The Understanding of Spirituality

Belsebuub, Guest Writer
Waking Times

Lots of people search for something spiritual in one way or another, but the term “spiritual” is broad and encompasses a wide range of activities, and can sometimes be elusive.

Spirituality often remains as an interest or a belief, but to reach further means practicing spiritual exercises seriously. If you do nothing about it, you will gain nothing. Nature’s laws in themselves don’t bring about the kind of inner change that leads to awakening.

To understand spirituality you have to practice it, to gain experience, and know the truth. There are things which happen in the world of the spirit which are unseen here and are acting upon every single individual right now. These require an awakening of consciousness to perceive. If you are out of the body you may see something of what’s going on, if you have the required entry level to get to the knowledge.

A person can live two kinds of lives: one of nature or one of the spirit, but can never live both. Either the energies an individual has goes to nature’s purpose, or they go to awakening. If insufficient energies go towards awakening, there is none.

Whoever wishes to fulfill the laws of the spirit has to defeat the laws of nature.

All actions bring consequences and karmic debts are incurred. Being alive is more than being a living physical body; it’s the experience of consciousness in matter, and it’s the destiny of consciousness that really counts.

Each person is a speck of consciousness that is attempting to awaken and return to its point of origin, to the source. That is life’s true journey and story. Consciousness comes into the world of three-dimensional form in order to experience, pay karma, live, suffer, learn and potentially awaken. A true picture of life is multidimensional; everything is temporary here.

  • To find knowledge gain esoteric knowledge if you are able to. If you want true knowledge you will have to go through initiations with their tests, because a path exists to awakening. Most deny that this path exists, but those who have walked along it can testify that it does. It’s very real, and life is centered around it. But few are interested in it. To get to true knowledge, you must walk along that path.

    The world doesn’t want esoteric knowledge, nor the path to enlightenment, most are content never to search, even though the lack of knowledge and diminished spiritual principles means they live in communities of misery.

    Great sacrifices have to be made to be able to awaken. It’s intensely difficult, and whoever wishes to awaken consciousness must be prepared to suffer adversities to be able to walk along that path. If they don’t, they will not meet its requirements.

    Many love to flutter from one spiritual or religious idea to another, or to skip through different practices, groups, or philosophies, eventually settling upon ideologies or religions that fit their ways of thinking, but those who walk along the path are few.

    To those who have never walked upon the path it’s just an idea, another belief that can be dismissed. Those who walk along it change, they are no longer the same; their personality is the same, their body is the same, but their consciousness is different and they feel different, and the way they use their mind is different. That’s unseen to those who are outside of it. No one can understand what the path is unless they walk it, but few are prepared to make the sacrifices that are required to do it.

    Choosing the path of nature leads to despair in the long run, because life has an end, and living outside the path, a person depends upon external things, which change and decay.

    You can create an illusion of a spiritual ideal and live it, while inwardly nothing fundamentally changes. You can have all the ideas you want about enlightenment, you can feel “in the now,” but that’s not to awaken.

    The path is for those who want to awaken; everything else is for those who don’t, who are content with other things. The step of getting onto the path is a hard one and if you do get onto it, keeping going is even more difficult.

    Something lower is sacrificed for something higher and that enables the work to crystallize within. In alchemical transformation, lower matter is sacrificed for the creation of new. In awakening, what is animal in a persons psychology is sacrificed to enable the spiritual to be within. In returning to the source awakened, all spiritual principles and forces are re-absorbed, forming the one, and the one is absorbed into the source.

    About the Author

    Belsebuub is an author and practitioner of esoteric knowledge. He writes primarily on the transformation and exploration of consciousness from over 30 years of dedicated metaphysical experience. He has authored a number of books on out-of-body experiences, consciousness, and spiritual awakening, including The Astral Codex and Gazing into the Eternal, which are free to download on his website

    Belsebuub is the name of his spirit/soul/consciousness. Everyone has their own unique spiritual name; it’s a matter of knowing it.

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