5 Reasons Why More Americans Don’t Protest Against The System

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Having recently celebrated their nation’s independence on July 4th, Americans were invited to recall the spirit of protest, rebellion, and revolution that marks the popular myth of the birth of the United States of America.

The Declaration of Independence still stands as an important example of how the tolerance of any man can be exceeded by the actions of an over-bearing and intrusive government. Yet, 237 years after the signing of this document, one has to wonder what has happened to the spirit of fearlessness and rugged self-determination that set the American experiment in motion.

As a form of redress of grievances by a people to it’s leadership, protest is as much of a historical part of democracy as voting is. A near-last resort when the populous is bereft of political power, publicly voicing dissent in an organized, peaceful, and constructive manner is a critical and vital sign of life for a society that wishes to be free. Yet, when a ruling elite and political class become too intrusive, parasitic or too dangerous to the population, protest is often a precursor to violence, therefore the outcome of rebellion and protest is never certain and often disastrous. However, the fate of a people without the will to resist the suffrages of an encroaching tyranny is just as foreboding.

While giving credit to the Occupy movement, those who engage in protest at global summits and party conventions, growing national actions like the Tar Sands Blockade and Idle No More, and growing localized activist movements, the nation has no formidable popular mass-movement for dissent. Apparently the American people have little interest in expressing dissatisfaction with the quality of leadership we have in America today.

Why are the American people so permissive of government abuse, intrusion, waste, corruption, cruelty, and stupidity?

Here are 5 reasons reasons why more Americans don’t protest.

1. Protest is Unwelcome in the Matrix

The matrix cannot function properly when people are in the streets speaking truth to power, therefore, protest is an unwanted inconvenience for the economy, the media and the government.

For this, the government is engaged in squashing domestic protest and the media makes every effort to marginalize and ignore popular dissent. Increasingly, protest and civil disobedience are also being viewed as security threats to be met with near-military force. ‘First amendment zones,’ event permits, and laws that equate protest with terrorism all assist in dissuading Americans from participating, while tricks like agent provocateurs, police intimidation, arrest and assault are used to shut protest events down.

The modern American protestor faces regulations, intimidation and physical threats from military crowd control technologies like flash-bang grenades, the LRAD acoustic weapon, pepper sprays, surveillance of all modern types, and even the prospect of microwave pain ray technologies.

All of this already makes protest and dissent seem rather unpalatable to the average American, but, the media further demonizes protest by highlighting and focusing in on any violence that may occur, while downplaying the peaceful moments where intelligent people come together to articulate valid grievances with an out of control system.

The media tarnishes the image of any protest movement to take advantage of the fact that most people are natural followers, not natural leaders, and that most people are watching the protest in relative isolation at home, separated from friends and neighbors. Creating the perception that protests are dangerous events involving un-American, un-patriotic and irresponsible people who are likely to get hurt, helps to prevent popular support on any single issue from reaching critical mass by convincing the average person that it is too complicated and too risky to get involved.

2. Conflict Consciousness – Divided We Fall

Are you a liberal or conservative? Democrat or Republican? Are you on this team, or that team?

It doesn’t matter at all really, but, we’ve been brainwashed into dividing ourselves into an inescapable prison of bi-polarized pigeon-holes.

We blame our neighbors, friends and families for the mismanagement in the world. We blame those different than us, those in different countries, those with different color skin. We trust in authority, those with matching uniform shirts and batman belts, while we distrust and fight amongst each other. We have become culturally programmed to argue, compete, fight, and win for no real purpose. Winning, and being on the winning team has become more valuable than learning, gaining wisdom or uniting.

In this climate, with a social atmosphere so rigidly divided and so pointlessly competitive, any energy for consensus and widespread concerted action is sapped in inter-personal and tribal-like conflict. We are missing great opportunities for compromise, reciprocity, healing and growth. The consciousness of conflict ensures our self-destruction.

3. Higher Priorities… Work and Play

The American Dream of personal freedom and the opportunity for prosperity as a reward for hard work has been transformed in recent decades, influenced by an ongoing sales pitch about what life should be like for the average person. Convenience, ease, comfort, entertainment, excess, escape, work, money, debt. These are the values most available today.

Americans are working harder than ever, if they’re working at all. The economy is in terrible shape and in decline, and the American lifestyle has become so heavily invested in consumerism and debt that the average person is too dependent on continuity of income to risk even a single paycheck. Protesting is at the bottom of the list of things to do on vacation day.

Outside of work, life for most people has become a screen. Television, movies, the internet, work, handheld devices, iPads, Kindle, whatever. A new version of reality has emerged in the delivery of media and the sophistication of entertainment. Our priorities have evolved to put entertainment and escapism at the top of the list, and increasingly less value on honest government, human rights and justice.

Life is also still very good in America for most in the middle class. Food is easy to come by, credit still widely available. Charity, welfare and government assistance in some form are available to most if sought. Drone strikes and IED‘s are not yet to be seen in the homeland.

Commitment to protest and social change requires personal sacrifice. In our social atmosphere of extreme busyness and dumbed-down priorities, participation in social causes is now too risky, too inconvenient, and insufficiently fun. Our natural and historical energies for rebellion and protest are effectively expired in the office, at the bar, or at the movies, or projected onto a character on a screen.

Life has become a hamster wheel of superfluous labor and deliberate distraction.

4. Mindset of Fear, Apathy, and Resignation

Mindset is everything in our quantum-world, and our emotional under current governs how we relate to and participate in the world. Regarding politics, participatory democracy, and protest, the typical American mindset generally falls into one of three categories:

Fear – We are heavily propagandized to approach life from fear-centered consciousness. Life is to be viewed as a threat. America has already become a police state, and is heavily invested in the combination of fear and security. To the average person, the prospect of facing militarized police and possibly being beaten, gassed, dispersed, arrested and perhaps even criminally charged for voicing dissent is certainly an adequate deterrent.

Brutal, violent oppression of dissent works famously well to stop a protest, and for this, people logically fear getting involved.

Apathy – Apathy is another symptom of our cultural decline, and a mindset that keeps most people from participating in civics or protest. Apathy is a nearly-conscious choice to remain ignorant and distracted about something while pursuing the path of least resistance. Apathy seems to be the number one byproduct of our culture of convenience. People don’t care about the quality of our world enough to become involved.

Resignation – Many Americans understand all too well what is happening to constitutional and lawful government and realize that until a much more massive awakening occurs and far more people take interest, there is little to be gained from protesting. This resignation has led many to focus instead on preparing for the worst, including for scenarios like economic collapse and social unrest. Storing food and developing emergency plans is now seen by many as a more productive use of energy than attempting to influence a corrupt political system by participating in politics or protest.

While there are signs that Americans may be slowly waking from the dream-like state that is preventing any unified form of mass protest, it appears that for now, the formerly American qualities of courage, independence and self-determination have been replaced with fear, apathy, and resignation.

5. People Approve of the Status Quo

Americans, by and large, are still happy to enjoy the lifestyle that the status quo delivers, even if it means further forfeitures of privacy and essential human rights. Additionally, the lack of public opposition in mass is also a de facto approval of the political and economic status quo.

‘It is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission,’ goes the saying, and by not objecting to any scandal or violation, no matter how offensive, the majority of America consents to being governed by this domineering logic.

Whether actively or passively, the majority of America supports any and all actions by our government and the corporate status quo.


America is a wonderful place with a vast and breath-taking landscape and a rich culture of ingenuity and creativity. Americans are interesting and generous people. It is difficult to grasp the contradiction between the beautiful and comfortable aspects of American life and the troublesome developments emerging from our leadership. It not easy to understand the gap between the values extolled in still celebrated Declaration of Independence and the lack of public will to hold the government accountable to even the simple Bill of Rights.

Why don’t more Americans protest things like government spying, endless wars, the fraudulent banking system, the growing police state, the destruction of the environment, genetically modified foods, the assault on natural health, or even torture?

While the above 5 reasons are merely one person’s observations and generalizations about American culture, the patterns that emerge here are useful in helping to recognize opportunities for our own personal and collective evolution.

Please add any additional you thoughts you may have in the comments section below.

About the Author

Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com where he pursues the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for mankind.

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  • kkb

    Agreed. Shared! It’s horrible here in America, things are now blatantly in-your-face corrupt, stolen elections, whistle blowers who expose corruption are vilified, and the media refuses to report the corruption. The FBI is corrupt, the “Justice Department” donated to the candidate it was SUPPOSED to be investigating! Guess I don’t need to tell you how THAT “investigation” went. Corrupt corporations and corrupt Big Banks own our entire corrupt government officials, each one FAR RICHER than their salaries could ever make them. The media in the USA are owned by only six corporations who are actually multi million dollar supporters of political parties and are nothing more than propaganda machines. It’s absolutely amazing to many how the majority of people are still afraid to stand up and (a.) speak against it, or (b.) even recognize it. I’m so ashamed of USA right now.

  • Sessh

    This list is simply not complete as the #1 reason isn’t even on here. The US mainstream media has been bought and paid for and report only what they are told to report. When the CDC gets caught lying about vaccine/autism links, the media is silent. When the atrocious TPP was, in part, leaked to the public, the media was silent. The media don’t report crap in this country because media is no longer there to inform people; it’s there to entertain people, period. The people of the US are kept in the dark about most of the things worth protesting about and all this crap just flies under the radar. The US public trust the MSM way too much.

  • Anonymous

    Everything said here is true not just for America but for the rest of the Western world as today’s West is tomorrow’s East. We already live in the matrix and today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s reality. The general population have not realised this yet however and people have to have nothing to lose before they will risk everything. Unfortunately things will have to get much worse before they stand up against the ‘system’ and by then it will be too late. It takes a sane man to realise that they are sane when the overwhelming brainwashed majority tells you you are not

  • Very interesting! Here in Europe we demonstrate in the streets if we are unhappy. and if we are REaLLY unhappy we throw the government out. It is very strange to see americans put up with so much, and not react to it. (and money in politics is not aloud here, it is seen as corruption and is illegal.. )

  • Solange Silverman

    Marianne Williamson is running for Congress from CA’s 33 District. She is running as an independent. She is being funded by the people and does NOT accept funds from special interest groups. The idea being to take the money out of politics and to give politics and government back to the people. “The power of love, as the basis of state, has never been tried before,” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Marianne is one candidate who can help lead us into such a radical state and politics with a conscience. We need more like her. “Some people believe it’s naive to think we can make love our bottom line. What I believe is naive is thinking human civilization as we know it will survive another two hundred years if we do not” ~ Marianne Williamson. (You do not have to live in her district to support and to donate to her for Congress. see her website; http://www.marianneforcongress.com/) This is certainly an idea whose time has come. In the meantime, keep speaking out where you can, educate others, keep it going, keep it smart and keep it nonviolent. We, the people, will take it from here, game on! If we do not stand up and take back our country, the alternative cannot happen unless we let it and is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! And, it starts with you, each individual. Time to wake up!

  • jaleel shakir

    America has dumb down the publics through the culture and the public education system.The enemy of man has taken over academia in the colleges and universities in America and we are given secular humanism as a replacement for G-D.

  • Bonnie

    1- Fear of being stumped on during Protests.
    This has been done by the cop pigs already.

    2-lack and lies of education.

    3-Fluoride in the water

    4-New Laws passed against civilians.

    5- People are desperate trying to survive…with several jobs, or looking for work.

    6- Poison in food and water, deblitating the body.

    7- constant wars

    8-Last but important, the Spirit has been sublimated.

  • Bonnie

    1- Fear of being stumped on during Protests.
    This has been done by the cop pigs already.
    2-lack and lies of education.
    3p-Fluoride in the water.

  • DL.

    Good article, and I wonder about this issue quite a bit. Here is what I think are the reasons more Americans do not protest…some are in the article and some are in the comments.
    1. Those who work and make good money have no reason to, yet. That is still quite a few Americans, maybe 40 percent.
    2. Those who are unemployed or are barely scrapping by are too busy trying to feed, clothe, shelter themselves and maybe families to protest. Maybe 20 percent.
    3. Young folks are usually the ones who protest, but most of them are too busy with college or trade school or jobs, maybe 60 percent, and some have absolutely no idea what they want to do, or are hopeless and maybe on drugs of some sort.
    4. About 10 percent live in small towns and rural areas and don’t seem to have a reason to protest, even when companies like Monsanto are trying to shut them down. This is where most of the preppers live as well, and they are too busy prepping (which I think is a damned good idea).
    5. I’d say about half the population is too caught up in their own grouping (race, religion, ethnicity, politics, sex orientation and sex in general) to give a crap about the plight of another group. At this point, America really is too damned divided…and don’t just blame the elites for that, either. For instance, when I grew up on Long Island there were Jews there who wanted nothing to do with us Gentiles.
    6. There is still too much thinking that protests do no good in the US (unlike, say, Europe where they seem to have more effect) unless it is a very local protest (fighting city hall, for instance, which often works)…and back to divisions…I know too many folks out here who dissed the Occupy protests because of the notion that it was led by “dirty hippies” (the thinking of which really pissed me off because about 30 miles away in the local college town there WAS an occupy protest, NOT with dirty hippies!)
    7. If you want mass protests on, say, Washington DC, Americans must be more united, and united on an issue that most will find worthy of protesting for or against…and that issue has not come up yet.
    8. Most Americans just aren’t in bad enough shape yet.
    9. Most Americans still have hope; it may be illusory, but it is still hope.
    10. Think about the one issue that has gotten more Americans in recent days to protest. Not Trayvon Martin, and not Occupy. It is this issue:
    GUNS! there were more protests over the govt’s desire to take our guns away (New York, Connecticut, Colorado, and they sure as hell better not try that nonsense in the great state of Texas!), and guess what? The BS laws they passed in New York are barely even enforced outside NYC (Bloomberg), and there are towns and states that have passed laws forbidding the Feds from taking the guns away. Even that idiot Piers Morgan had to admit that guns are necessary to hold tyranny at bay. Since most American adults (and a decent number of teens as well) own at least one gun, this will be a more effective stopgap on tyranny than any protest will ever be. they can have protests in Europe where guns are not allowed…I’ll take the guns any day!

  • Meter

    I think the basic reason people don’t use protest is because it doesn’t work. It’s mostly just people venting their rage and frustration, but it has little effect of changing the status quo. Protesting is begging. It’s an announcement of powerlessness and desperation – mob panic.

    The other thing to notice about protests – they are city events. Not everyone is a city person, or is acclimated to huge crowds. The idea of joining a sweaty, smoggy, potentially violent mob of protestors and angry city police looks a little too much like war to me. If you want to use force, stop kidding yourself and just become a fighting army. Either way, don’t be surprised when you’re slaughtered – that’s what these people do. They speak the language of force, and they won’t pity you. I think sending yourself into such an environment is unwise. There are more efficient ways to spread information and gather support.

    In simpler times, masses of people would storm the castle to let the king know – feed us or give us your head on a platter! People gathering was a show of strength, with an implied threat. It was their use of force. It was also a form of communication between people – seeing how others felt. We now have other forms of mass communication. And with today’s weapons, masses of people are easily managed, corralled, and mostly ignored. Beyond that, most of them are so completely brainwashed that it doesn’t matter anyway – they are controlled.

    The fact is there is much in today’s world that the average people have no direct means to change. Like a leaf flowing in a raging river, we don’t have a lot of control of external events in the world – it’s a fake world. Best to make peace with that. This isn’t yesterday’s world. It’s largely a technological prison that is only growing. If people did wake up en masse and challenge the powers that be, they would likely just be killed en masse – biological weapons, nuclear weapons and spills, chemical spills – today it’s a very simple matter to kill millions, and even deny that you did it.

    When someone is holding a gun to your head, it isn’t time to protest. It’s a time to pray. Keep your mouth shut and wait for a favorable change of circumstances – this is called respecting life and choosing your battles. Recklessness is not courage. ‘They’ won the war – we are occupied and downtrodden. Those who deny this still keep fighting, wondering why everyone else is so quiet. Yet even as they are quiet, many people are still watching, learning about what holds them down.

    If enough people do wake up, it could shift – after all, the military, police, governments, and other institutions are made up of people. Yet I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Rather, people as a whole are becoming dumber and more brutal toward each other every day – they are drugged, programmed, and beaten into submission. The human being is regressing, not progressing. Humanity is in rapid decline on this planet. I don’t see much of it surviving for much longer.

    The opportunity now, for those who are awake, is to continue our personal evolution, using the chaos and collapse around us to drive us to higher understandings. Surf the wave, rather than drowning in it. It is also a time for letting go – because if you hold onto the world, it will take you down with it. Cast a few seeds, shine some light here and there, but don’t expect change. Don’t require others to move forward – move forward yourself.

    Humans, especially in modern civilizations, have developed the habit of trying to control and manipulate their environment, rather than adapting to it. Thus the environment has been damaged by careless and selfish manipulation. You see this socially too – everyone wants to change and control the world. They aren’t content to gather a few berries and live happily with their family and tribe. Practice adaptation instead. This is the natural way to live, and to die. Species which adapt, survive. In other words, change to accommodate and make use of changes in your environment, rather than railing against them and demanding that they change.

  • I applaud the comments left here. It is encouraging to know there are others applying reason to a crisis of patriotism and the Christian faith. For we once were patriots, Christians, and Seekers of Truth in more than name only, and for these causes we would offer our lives. We have been led down the primrose path as your staff writer noted. The devil (and I don’t recognize an single entity as the devil, but for simplicity’s sake)always uses comfort, convenience, and security as subtle temptations to stray from the path of righteousness. The Truth is hardly ever a source of comfort, is never convenient, and to be secure in the Truth is not the same thing as being socially secure in any way. “…and broad is the path that leads to destruction.”

    Mr. Prichard’s comment that “this disease must and will run its course” is worth noting. It really is better to follow the advice of Sting, “When the world is going down, make the best of what’s still around.” Or bloom where you’re planted. A people who impoverished, both spiritually and materially, are no asset to any cause. A people that cannot thrive when times are relatively good will be utterly useless when things go bad. You have to think on your feet, and not let this madness get you down. I for one am encouraged. For years, we did battle with an enemy in the shadows. This one wants us to come out and play. I bet they never come out of the locker room for the 2nd half. Real revolution begins with attitude, and I’m not protesting anything. I want my money. I want my property. I want my wife and kids. The thief will return what he stole.

  • Nam Marine

    Unfortunately, about 47% of the Public are in fact Sheep and will be led to the slaughter!……………willingly!

  • BimBam

    This is the usual blather. Nothing comes from it.

    Not when you agree to do what the other side wants. And the other side is the hidden agenda of liberalism. The deception then the payout. As long as that happens we will be content.

    Even when it grinds us to death as long as we get paid we will take it.

    The only way to get people thinking is to HALT the payments! Then those in charge will fall like dominoes. Feel free to stomp!

  • D. Drake

    WYE FYE, or “Why Fry” your brain? Radio signals disrupt thought patterns. Shut the wye fye off for a couple months, then turn it back on. See how disrupted and strained and nightmarish your sleep will be. FACT. Radio phones. cell phones, mouse. ANY RADIO SIGNAL! Wake up! Passivity and lethargy and attention deficit are what they produce. We now have a bunch of brain dead idiots running around with no comprehension of their own destruction being implemented and forced upon them by a self assumed GOD called Govt. .

  • etterling

    Dear folks: The over 200 US years have been marked by the signature of the secrecy with which MASONRY, the one and only American party, has controlled, distracted and misguided the people. The gradual method has been cunningly applied to induce social conducts, beliefs and support for means to their sinister ends.
    To many of you, this may sound shockingly contradictory when knowing someone that apparently seems to be very rational or respectful neighbor, relative, friend or associate that has invited us to join the lodge but, once inside the “craft” and after going up the ranks, the oath of secrecy and obedience force members to do things they’re unable to talk of, repugnant to any rational or decent being, not only to common religious principles but also, to the basic respect that a normal person has toward mankind.
    Just looking at unexplained and unpopular political decisions, irrational wars,unjust court sentences or neocon televangelists might give the common denominator when later knowing that responsible politicians, military, judges and preachers are members of the Masonry.
    Indeed, jewish power and control of the US could not have being achieved
    without the cooperation of compromised gentiles without whom, jews would be exposed to the general anger. As a part of the mason’s duty it is the obligation to report on the community members political inclinations at lodge meetings so, if you resist the “system” forget about going into politics or being in the favor of the bank manager when asking for a credit or, in the military to expect a quick promotion.
    By now, it is not difficult to understand why the basis of a population surveillance network was not hard to accept by those that took the decision. As the population size grew, masons tried to have a whole picture of and better controlling methods for social issues, I. e. Once
    as they call a ‘conspiracy theorist’, a ‘truther’ or a ‘prepper’ is reported at the “craft” his/her data travels to the information center
    and collected by the corresponding intel agency then, a permanent digital scanning is focused on the subject, the electronic task is simplified and can be followed by a smaller staff.
    Certainly, masonic temples do not exist for worshipping or philanthropic ends as they depict and announce themselves, those are just promotional and social acceptance selling articles that hide a very different story. The promise of an easy way to those that cross their doors has heavy price to be paid later on, besides the damage they to the rest of their fellow Americans. Just remember what happened
    to Judas after he betrayed Jesus, and we’ll have an idea of what they do and what’s at the end of the road for them.
    An answer to the problem exists? Yes, organize around 20 or so common points, simple and clear to undestand for the vast majority, and go up the scale from local to national level. Once the better ones are selected, keep an eye on them.-

  • Richard Prichard

    One other reason you failed to mention: From purely a pragmatic standpoint the United States is similar to a failing Roman empire. Corruption and money have undermined any pretense of a functioning democracy. Consequently, big money has undercut jobs and the basis of a healthy middle class. Of course one could protest simply as exercise in futility. However, this disease must and will run its course. Futile protests and token political bandages can not stem this massive systemic infection. Rather like a new demimonde, one can enjoy this unseemly spectacle, engage gamely in the black market and refuse to pursue any work paying less than a living wage. Then when the idiots who are driving us into ruin see that the tires have come off their vehicle – that we refuse to play their game, they will – give them their due – continue to drive us towards ruin. WHY? BECAUSE ITS IN THEIR NATURE…THEIR BELTWAY BUBBLE WORLD VIEW…THAT THEY ARE AN ELITE THAT MUST BE CATERED TO. When Christians refused to be soldiers in the Roman army, it was they not the barbarians that toppled that rotting, corrupt edifice. It is time to change our citizenship to that of the universe and to not recognize their right to rule. When they are rightly viewed as clowns without any authority, protest becomes pointless.

  • All of the above were good reasons, which combine synergistically.

    I have been working on these problems for several decades. (I currently am registered as the Leader of the Marijuana Party of Canada.) Most of my political career has revolved around the funding of the political processes, including 2 long court cases against the government of Canada, regarding the laws that control the funding of Canadian political parties.


    Tragically, I no longer find it possible to maintain the slightest shred of idealism nor optimism. While there are PLENTY of good creative alternatives, the current systems have become runaway legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which are most exemplified by the funding of the political processes. The more that one learns about politics, the worse it gets.

    One reason for not protesting more is that there are no effective, practical, and realistic ways to compete with the banksters, that already have the power to print endless “money,” made out of nothing, as debts, which EVERYONE ELSE is forced to accept as a fait accompli.

    In fact, for more than a Century, 1% of the people have been funding almost 100% of the politics, while 99% of the people have been paying for nothing. The accumulated consequences of that historical pattern are now so extremely lopsided that there is nothing that any protest group can plausibly do about that.

    Too bad, so sad, that most creative alternatives will have to wait and watch as the established systems fail from too much “success,” by controlling civilization with huge lies. There are no feasible ways to actually “reform” anything, since every problem presents that same set of Catch 22, double-bind paradox, problems.

    Meanwhile, the established systems will continue to promote ever bigger lies, backed by even more violence, and therefore, become more insane, faster … Thus, it is ONLY the madness of the established systems finally destroying themselves which MIGHT open up some opportunities for “revolutions,” after the consequences of controlling everything through force backed frauds eventually become too great to continue …

  • Prashanti

    Hannnng in there folks. The next big bang is coming and won’t it be fine…..

  • John

    “Those who sin are slaves, and slaves have no rights.” (Jesus Christ)

  • sylvestre lilly

    I feel that I am a veteran of doubt and disbelief when it comes to perceiving the faults of the system and furthermore, the blatant criminality of those that rule us and administer our lives.
    As a child of the 60’s it became obvious to me decades ago that the system that we adhere to serves none but a select few, all pretext, all talk, all deference to law, equality and individual rights is smoke and mirrors.
    Protest all you want, it seems that Americans bizarrely enough are in step with this fact, that no matter how much the system seems to change the more it stays the same, and consequently the more American’s cling to that sameness.

    I greatly applaud this article and feel I should share this.

    Revolution 222 – Revolution with the Soul-lution

    In making things end, and in making things start, there is nothing more glorious than keeping still.

    Everyday we each awaken to a world in which suffering abounds. The list of disturbing news grows daily: wars, hunger, poverty, lies and more lies …on and on. One does not have to look very far to see the rising discontent surfacing among ordinary citizens. It seems everyone has at least one bone to pick these days. Anger has become our politics demanding our voices are heard.
    But, consider who it is that we want to have listening to our demands, our angst. Can we realistically expect that those that we have placed in power will honor us by giving us their undivided attention? We may think that collectively we can demonstrate loudly, emphatically and persistently, thereby, gaining an audience before our so-called masters hoping that someday they will bless us with a change in their habits –their habits that are currently driven by their greed, avarice and disdain for the common person. I don’t ever foresee this happening; therefore, do those in power deserve our protest? Do they deserve even a smidgen of respect from us, not where I’m from. Where I come from is so far from the world ‘They” seem to operate in that it is hard for me to allocate more than a few minutes of my precious thinking time in trying to define what they are all about. Nonetheless, as a free and sovereign individual, it is my responsibility to share what I have found on my path to my own revolution – Revolution 222.

    Now that we seem poised to take the fight to the streets, are we perhaps overlooking some fundamentals that might point us in a completely new direction?
    As long as we continue to look outside ourselves for the answers, as long as we continue looking for someone to blame, we each fail in accepting our responsibility as free and sovereign individuals. Yes, I said it, -the words ‘They” don’t want you to hear –we all are Free and Sovereign Individuals occupying our Divinity in direct communication with creation.

    I will not hide behind a mask; I will not hide in the crowd; I refuse to live in fear. My name is Bob Fenstermaker and I wrote Revolution 222.
    Keeping the Free in Freedom! Revolution 222 is available for FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD at http://www.revolution222.com
    Revolution 222

    The book is called Revolution222 and it’s about a revolution here in America that comes about when a guy named Bob realizes that all it takes to change the world is one good idea and a plan for its implementation. His idea involves taking responsibility for his own life by creating the “Free Republic of Boblovia” that derives its power from Active Non-Participation. Bob espouses the idea that taking full responsibility for his life is the only way for him to live, and by doing so, he shows others how to gain control over their lives. It results in a revolution that goes viral, and sweeps across America, changing the way Americans think and live. It is a very beautiful story, written in a humorous, narrative style that really hits the reader’s imagination. Revolution 222 is a fun to read novel full of lucid episodes and intermingling lives offering a very powerful story that speaks as a guide for understanding our place in the world as sovereign individuals.

    In Revolution 222, people begin to take time to be still enough, long enough, to awaken to a new direction leading to a new collective reality replacing the old reality we have been burdened with since birth. The book explains how each of us can awaken our hearts to new possibilities based on every one of us accepting their own individual sovereignty. We each are a nation of one, choosing to connect with other like-minded sovereign individuals who also accept their personal responsibility to be happy.
    What if a single idea, originating from one mind, could change the world? What if all that it took was one person, the right person, awakening to the realization of a new dream? Could it be you?
    Find the place of stillness, the center of the soul and operate from there, fearlessly and from the HEART. Wake up, and experience the moment…this moment forward when we all cast off our chains by accepting our role in all the things that are not right in the world and take on the responsibility to change the world by first changing ourselves.

    FREE DOWNLOAD http://www.revolution222.com

    From the Free Republic of Boblovia, Peace

  • James

    Not even 1 million protesting in the US would change anything.
    Israel owns this US GOV, entertainment, and media world.

    Israel is head of security, FDA, USDA, Monsanto, DHS, FEMA, Dyncorp, Cerbus Corp.

    What the heck would a bunch of people trying to change things by protesting do? They have what is called predictive programming basically your uprising would be treated as Zombies.

    Yes that’s right all the Zombie this Zombie that is no accident with in the Media, Games, films, tv.

    all your positive vibrations wouldn’t change that even.

    The Police Military would have fun time with all the Zombies.
    There are better ways to change things with out playing there games.

    • BimBam

      Two words always bring trouble to the world, MUSLIM IMPERIALISM!

      • Anonymous

        Any sort of imperialism would fit that bill

  • professor

    Some excellent comments. I’m nearly 70 yrs on this planet and can state that all of the voting, whining, sighing, crying, protesting, alibiing, texting, phoning,- ad infinitum, will not change anything in this country. The die has been cast and we are all merely puppets in some bizarre societal theater and we are not pulling the strings any longer – others now do that to us. People ask me “when is this collapse coming?”. Friends, it is here now and you are living through it. The only way that control can be continued is more police state actions coupled with a major war. Believe me when I tell you that those in power are losing control of their plans; easily identified by the lack of major riots after the recent acquittal in Fla. even after massive media propaganda towards fomenting them. It is not going to end well so prepare now with whatever means you have available to protect yourselves and your families. If you keep in mind my mother who stood in lines all day long as a child in Europe clutching two bags full of paper money to buy a cup of butter, you may feel more motivated to do something.

  • Mark Thrice

    Woops. No 4. Sorry about that.

    • Matthew Ciuccio

      I was really excited for 4. 🙂

  • Mark Thrice

    Having read though all the comments, my comment is simply that nearly ALL of the comments are arguing about the argument and do not begin to offer constructive changes to begin to reunite us.

    More hand wringing, each from its own isolation.

    None with a positive PLAN to recover the American Dream.

    Several with negative Plans, like don’t do this, don’t do that.

    Here’s mine.

    1. Wake up.
    2. Improve your own situation.
    3. Pay it forward (3.1 Help some one else improve their situation. 3.2 Make sure the new situation aligns with the American Dream. 3.3 Make sure understanding of the American Dream is consistent with the American Dream. 3.4 Most importantly encourage conversations focussed on the American Dream rather than the distractions under the guise of ‘entertainment.’ 3.5 Make sure your kids understand your (new?) values and will pick up the balls that may have been dropped.)

  • alex

    The banksters elite have divided & conquered, and what they can’t conquer, they use the militarized pigs (police force) to do their dirty work. That is reason number one for the crumbling of America. There are a myriad of other reasons, but most stem from the laziness & ignorance of most Americans, and their being divided by their ignorance & laziness. For example the ignorant dem/repub debate, when in fact both parties are two wings of the same bird. The elite use that divisive argument, the race division, the gender division, etc… and it works so beautifully when you have so many cultures fighting against each other. So it seems the age old argument for diversity really doesn’t ring true. UNLESS somehow the diverse come together and overthrow the elite scum ruining America. We shall see.

    • Anglo Saxon

      @ Alex … your observation probably explains why the ‘elite’ have always trumpeted “diversity”. We have found through experience that the wrong kind of diversity makes everyone who foolishly participates … weak.

      Here’s a thought for yah! The Second World War was not about fighting Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich on principle. In truth, that war was mostly about killing off “nationalism” in favour of imposing “collectivism”. Collectivism is what that cabal of international banksters (who own the Federal Reserve) crave the most.

      After the First World War, and the imposition of the Versailles Treaty, one of the first hostile acts the French committed against the German people was to station Cameroon (French colonial) troops in their zone of influence. The frequent rapes of German women by Africans (and on occupied German soil!) was one of the things that most outraged those who set up the NSDAP (National Socialist Party).

  • Democracy is when a lottery is used to choose a people’s assembly.
    Democracy is when a lottery is used to choose a people’s grand jury.
    Democracy is when you or me or another citizen is chosen randomly to serve in a public assembly. Democracy is not a gang of murderers printing fake money to perform a stunt called an election. Democracy has nothing to do with voting. Democracy is not a constitution or a bill of rights. Democracy means the supreme authority of the people expressed through people’s criminal and civil courts of public arraignment. Grand Jury arraignment by the people in Civil cases was never guaranteed by the fifth amendment. This should alert you to the inadequacy of the U.S. constitution to provide a civil government. Peoples authority over the courts has been completely abolished by abolition of grand jury criminal arraignment. Your public treasury has been abolished and replaced with a mafia that prints fake money for itself. You don’t have a monetary system or a banking system. Fake banks are not real banks. Usury is not fraud. Lending fake money on a fractional reserve basis is fraud. You are a slave. You have not been paid for your labor.
    You keep repeating the lies of your masters at NBC ABC CBS and FOX and Morgan Stanley. Moo Baaa.

    • Anonymous

      Really appreciate the thoughtful insights posted here. Quite encouraging to know there still resides a populace within this once great nation with whom common rationale can still be reached without resorting to name calling, etc.

  • Thinking Man

    One major reason is the elite dividing the people, which is so easily done in America. It’s so easily done, since few are educated. If I walk into a bar full of idiots and loudly call all of them idiots, I will have a fight or many fights on my hands. If I walked into a bar full of intelligent people and loudly call all of them idiots, they would laugh at me or ignore me since it didn’t apply to them. So with that one example you can see the huge difference between the educated and non-educated. The educated aren’t fooled, and the ignorant will always be fooled. So educating the ignorant about how the elite divide all of us is one possibility to accomplish something.

    The second major reason things are really messed up in America today is the great fear of police and the police state. This explains why scared people use the pathetic excuse,….”if you haven’t done anything wrong, there’s nothing to be scared of”. They should tell the truth and actually say,…look, I’m scared stiff of getting beat down or killed by the police in this out of control police state of America, and so I am going to use the same excuse all the other sheep are bleating so I can blend in.

  • hp

    Also, Al Smith made a good point about new comments on top.

    I second this.

    • Rachel

      What you are proposing will attract trolls and shills and advertisers!

  • hp

    It’s just not reached the massive personal touch level. Yet.

    When good times roll, and for the masses this is still more or less now, the mantras are whatever turns you on, to each his own, let it be, etc.

    People, even vicious people and criminals are briefly acknowledged and quickly forgotten because, well, all in all it’s a good life, innit?

    When the ‘good life’ dissipates and becomes the infamous ‘hard times,’ these feel good mantras very quickly morph into their patiently waiting eternal relatives such as – ‘get a rope,’ ‘shoot first and ask questions later,’ ‘the only good _ _ _ is a dead _ _ _’ etc.

    Hey, we’re only human and humans obviously very much love and worship such reruns.

  • photonX

    It’s a concatenation of myriad factors, not the least of which is the rapid devolvement of people’s health and mental faculties thanks to the wholesale toxification of our environment and food supply, along with the relentless intrusion of propagandistic electronic media and “entertainment” into the personal space formerly inhabited by thought and reason. We are a culture that has lost its way.

  • WakingTimes,

    You should set up these comments so that new comments enjoy some time on top. Otherwise, people will hesitate to post, realizing that readers must read way down the board to see their comment. I had a lot to say here, but opted to try to do something about this board instead.

    • Ok, looking into it AL. Learning as we go along here, but thanks for the input.

    • Rachel

      I like the way this website handles the comments better than any other website. Other websites force people to read conversations BACKWARDS and they are all overrun by trolls and shills galore!

      I say THANKYOU Waking Times for keeping conversations REAL!

      I wish more websites would use your system. This system is GOOD–if you can keep away shills you are doing perfect.

      • Avi

        agreed !!

  • Larry Peterson

    What exactly do you feel I should protest against? There are on-going protests that turn into riots-a good recent example is the Zimmerman case,and the break down in Law and Order into riots. What has burning cars,smashing windows,throwing urine on Police, have to do with American Values?
    I was privileged to the first Watts Riots in L.A. Ever been a cop alone facing a mob carrying couches, and throwing T.V.s at you? No you haven’t! It is so easy to sit in your office chair and give recommendations to protest, as long as you don’t have to control them. I remember Penn State-where inexperienced National Guard killed 6 students because they were not trained as Police Officers. First know what you are advocating.

    • Jeffrey

      Larry, I believe you meant to say that you “remember Kent State” (not Penn State) but no biggy…your idea gets across none-the-less. As for protests getting out of hand and turning into riots, there’s documented proof that many peaceful protests large enough to garner national are infiltrated by Agent Provocateurs whose goal is to bring the “Police hammer” down on the entire (and otherwise peaceful) protest and/or march.

      This practice has been going on effectively for decades now and is bound to continue as long as it’s approved by the justice system that provides immunity for such actions…just another something that protest/march organizers have to expect and plan for.

      Seems as though you might be suffering from cognitive dissonance based on your post and that’s unfortunately an all too common syndrome here. Ever since the 9/11 debacle and the mainstream media’s acceptance of its position of “government whore”…citizens have had misrepresentations and outright lies regularly spoon fed to them.

      Look to awaken and leave your mythic-minded being behind…to have an intuitive level of consciousness serves to open a plethora of truth painted doors on the path you’ll undoubtedly walk.

  • ken

    I Think that it is so much simpler than that,
    No one is willing to have their drug supply messed with
    That is 70% with one prescription and 50% with 2 or more.
    Any upset in the supply chain will most likly kill many thousands.

  • Can we not consider that the authority to issue money is the “Organizing principle” of society?

    If so, must we not remove this authority from the hands of private parties? What have the bankers done with our purse anyways other than sell us a fist and a fire sale?

    Until money is issued by the people, is there much hope that anything will change for the better?

    To take control of the issue our money, labor must STRIKE THEM OUT! That is the way for us to STOP THE WAR!

    Will labor not rise to the challenge and free us all? Thank you.

  • One thing we can do is disconnect from the media. Quit watching tv. ouch! That might be hard for some. Get your news off the net. Let the tv ratings go to the bottom. Another thing, don’t buy anything from the corporations. Buy American or learn to do without. There may be a time when there is little to buy anyway so lets make a stand and change our habits now while it may do some good. We learned last time the was a huge increase in the price of gas (around 08) Sunday was the oil company’s profit day. Don’t buy gas on Sunday. That can’t be that hard for us to do. While we’re at it let’s not buy gas the last week of the month. You can have gas just buy gas cans and put a few back. That’s good advice anytime. I realize not everyone can do some of these but if enough of us do, who knows what could happen? I welcome any more ideas. We need to realize each one of us can make a difference! Don’t buy into the idea that your just one person, what can I do?

  • Sorgfelt

    I protest daily amongst the people with whom I associate, in the hopes that they will wake up, and back off when I see that my protests become counter-productive. Protesting publicly won’t change that many minds in comparison to the great trouble it would cause me. I decided long ago that no form of government will work well, unless a great majority of the society at large really believe in love and are intelligent enough to really understand the world around them. It is amusing that many of the people that I am trying to wake up take the tack that I am the one that needs to wake up. Once everyone sees and agrees on what needs to be done, public change will come easily.

  • informed concerned citizen

    There are two governments in Washington.. The one of the people, by the people, for the people; given legitimacy based on the constitution and statutes.. And there is the other government: the one calling all the shots from behind the scenes, essentially made up of banks, corporations, the media, and the wealthy elite.

    Each one of the points made in this article have merit. In my opinion, the government officials need to continue to strip away each of our liberties specified in the bill of rights.. Macing peaceful protesters in the face at legitimate demonstrations, creating tedious processes required for the legal possession of firearms, quartering police investigators in houses adjacent to a suspect in question, unwarranted searches and seizure of property and communication admitted by Edward Snowden, etc. Only when we realize that it’s happening all over again will we actually come together and do something about it..

    Until then, our government agencies like the National Guard will continue to be trained to disarm American citizens with fatal force, if necessary. The Chinese forces stationed at Ft. Hood will continue to be trained to invade domestic communities to remove firearms and gather individuals found in the “database of dissidence” to place them in FEMA camps. Think our government is incapable of such things? Look back to WWII when American citizens of Japanese decent were gathered and put in these “camps” to ensure the prevention of an internal rebellion.

    Either do something about it, inform your friends and family, or get out while you still can.. Muaaahahahahha

  • Anglo Saxon

    Unbeknown by most Americans (despite its reality being bravely placed on the Congressional Record: Ref. Senator Jim Traficant, of Ohio) “the United States” was declared bankrupt in 1933, and to this day remains in Chapter 11.

    Directly because of this bankruptcy [see the “Emergency Banking Act of 1933”] the American people have NOT had a functioning body-politic (e.g., Congress) since the “first term” of that traitor F. D. Roosevelt.

    If you believe in a corrosive delusion for long enough, it saps your energy and removes your sense of values and priorities. If large populations of citizens suffer the same delusion, then you end up with the United States as we see her today.

    • That reminds me of the way the Swedes and the Norwegians are being treated these days. Once upon a time they were tough vikings, but early in the 20th Century the children there were encouraged to love golliwogs. The vile people subverting culture and common sense and mental health have been playing a long game. Those countries are now swamped by people of colour – by the millions, so that soon there will no be any Scandinavians with that amazing blond hair and white skin. Through their tv they are encouraged to be overtly sexual – and then they wonder why they get raped by Muslim men!

      Children in Sweden and Norway, and probably Denmark too, are now being taught that they must sit to pee – the boys must sit down like the girls to pee.

      All this is being orchestrated by Jews, They want Western culture destroyed – and the did destroy Germany very thoroughly and with extreme prejudice.

      • Anglo Saxon

        How very true Astraea! Although I do believe the problem lies more with the bogus, Khazar-Jews, than the concept of “all ‘Jews'” per se. It is the Asiatics (look again at Alan Greenspan’s face) who most want all ethno-Europeans dead, or at the very least, brain-dead.

        There are many who describe themselves (usually wrongly!) as ‘Jews’, who are actually fighting on our side … at least politically and morally. Henry Makow, Gilad Atzmon, Professor Sands, Peter Hitchens, etc., etc. And remember, Adolf Hitler’s personal bodyguard was a German-Jew.

  • dimitri ledkovsky

    Democracy is mob rule. Thinking people are sick and tired of “group” action (i.e. voting) because they see its futility. Protesting the system falls into the same category of futility, especially now that it’s “controlled opposition”. Weren’t the connections between George Soros and OWS adequately exposed?

    People want their individuality and right to property back. Demonstrating for it and imploring the authorities to make it all good and nice goes nowhere because the authorities have no interest except to perpetually increase and consolidate their own power.

    Democracy has to be recognized for the massive failure that it has become. It was doomed from the start and the Founding Fathers knew it. The world’s democratic systems need to be broken apart by personal non-compliance and withdrawal of consent.

    By protesting you simply agree with the system as it is, while thinking you can tweak it somehow to your advantage. Wrong! Democracy could care less about the little man. It’s over.

    If we are to survive and thrive the New World Order is actually going to be a reversion to the old ways of family and community. But probably not for another generation or two.

    Good luck, world!

    • Defiant

      LOL! OK, my Red friend. How did Communism work out for you guys?

    • john doe

      Only we dont have a democracy, we have a republic; so there goes that idea

      • Sandrail

        Exactly. Sucks that the word democracy has stuck with so many mislead souls. Sad
        Only need to correct it a bit… We HAD a Republic.

  • Great article. Regarding media, I think it’s worth mentioning that we are often presented with an issue and then told how to react to it. Led by the hand like four year olds.

    I watched a news segment about ‘privacy’ – my words: ‘government snooping’. Then they interviewed ‘average-men-and-women-on-the-street” “people just like you” and their attitude was one of apathy. And of course they threw in one or two “if-you-haven’t-done-anything-wrong-you-have-nothing-to hide” comments. So the subliminal message is “Well I’m not bothered really – and in any case I havce done nothing wrong so I haven’t got anything to hide….”.

    Change can only happen bottom up – from the rank-and-file. But it ain’t happening. Sad.

  • Avi

    Hello !

    Although you’ve made good points, I’d say the main reason is that we, individualy, do not trust ourselves as the legitimate and main source of opinion we should bow to first and foremost. Man has lost confidence in his nature and the high morality of his own consciousness.

    If you read Fenimore Cooper’s description of the Native American 3 hundred years ago, for instance, you see that those people were highly confident in the power of man’s soul.

    Before being divided externaly, we are torn apart inside. The natural instinct that gives man (as in children) the highest voice to listen to is put behind reason, the ‘left brain’. And reason say we should not trust our inner nature !! Reason discredits the soul and tell us to abide by laws, religions, traditions, whatever is socially ‘correct’.

    Our souls cry justice but reason shouts there is no bread to win in that way.

    • Avi – that is such an excellent comment. It is just the truth.
      Did you know that there was once a consort of the god of the Jews – or the Canaanites, rather since there were no Jews there and the Hebrews never did conquer Canaan either – and here name was Asherah, consort of the local tribal god called Yahweh.

      The “priests and scribes” about whom Jeremiah was so scathing, decided that the people must no longer worship at rivers or under trees to express their gratitude to Mother Nature so they “took the Asherah, smashed her, burnt her and ground her fine to powder and threw her in the River Hebron”.

      That was the beginning of this period of the dominance of the Thinking Function over the Feeling Function – or masculine over feminine, hence the masculinization of women – to our great detriment, and theirs.

      Socrates seems also to have been part of the launching of what he liked to think of as the reasoning or rational mind – which is anything but rational! But then, he was a homosexual and so qyuite incapable of reasoning – just as the Jews are unable to reason – or even be reasonable.

      They are caught in a materialistic mind and so they are separate from Nature – or think they are – which is surely very far away from reason!

      Anyway, with the cleverness – not intelligence – of the thinking mind which overpowers feeling so much, we now have brilliant machines dominating our lives – and millions see nothing wrong with abortion or homosexuality or lying or dominating and destroying Nature.

      I recommend, really enthusiastically, a video on Youtube called “The Walls Came Tumblin’ Down.” posted by Julian Schoeman. It was made by John McCarthy who was held hostage by Muslims in Beirut. When he was released he decided to go and investigate the whole thing for himself. He spent many months with archaeologists in the Holy Land, at digs and hearing from both Jewish archaeologists and others.

      It is a fascinating way to learn some of the truth. For example, there was no “exodus” n0 Moses, no Solomon and absolute no Temple. The only temple there ever was is a description of an Egyptian Temple to be found in the Old Testament.

      The story those “priests and scribes” wrote up – meaning copied from the mythology of the surrounding cultures in about the 2nd Century BC, told about “Moses” is actually the story of Sargon the Great combined with the history of Hammurabi’s struggle to prevent the corruption of Babylon.

      The story about Abraham was stolen from a hero story of the Syrians.

      There is a lot more. Israel Finkelstein’s book called “The Bible Unearthed” is very good too, though his later film is not so good because he was walking on egg shells and just a little too nervous of being controversial – for my liking anyway. But he is a fine man and great archaeologist.

      • Avi

        Oy Lady !
        Why don’t U try some Bob Marley ?
        That would take you down from ur cloud !

      • Dante Ardenz

        The above is a brilliant article,and I thank Astraea for her comments… The Bible is a vicious cut and paste job,which has led Western Society on a course of doom.. As Frederick Neitzche once said”When Rome became Christian,they closed the baths, world got dirty”,and “Anything good about Christianity is not Christian at all. The Classical Church new this and incorporated Pagan Beliefs within is doctrines to keep some progress and sanity… But the Jews,and their toady’s were lurking and injected back the vicious Old Testament Rubbish…Today the Judiac surrounds us.. It places the unnatural as a control over humanity… All must see THE SIVITRI DEVI Archive,to learn more.. Also THE BAD WAR.COM,and for an excellent and TRUE Christian perspective on this: SATAN AT THE WAILING WALL;BROTHER NATHANAEL KAPTNER FOUNDATION.COM… Plus that mans other productions.. THE DAVID IRVONG ACTON REPORT.COM… See how the powerful research of ONE man,can upset the whole system: His books,controversy fascinating.

        • Anonymous

          Give me a break!

        • Anonymous

          A fool quoting another leads nowhere.

        • Anonymous

          Dante, you really should look into our history more. This nation was founded upon the very Christian principles which you deign to be the cause of our downfall. It’s the very Christian ideals and tenets which provided the foundation for our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Without Christianity, we would never have achieved the greatest economic wealth and prosperity and advancement of personal endeavor and ingenuity. It’s this turning away from the blessings of our heritage which has caused the current afflictions we face today.

    • Greg Kreiley

      It certainly in no way: Has anything to do with Masonic Psychiatry;
      which employs the chains of Slavery upon 50 Million Awakened Souls,
      via “CHEMICAL RESTRAINTS” called by some “Psycho-Tropic Lobotomies”.

      The Masonic Psychiatric “Authorities” and or “Experts”,
      also claim an additional 120 to 180 million of us,
      are in need of Mental Illness Diagnosis
      and like their “Affordable Health-Care Act”;
      or in other words: Being Labeled an inferior “NEW JEW”…

      They Play word games by calling: “NORMAL FIGHT/FLIGHT REACTIONS” to the Environmental Threats to our Standards of Living we all face =
      “ABNORMAL MANIC/DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS” of one of their many fictional made up labels of “Mental Illness”…

      All the while: FOR DECADES; claiming they can’t seem to find, their Missing Chemical, in their “Chemical Imbalance Theory”; even though they admit they have figured out DNA and RNA…

      ALSO FOR DECADES: THEY HAVE BEEN CLAIMING; they are “Getting Closer Everyday” to finding this supposedly, Secret Society’s, Mystically Elusive, Magic Chemical, CALLED NORMAL ADRENALINE!!!!

      They must maintain their claims: In order to CONTINUE THEIR GAINS;

    • don

      The average American lives a darn good life compared to the rest of the world and the average American does not know what it is like to suffer but it is coming and it won’t feel good and when it does the real
      America will rise they are waiting.

    • Bryant

      That is an excellent explanation 🙂

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