Pineal Gland – Our Third Eye: The Biggest Cover-Up in Human History

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The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.

The Secret : What they don’t want you to KNOW!

Every human being’s Pineal Gland or The third eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies and enables you to have the sense of all knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with help of meditation, yoga or various esoteric, occult methods, enables a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection or remote viewing.

With more advance practice and ancient methods it is also possible to control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world. Yes, it is bizarre, but the United States, former Soviet Union governments and various shadow organization have been doing this type of research for ages and have succeed far beyond our imagination.

Pineal Gland is represented in Catholicism in Rome; they depict the pineal as a pine cone in art. The ancient societies like the Egyptians and the Romans knew the benefits and exemplified this in their vast symbologies with a symbol of an eye.

Pineal Gland reference is also in back of the U.S. dollar bill with what is called the ‘all seeing eye’, which is a reference to the ability of an individual (or group of individuals) to use this gland and go to the other side (spiritual world) and possibly control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world by knowing what they are thinking at all times in our physical world.

Various research being conducted so far confirms that there are certain periods in the night, between the hours of one and four in the morning where chemicals are released in the brain that bring about feelings of connectedness to one’s higher source.

The Conspiracy : How they are Killing your Pineal Gland

In the late 90′s, a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke carries out the first study the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland. She determined that the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain, was a target for fluoride. The pineal gland simply absorbed more fluoride than any other physical matter in the body, even bones.

Pineal gland is like a magnet to sodium fluoride. This calcifies the gland and makes it no longer effective in balancing the entire hormonal processes through the body.

Various Researches every since have proved Sodium Fluoride goes to the most important gland in the brain? It’s the only thing that attacks the most important center of our gland in the brain. It’s prevalent in foods, beverages and in our bath and drinking water. Sodium Fluoride is put in 90% of the United States water supply. Water filters you buy in supermarkets do not take the fluoride out. Only reverse osmosis or water distillation. The cheapest way is to buy a water distiller.

Sodium Fluoride is in our water supply, food, pepsi, coke, to dumb down the masses, literally!.  The fluoride was introduced into the water by the Nazis and the Russians in their concentration camps to make the camp population docile and do not question authority.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I believe that if you take away the seat of the soul, this disconnects our oneness with our god and power of our source our spirituality and turn us into a mundane slave of secret societies, shadow organizations and the control freak corporate world.

Applied psychology graduate programs take a closer look into potential conspiracies and what leads a person to think it or follow it. They also go in depth with the scientific aspects of this, like studying the brain and behaviors of people in certain situations

I like to end my article with this quote..

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

– :Buddha

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  • Regarding: “…but I believe that if you take away the seat of the soul, this disconnects our oneness with our god and power of our source our spirituality..”
    This is the crux of it. It explains why so many accept the Program. I would suggest that drinking flouridated water may not entirely destroy the pineal gland. I have been drinking flouridated water all my life. I realise what it’s doing to me but I am still able to perceive my connection to all and God. Perhaps it’s stopping me from astral travel though, as I am hopeless at it. I’ve thought of drinking only distilled for two weeks (strictly) and see what difference it makes but never seem to get around to doing it. If anyone has tried would love to hear results.

  • sorgfelt

    It is a shame that any of us feel it necessary to claim “…I am not a consipracy theorist…”, especially when we really are. Our “intelligence services” use that label to discredit anyone not to their liking. We should never have to say it. I will say it: I am a conspiracy theorist and proud of it.

    Note: You really do need to provide references.

  • Darrell Dorsay

    Because most are very closed units. But science is catching up but they need proof and stuff before belief (remember flat earth theory) despite centuries of first hand accounts, knowledge and teaching. You fellows are so cute that way. Keep up the good work however and we meet together in the end and giggle like school girls at mankind’s silly, egotistical arrogance and self blindness.

  • Would have been more credible if the writer didnt use fake Buddha quotes….

  • Ghengis Khan

    I can’t believe the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, are you all dumb ass americans? You don’t make sense because none of you have a decent degree of literacy. The pineal gland exists and beyond that none of you have a clue.

    • Anonymous

      I am very new to information about the pineal gland. If it has to do with higher consciousness why are you asking questions like “are you all dumb ass Americans?” I would say you are lacking a decent degree of literacy also because Americans is spelled with a capital A. I do not claim to be highly educated because it is my first year of college but I am smart enough to know that cutting people down is only a result of giving into your ego. Before you call me a hypocrite I will go ahead and claim that for myself. I apologize for feeling patriotic about my country and allowing myself to choose the same level of communication as you. It takes a certain level of ignorance to make stereotypical claims. I am an accounting major so please forgive my grammar if it is not perfect.

  • James

    Buddism and Masonry both do not open up the third eye except on those persons that have learned many levels of knowledge and passed many levels of tests (30 or more).
    You say that the knowledge of the pineal gland was suppressed, what need would there be for suppression if all were born with the third eye open? It is closed for a reason, not all humans can handle the greater reality that it exposes. It is said that schizophrenics have their third eye opened at a frequency that they see into the demonic realms, the purpose of the levels of knowledge and tests before opening up the pineal gland is for the benefit of all individuals that cannot handle that knowledge.
    Could you believe that the sa tanic religion opens third eyes to a different frequency than the Buddhists do? The third eye can be opened at different frequencies, similar to a TV where you turn the knob to different channels and see different programs, can you imagine if the new world order opened all humans’ third eyes to one frequency….that of the demonic realm? It is possible that schizophrenics that see demons have their third eye open at that frequency. The masses would go insane if all day their third eye was seeing demons. View the movie, “In The Mouth of Madness”, a Jane Fonda-Ted Turner movie co choice. Even in primitive cultures the third eye is not opened for all and especially children. So what you call suppression is benefaction and having had my third eye opened once, I understand this benefit.
    I do not seek to have my third eye opened as once is enough to know that we live in a multidimensional reality and that there is a reason to keep the third eye closed and restricted to those that have proven they can handle it without going insane. There are persons that have astral travelled and lost their sanity so if you think that it is a toy then you take immature risks. I pray you don’t, if you have the need to know then find a proven group of adepts that you have well investigated because there are evil doer adepts that can lead you to the loss of your soul. Beware!

    • Anonymous

      Well said!

    • The Demon

      Demonic realms? Dude, get a grip hahaha.

      • Ann

        Just cause you dont believe, does’nt mean somethng is not true– Be careful!!

  • David

    There is much information here on the subject of the third eye & fluoride. Rife frequencies have been known to stimulate this gland & de-calcify it. As well as Ayawasca & DMT stimulation. Cilantro oil helps with heavy metal detox from chem trails & Fluoride. I have had 4 near death experiences with no brain or heart activity, yet I was quite aware. If someone says there is no proof of a soul then keep your opinion silent. Unless you have had a near death experience or OBE don’t allow ignorance to fill your heart. Just feel there may be a possibility of an eternal consciousness.

    • SYLVIE

      I have had 2 near-death experiences, you have had 4..May I ask, what is your conclusion of what happened in those 4 NDE’s…How do you interpret what happened?
      was your life changed? by them ? or do you wish not to talk about it?

      I appreciate any feedback you may email me at with your feedback/response.

      Thank You

    • TheUsualSmearGame

      I have had one NDE. It forever changed me. I am curious. Did you have a lot of depression afterwards or other changes?

  • prioris

    When the author said that he is not a “conspiracy theorist”, it raises a red flag on credibility and potential disinformation. one needs to do their own research.

    • Darrell Dorsay

      I’m not a raccoon but believe that washing hands in the river is a healthy thing. But do your own research because I said that. “AHHH Red Flag! Red Flag!”

  • Michael . H

    Okay, so I’m going to start off by saying that I do not agree or disagree with anything written in the article. I just want to point out that absolutely nothing this author has said has been supported with factual evidence of any kind. You cannot make a statement such as, “The fluoride was introduced into the water by the Nazis and the Russians in their concentration camps to make the camp population docile and do not question authority.”, without telling your audience where that information came from. This shows that the author either doesn’t know where this information came from (ie. some stoned 28 year old living in his parents basement, a scientific journal, or the source was lost somewhere down the grapevine after hundreds of people have reposted the same general concept), made it up by him/herself, or doesn’t believe in sharing his/her sources with his audience so they believe him/her on blind faith. Now I speculate that the majority of people reading these articles claim to be atheists, and not believe something because some man dressed in white behind an alter is telling it is 100% true. But what are you doing here? Believing somebody that sits behind their keyboard and can type anything they please, as long as it resonates with a portion of the general public that believe they are educating themselves with scientific articles. I’m sorry but if you are reading these articles as fact, you are being preyed on by the people that are profiting on the advertisements they have on their webpage. Before you read something that you may or may not agree with, look back and ask yourself, who wrote this, where did they get this information from, do they themselves believe this information, do they make a profit of people clicking on this page and reading this? I encourage people to research both sides of the argument like I am doing on this webpage. You might find that the pages written by experts in the subject that are no different from you and I, but have dedicated their lives to separate the fact and the fiction with factual scientific evidence, experiments and sources might just be the ones with a different opinion then your own, and the ones with advertisements filling 90% of the page with no sources, and written by someone with little to no knowledge in the field the are writing about is the person you’re believing. That’s the beautiful thing about science, sometimes you’re wrong and you have to accept that.

    Signed, a 16-year-old Canadian boy who hopes people learn to educate themselves on both sides of the argument before definitively believing on side over the other.

  • George

    I downloaded the pineal gland activation app off playstore and have being doing my best to decalcify and activate ever since then…can anyone recommend any good music to accompany mediation to activate the third eye?

    • Skylar Thomas

      Music in the Key of OM ~John Abercrombie

      • Kevin A Parkinson

        Do you mean Jack DeJohnette? 🙂

        • Skylar Thomas

          oops… thanks

  • Matt

    These comments are really heated.

    First off, there is no god and astral planes smell like bullshit. But I am concerned about the effects of sodium fluoride on my body. I hate that the government puts it in water and I find it highly suspicious, and suspect it is for a conspiratorial purpose. I’ve heard fluoride fucks with your hormones, and whatever the case may be, it CERTAINLY doesn’t help your teeth in drinking water, which is what is the biggest red flag for me. Why would the government care about our teeth? And implement a solution that clearly doesn’t work on a massive scale? It’s the same thing as the government restriction our rights for our ‘security’ it’s bullshit.

    So I’m going to buy a water distiller…

    By the way, I HAVE noticed an increase in fluoride in commercial products. It’s like you can’t escape it…

    • Anonymous

      youre right I can smell the increase in fluoride and chlorine, but there are othet smells too.

    • Darrell Dorsay

      I hope you do remove the fluoride from your system and de-calcify your 3rd eye gland. It may lead you to new things you have not experienced opening doors and new insights about life. I also encourage you to remain humble regarding what you think you KNOW. Stay open encouraging self exploration. While no one has ever flown an astral plane, many people have opened conscienceness and found new realms of being for centuries. Millions are becoming aware today as science admits to forces and energies that indeed exist but they cannot explain yet. Stay thirsty my friends.

      • shawncorrigan

        i admit i believe my third eye is broken. but this is true. when there is a tidal wave guess who runs to high ground before it comes. the animals. this is well documented.
        they have intelligence that i believe we as programmed people have lost, and guess who sits there and drowns ?? we do, us smarty pants people, even the ones who spout about having insite into the wide world of higher intelligence drown so what is the explanation of this ??.
        on a personal note this happened to me, my wife comes down to the pasture as i was standing within 40 or so feet of my 9 goats and one holstein steer. she informed me that my friend had just commited suicide,
        i displayed zero emotions as this person was not too close to me,but was a little more than an aquaintance.(my wife didnt know him too well ) all the animals walked very close to me pushing against me and standing very quiet and sullen,even the big huge steer. why ? it seemed they sensed something even before i heard from my wife what had happened.
        i believe the animals have a good third eye, they drank well water and had the best diet.

  • g

    Apols if already stated but too many comments to read but it has been said that the P gland also produces DMT

  • I am really happy to read this blog posts which carries lots of helpful data,
    thanks for providing such information.

  • Matthew

    The big show used to eat toothpaste. He was so poor he used to put a line of toothpaste in the middle of a slice of bread, fold the bread and then eat it. He seems to be mentally/”spiritually” in good health?

  • Power Unseen

    You can tell if someone has done their homework as soon as they open their mouth.

  • Arular Akbar

    Jimi Hendrix’s Third eye was definitely open!

  • d’Artagnan

    In as much as any individual can have an opinion, any other given individual can fabricate facts(religion, common sense, logic and laws). Humans have the need to believe in something, call it a ‘higher existance’, and that is why it is so easy to create a cult-like folowing for almost any random idea(conspiracy theories and so forth) one can think of. I mean there are way too many religions in this world. If there is something that I firmly believe in, it is that every soul on this Earth has a truth to it, find your truth, whatever you believe in is what will mould your identity. Know yourself, know your truth, find and keep your righteous mind. Love. Peace. Happinenss. #HiiiPoWer
    As far as the pineal gland is concerned, do what you want with it, believe in it or don’t believe in it as the third eye. But whatever you do, learn to develop an unshakable faith in it,with every fibre of your being. Liberty.

  • herbert

    can somebody help my daugther how to close her third eye she is 11 years old only thanx

  • Julius

    Listen to Ab Soul – Pineal Gland, gotta try DMT in the future

  • Anonymous

    You people believe everything you read, watch or hear. If there was some type of secret to the universe you wouldn’t know it. You all are very confused. Nobody will know the truth. You know why? Because if there was an Illuminati(not saying there isnt), mason, skull and bones, whatever the hell they want to call themselves they would hide their secret so deep and far away from the internet. They put out all these rumors of pineal gland, aliens, re-writing history, doing whatever they can to confuse you. You will never know the truth. I’m sorry. Just work on bettering yourself as a human being. We are stronger together as a whole. Individuals calling eachother fucktards or some derogatory name is not helping anybody. We are doomed as a human race until we learn to work together. We won’t though. Stop worrying about the truth and start making your own. But until then people… Keep living your lives in the selfish manner you do now. It will only pay off to the ones you are so afraid of.

    • SYLVIE

      I do so much agree with with your ‘truth’ in what you wrote..I also believe that all people, have their own truth, their own ‘mission’ in life…we all have a purpose here, one that, many never ‘know’ what it was, mainly because their purpose was to show another, what can happen if you live like ‘then’,homeless,drug addicts, etc…in those people we see what can happen if we never find our ‘truth’..i believe those people, ‘lost’ theirn sense of their truth in this world…but,at last,one can practice,
      ‘free will’ all things written, it either is, or isn’ each one..
      the truth is only to you, what you feel is right, to others, it might not be…such as religions, or cults..they all have people who believe that that GOD or that belief systems is their truth…while others, don’t believe its their truth, and so on…the only truth, that we can feel is true, is that which in in yourself and others who feel like yourself..
      Yes, the pineal gland maybe or not be, the eye of the soul, or whatever it is, to whoever is ‘judging’ it…the ONLY one truth in this that DEATH, shall come to each one of us..EVERYTHING else, is the wonder we find in life..that is why there are so many ‘variations’ of humans, and human life…but at the end…it leads us all to one END…and that is the only truth, that is true to our existence as humans…where we go? we go to heaven or hell? do we just stop existing? one knows..even our own death is a ‘wonder’ a one can acutally ‘affirm’ what the pineal gland is, because we don’t have ‘absolute proof’ of what it is…we can only gather in numbers to accept what it is…as humans have done so forever….just because one says that is the color it? many yes, but maybe one perceives it as ‘yellow’…does that make it untrue just because one person say its yellow to them?…see the truth in what it is to you….and only you….


  • grugach42

    There are several studies too that show prolonged exposure to melatonin does essentially resensitise the adenylate cyclase system, overriding previous floride inhibitionary (lack of) response. So if you’re concerned, perhaps supplimenting with melatonin would help ease your mind of floride worries, both figuratively and literally.

  • grugach42

    Sigh. Good points, everyone, but can’t we stop being so hostile? Or is your pineal gland blinded by a florinated cataract that you cannot see through your own offensive natures? It IS possible to have a discussion, point out wrongness without being pointedly insulting. It goes a long way on making or breaking the way truth is perceived by others trying to delineate it through a sea of information.

    • HermiticWonderer

      Gee I was JUST going to leave a comment which encompassed all the points in yours grug! Ahh the benefits of reading ahead!

      I agree and would add –
      this post is a nice little hologram of our global situation.
      Truth (or an “out-of-the-box thought) is offered up and then the Orwellian-agenda-vultures swoop down to defend their ignorance.

      It is time we simply grow up – read an article, assimilate the information, move on with your life.

      If everyone refused to argue or insult another person then those who wish to do so would be left arguing with themselves (…once again another global metaphor!).

      Love to you all 🙂

    • TheUsualSmearGame

      I agree and admit I do this a lot. I have a pituitary tumor and I want to heal this. It is so easy to fall into the hostility when this world is so heavy with it. Oh to be out of here and light and loved and in total bliss. I miss it.

  • Anonymous

    This is why I filter my water with ZeroWater Filters. I don’t want someone else governing what goes in my water. I want pure water free of any type of chemicals or drugs.

  • Thor

    Those with eyes will see and even a blind man will find his way. IF one person receive this knowledge then good. Let the dead lead the dead.

    Thanks for the article!

  • alf

    Oh really..the hand symbols and stuff go way back in hollywood history…Eddie Murphy does it in Beverly hills cop part one haha i watched it last night’…and as for the floride its my own obligation to take care of my teethand bones i dont need the government trying to help out.. They need to focus on the bigger issue of our species (a fungus like intelligent organism) that is killing our own host which would be the earth itself.

  • Flapjack

    I consider myself to be open minded, a free thinker. I do not discredit facts or even opinions immediately because that’s impolite for one, and ignorant for two.

    That being said, here’s what I know:
    1. Our perception is the only way to gain information about the world around us. This means that flaws in our perception create flaws in reality.
    2. There are substances that our brain produces that alter our perception, therefore altering our reality. This does not mean that the natural world has changed. This, however, is hard to grasp because our perception is our only indicator of change.
    3. The pineal gland has been known to produce neurotransmitters (those ‘substances’ I mentioned before), as well as suggested to produce some DMT, a very famous alterer of perception.
    4. These substances are major catalysts to dreaming and dream states, and their effects are almost identical to those described in “spiritual”, “near death”, and “other worldy” experiences.

    With that information, it can be hypothesized that the pineal gland is a ‘center for spirituality’ but because it can so radically change our perception. Calcification of the pineal gland alone has no major effects on normal brain function and flouride has not been shown to affect it. (Flouride is put in the water for dental reasons, though admittedly it is overused. It affects bacteria and replaces calcium ions* to make bones stronger. However, it is not severe enough to cause over-flouridation.)

    In conclusion, there is no reason to derive mystical assumptions from facts about it’s function. As for theories about conspiracies and various topics mentioned in the comments section, they have no solid basis in factual evidence; it is dangerous to make random assumptions from observations about nature.

    Lastly, calling someone a ‘sheep’ (or claiming that their argument is invalid because they are under the influence of flouride) is a method of solving cognitive dissonance. The instigator can’t wrap their head around the idea that someone who is rational thinks their claim is faulty, so instead of evaluating their claim they dismiss the person.


  • Chuckles

    The quote is a fake… I would have kind of believed that the Nazi

  • Anonymous

    The trolls that have commented on here should serve as proof that fluoride in the brains of sheep like humans eventually causes indifference and a complete disregard for anything serious except for their own childlike attention seeking antics. Good article.

  • JAM

    P.S.: If young children can’t use tooth paste containing Fluoride because they might swallow it, then why is it in our water.

    • Brad Mundie

      Because it’s a chemical waste bi product of aluminum manufacturing and they have nothing else to do with it but sell it to the water companies to put into your water to make you sick…not only does fluoride dumb you down but it also causes cancer.

      • Joe

        Because there is only a tiny amount in our water supply, but there is a very significant amount in a typical squirt of toothpaste. Fluoride occurs naturally in our bodies in small amounts. It is only in higher amounts that it becomes dangerous.

        • shawncorrigan

          ive read that calcium fluoride occurs more in nature whereas sodium ,hexo,hydro sisilic acid fluoride come from the production of aluminum and fertilizer. this is said to be the sh-eye-t that is sold to municipalities for the dumping into the water supplies. have you researched this?

  • JAM

    Ever wonder why the people in Europe are healthier than the people in the USA. They don’t put toxins in the water nor on their crops or in their farm animals. They outlawed the use of genetically modified organisms. The USA does not export the food we eat to those countries. That food is different. Even Russia won’t buy our beef.

    • shawncorrigan

      i spent 2 months in spain walking the camino,i felt so much better i want to move there, i listed 8 things in my health that greatly improved. i was 54 walked 1100 km.
      i have had headaches for 49 years after a head injury. while there zero headaches except one nite when i drank american sugary mixer in a cocktail. it was very dramatic and obvious.
      my wife read of an american man with terminal cancer given 3 months to live at age 52 . he goes to his families homeland the island of ibiza to die, he lives past 90. working on the old family farm. google it.
      this is real. something is going on and we need to fix it.

  • Anonymous

    Where can i get water that doesn’t contain Fluoride ??????

  • Vail Breaker

    it all boiles down to the truly most useles thing in the world …money the ones at the top whant money… we gess wtf money realy means to the reality of true power …….(comon gess)…………JACK SHIT shure money can do all kinds of things(inderectly) but in trueth when it boiles down to it you still die and regardless of how much money you had your life ment nothing the only real way to gaine real power the right way is to be good be connected and be hole and as a resolt you will be rememberd that is power that is imortality

    • Anonymous

      Get a spell checker bro

  • anonymous

    Whatever the truth may be a believe that water should be pure. It should not have any chemicals at all. I hate when I go to my sink and turn the faucet on that I smell the chemicals that are used to “cleanse” the water I drink. As far as fluoride, I am in the dental field and I understand why they want to put fluoride in water but I still believe that water should be pure and if someone wants additives then they can add them themselves. The government controls everything, I didn’t want it to be my water.

  • Well written and i am subscribed to you

  • heyho

    the problem with this is that every claim you make is extrapolated
    you are not backing up any of it with REAL evidence.

    you say that the Catholics depicted the pineal gland as a pine-cone. Well how the fuck do you know they weren’t just depicting a pine cone?

    How do you know that Sodium Fluoride is in the water supply BECAUSE people are trying to dumb you down? That’s called an extreme case of BIASED OPINION. Do you have some type of official document that shows that it was put there for the purpose of dumbing down the masses? No, you don’t.

    I like how you put that quote at the end as well. Because I don’t believe a word you said just because you said it.

    You have to have VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE, not just things that SEEM like evidence to a biased observer.

    • ebrahim

      I think that all perspectives may be correct as long as you present them with true belief in it’s validity. Science is the practice of documenting what is already in existence and not the creation of anything new as what already exists is already evolving. Take gold for example. All matter is made up of particles held together by other particles. does this make the spaces in between them less significant? “What is not there is as important as what is”!!! While what can be seen is as important as what cannot be seen. I have yet to meet the scientist who can show me an atom, or an electron. Science can only make a representation of what it claims and seeks a following just as does religion.

  • eric

    Yoga, meditation, pranayama and vaasiyogam all talk about this pineal gland..called Ajna Chakra..the whole concept of Hinduism and Buddhism is to activate the chakras so that we can be enlightened and gain the wisdom to realise and be one with the Creator…Science has yet to discover these truths…the only people who have turned religion into a field of science are the Hindus..particularly the Tamils…

  • dan the man

    you people are sick. this thread makes you dumber than fluoride ever could. read a book, then when you’re done… read another book. then rub the crust off your third eye… (which was crusty because of fluoride in our water of course,) and read another. find spiritual enlightenment on your own, not from some dweeb with a keyboard.


    • Jack

      Books are created by people and these comments are created by people. In reality, an author is no different than the “dweeb with a keyboard”
      Truth and enlightenment can only be found within ourselves. After all, we are the ones who make the final decision to believe that something is true or not. And in a way, everything is true until proven false

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please tell me how sodium fluoride CALCIFIES the pineal gland? Sodium is common in almost everything and fluorine is found in trace amounts in many natural sources. Neither of those elements are calcium, nor is there any proposed mechanism for either to form hardened plaques in the absence of calcium.


    @Anonymous. Jesus is I AM. Trinity is a lie. Acts 2:38 is the salvation message. He who believes AND IS BAPTIZED shall be saved. Jesus name embodies the Father, Son, and Spirit. We are saved THROUGH HIS NAME. Acts 10:43 All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.” Acts 4:12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Acts 22:16 And now what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on his name.’Acts 2:38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:39 For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. Like it says in Hebrews 2:3 How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him. HOLY SPIRIT EVIDENT BY SPEAKING IN TONGUES. Done hunting, time to reap.

    • eric

      where was jesus from 12 till his 30th year? ever wondered….?

  • Louie Bloo Rasperry

    FALSE FALSE FALSE DOES NOT COMPUTE. Lets see. We got a paragraph copied from wikipedia ( ), then a bunch of stuff designed to make us hate our government. You say:

    “Various research being conducted so far confirms that there are certain periods in the night, between the hours of one and four in the morning where chemicals are released in the brain that bring about feelings of connectedness to one’s higher source.”

    What are these unspecified chemicals? What is this “higher source”? Please note that the writer of this article has only written it for praise from all the crazy people who read articles on this site.

    Also, which magical world will the Pineal Gland help me reach? Spiritual? The “higher source”? Please tell me.

    If what I’ve written is completely wrong and overly skeptical, please tell me, because my cat just died and I all my attempts at contacting her have not worked. Time to buy a water distiller…

    • Anonymous

      Science. Politics. Religion. Ah, the three most mind numbing topics ever! It won’t change, unfortunately. Scientists want proof of everything. If they took a poo they’d want to carbon date it to see how long it’s been brewing. If politicians would be REAL with their people the wheels of freedom might turn a little and their foolish personas would diminish. If all of the religious groups would take a chill pill, realize that they all can’t be right, and give an honest effort to seek out their god(s) they would truly find the one Great Creator. The reality is, people are blind folded. Not literally, of course, but spiritually.

      I am none of these. I’m not a scientist, politician, or a “religious” nut; however, I have found Jesus Christ. This is where many will lose all interest of continuing to read and many that do continue will do so with great skepticism- and that’s the problem with all three areas. People seem to be so convinced in their knowledge and discoveries that they can’t listen to other views. Hence to ongoing debates, but here goes:

      I don’t have stern opinions about any of the comments I have read above. I agree on many levels with the comments posted by others; however, I know that I know that I know that there is another realm. A realm where the Great Creator dwells. How I know isn’t found in a text book. It comes from the Holy Bible; however, just merely knowing the book, the history of events, the science included, the lineage described or anything else written in black and white is not what I’m talking about. I’ll illustrate with my testimony.

      A few years back I was in the local book store looking for a new book to read. When I came across the Bibles I picked on up and thumbed through the pages. I thought to myself that there has to be boo coos of information in here. After all, it’s the most controversial book of all times. I bought it!

      Later that evening I opened it to the book of Romans, simply because I have heard of it before. I read nearly the entire chapter and was somewhat intrigued- so I continued. After reading most of the books written by Apostle Paul, I began to feel my inner self. I felt like I actually cared about the contents of the book but that was just the beginning. I didn’t know how to pray, but in my inner being, I reluctantly mumbled to the God in which this book was written by. “If you’re real, I’d like to know.” That feeling of care deep down enhanced drastically. It wasn’t merely that I cared about the book, but I found myself caring about people that I never thought I could. I found myself overwhelmed with joy for days on end. I would wake up smiling. I sensed that the God in which I mumbled to heard that prayer, and answered it. I surrendered to that inner feeling. That had to have been Jesus; however, that’s not the miraculous thing. Everything that I experienced, as far as my spiritual eye being open, me seeking God, knowing what true “sin” is, having a fun understanding of the fallen world (the punishment for the original sin). Everything began to click in place. To have an actual encounter with the divine requires the one to have the want to. It’s so simple. Seek him through the Bible on a quest to know him. It’s not gaining a knowledge as you would with most books, merely being informed, it’s reading the very words from the Great Creator and being transformed.

      The reality is, that when the first people sinned, God gave them the option to sin. In his sovereignty he wanted men to love him under their own will. To follow his commands is to demonstrate love. Not the Ten Commandments that is often thought, but the command to love. He is love. That’s why Jesus Christ came in the flesh, to show that the actual law “Ten Commandments” were nothing more than proof that we are born into sin and that we cannot people those laws to get to Heaven.

      So here people are, in blindness and separated from God. We are born unto the god of this world, Satan. And must be born again into God to return tot he natural order. The only way to return to the natural order, which was planned before the fall of man, is realize that we’re lost from God, that we are born unto sin and under Satan as part of the curse, and that because we were born in sin we must lay these bodies down for resurrection. Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven. Simply believing what he has done. God the Father required a pure blood sacrifice for the remission of our sins. The only one that was worthy was Jesus, so he stepped out of the trinity to do just that. We must begin to follow Christ. Follow Christ? To use his model in the book Matthew as our way of living, believing in him (his Word, the Bible- Romans through Philemon are for us) and the moment one truly believes, Jesus will meet you right then. It’s an amazing experience. 🙂 But you have to hear/read the word to build your faith to please God. Faith is the ONLY way we can please God.

      Soooo, put aside the thoughts of science, politics, and religion and gear your search toward finding the one and only living God. He WILL reveal himself to you and you WILL experience him- but you need to begin your search so his grace will remove your blindfold. That is if you hadn’t yet. The key to having an experience with the divine is to continuously seek him through reading and praying, reading and praying. If you have an experience, I promise, you’ll remember this.

      And that above is why I don’t care about any of that. The Bible mentions what all has happened, what is happening now (to those who’s blindfold is lifted) and what will happen. have now worries- READ AND PRAY! 🙂 Happy hunting.

    • eric

      For a start read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’by Paramahansa Yoganantha

  • Jane

    Excellent article, just a shame about the negative comments and cynicism but then again enlightenment is still to come for the masses.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Levi

    You all can’t be serious right?
    “You haven’t had an experience, you wouldn’t know”
    Reminds me of people i know that take DMT and or have schizophrinia.
    By the way, JPree has the right state of mind on this, you ignorant assholes.

  • John Smith

    I think mass fetal alcohol syndrome due to pregnant women drinking, even minimally, has more to do with the dumbing down of a population – in conjunction with a degraded education system due to funding cuts, lazy parenting, using the TV to babysit kids. As long as the majority of doctors say that one glass of alcohol a day is fine when you’re pregnant, there will always be some kind of brain damage.

    One of the big signs of fetal alcohol syndrome is the difficulty in processing new information. When you explain something to somebody a dozen times, and they just don’t get it.

    The more severe cases of FAS are stunted intellectual development, aggression, stunted emotional growth…

    Less severe cases, the individual can make it through school, work, function normally in society…but he’s just a little off – not as bright as others…imagine this on a national level, and has been going on since the existence of alcohol.

    Yet, there is no attention to this. It would be nice if the Alex Jonses of the world would bring attention to this as much as fluoride. At least there are studies showing that fluoride poisoning can be reversed. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome cannot; you’re stuck with it for life.

    Because the effects are seen en mass in high risk populations such as the homeless, prostitutes, street gang members, drug abusers, nobody in mainstream media or the (shrinking) middle class gives a rats ass.

  • Fluoride in drinking water, solar radiation management aka chemtrails, aspartame, vaccines, genetically modified food, truth withheld-distorted-buried-denied by media, fear, RFID chips, scarcity, by design, DELAY evolution of conscious human-beings with inalienable rights as provided by One Cosmic Designer of all creation, to enslave natural-persons as provided by globalists. 2012 Equation Solved.

  • my water has no flouride in it.

    Oh btw, i do think most conspiracies these days are true. I think 911 was staged, i think the skulls and bones are running this bitch, christianity is a crock of shit, and they really are pumping flouride into our shit to fuck us up lol.
    Thats why im on this thread to begin with. Research 🙂

  • my water has no flouride in it.

    Am I the only sane person let in this world? You’re all just trying to find something cool and unique that gives you mystical powers like you’re in a fucking x-men movie, but none of it is true. If all this shit were true then someone would be like “hey bro look i just found out how to move through dimensions and shit” and everyone would be doing it.

    It’s all a figment of your imagination and the product of endorphines and positive chemicals released on your brain when you meditate. I did shrooms once and I was able to move shit with my mind. Does that mean it fuckin happened? Shit no. You’re not “all retarded” like people are saying, you’re mostly smart people, but the truth is you are on an endless search that will end with some great meditation skills. That’s about it.
    Stop drinking water and you die. Because the physical world is all that there really is.

    btw, I REALLY wish this shit were true. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Halderon

    All this wonderful knowledge,and not a shred of scientific proof-just words spoken by fools who proclaim to know the “Secrets of the Universe.”You people just rant because it makes you seem like you “know” and you know nothing more a than the rest of us. All you Psychs what are the winning numbers in the lottery? And these so-called studies are usually done by people low on the rung of professional researchers. I know that you conspiracy people are usually below the average I.Q. What is the point in questioning historical knowledge like the holocaust,as I know two people who survived the horrors of Nazi Concentration Camps-not special people, just like people. Oh, I’ve seen your science at work-like magnetism and its effects,until we got a container full of blood,and submitted it to magnetic energy, and watched absolutely nothing! You Charlatans are the tea party of true knowledge, but I guess that you seek importance like the rest.

  • Lewis

    I just have two questions has anyone seen the wind or gravity lately… Yes it’s fair to say in many ways people will only choose to believe what they can physically see with their sight….. The truth is hidden n plain sight most are just unforniately blind to it…..

    • Halderon

      You can see evidence of wind! you idiot! You can feel it also unless this is high above your intellectual plane.

      • Halderon

        Unless you float, you can be sure that something is stopping you, and that something we call “Gravity.” O.K.?

  • Greg

    Reading this comment thread is a dissent into madness.

    • my water has no flouride in it.

      hahahahaha nice

  • Wonderful article! We are linking to this great content on our site.
    Keep up the good writing.

  • Bazzio101
  • Toni

    To those non believers…latest research:

    So if it effects the cardiovascular system, it affects the rest of the body too.

    Have always used a water filter but thought that distilled water & reverse osmosis is dead water as it contains no minerals at all. Anyone have any genuine info on the best water filters?

  • Congressional

    Much of what this article says is true. There is some miscegenation of symbols, but nothing to rant about. There should also be the mention of melanin in this conversation, as it is the most important substance involved with the processes of the pineal gland and the entire nervous system in general. Melatonin and serotonin are involved in more than just circadian rhythm and regulation based on sunlight exposure. Cupric ions at the heart of every melanin molecule are the basis for electro-chemical signal propogation. The pine cone shaped pineal gland is the inspiration for much of melanin research which is the basis for “alchemy” = “out of Kemit” = “study of Kemit” = “study of Blackness”. This “Blackness” is not for mere racial identity. Only a child would get stuck at that aspect. This “Blackness” refers to melanin and it’s properties that allow for optimum mental functioning. The pineal gland is major site for melanin production and maintenance because it produces some of the most important precursors (ingredients). The pineal gland is the doorway to our ancestral (genetic) memories and more. Consciousness itself requires the pineal gland for stability and just to be “normal”. Originality and imagination would suffer without it.
    Alas the world is stuck in it’s anti-Afrikan, anti-Black mindset, so the truth does not surface much. Calcified pineals and diminished pituitary glands make for perfect drones/mental slaves. Study more about melanin to free yourself.

    • David

      You are mixing up melanin (a pigment) and melatonin (a neurotransmitter produced by the pineal gland). Many do, causing the idiotic statements found all over the internet.

      The calcification of the pineal gland is more common in Europeans than in Africans, but the reason is a statistical one: Europeans in general have a much longer lifespan, and the calcification of the pineal gland is age-related.

      Don’t make up ‘facts’, there’s enough hate in the world already.

  • i thought this an interesting page.I have been into this sort of thing for a long time,there are some wise words here.For those who would like to seek more information check out of .There is a very good radio show free to download,pdfs of information you normally would not find.and a community of people into this sort of thing

  • Molly

    thanks for the article, although it didn’t tell this reader anything new, hopefully it will help someone out there that is new to the pineal glands power. As far as all the negative comments go I leave you with this quote: Why struggle to convince someone of something they’re not ready to hear? ~Alan Cohen Peace to all and namaste.

  • Joe M

    Focus on getting the word out about fluoride poisoning us by distributing it in our water supply. Provide URLs to proven sites that don’t bring the NWO Nazis spirit or god into the equation. There are too many people that will stop reading or feel the article isn’t valid for these reasons. Baby steps. Start with getting the fluoride out of the water. Then we can move on to other topics with a general population having a slightly higher IQ. I do believe that masses are being controlled and poisoned for the benefit of few but the masses aren’t ready to hear conspiracy theories. One step at a time people.

  • ??

    I like turtles

  • rob hennessy

    Thanks for a great article!!! Here’s a link for those better informed detailing methods for fluoride detoxification: Those detractors should undertake research before exposing their ignorance. We’re actually talking about Sodium Fluoride, NaCl, which is a byproduct of the aluminum manufacturing process called “tail spinnings”. It has always, and still is, classified as a highly toxic metal, i.e. deadly poison, which has been sold since the late 60’s to large cities as rat poison, but, heh, it beats having to pay high fees to dispose of as a toxic substance. There is a long history of it’s adverse effects for over 100 years and it’s myriad symptoms have been referred to as “fluorosis” in the medical literature. It’s use in municipal water systems in the U.S. as an agent to combat tooth decay since the late 1960’s met stiff resistance from the medical community when first proposed. It was indeed employed by the Bolsheviks throughout their Gulag system and such usage was imported later by the Nazis and used similarly in their concentration camps. Amongst it’s various deleterious effects, it makes people docile and dumber. Studies indicate prolonged usage reduces persons I.Q.’s by 10 to 20 points. Studies have demonstrated direct causation and correlations to a range of skin diseases, neurological disorders (alzheimers and others), enamel decay, and calcification of the pineal (as stated in the article above). Ever wonder why autism rates were 1 per 25,000 in the 70’s and has skyrocketed to 1 per 110 (last time I checked 5 years ago) or why fertility rates have dropped precipitously in the U.S. the last 50 years??? A petition was signed in the late 70’s by over 700 scientists at the FDA to discontinue the practice of ‘fluoridating’ the water supplies nationwide, but, alas, it fell on deaf ears. If you don’t think the ‘authorities’ are poisoning us through the water supply, chemical additives to food, GMO stocks, vaccinations and other forms of chemical, allopathic ‘medicine’ in-takes, then you are ignorant, in denial or both. Do some research and stop criticizing people who are attempting to inform you… and if you disbelieve in the spirit, or spiritual processes, because science can’t yet measure it, don’t deride those who know better….

    • Anglo Saxon

      All very well rob hennessey. I have known of the dangers of Sodium Fluoride for several years, even though I have (fortunately) never been obliged to consume the stuff in my drinking water. And I reduced my ingestion of processed foods down to near zero about 30 years ago. I have been advising people to stop drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi for as long as I can remember. I have always instinctively considered it poison.

      What those whose internal organs have been contaminated with this metal need to know is how to de-toxify themselves. You have gone some way to answering that vital question, so well done there!

      What we in “the alternative community” must prepare for is the identification, arrest, trial, and conviction of those most responsible for the unnecessary and diabolical addition of this material into municipal drinking water, and into processed foods.

      I guess the buck stops with the Rockefellers, as far as the United States is concerned, but I am sure there are many, many others equally culpable.

      Before I finish this comment, I wish to note that you have (for unknown reasons) made a special effort to reinforce the unsubstantiated belief (also made by some other commenters above) that the so-called ‘Nazis’ —- an obsessive topic with most Americans at the best of time —- administered Sodium Fluoride for despicable ends to concentration camp inmates; just as the Bolshevik/Soviets are KNOWN to have done to their political and dissident prisoners.

      Can you provide us with documentary evidence that accurately and clearly supports your assertions that seek to implicate the ‘Nazis’? Remember the golden rule: that one incident, in one remote camp, does not make a rule.

      People like you need to be reminded that the term ‘Nazi’ has, since the early 1970s, been corrupted into a byeword for Germans specifically, and all white ‘Germanic’ males generally. The careless abuse of words is one of the primary sources of fallacy, and stupidity.

      • Anglo Saxon

        Erratum: correct spelling is “byword”.

        Def. a condensed but memorable saying embodying some important fact of experience that is taken as true by many people.

  • After checking around a few city / town councils etc it became quite clear that most, if not all fluoridate our water supplys . As is probably quite well known we Ozzies don’t mind a beer or 6 on a warm day which lead me to wonder where our brewries get the water from to make the millions and millions of cans of beer [alluminium cans] drunk here, a lot of people probably drink[especialy in the tropics]more beer than they would tap water so out of curiosity I rang Carlton and United Brewary down here in Melbourne which is possibly one of the biggest in the world and guess what , yep you got it, the water is sorced straight out of Melbournes heavily fluoridated water supply. So folks it pays to do a little research , it’s coming at us from all directions

  • lewis

    TO KNOW AND NOT TO DO…IS NOT TO KNOW…….So many questions unanswered eventually we work it out……

  • Bobby

    I liked the ending lines of advice. However, “good to the benefit of “one and all” I’ll pass on. That doctrine has caused more strife and grief and trouble, simply because it gets used by demogouges and leftists to justify their evil “programs”. I passed a government school the other day, and a large electric sign read:
    “We will all succeed together.” I thought to myself, is that how the world works? Is that what we see human nature as striving toward? Not at all. I accept the fact that some people CAN LITERALLY keep other people from succeeding unless they are distanced from you.

  • freeThinker

    I don’t believe the most of the various claims of religious people out there. I’m not sure there’s such a thing as the almighty, all-knowing God, or such claims.

    But if you read up on the Utah’s Sherman Ranch, or Skinwalker Ranch stories, and if those are true, those entities seem to want to scare people away, don’t even care to kill off some animals on the farm, but didn’t seem to want to harm the people. There are a lot we don’t know anything about.

  • Joe A

    Two things to add-
    1-The Pituitary gland is also involved with Spiritual Experiences and by resonating BOTH and has an even higer effect Ive been told.
    2-Can you take something that reversFlouride?es the effect of

  • Joe A

    Dear Sir,Good article. Food for thought.
    Despite the criticism , I think thiswas excellent .. The Bible says our fight is against the Spiritually Dark Rulers in Heaven and I think this is a perfect example. i ‘ve often wonderen why were not , as a human race not as Spiritually active as our ancestors and this is another example. Good job, let the ignorant dogs bark-JA

    • Anonymous

      . I totally agree with you. You..give me hope. I wish i could find some support on this subject without all the negativity. I suffer from several symtoms from a pineal cyst. I have always been in touch with the spiritual world, but since the cyst has arrived the nightmares, dreams, and other strange occurances have bothered me. Thank you for your kind words.

  • MCLV

    It is pointless (and a big waste of energy) to engage in sparring the topics of science and/or spirituality with people who have a different perspective on such things.

    The bottom line…..if some of you believe that flouride is harmless or valuable to your body, please feel free to keep consuming it. You can get it at any drugstore, in liquid, pill or toothpaste form.

    Flouride is not welcome in my body, and certainly not in my water system. To me that is as ridiculous as spiking our water with lipitor because some people have high cholesterol.

    If you want it, it is easily available to you. For the rest of us, it is a gross violation of our health freedom to force it down our throats.

  • Anonymous

    The trouble with most of the comments and deductions.
    1.Right or wrong cannot be determined by intuition.
    2.Having no final authority in life makes one like a boat with no rudder nor anchor.

  • Frank Costa

    Don’t you find it ironic and interesting that so many negative commenters would choose to hang out at a Spiritual blog to make rude, childish/adolescent, uninformed comments on an article that in reality is talking about being dumbed down?? 🙂 They then hide behind clever anonymous names and titles rubbing their shortcomings and smirking.

    Life is much larger and fascinating then most fluoride, High fructose corn syrup, GMO sugar, dead food consuming people can ascertain from their wounded states. I send all of you my love should your Higher Self be ready for that cathartic moment of realization to release you from the cognitive dissonance jail of “belief” to the freedom of understanding and wisdom.

    • Irony is the spice of life. 😉

    • Anonymous

      I’m just reading through the comments and I’m seeing a pretty even split of rude comments between supporters and detractors.

    • Frank Costello

      you are right :p

  • tannaberton Abacrombie

    Seat of the soul….hilarious.

    • zdenka

      your soul is in anus

      • Cal

        LOL ZD, dot waz ah willy gouwd wuan.

  • amplelight

    The entire universe is divided into electromagnetic raceways.

    The entire universe on the grand atomic molecular scale is completely segregated.

    Red does not touch blue, and never will. Our brain converges color(electromagnetic visible light) into what we perceive as human reality.

    There are inivisible electromagnetic raceways in this universe that the human mind can never perceive in physical reality, because it is so molecularly segregated you cannot find a trace to its parallel line of sight.

    The harmonics of the mind control the electromagnetic segregation of these “invisible lines” of visible light.

    Invisible to human eyes, but not the human mind.

    Rods and cones in the human eye are only biologically coded to accept red, green, and blue electromagnetic lines.

    Birds are biologically coded to see the “dark lines” of the electromagnetic spectrum that human vision does not contain.

    The ultraviolet sight of birds, should be consider a direct path to accessing “separate dimensional space”, aka invisible electromagnetic raceways.

    We as humans, have not exploited the biological nature of vision, and sight, beyond that of infrared night vision.

    The pineal glad is called the 3rd eye because it is thought of for many thousands of years to be a “sensory extension” of the brain, much like fingers are to touch.

    There is no evidence to prove the pineal gland does not serve a extra sensory function. (like having a 3rd arm, you have 5 extra finger senses)

    Prove that it isn’t one, I dare you.

  • tannaberton Abacrombie

    The Romans knew about the capabilities of the pineal gland when they didn’t know the purpose of the Heart of the liver, “and I wonder what these bean shaped things do?”
    Sounds hokey to me.

  • Anglo Saxon

    This article makes complete sense. You don’t have to subscribe to every single sentence to acknowledge its worth and future value to you.

    The Endocrine Systems, of which the Pineal is just one component, is absolutely central to good health. By definition, anyone who is obese has a malfunctioning Endocrine System.

    Amongst the many good and important points raised (which I am happy to acknowledge) this article’s author(s) assert two possible fallacies.

    The FIRST is that by deliberately setting out to contaminate the Pineal Gland by administering Sodium Fluoride (via the diet) the “powers that be” hoped or expected to gain control of people’s thoughts. This is an entirely unproven thesis, that has somehow bubbled out of the chattering minds of those who lack a scientific education.

    There are many ways in which those with power (and money) can gain indirect control of people’s thinking and behaviour. Television programming being amongst the most prominent. Most of us are now exposed to many toxic substances (not to mention the radiation spreading outwards from the catastrophe at Fukushima) and nearly all of them have the potential to upset the equilibrium of our Endocrine System (including the Pineal). A malfunctioning Endocrine System means our defences against all kinds of threats gets lowered.

    SECONDLY, this article adds yet another exhibit for illustrating that Americans (from whatever background or interest) are still absolutely obsessed with Adolf H. and the ‘Nazis’. These words do appear in almost ‘every other’ blog article out of the thousands published weekly by American citizens the length and breadth of the Republic. Surely this obsession, with a phenomenon that lasted only 12 years and ended in 1945, is itself a demonstration of mind-manipulation?

    The author(s) have likely no idea, one way or the other, about (alleged) Fluoride use by the Third Reich. Nevertheless, they still feel qualified to assert its common usage. The use of Fluoride in the concentration camps created and administered by the Bolsheviks (Soviets) has been proven by government records and possibly (also) by the first-hand witness accounts of Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn. To therefore assume that the Third Reich MUST have done the same is both lazy and childish. Most of the large Third Reich camps were actually work (or labor) camps, providing labor for nearby industry. It would not make sense to administer Fluoride to such people. The ridiculous habit, loved by American Bloggers, to keep quoting ‘Hitler’ and ‘The Nazis’ (ad nauseam) in order to spice up an article, suggests a lack of research, preparation, style, or … an Endocrine imbalance?

    Please think more carefully in future. Don’t spoil good articles with obsessive straw-man arguments.

    • KMH

      Anglo Saxon, I mostly agree with your assessment except for one point :

      “The FIRST is that by deliberately setting out to contaminate the Pineal Gland by administering Sodium Fluoride (via the diet) the “powers that be” hoped or expected to gain control of people’s thoughts. This is an entirely unproven thesis, that has somehow bubbled out of the chattering minds of those who lack a scientific education. ”

      It is logical to attack the source of the thinking mechanism as a clear mind will not easily be influenced by the TV etc. But I disagree that by “getting over” to the “other side” one could “control” the people in 3D earth – no way – the “other side” also have a hierarchy in control, just like you think by crossing the border you can do wonders – just try and see!

    • John

      “to keep quoting ‘Hitler’ and ‘The Nazis’ (ad nauseam) in order to spice up an article, suggests a lack of research, preparation, style, or … an Endocrine imbalance?”

      Apparently your lack of research in finding Operation Paperclip where our government brought over the nazi scientist & intelligence officers & formed nasa & cia along with the other government alphabetical agencies. JFK tried to abolish the CIA & they assassinated him. Von Braum was head of the nazi rocket program & then became head of the nasa rocket program.

      It looks like you definitely have an Endocrine Imbalance.

      • Anonymous

        So John. Let’s try and decode your bizarre little world.

        (1) the Nazis formed NASA;
        (2) the Nazis formed the CIA;
        (3) the Nazis assassinated JFK;
        (4) the Nazis put a man on the Moon.

        And anyone who disagrees with these childish assertions is, according to you, suffering a hormonal imbalance. Mmmmm.

        Actually, it was the British who created the OSS, which was the forerunner of the CIA.

        The British “Blue Streak” rocket was the most advanced and reliable launch vehicle of its day; way ahead of anything the Americans had prior to the Saturn V.

        A CIA hit team controlled by Lansdale (and George Herbet Walker Bush) assassinated JFK, with the blessing and full cooperation of the International Bankers and Israel.

        The first Moon landing may have occured in a mock-up studio, on Terra Firma, according to various testimonies and photographic analysis studies conducted since.

        Are you now able to see how your typical American boy’s neurotic obsession with all things Hitler, and the silly habit of connecting just about everything that is bad in this world with ‘the Nazis’ … helps to keep them stupid?

        Let me put a couple of historical facts into perspective for you.

        Did you know that the Jewish Bolsheviks murdered around 60-million White, Christian Russians between 1919 and 1950?? During the 1920s and Lenin’s leadership, Orthodox Christian churches were converted into literal abattoirs for humans. This is when the term “Red Terror” originated.

        Some Western European observers of these atrocities ventured inside such churches and witnessed human flesh splattered over the surface of all walls, scattered body parts, and a floor immersed in human blood to ankle depth.

        Yet all John can do is obsess about ‘the Nazis’. Ha-ha. It’s not just your Pineal that is malfunctioning John. You also have not got any balls (no gonads). Either that, or you are just a sock-puppet for the ADL.

        • mothman777

          Hear hear. We have all had enough of people mistakenly going on about how the ‘Nazis’ (a Hollywood invention anyway, as well as the holocaust) did this, that and the other, and are now leading a ‘Zionazi 4th Reich NWO’ of fake Jews trying to take over the world.

          Dr. Skorecki recently proved Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews are both of common and unique Jewish genetic origin, bringing the responsibility for all the naughtiness currently claimed to be due to the ‘fake’ Ashkenazis back to the ‘you know who’s’ again.

          Hitler never used fluoride to dampen people’s minds, or did any holocaust (see Victor Thorn: ‘The Holocaust Hoax Exposed’), only the Jewish based Communists did that, as they, as an expression of Judaism (Rabbi Steven Wise stated they are) believe all gentile souls to be satanic in nature and substance, a non-living type of anti-soul or spiritual antimatter, eternally irredeemable, totally and incorrigibly evil and hostile towards the ‘Godly’ true living souls, the Jews.

          My view is that I think all souls in all species are equal, living, sometimes a bit forgetful, and share common origin in Krishna, the Vedic understanding of God. Krishna says the seat of the soul is actually in a stream of prana in the heart chakra, with the channel linking it to God passing through the pineal gland/third eye area, with 52 chakras above the head.

          There are 50 types of prana in the human body, 49 of them having purely physical functions, such as ‘ojas’ for sex, another for digestion of food, others for various other bodily and mental functions, with the last being the most valuable for opening up spiritual perception, called ‘Udana’. Of all the 50 types of prana, this type alone draws the attention of the soul towards spiritual realization, the 49 others merely draw the attention of the soul towards the intoxication of material life away from God, under Maya.

          In the Vaishnava faith, this prana is personified as Lord Madhusudana, who ‘destroys’ the darkness of ignorance, by extending one’s spiritual understanding to lead one past all previously unseen obstacles like a brilliant light. Hare Krishna

          • mothman777
          • Greg

            I could try to prove to you that the holocaust(one of most well documented crimes of all time) happened but that would be like arguing that the Earth is round.

          • controlledopposition

            @Greg, you say that the Holocaust was one of the most well documented crimes of all time, yet the excuse as to why German records (and they were notorious record keepers) show that only a couple of hundred thousand Jews died in labour camps, mostly due to Typhus, is that Germans didn’t keep records of Jews. No excuse is even given as to why the British Red Cross records the exact same numbers as the Germans. Out of 6 million supposedly dead Jews, not one body has been produced for autopsy. And the Jews own census shows that the Jewish population actually increased after the war, not dropped by 6 million! Hows that for documentation!

            You mistake “most well-documented” for “most depicted in Hollywood”

      • Anonymous

        Your comment has complete validation I was going to write just along same lines with a lot more. I’m 43 now and was in motorcycle accident when 19…I laid in the ditch overnight until 4:00 the next afternoon when a Trucker spotted me…the top of my head just of center an inch or so above forhead and the whole knocked out of my skull is probably around the size of a misformed kiwi fruit. I got lifeflighted to a hospital was in a coma 14 days and came out around a month and a half later. Though I guess I was dumbed down for a number of years. It was 5 years after accident for 1st seizure…then basically one every 6 to 8 months now. But I remember perfectly it was 7 years after accident(roughly) I was at my computer and had an “auora”(feeling comes on just before seizure sometimes);so I went and laid on bed and thought “I’ll just ride this one out”. The most amazing thing happened next;instead of having seizure like I expected,my whole life flashed before my eyes…
        But how it happened was I heard this great rushing sound and it looked to me like I was standing at the bottom of a slow moving tornado. I was at the very bottom standing looking up in amazement…but on the slow spinning clouds started the beginning up to the end. But when I kept going up the people didn’t look and feel familiar and towards the top I remember seeing what appeared to be an Indian chief with a band of colored vertical feathers across his forhead. But after that all my previous memories were returned to me, and I can remember clear back to my childhood in vividly detail. I’ve asked all kinds of Dr.’s about this throughout the years and never gotten an answer.

        • SYLVIE

          You probably had a re-visitation of your stored memories that were temporary ‘erased’ from the accident…this is a typical scenario of what happens to people who were in commas, and suffered some type of brain injury or trauma to the head…this sometimes happens while you are in a coma, due to trauma or induced by medications, to let ‘time’ heal your brain which coma induced by medication lets the brain which is swollen, return to its normal state, while that is happening, one sometimes loosens memory and thoughts that have been ‘recorded’ thru your lifetime before the accident…and with time they do come back, and the experience is felt, just like you ‘explained’ or some like it…but, its a beautiful, and spiritual experience to go thru…I have had 2 near death experiences already .and I have asked people who have them, many scientists and medical doctors and they all have different opinions of what happens to the brain or to the person while you go thru this .But all comes down, to what, you truly believe happed to YOU…you are the only one that can put the ‘truth’ to what it means to you. whether its an spiritual in nature, a miracle, a physical manifestation, or that is your brain under trauma, etc..

          It just shows you, just like any other action that happens to a person, the wonder in our own all depends in your own belief system, what it is to you that happened…call it a miracle, a divine experience, a trauma, an accident, or a near death experience….only you can interpret what it is to YOU its just another, experience in life that enables you to come more in awe of the human experience called life….

    • Cal

      Anglo, I agree with you on the obsession with nazi germany. The root cause of this obsession are jews, whom are jealous with what the nazis could do and they were not able to do. If it were not for this jealously of power we would be focusing on japan to russia and the american GI’s raping of euro women.

  • Very enlightening info, I feel sorry for those who don’t get it! Your missing out

  • Greta

    Those of us over 50 have been told about Fluoride for at least 25 years. I remember shuddering when the government began to put Fluoride into bottled water marketed for infants, back in the 90’s. I used to use a nail hardener from Malvala that literally turned soft nails to rock with one use…The instructions emphasized never using on the nail bed, or on the skin. Why? It hardens anything. Imagine what is happening to our internal organs with extended use of small quantities. Although the citations above are somewhat lacking, there are plenty of peer-reviewed studies indicating the toxicity of Fluoride. If you need to strengthen your nail tips, use it, otherwise run the other way! Anything “the powers that be” can do to keep us from looking within, they’ll do.

  • Dawn

    Take Boron (Tri-Boron Complex), it pulls the flouride out of the body.

    • Anonymous

      Whats tri boron,and where you get it ?

  • jeff

    Good idea get everyone to worry a bought Flouride when they are all ready dead from the fall out from Fukushima disaster should be seeing spikes in cancer in 6-8 months

  • shanti23

    The problem is that we, including our ‘environment’, are already exposed to flouride.

  • Lisa Pruitt

    They are also proving that Flouride is making teeth weaker.
    What I wonder is, is there something we can take to counteract
    the Flouride.
    Distillers and Reverse Osmosis units are expensive. I wonder
    if Zero Water gets rid of it.

    • Rob

      They sell some Reverse osmosis filters for 300-700 that are pretty decent. I’m actually going to buy and install one soon. My friend told me he found one $600 that filters the whole house.. showers and all. Its not too expensive.. for those of you who planned on buying Aquafina or a store bought RO water.. in the long run it saves. The system’s only need filter changes I believe every year and the system lasts 7+ years. If your looking for company grade filters that can filter endless flows of water well.. than your looking at bucks.

      • mothman777

        I use distilled water for drinking, and my stand-alone unit has been running for 14 years now with no problems, it is an Ecowater, but they have changed the designs now, but other companies still do similar design excellent distillers that give <1ppm from tap water that was 550-750ppm for around £175, and because these are made I think in the USA you will probably get the same in the US for around $200, well worth it.

        You can plumb your whole house with units using 3 canisters of chemical crystals for around $300 to filter out fluoride, chlorine, aluminium and all the other nasties to an acceptable level (a ten minute shows blasts fluoride, aluminium etc through your skin equivalent to having drunk 7-8 glasses of unfiltered tap water), but you need to replace some of the filters every 6 months to 1 year.

        • Bo Bo Bo

          Please no fighting any doubters can meditate and astral project (3rd eye shit) i did it in 2 days yes its real. control peoples minds no, invade their dreams and spy…yeah. sometimes experience is more important than fact, you cant prove how you feel. listen to some beast coast my nigga

    • Gary

      Lisa, Jack Daniels has worked wonders for the strength of my snappers.
      🙂 Just sayin’

  • JPree

    I agree with Badagris. I mean, we can’t be serious about believing in the “spirit world” still. Sure, I can believe that there is a part in the brain that releases melatonin that causes a euphoric state of mind, but “control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world”??? How old are we? And sodas and junk food making us dumber….sure. Mkay. I can see that. Eating healthier and exercise will make you more active, live longer, and probably get you to pick up a book or two. But “disconnects our oneness with our god and power of our source our spirituality and turn us into a mundane slave of secret societies, shadow organizations and the control freak corporate world.” Come on! There is no ACTUAL PROOF of a soul. Fact. You can’t just say “faith” and say that’s all the proof you need. Anything dealing with a soul or spirit that’s claiming to be “science” is….well it’s rather funny. So yes, live a healthier lifestyle, go jogging and stop eating as much fast food, and you’ll feel much better about yourself….just don’t go thinking that you’re going to become Professor X.

    • Bob

      JPree – unless you’ve experienced the paranormal first hand or done any extensive research into it to prove what you’re saying is true, then you have no idea what you’re talking about. Be quiet.

      • CK

        I totally agree with you Bob, unless you have experienced it first hand, please keep quiet….there are things we humans will never understand until we pass on!!

        • Bri

          There is so much out there that we are kept from knowing. Many of the movie stars, professional sports stars, musicians, other people found beyond the average citizen, do not or did not undergo the education program that most of us endured. Proof that those playing with life at an extreme level are absorbing the positive influences of this universe. These people are not tethered to the downright slave mentality that most of us are enduring or have endured. Therefore, I have, for the latter part of my life, have chosen to believe in the riches that are available in this universe, seen and unseen, sensed. I not only believe in these riches, I am an example of a person, a human that walks with grace and poise. I won’t follow the path that most of us use. Not me. Not anymore. Changing for the better really does begin at one’s heart and mind. No doubt about it. I am living proof. Thank you for this insight to the workings of the brain and the pineal gland. I go now further, more confidently. I am showing signs of becoming unstoppable.

          • Anonymous

            Bri unstoppable! Bri smash!

        • ST

          Jpree- research Dimethyltryptamine and it effects on the pineal gland and that will give you a tiny sliver of a glimpse of what is possible. If you want proof, experience it for yourself.

    • Lisa

      If you don’t believe in spirit, then disregard that part and focus on the purely physical. Do some research into the effects of flouride on the human body and draw your own conclusions.

    • That’s too bad for you. Although, he put such a well thought out arguement together that I almost did too…LOL! Start reading lady.

    • mark

      Proof. thats the problem with “science”. science cannot even explain were a thought comes from. many ancient cultures had knowledge that makes science look like a baby in a bathtub. that knowledge is still with us now, although heavily surpressed by the system. but look hard enough and you will find it.

    • mark

      Science cannot explain were life first came from, can you J pree? can you get something from nothing J pree? scientists call 95 per cent of our DNA “junk DNA”! science is so limited its virtually blind.

    • mark

      Proof J pree? prove to me were life first came from? see how ridiculous your comment is now? we are the imagination of ourselfs, spiritual is everything the past , present, future. all happening at once.

      • Anonymous

        You have no proof of that either. You’re both looking at two radicals ideals. Find a middle ground and accept the fact that other people may have different theories than your own. This is why wars start. That and the calcification of our pineal gland…

      • Anonymous

        I’m with mark on that. He know’s what he is talking about. The key is to know yourself, feel and sense your pineal inside of your brain and use your brain to self heal. Proof of self-healing is out there. Don’t be douchebags like bagdufus. Open your minds

    • zdenka

      the same applies to you as to Badagris.
      Imbeciles should not comment on spiritual matters,when their small brain vibrate at same frequencies as fresh cow shit

      • Rob

        ROFLMAO that was honestly the most funniest comment and insult Ive seen yet. Pretty messed up to say to someone.. but funny.

    • Frank Costa

      JPree, I agree, faith isn’t fact, only fact is fact. However, a bigger picture is life is about perception and action which form belief. If a person’s perception is founded on lies, mis-truths, deception, etc. then of course they/you won’t “believe” in much beyond those walls much like “Bob” below mentions.

      I have witnessed UFO’s numerous times with others, that is the “fact.” Were they holograms, Earth-based machines, or truly off-planet, sentient life forms, I don’t know and can only attest to what I saw? I’ve had complete strangers talk to me through deceased love one’s they could not have known. If I was to evangelize over these things with some “profound” explanation then I would be in the liars club.

      True freedom means everyone has the right and choice for their beliefs, but the unexamined mind may just be garbage in/garbage out. Our universe so amazing and grand in it’s scope but human kind has been intentionally “disconnected” from their magnificence. By whom? I don’t know, lots of stories and myths out there and we are saying fluoride is but one of the ways this has been occurring.

      When people get upset over Spiritual things it is usually, not always, a sign they in resistance to being on the cusp of a significant break through a catharsis of consciousness. Go for it.

      “Water fluoridation delivers a drug to infants that if prescribed by a doctor would be gross malpractice.
      Dr. David C. Kennedy, past president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

    • Spirits exists

      I pity your empty and science is the only explanation soul.
      I have been possessed at a young age, I have had spirits control my mind and body and would give me high fevers every time the sun went down and your science ‘Doctors’ couldn’t do anything about it for days, till finally one doctor who thank god didn’t think like you do and said he isn’t suppose to do this but he highly reccomends we see a witch doctor who would only accept food and things he could use for payment not money and he expelled the spirits from attaching to my soul which could of killed me since there was a few of them not just one. So if you doubt that you have a soul, And you don’t believe in the afterlife, ghosts, and only believe in what you see.. Every since that experience my 3rd eye (which I closed by choice when I was 16 because you can’t change the path your on) gave me foresight to my life and in my dreams I have been to other realms which I can only explain that we live different lives in many realities. I have seen things of folklore good and bad, but if you doubt these things that I experienced before I ever took alcohol, or drugs, or even believed in any of it myself till I seen with my own eyes, I urge you to be more open minded at the least, for your own sake. Life is too short and what have you got to lose, you will find that it’s not so hard to have faith in the unexplained or unseen, trust your instincts not just your intellect.

      • Angelica


    • anonymous

      there are actually other dimensions and even Albert Einstein speaks of them as well. I meditate on a regular basis and I can assure that I have opened my third eye and experienced things that you cant possibly imagined. So when you that it is funny that science and spirits and souls arent connected then you are very dense. You need to study things before you make assumptions about things you dont understand. And dont try calling me close minded either cause i will tell you the same thing I tell everyone else. I am studying to be an anthropologist and I know for fact that I am as far from close minded as you can get my dear. I believe in a lot of things and many scientist and historians around the world also believe in a spirital side of things

    • RealAmerican

      JPree, Is there (using your own rods) actual proof of “love”? How about actual proof of “anger” or “jealousy”. Is there actual proof of “happiness”? Hmmm? Is there actual proof of the sin? Of electricity? Radio waves? Mkay, as you say. Prove it.

      • RealAmerican

        Not sure why the spelling of some of my words changes.

        rods = words
        the sin = wind

        but maybe the original words were better

        • RealAmerican

          Need to have an “edit” button here.

          changes = changed

    • Anonymous

      Your and idiot smoke dmt then come n say there’s no spirit world I’ve been In the realm before

    • Anonymous

      Agreed jpree. the problem with these claims is their baseless. My proof lies right here in this article, click on any one of those links cited in the article and low and behold it takes you to another article on this very website. I’m sorry but when you make claims such as this then you need proof, experiments that are unbiased and peer review with all your empirical data along with them, and that can be replicated in if another person does the experiment. You say science is bullshit, hell one of you went so far as to say people hundreds and even thousands of years ago know more than we do, yet you fail to realize how a lot, and I mean a lot of what has been said by those people thousands of years ago has been proven wrong. When everything science says matches up with the real world and everything you say doesn’t and cant be proven then I’m sorry but you have no claim to knowledge. what you do have is belief and belief. You say we’re “sheeple” but i disagree, I say we’re skeptics and your the “sheeple” led to believe something you read on a website that cant even cite a source besides other articles on its website.

      • Bob McDonald

        An Example of Dumbed down hey ? This was a great Article and 100% accurate .

      • Tom A Runde

        They did indeed understand ALOT more of everything back then than now. ALOT smarter,.
        Now in 21th Century. People (as you would Call it) do know how to create stuff here on 3d. But so many is blinded and wont ever see reality..

        There wont ever be any Scintific Prof EVER Shown here in 3d, that would convince a blinded one to see.

        I wish it was. But only a free mind will ever know.
        But we do have the Strongest Energyes ever been in 3d, released this Century. And alot of Strong energyes will Evolve. 🙂

  • Charvin Riffle

    It is about time, we uncovered the problems of humanity of so dummed down in the gutter.

  • Badagris

    What a load of shit.

    • Dervish

      Very well formulated opinion, also well-supported with evidence, I see.
      “What a load of shit”… really?…let me guess: you live in a heavily fluoridated area?
      Have you everconsidered looking into the science behind this? Because science confirms that fluoride calcifies the pineal. It also confirms the toxicity of fluoride. Also, if you dive a bit further into the function of the pineal, you will see that it actually does regulate the body;s hormonal system. If you delve deeper, you will find that it produces two very important chemicals: Melatonin and Pinolin. Melotonin regulates the sleep cycle and our automatic adaptation to the seasons and the changing daylight cycles. Without Melatonin, we cant sleep. Without sleep we cannot function well or stay healthy. Pinolin is an MAO inhibitingt beta carbolin; it enhances and prolongs the availability of serotonin.
      Both are very important. Science confirms this. This has been known for a long time. Fluoride is banned in most countries of the world in drinking water, for it’s negative effect on our health.
      What is a load of shit, is your childish and uninformed ‘opinion’.

      • Anonymous

        moronic fuck schill

        • Frank Costa

          Is that your job title??

          • Bri

            Excellent response.

          • Anonymous

            Well said

          • Annie


          • eric

            haha I enjoyed that.

        • Robert

          pathetic wannabe who can’t fire a synapse

      • Rich

        What Badagris most likely is referring to is probably not the well known scientific function of pineal gland (which you described very well above), but the authors claim made under “The Secret : What they don’t want you to KNOW!”.

        Can you or anyone else make an equally compelling scientific argument that what he claimed about the pineal gland is actually true? Has he done for example a PET scan studies or functional MRI studies confirming the activation of the pineal gland while a person is having said experiences? The author made a huge jump in assumption there and i for one dont agree with his conclusion.

        Remember that if our pineal glands are calcified to the point of reduced function then you will also have an accompanying symptoms. If you dont have those symptoms then your pineal glands are probably fine.
        And i know of many people who experience euphoria, oneness with the universe and astral travel… And they all live and drink fluoridated water for as long as they can remember… So, what is allowing them to experience these things? Could it possibly be that they are stepping right of their left brain and experiencing what the right brain has to offer?
        Check out TED video by dr.Jill Bolte Taylor.

        BTW, the “eye” in the back of the dollar bill is NOT the representation of the pineal gland. It is by benign official historical explanation an “eye of providence”, an all seeing eye of “GOD” which watch over us or by conspiratorial explanation which states that the “eye”represents an “all seeing eye” of Horus in the tradition of freemasonry. He didnt quite do his research after all.

        • Cephas

          Yet the eye of Horus does find it’s place in the larger conspiracy of the Illuminati (and Free Masons) to create a one world earth. So the Fluoride connection has some relevance to stupifying sheeple.

          As far as the revelations of those drinking the water? Far Out Man… there’s pleny of ways to alter consciousness.

          • w.b.

            sorry, but understanding the pineal glad goes far and above a PET or MRI scan. get a clue.

          • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Hahaha people think they know and talk like they know and don’t know shit. The EYE is the Pineal Gland morons.

          • Anonymous

            You are correct, get a clue

        • lisa mako

          yea I agree with this guy get MRI’S and pet scans during it and then I’ll think about beliving it

          • Alex

            MRI can’t scan trough the two brain lobes while the brain is active because what an MRI does is scan the electrical impulses transmitted by our brain. Guess what? The pineal gland is situated in the middle of the brain, thus it can not be studied trough conventional means like MRI. What we can do and we are currently doing is detecting what hormones and chemicals are being sent from that are of the brain where the PG resides.

            Makes sense?

          • Mulatu,alemayehu

            For thank you all think heart me gods any every day prayer see power they you thank heart me know do heart any me know holy bible eye bye

        • Alex

          The all seeing eye is NOT an all seeing eye if “GOD”! At all. Do your research. The all seeing eye is an illuminati symbol. Have you seen celebrities cover one eye? Or do the 3 finger 6 shape hand sign? Look it up. Same thing with the pyramid symbol hand sign. Jay- Z, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Cristina Aguilera, Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris Brow. They all do this. Don’t come up with “it’s all a bunch of BS” when you have not done research. Do some open minded research on the all seeing eye and come back and tell me I’m lying. Seriously thought otherwise if you’re gonna put down statements and make falsely educated assumptions when you don’t know rats what you’re talking about you’re only wasting your time.

          • Zaky

            Okay let’s be for real. There is no black people in Illuminati. Justin bieber and those women you mentioned dont have the money to be in the Illuminati. Let’s get that fact out there. When would you see a black man or woman in a cult that is mainly racist, sexist white males with billions of dollars not millions. So after all that said I cant believe shit with what Alex has said at all. Do your research buddy. Smh, dumbasses

          • Anonymous

            Actually Zaky you’re 100% they DON’T have the money to a part of the very Elite Illuminati, however they have enough money and continue to make enough money to be pawns of the Illuminati, to be popular enough to be watched and seen being a certain way and doing certain things. Possibly even going as far as putting satanic or demonic messages in their music. Secret messages that brainwash you and collect you to be a part of the masses! I don’t know if its true however when Terrorist are captured and sent to Guantanamo Bay, strange how they torture foreign captives with music.

          • Annie

            Zaky, Alex did not say that the mentioned celebs were IN the Illumunati.

          • anon

            they are only pawns and puppets just like the government the true rulers are the corporate bilderburgs, the rothchilds and so on

          • Anonymous

            who said a black man in the illuminati last time i checked that was the biggest rasicts party

        • fuckyou

          its the illuminati wake up!

          • anonymous

            You are true and this article is true, the symbol was hijacked and shilled by the illuminati in order to further distort and hide the ultimate truth, the pineal gland is the bridge to our souls, we lose touch with are pineal gland as we get older and more toxicated with flouride, that’s why you enjoy childhood so much, that’s why as a child you only live in the moment, and why you were fearless. As you get older your gland is deactivated and you lose touch with your other half and you are confined within your own mind. Look into HMS Sungazing, I have done this and I feel incredible, my hunger has gone, and I feel a higher consciousness and understanding of the universe. Just go with your curiosity and do some research, learn how to do it safetly, try it, and confirm it for yourself.

        • Nita
          • richard

            thanks 4 sharing this link if y have more please seen me them

        • Anonymous

          Gilbert’s syndrome will reduce the effects of fluoride on the pineal gland due to the natural antioxidant effects of bilirubin. Around 5% of the population has Gilberts Syndrome.

        • Tom A Runde

          There wont ever be an official Scitific explination ever shown. And you can’t make profs that ppl only aware of 3d would understand. Only thoose Fully aware of reality would understand. That is the true fact.

          I do wish all still on 3d to be able to understand..
          Only thing i dont understand, athleast not yet.
          Is why it can get fully activated, Without purificaton over time, Even in cases where there is so much intoxication (calcifies) on the Pineal Gland O.o

      • Anonymous

        Dervish, you are scientifically correct.

      • Richy Rain

        Thumbs up, totally agree

      • Richeal


      • Anonymous

        I think he was referring to the phrase “with more advance practice and ancient methods it is also possible to control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world.” Come on man, are you kidding me? Yeah all this pineal gland stuff is interesting and quite important but as soon as the writer starts bullshitting about telepathy and things like that people tend to switch off very quickly and for good reason. It doesn’t do the article any favors.

        • Shyne Styne

          Tha editor of this subjuct doez know whut tha fuck he’z talking about kid, I’ve controlled mindz wit my own mind and spoke to people witout speaking a single word thru deep meditation, so shut yo mouth kid & go back to skool

      • anonymous

        ok seriously everything that you are arguing with has just been stated already dumbass!!! You want to talk about science? I have already taken 2 courses on psychology and biology and yes what you say is true. But seriously it is a proven fact that the government controls all the shit that they put into our food and there is a hell of a lot more fluoride in your intake than you think it is. you seriously need to check out YOUR science before you dog on what was already stated to begin with. IT IS SAYING WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY SAYING TO BEGIN WITH DOOFUS!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Wow two courses in psyc u must know everything. LMFAO

          • Anonymous


      • Chace

        How do you reverse the effects of fluoride? if we are being massly dumbed how can we reverse it? if its everywhere how do we avoid it and return normal function to the pineal gland?

        • Anonymous

          You can’t reverse the effects of fluoride but you can stop as much intake. As a class I operator, I suggest you drink ph balanced water. Remember the tap has no filter unless you add one, so your drinking everything in the pipe line. Which means your body’s ph balance is off. Our levels are high enough so by the time it reaches your home it “SHOULD BE” at levels we need it. But we don’t come to your home to check. Fluoride also takes away from your atention span and used in rat poison. As far as the pineal gland. It is used more when we sleep but we can also use it in meditation or praying. The eye symbol was taken from early Egyptians. Or the eye of Horus.

      • Jared

        I will pray for you. You seem like a smart person just not in a happy place if you need to bash someones article to make yourself feel better.

        In my opinion this is enlightening, call me a moron if it makes you feel smarter.

      • Indigo

        Talk about fluoride.. Look up “Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain” on Facebook. People are being directly killed by antibiotic from Fluoroquinolone group ( Cipro, Avelox, Floxin, Levaquin). Most prescribed antibiotic, that’s like atomic bomb in peoples’ bodies.
        If you wonder about Gulf War Syndrome ( troups were given large amounts of Cipro for “Anthrax”) or rise in Fibromyalgia.
        All from Fluoroquinolones.
        Also look up “Cipro is Poison” and never take it. Even if your life depends on it. Death is better than what Fluoroquinolones do to humans.
        Population control at its best.

        • Anonymous

          Actually fluoride of sodium us a by product of aluminium production. Since they didnt want to throw it away, greedy capitalists doing what they do best, formulated research and advocated its use in dentistry and water treatment

      • Mallory

        WELL SAID!!!! Thank you, Dervish!!!

        Very sad how quick people are to reject things just because they can not quite understand. All we can do is pray for them and pray hard. God bless!

        • Tom A Runde

          Why are you mentioning God ? :S
          An Active Pineal Gland understands what religion is in this Dimension :S

      • Anonymous

        Excellent reply. Lol I actually learned something! =D

      • Matthew

        You didnt address the ‘spriritualityness’ point of the article?

        And if fluoride negatively affects the gland why are there 70/80/90 year olds who are mentally/”spirtually” no different from their 20s and 30s? Why are there 70/80/90 year olds who still have the same “ability” to sleep as they did in their 20s/30s/40s?

        How can fluoride, CALCIFY the gland???

      • Frank Costello

        Dervish i totally agree with you. Maybe one day ill move out of America and will be free…

    • mark

      Why is it “a load of shit”? please explain.

    • warbaby

      The fact that your response was as guttural as it gets is further proof of what the article is saying.

      • John C. Clemmings

        “guttural” refers to The sound someone makes when speaking.
        You are not reading anything guttural.

    • ThomasT

      I think you will find that the fluoride was only later put into the drinking water of the new slave states that became the Soviet Union AND the West. I think they need the slave labour to be highly efficient during WW2.

      Author?? I wonder if the EDTA that de-mineralises the body’s arteries etc, will also de-mineralise the pineal. I have done a six month oral EDTA, but then again, I was not brought up with fluoridation, living in Africa for my first 33 years.

    • zdenka

      Badagris yo have proven it.load of shit is in your skull and your pineal gland is located in your dick

    • Cal

      Dont be a turd blossom Badagris. Your ignorance is not truth.

    • Pineal gland soup


      You wouldn’t have said that if your pineal gland wasn’t completely calcified.

    • Jenni

      Completely agree, Badagris. Thankfully there are still some sane users of the internet out there.

      • anonymous

        if you agree with him then you are a fucktard as well!!! WHY ARE YOU ARGUING WITH THIS ARTICLE WHEN YOU ARE STATING THE SAME SHIT?!!!

    • Anonymous

      Which gov’t or Pharma company do you work for,Badagris?

    • Araz

      Thanks for proving the afforementioned science. You my friend are free to be a lost guineau pig. Have fun with that..

    • Teresa

      I’m wondering on the use of Methlyne Blue, for the pineal gland. Do Not take methalyne blue if you are taking anti depression medication, because it too effects the serotonin. Earthclinic has some info on it. Dr.s gave it to Vietnam Vets for Malaria. but stopped when they realized it made the whites of their eyes blue and urine blue green. You want to take plenty of vit. c to counter act this. So antifungal, I need that! But it is said that it will give you energy too, so don’t take after 2-3 in the afternoon or you won’t sleep..and don’t over do or it will over stimulate the brain. So study up..go forth and google, it’s an interesting idea…and I like it. 🙂

      • Vail Breaker


    • Keep negative comments to your self you don’t have to believe this

    • Anonymous

      There are those of us that know how to use our divine tools and there are those that do not want to know.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously its already gotten to your brain, fin dumbass.

    • Universoul

      Mind = Dreams
      Mind + Body = Awaken
      Body + Soul/Spitit = Meditation
      Mind + Soul/Spirit = SP,LD’s and OBE’s
      Mind + Body + Soul/Spirit = No Bounderies

      • Matthew

        No mind + no body + no soul = Freedom.

    • Veri Tas

      Badagris, Of course you’re entitled to your opinion and you should never believe something just because someone says so.

      However, if you’d like to investigate, then here is some interesting material on the web on the link between pineal gland function and the toxic effects of halides / halogens, such as fluoride.

      Fluoride and children’s intelligence: a meta-analysis. Biol Trace Elem Res. 2008;126(1-3):115-20

      Decreased intelligence in children and exposure to fluoride and arsenic in drinking water. Cad Saude Publica. 2007;23 Suppl 4:S579-87

      A point to ponder is the fact that also has psychotropic properties, which is why it is used in psychiatric medications for “treating depression.” Case in point: fluoxetine, a fluoride-containing drug sold by the trade names Prozac, Sarafem and Symbyax. lists the following possible adverse effects on the nervous system:

      Nervous System — Frequent: emotional lability; Infrequent: akathisia, ataxia, balance disorder, bruxism, buccoglossal syndrome, depersonalization, euphoria, hypertonia, libido increased, myoclonus, paranoid reaction; Rare: delusions.

      Another “infrequent” side effect of this drug listed is as “depersonalization.” Since fluoride has been linked to the pathological calcification of the pineal gland, the traditional “seat of the soul,” the depersonalization noted as a side effect of fluoxetine exposure, e.g. “…periods of detachment from self or surrounding which may be experienced as “unreal” (lacking in control of or “outside of” self) while retaining awareness that this is only a feeling and not a reality,” could represent the general soul-dislocating effects of fluoride-containing drugs, and fluoride in general, on the pineal gland and other brain structures.

    • Anonymous


    • Bob McDonald

      Hey there dumbed down ignorant “Persons” reading through some of the comments really tells the story ,that yes F has Dumbed down even those who think they are smart , and they just cant seem to accept or realize that our Government or the Jewish Freemasons and the Jew World Order who are in the process of taking over the world ,via there banker wars Holocaust lies and Is-ra-el are ToTal Shit ,…. and they are out to kill us because we are useless eaters and dumb goyim cattle check their bible the jewish Talmud about the dumb goy and wake the fk up .

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