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Nikola Tesla – An Inspirational Genius

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When I went to school, who was portrayed as the greatest genius of all time? Einstein. Who was the greatest inventor? Thomas Edison. The “education system” and media brainwashing system of the contrived matrix has convinced most people that these are indisputable facts. But are they?

Have you heard of a man called Nicola Tesla? If you said no, you’re in good company. I find it very sad that most people have never heard of Tesla.

So who was Nicola Tesla?

Tesla was a Serbian genius who changed the world and whose achievements are unparalleled in the history of applied science. And yet, he is little known and many of his inventions have been hijacked by others. The reasons were political.

Here is a list of some of Tesla’s achievements:

1. Alternating current. The electrical system that the whole world works on today was created by Tesla. Tesla discovered that by using alternating current (A/C power), electricity could be transported over long distances with practically zero loss of energy. Thomas Edison’s direct current “solution,”  by contrast, failed miserably and was eventually abandoned due to the fact that it, well… kept burning down buildings!

And yet, Edison became famous while Tesla was reduced to obscurity. As a matter of fact, the historical record shows that when Tesla arrived in the United States as an immigant, Thomas Edison did everything within his power to destroy Tesla’s chances of doing business in the United States and opposed him every chance he got.

2. Neon and florescent lights. Tesla not only created those lights, but he made them light up with no wires whatsoever, using energy that he injected into the air.

3. X-rays. In school textbooks, the discovery of the x-rays is attributed to Wilhelm Rontgen. Again, the invention was first made by Tesla, who had X-rayed his own hand before any mention of Rontgen’s “discovery.”

4. Radio. Tesla generated the first radio transmission. Not long after, the discovery of the radio was attributed to the now much more famous Marconi, who had great connections with the British aristocracy of the time. As it turns out, after Tesla’s death, Marconi’s “discovery” was overturned by the United States Supreme Court, because Marconi had violated several of Tesla’s patents.

5. Remote control. Tesla created the first remote control device. He controlled a small boat by remote control, to the astonishment of everybody who was there to see it.

6. The Tesla coil. This was a device that generated electricity and pumped it into the environment. It could be pumped into clouds, causing rain, or into the ionosphere. This technology was taken out by both the Soviet and United States militaries, and probably other countries as well. Tesla also left the blueprints for a particle beam, and that project has now been realized by several countries.

7. Bio-electricity and biophysics. Tesla showed that it was possible to use vibrations to kill viruses, cancer cells, bacteria and yeast cells through sympathetic vibrations, just as opera singers can break crystal glasses with the vibration of their voices. This idea was later taken up by a scientist named Royal Raymond Rife, who began to use it in a healing capacity.

8. Ozone. Tesla was the first man to create an ozone generator and inject the ozone into olive oil, in order  to  then use the olive oil for healing by oxygenation.

This is a very basic introduction, and for me it’s a labor of love. Tesla’s achievements go way beyond the scope of this article, and I hope that you look him up yourself or get some documentaries about this great genius.

I recommend the videos here and here.

The life of Nicola Tesla is yet another example of how history can be manipulated by those in power. It’s a story of how a man who changed the world with his discoveries has been left out of the history books, out of the schools and out of the collective consciousness. It’s an example of what I call the contrived matrix.

After all, there is no excuse. Tesla is the man who made it possible for us to have electricity in our homes. Tesla wired up entire cities. He transformed the way people live. To top it all off, he did everything he could to teach society how to create cheap and clean energy. Perhaps that’s why he was metaphorically buried while he was still alive and died poor, living in a hotel room. He threatened too many economic interests.

Tesla had integrity. His aim was to improve the life of humanity and not his own lot in life.

Nicola Tesla is a true inspiration.

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  • katesisco

    Tesla was born in a ferocious lightning storm. He went on to discover an energy separate from but aligned with electron energy, electricity. His discovered energy Tesla described as a compressed gas.

    50 years later we still have no applications referencing this cold white light. Why? Book by P Lindemann

    Could it be that this energy is aligned with the human force? It is possible people like Tesla with his photographic memory, his phenomenal ability to envision the entire construction similar to the builder of the Great Giza Pyramid, and other infrequent geniuses thru time, are products of a special time and place?

    That this energy works thru the individual? Is released only with the individual in focus? Otherwise how to explain why this energy has not been utilized? That the brain of this individual has been acclimatized in an environment of massive negative ions? Such as in a thunderstorm.

    It may be that our planet Earth may have had a much more negative ion atmosphere in the distant past that allowed most to achieve this level of understanding but energy from the sun,Sol, has fallen to low to permit that now.

    An interesting artifact from ancient times is a platinum belt buckle found in China, which would require a tech not then known. S Keane in The Disappearing Spoon (about the elements of the periodic table) states platinum holds 200x its weight in hydrogen and science is unable to explain this.

  • hp

    Not to mention Tesla’s awe, appreciation and use of the Sanskrit Vedas.

  • Albert Einstein was a plagiarist, so fitting of the tribe he originated from. Nikola Tesla on the other hand was an authentic genius who originates from a proud people “the Serbs” who have been demonized by the tribe and whose land (Kosovo) has been stolen from them by force and given to bandits and criminals from the Albanian mafia. You could say birds of feather flock together. Watch the war criminal Madeline Albright (AllBlight) from the tribe scream in a shrill voice “get out, get out” to charges of war crimes. Tesla was the real inventor. Lately others have come along replicating in a crude manner his discoveries and then running to obtain patents on what is not even an original idea, all dreaming of millions and billions of dollars. These spiritual pigmies keep reinventing the wheel and in the process consigning humanity to a dark fate. None of them have the spirit of Tesla by freely sharing whatever knowledge they may have stumbled upon with the rest of humanity so that we may all circumvent the greed and oppression of the evil Rothschilds and the blood thirsty tribe.

    • jujube

      Well said, good knowledge base. It’s sickening how willfully ignorant people cannot wrap their heads around your described reality and do something about it.

    • Bobby

      Albert Einstein was a genius of the highest order. He wasn’t an experimentor, but a genius none-the-less. He was well-known by hundreds of the greatest scientists of the day, and they all attested to his genius. Whether the man was likable or not, is irrelevant.

  • roberto

    Tesla was Number 1 then and now; an unmatched genius.

    • Italics Mine

      It whacks the brain that such a genius for invention died in poverty. Even if Alva Edison detested him, how could this happen?

      • Bobby

        He was too eccentric, and other people were jealous.including Edison. Simple as that. People have never been great at supporting other people, especially eccentrics. The reason is,mediocrity rules the day, it always has and it always will.

  • Tex Norton

    Admittedly one cannot tell the whole story in a brief article, but here are a couple of additional important points: Tesla was very well known and respected in the 1920s and 1930s so when he proposed to the US Government that he could make the USA impervious to foreign invasion for $1 million, it was not a frivolous offer. Yet the US Government, in their infinite wisdom, declined his offer. George Westinghouse hired Tesla to “electrify” Niagara Falls with his alternating current system thus proving Edison’s system to be unacceptable for general usage. Finally, Royal Raymond Rife was a medical doctor, not “just a scientist,” who really did cure cancer with his invention in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Dr. Rife was well known and well respected until the Medical Profession realized he was about to put an end to their very lucrative cancer research funding. They then turned on Rife and literally destroyed him and his work. Such is the way of politics and greed.

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  • Christopher Harriosn

    I am a subscriber to your newsletter. You do very good work and I am glad that there are folks like you who work to get the truth out. I enjoyed your piece on Nicola Tesla. I too have done a lot of research on this Serbian genius whose ideas were hijacked and attributed to others.
    Thank You.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for bringing Nikola Tesla to the front again. I was following whatever I coud find on him some years ago, and I am delighted you have been instrumental in ‘discovering’ him again. There is so much more. Imagine lighting up whole city utilising the lightning of a storm in the Rocky Mountains.But he was a threat to the ‘establishment’ and many of his dozens of registered patents have been stolen to be utilised by ‘big business’. Again Thank you.

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