The Normal Person’s New World Order

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Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“Attention is the universal currency in the quantum economy; we really do get what we pay for.” -Craig Pinegar

The term New World Order (NWO) is ubiquitous in our society nowadays, and is repeated by world leaders, pop-stars, graffiti artists, and scholars.

What does it mean?

Something different to each of us, to be sure, but this term is most often used in relation to the plans for world domination laid out by a conspiring group of occultist elites. Often invoking images of a dystopian nightmare where life on earth is dehumanized, the NWO refers to a coming one-world-government future where suppression of the individual is total, as is the power of the State.

On its own, though, without the associations with Orwellian nightmares and world conspiracies, the term New World Order is rather benign and intriguing, implying that something new is coming, which will include us all, and which will be organized. However, injected into the popular lexicon many decades ago by the literature of the elite and a resonant press, this term now carries with it the dark symbolism of fear, submission, control and conspiracy.

A vision like this of the future certainly is not normal. Psychopathic behavior and diabolical evil stands out in human behavior, and most people are too occupied with life to get wrapped up in conspiring to enslave the planet.

It is not difficult to envision a better new world consumed with entirely different values and objectives. A world where the important things that make society function are not exploited, where people value the earth and kinship more than warfare, distraction and consumerism. Where our ingenuity is put to the betterment of our plight rather than into our own destruction. A world that values life rather than worships death.

All Mighty Language

Language is the most effective tool for controlling human behavior. In this manner, the term NWO is language that is being used to inoculate a society with a particular idea, or vision, for the future. In this case, the idea of the global reign of a new totalitarian system of political and social control.

The human mind is a remarkably complex organism, yet remarkably simple to re-program and tamper with. Shockingly effective, hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are simple and powerful ways of accessing the sub-conscious mind and planting suggestions, which, over time manifest as changes in behavior and beliefs. This works on an individual and it works, as well, on a collected society.

However, hypnotism is not magic; it is science. In order for it to be effective, the subject must be suggestible and be willing to be hypnotized, which the American public certainly is. The act of sitting in front of the television and willfully watching advertisements is one demonstration of suggestibility and willingness to follow orders. Our free will is being both taken and given. But, in this lies hope, should we decide to take responsibility for the state of things.

In a significant way, the population is being linguistically programmed to pre-submit and sub-consciously acquiesce in advance to the tyranny of a technological control system, so that, as this system is being constructed around us, any dissidence can be brushed under with aloof sarcasm and group-think, and any dissidents can be identified, ostracized or Guantanamo-ized. To ourselves we are already enslaved.

America Today – The Current World Order

Perhaps another reason that the term New World Order is so deeply embedded in our collective dialogue is that many of us are truly craving a serious change in our lives and in our world.

In absence of an enticing vision of the future put forth by present leadership, people are seeking some vision to latch onto, they are seeking solace in the future but coming up empty. People need something new, something more to life, something more meaningful than the stresses of being consumers and employees.

Yet, at present there is no inviting prevailing collective vision for the future of society. There is not even a public discussion on how to contain the radiation still leaking from Fukushima. Could it be that there simply is no future for us?

In a sense, the public has now co-opted the ‘New World Order’ from the elite, and uses it as a form of daydreaming. The future is the New World Order, a social construct we are powerless to affect. We use the term New World Order because the world we’ve been conditioned to is destructive and leaves us unfulfilled, which violates our true nature as conscious, spiritual beings. And because the term fills a void, it is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.


How we talk about our future is key in the spiritual war that is taking place. To go forth with virtuous collective intention is imperative right now, and we simply don’t have the leadership for this.

The phrase ‘New World Order’ is both a warning sign from a menacing elite, and a cry of desperation from the rest of us. We are stuck in a world with no enticing vision for the future. The elite are trying to plant an idea in our heads, and at the same time we are searching desperately for a new idea. A dangerous combination.

So, really, you decide, I decide, we all decide, or they decide. And this is critical to remember. Although the elite would like us to believe they have a monopoly on the future, it is clear that their trickery and their bribery can only work if we willingly submit. We have the power, should we choose to get up off of our knees and display it.

By paying attention to what is said about the future, we are buying the future we speak of.

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  1. alex says:

    * Absolutely!…direct & needed to be expressed, to help us navigate thru this forest of thorns…just need to wake up sleeping beauty(Gaia)to shake off the fleas.

  2. dimitri says:

    5 to 10% of us are NOT hypnotizable and are generally immune to “aloof sarcasm and group-think”. Look for new leadership to emerge out of this critical mass. Meanwhile obstructing the stampede of the sheeple grows more and more onerous.

  3. - Excellent article…encompasses how I feel, and how I’ve felt for a number of years. Is wanting a new reality a dream or just a reality which seems unobtainable? Everyday, I wish it is not the latter, however, it seems just to be the reality which is very difficult to accept. As Gandhi mentioned…’I have become the change i would like to see in the World.’ Unfortunately, the good majority of the masses still have apathy as their therapy…

  4. Sleazy P. Martini says:

    Take back the term New World Order and make it your own .

    • CathyKoester says:

      I am troubled that you would even think its ok to use this NWO as something good. Of all the words that could be used as a possitive you use NWO. Its because of articles like this that people will start using NWO as a possitive when the powers at be start using it more. Poeple will think they are being led to a possitive thing when they are really being led to slaughter.Shame on you for leading the people that are waking up right into the matrix of lies.

  5. Wildheart says:

    OPPT…. The corporate governments have been foreclosed, as well as the banks. The spigot has been turned off, the only power they have left is what was already in the hose, and running dry quickly. Have faith and keep heart. The future is very bright, and just around the corner! And Humanity, as One, the People, will create it together – as individual Sparks of Creator/Source.

  6. abinico warez says:

    Evil has been firmly in control now for well over 100 years. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Events like Fukashima, and trends like GMO food, and social undermining by gays are considered non events by the vast majority of people. The number of people fighting this is small and very secretive out of necessity. For the long term the best we can hope for is some balance, and hopefully avoid wide scale destruction.

    • Al Smith says:


      Cheer up! There’s good news!

      The One People’s Public Trust recently, legally, lawfully and rightly made Us the banksters’ Creditors, made them Our debtors and foreclosed on them and their entire matrix of lies. People everywhere are arming themselves with the OPPT to extinguish bank (fraud) debt and issues with the corporate (fake) government.

      Can you say, “Thousand Years of Peace?”

  7. Al Smith says:

    Dear Mr. Fraud (LOL)

    Your article rings of truth.

    The banksters have so successfully demonized democracy that good people now equate it with communism or worse. Without it, we have no way to unite, just as the elite like it. Democracy is a publicly owned, transparent, free system of governance designed to define and fulfill the true will of the People regarding anything that can affect them.

    I built such a system at in 2001. But, the banksters immediately plagued it with mysterious problems (because our unity is their worst nightmare) until they alienated all the members. It’s still online and fully functional, but only as an example of what democracy might look like for some future generation that realizes their need to define their will. Personally, I believe that the mere act of publicly defining our true will will start our mandate’s manifestation.

    I also give away my paper, How We Create Reality, that exposes a universal law the banksters have used against us forever to covertly force us to unwittingly help them manifest their NWO nightmare. They couldn’t do it without Our help. For your free copy, email

    Neither of these truths ever seem to gain a foothold. Humanity seems imune to viable root solutions. But, knowing they’re truth and the right thing to do, I must keep on struggling upstream until I die, which may not be long now. Do you know of anyone with resources and the will to help humanity, who’d like to take this torch from my aging, poor hands for free?

  8. Chase says:

    Don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but ever since i heard about The Venus Project, i always thought that would be the people’s New World Order. I love The Venus Project idea.

    • Kukulkan says:

      The documentry you are referring to is called Paradise or Oblivion by Jaques Fresco. It is on youtube. I too very much like that idea. It lacks in spirituality in the video, but that would be a natural progression for a society based on inner growth and exploration of knowledge rather than materialism/consumerism.

    • CathyKoester says:

      sounds like agenda 21 to me

  9. halderon says:

    There is Al Smith with two conflicting posts again.
    The external comes from the internal. You are what you perceive. If you feel controlled-you are paranoid, or that is the way that you see the world. I see great diagnosis of our problem in these comments–except diagnosing and doing something about it, are two seperate concepts.The problem with everybody wanting somebody to lead-is that no one so far has a scintilla of an idea of what to do. We have become paralyzed by the self that was created through the media, and through propaganda. I see no way to lead us out of this imposed dilemma.If you know of a leader that is on the horizon, let us know. I am getting too old to lead, but I am still a great participant. Tell me what I can do.

    • Gabe says:

      Halderon, Love is the answer. We can lead by example and when the majority of us gets that the rest will follow. Be the change!

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