden their minds and spirits. They abuse their spouses. They may seem friendly, such as ‘southern hospitality’ – unless your skin is not the right color, your religion is wrong, or they want something you have. Then their face changes, and blood is on their hands. The average person sends their children off to kill other children and steal others’ resources, and pats them on the back if they manage to come home in one piece. The average person takes what they can get for themselves and ‘their kind’, to hell with others. The average person directly pays people to torture and abuse animals. Ask your veal cutlet in a crate how great the average person is. They are drugged, deluded, insanely cruel.

      And people ‘good’ in their hearts? Of course everyone has an angel inside, and this has always been so. If you truly get to know someone, you will fall in love with them. It’s nothing new. Yet it’s what people demonstrate that defines them in this world and determines their future. When you look at all that is happening on and to this planet, you are seeing the sum total of all those ‘average people’ and their choices.

      Anecdotes about walking in the park don’t compare to the reality of suffering and exploitation on this planet. The discussion here involves global humanity, and only a raised global consciousness could save humanity’s place on this planet. A few anecdotes isn’t going to do it, no matter how warm and fuzzy they make you feel. The reality that humanity has become is beyond ugly – it is horrific.

  • AmyK

    I think it’s amazing, thank you Paul. I can wholeheartedly relate to your words, many pearls of wisdom in there…. Beautiful, well done!!

  • dimitri ledkovsky

    Essentially this article strikes me as a sort of cheerleading for the perceived gains of the now passed New Age. I would be interested to know what metric was applied to find this “surreal” number of people who have emerged into the rarefied atmosphere of “global consciousness”.

    What I could more easily identify with is the person who is still adrift in a “cynical and depressed cloud of negativity”. I mean, for example, what specifically happened on 12/21/12 that made it into a turning point? It was little more than a rallying point and another number on the calendar with all sorts of myth pinned onto it for good measure.

    Poor Larry Peterson got nailed for daring to have a dissenting opinion and perhaps a more sober outlook. Given a chance he would likely have come up with Meter’s more lucid elaboration. And such an accurate one: the New Paradigm is mostly the Sermon to the Choir.

    If any “shift” has occurred it has been a downshift into a lower gear, that gear you must shift into when the slope gets steep. All that Light and Love of the past decade was trivial and superficial ego gratification. Probably a worse experience than the Flower Power of the sixties.

    So what I’m saying, apparently along with some others here, is that it’s a cinch to move into your very own La-La Land. But what is the price for that isolation and who pays it?

    • AmyK


      Who says La-La Land is isolation?!! And nobody has to pay to get in silly, don’t worry so much 😉

    • Meter

      Moving to higher consciousness certainly happens in groups – families, friends, lovers, churches, neighborhoods, businesses, even small communities. People move to higher ways of treating each other and their planet and begin experiencing that – it’s evolution. These bubbles of higher consciousness can and do even form into small clusters. Regardless of their life span or whether the whole world will follow, it’s really valuable to create and experience these mindful alternative realities. There are often pockets of joy in the midst of hell, and in the highest sense, you can always create them.

      It has always been so – there have always been areas with people who were living very evolved lives, such as some indigenous cultures, towns with like-minded people, small groups, etc. Whether there are more or fewer now, and what their quality is compared to those in the past is hard to say because when such small bubbles burst, rarely are histories written and kept (although there are some).

      In theory, if enough of these bubbles cluster, then larger regions and the whole planet could effectively move to higher ways of living – the dream. Yet the possibilities for such creative living on the planet overall are decreasing due to less freedom, more poverty, psychological manipulation, war, environmental damage, etc. Humanity is not adapting to these challenges effectively, and in terms of evolution that means decline or extinction. Regardless of what the odds are, there is little else to do but keep evolving, including in groups. It’s worth the experience itself, and it’s also the way that humanity itself evolves. Lots of small steps.

      I realized long ago that my journey was going to be a long, long, long ride, with no small efforts involved. What else is there to do but walk on, with occasional rests? That’s how I adapt to my species not adapting. Either way, the unfolding process of life is the same, and I’m here now. Use it, enjoy it.

    • I have addressed the statistical certainty of violence being on a continuos decline in the world in a previous reply above so I won’t revisit that but I’d like to reply to your points on what shift happened and what came of the 60s consciousness revolution. What happened in the 60s did have long-lasting impacts and these are apparent in many areas of society, with meditation, yoga, organic food, permaculture, sustainability, equality, and personal empowerment in the mainstream among other things that could be added to this list if one were to sit down and study the matric of cause and effect leading to the society we have today. There would be no Apple or Google and their innovations without a very defining 60s influence. Some additional in ites into how the 60s revolution changed society for the better can be found in this article:

      As for what happened on 12.21.12 well that is something I can only speak on based on my (and the few hundred or thousand people with me at the Mayan pyramids in Chichen Itza) experience, which was one that was powerful, directly felt, and profound, bringing me insurmountable hope for the future in a world that teeters between two very different possible future timelines.

      There is a new worldview emerging but given the imprint of the old one being so deep in the collective psyche for so long you may not see it as clearly as some but look and you will find ample evidence of this. There are quite a few books, institutes, and statistics that show this is so.

  • Meter

    I remember when I was a young college student, I thought I had found a new way of approaching life. Then I read Tao Te Ching, and realized my ‘new’ approach was at least 5,000 years old. It was the first of many lessons in how there is little genuinely ‘new’ in this world, certainly in modern cultures, which have lost their legacies.

    There have long been people different from the rest, pondering the mysteries of life and harmonizing with nature. Pagans may have had deeper understandings than most modern new agers – this knowledge is not new. Further, merely knowing something doesn’t make much difference. Do you demonstrate what you know in your daily choices?

    I think you’re in denial if you believe humanity is rising on this planet. I would say its sun is setting. Compassion is less than it was many years ago, and mass killing is now routine and very effective. People have abandoned nature for chemical death and mutilation. Governments are more tyrannical and out of control than ever, with ever better weapons to enslave humanity, while the science of propaganda has turned most people into village idiots.

    If you’re talking numbers, the number of people actively killing and exploiting everything on this planet, with little regard to long-term consequences, has reached never-before-seen numbers, and is still growing. Humanity doesn’t just have cancer, it has become cancer.

    The question isn’t are some people growing, the question is are people as a whole growing fast enough to avert the disasters they are creating? I would say that overall human civilization is in rapid decline. In fact, annihiliation may prove desirable compared to the prison for humanity and genetic reengineering of humanity that are being fashioned right before our eyes, as the masses hungrily consume their recently re-released Twinkies and ubiquitous hamburgers.

    In one’s personal path, it’s always valuable to be as excellent as one can – there are always opportunities to grow in life, and life is neverending. Yet if you’re talking humans on this planet as a whole, we are witnessing decay, death, and collapse, not rebirth. The rebirth may come later, as it has previously when civilizations on the Earth collapsed. You can look forward to this upcoming period in the sense that life goes on, and use the chaos to trigger personal growth, but overall it’s not a bright future which man has created, and its momentum is not something which can turn on a dime.

    I think what has shifted is you – you see more like-minded people, you are choosing that path, so you convince yourself the whole world is rising with you. In this you are in denial, and preaching to the choir. Such optimism has little effective value, and is destined to be shattered by reality.

    Best to store up your treasures in heaven, because humans on Earth are in for quite a ride, if not outright extinction.

    • Anonymous

      After reading some of the more negative comments, my reply to them is, might as well give up the will to live now. YOU ARE THE CENTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE, choose wisely your thoughts my friends, as they shall become your experience. And as Ghandi said BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. On a subatomic level, it only requires a small percentage of individuals to affect change to the whole, this ripple is ever increasing. jump on board the train of your chosen experience, be it negative or positive, the choice is entirely yours.

  • Larry Peterson

    Primitive man did not survive by using Yoga, or looking for an interconnectedness with the universe, or meditation-he built strength to survive-physical strength. You look and see all this inter-connections with humanity. I look out and see chaos everywhere-riots, Wars, more sophisticated ways of killing As a former Law Enforcement Officer you and I disagree as to reality on the streets>perhaps changing with those who write books, and make a living inventing new paradigms, but we have to face the premise that reality is a shared hallucination,and expect that there is a great difference in writing about it, and walking an alley,alone at night. Ride along with one Officer in his squad car-then you will be an expert in reality.

    • Anonymous

      This is not everybodies reality though friend. We all have our own unique perspectives of reality and not everyone chooses to be bogged down by the negative. We choose positivity and light and hope that our example will show others a less destructive way. Yes there is negativity all around but don’t let it consume you, be a light in the darkness like many people are choosing to be and the darkness will disappear.

      • JZ

        Agreed, and the only way to change what Larry Peterson says is for human consciousness to be raised so people gradually develop more and more empathy for each other.
        12-21-12 was a turning point as we shifted from a slightly negative polarity to a slightly positive polarity. Positive thoughts and actions WILL gradually begin to snowball and create a ripple effect throughout humanity so please have some faith that things will improve, our beliefs become our reality. If we believe things will never improve then they likely never will and vice versa.
        We are fortunate to be here now to experience the positive polarity and be a part of the change we wish to see, for that is all that is required, be the change and people will gradually warm to it and demand an end to the despots that enslave us and send us to constant wars.
        These are the times to be FOR something as opposed to being against something (pro peace instead of anti war). Once people think that way and know what they really want, the power of collective consciousness will magnify it into reality.

    • I thank you for sharing your view of the world but I’d like you to consider a few things. According to statistics, violent crime currently is lower then it ever has been in recorded history. Here is information on that:

      Also, watch this TED talk on the declne of violence:

      Further, take a look at the very good case made by social scientists for ‘survival of the kindest’ here:

      I can understand your perception of reality being such in which you see violence, mayhem, and destruction given the large amounts of your life you spent deep within the domains of society where such things were prevalent but those microcosms aren’t necessarily reflective of the wider reality on a global scale.

      Michael Lebeuf said it quite succintly when he said the following:

      The world is your mirror and your mind is a magnet. What you perceive in this world is largely a reflection of your own attitudes and beliefs. Life will give you what you attract with your thoughts think, act and talk negatively and your world will be negative. Think and act and talk with enthusiasm and you will attract positive results

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