It’s About To Blow

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People aren’t going to take it much longer. There are too many good, honest and awakening people who are being forced to take a stand. Their backs are against the wall in so many areas of their lives they cannot in good conscience let things go on much longer.

When it gets to the point where you know you’re about to face virtual death via incarceration in a totalitarian state; when you’re watching your fellow man being bulldozed into a spiritual, political, economic and social mass grave of permanently suspended truth; when the evidence of political, military and draconian law enforcement thuggery becomes overwhelming; when the population grows sicker and weaker by the hour and you realize all of this toxicity is being engineered by these same psychopathic rulers…

I’ll tell you what – they’d better head for their bunkers. Because decent, caring and responsible humanity will not take it much longer. And they know that.

More Lies, More Suppression

George “Magog” Bush, the elder warlock, reportedly told this to an interviewer some time ago:

“If the American people knew the damage we have done to their Country, they would hang us from the nearest lamp post.”

Why do you supposed the government is arming itself to the teeth – domestically? What’s quite the phenomenon to behold is how they’re letting it be known how corrupt everything is. Bringing it into conscious awareness is a very surreptitious way to not only get “permission” by there being no real concerted outrage and public rejection of all the crooked programs and surveillance, but to also instill new levels of fear as the conscious and subconscious awareness work together to actually help create the reality they want implemented – a cowed and overwhelmed nation that embraces its slavery.

  • False flag shootings and bombings and whatnot are an American mainstay, but they’ve been abounding in the US of late to keep the massive militarization and Orwellian crackdown “justified” in the public mind. But don’t be fooled by the media downplay of who’s on to them and how many there are. A lot of people know exactly what’s going on, just as millions know what 9/11 really was, including hundreds of thousands of firefighters, police, military and of course corporate and political leaders. These people not only know exactly what a controlled event looks like and have witnessed government cover ups all their lives, but clearly realize the obvious motives of the whole staged ritual.

    But things are about to unravel.

    Aside from the chief perpetrators and inside accomplices whose motives are as dark and satanic as they come and would never tell the truth, what has kept these other well placed people in check has been first and foremost job security and the safety of themselves and their families. Speaking up always costs in a corrupt world. Another big conscience snuffer is this misplaced sense of loyalty and so-called patriotism. Many of those keeping the darker secrets that the cabal holds feel they are part of some vague greater good or have a misplaced sense of needing to protect “America’s interests and security” however they may disagree with some of its sordid policies and means of implementation.

    Again, this is about to fall apart. That paradigm is soon to come crumbling down at which point it’s “all bets are off” for this social contract to protect this increasingly rogue government which clearly has no “national interests” in mind. When people witness not only the repeated absolutely insane levels of affronts on human dignity, but finally come to realize their very lives and children’s lives are in direct and immediate peril from this mad dog fascism, they will sooner than later reach a tipping point.

    What will surprise many it that it’s going to come from all walks of life. People are talking and they’re going to take action. The press will deny it and try to ignore it, but even many of them will turn on their masters when they see they and their families are also in the crosshairs. Expect a lot of distractions when this begins because the last thing they want is to see a real spiritual and social rebellion catch fire.

    Because courageous activism is contagious!

    The Trayvon Lynching

    The recent Trayvon Martin engineered drama to stir up racial strife is a perfect example, not just of how corrupt the government and complicit media are, but how manipulation is as routine as breathing for the ruling class and their minions. With Obama and Holder jumping in with inane comments that were clearly staged to fan the flames of racism and unrest, we might just be very near the “over the top” point for whole new levels of society.

    The following video is extremely compelling as well as telling regarding this phenomenon that is brewing in the psyche of truly concerned Americans, whatever political or social “persuasion” they may have come from. Please watch it all the way through and don’t let any political shibboleths get in your way. Try to see this as an example of what I’m driving at here – many strata of society are hitting the breaking point and understandably so.

    Plug-Pullers Unite!

    Exposing the lie being perpetrated on humanity is our number one calling. Information and knowledge give power to humanity. What separates us from the fullness of being that we inherently are is basically a magic show, a very dark intentioned magic show by forces that do not want an empowered humanity but rather a channeled and harnessed work force and energy source.

    We are being mined, farmed, milked and bled to death. The encasement of this illusory matrix-driven world system needs to be shot full of holes so everyone can see it for the ensnaring veil of lies that it is. Think of it as a giant row boat we’re all paddling by some obscure design of its creators. What if we were to wake up to the fact that this very machination we think is so essential to cross the sea was what was keeping us from joining the Ocean of fullness – the very place where we’d find total activation, fulfillment and unity with each other and our divine Source? Wouldn’t you want to sink the damn thing, and in a hurry?

    They tell us to patch it up, keep it floating, we can’t live without it. Fear, worry, scarcity, death, need controls, need a system to provide for us. “You can’t live without our boat. You’ll drown out there on your own without us to protect you..”  etc. etc.

    Oh yeah? I say pull the flipping plugs! All of ‘em! Separate the planks, chuck the paddles! Or stab or shoot the lying containment system full of holes with anything you’ve got! In other words, expose the lie for what it is in any way we can and may it sink into oblivion!

    And may I add one more thing – we need to stop sucking on its teats! If we don’t believe in or subscribe to this idiocy then we need to stop feeding off of it, stop listening to and even repeating their lies and dogma and bullshit, wittingly or unwittingly. We need to get to the real truth before we utter another word lest we keep the lie alive. It’s time to get militant about this. Where are we coming from? A place of knowing, conscience, awareness, love and genuine concern for our home here and the lives of those around us?

    The wake up is us. Each of us. That has to happen fully first. Once we’re truly awake and aware we’ll do the right thing. Just don’t resist doing what comes to you as a result of waking up or you’ll not miss the boat….you’ll be stuck in their boat of lies, unable to join the ocean of Universal Love as you were meant to do.

    Keep on. Very weird times we’re living in and more important than ever to remain vigilant and prepared spiritually and physically.

    Proud to be fighting by the side of such wonderful souls…

    Love, Zen

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