Can Science Harness The Force of Life? The Suppressed Works of Dr. Wilhelm Reich

Dylan Charles, Editor
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Dr. Wilhelm Reich (March 24, 1897 – November 3, 1957)

In the 1940’s the scientific works of Dr. Wilhelm Reich were presented to a world, marveled upon and then radically suppressed by industry and democratic government.  A psychologist, scientist, mystic and refugee from Nazi persecution, Dr. Reich discovered ‘Orgone Energy’, or, life energy, a radiant blue glowing energy found in all living things, in high vacuums and in the open atmosphere.  It was this energy, he claimed, that was the source of life, and he developed the “Orgone Accumulaor,” a box designed to gather this energy in free form from the atmosphere and concentrate it, and large enough for a person to sit inside of.

He used the Orgone Accumulator to carry out public experiments that proved that this energy could boost the body’s immune system, destroy cancers and speed up healing, claiming also that this energy could manipulate atmospheric weather patterns and create rain during droughts.  He observed that the “Orgone Energy charge in the human bio-system was expressed in emotion and sexuality and could be measure bio-electrically.”  And that “a persons over-all vitality and aliveness was a function of human and atmospheric organe charge and pulsation, and this could often be increased by sitting inside the Orgone Accumulator.” [1]

  • “The most important discovery in the history of medicine, bar none!”  – Dr. Theodore Wolf

    In the United States, Reich’s work was ridiculed for its sexual implications and an immature public watched as his reputation was sabotaged and his works discredited under pressure from the energy, medical and pharmaceutical industries.  Tragically, he was doomed to rot out his last days in an American prison, serving time for violating an obscure cosmetics labeling law, persecuted by the land which promised him freedom from the Third Reich.

    Many believe that his findings and experiments produced results that completely shattered the foundations of the energy and medical industries, and Dr. Reich himself was all too aware that he was deliberately targeted because of the threat he posed to big business.  The establishment was so enraged by his discoveries, and the public so stirred into a fanatical fervor, that in 1957 after FBI agents oversaw the destruction of his laboratory equipment, “six tons of his books, journals, and papers were burned in the 25th Street public incinerator in New York’s lower east side.” [2]

    Then and Now – Connect the Dots

    Remarkably, well after Reich’s lifetime, we see more evidence of this life energy.  We are able to gaze upon the energetic blue glow of our home Planet Earth, which, from outer space is radiantly bathed in a glowing blue light.  We have photographs of distant galaxies with this same comforting blue glow radiating out into space.

    Chinese medicine and acupuncture, which have for thousands of years been reliable systems of medicine, work with the body’s natural energy to heal everything from physical wounds, to illnesses, to emotional problems, and are now widely recognized by the public. These methods for working with what the Chinese refer to as ‘Chi‘ are widely renowned, yet no scientific instruments have yet been able to measure this force, therefore making Chi and life energy an illogical dilemma for the quantifiable sciences.

    In Chinese medicine the essence of life is the body’s sexual energy, or Jing, the energy we draw from food, air, and water. It exists in everything and the human body is designed to convert this energy into internal energy called Chi, then into Shen, the nourishing spiritual energy that one uses to govern their emotional state.  To the practitioner of Chinese energetic arts like Qi Gong and Tai Chi, the sexual potency of Jing energy is life changing.  And that Western science has not a concept for this is equally amazing. [3]

    It was no accident then that Reich explained his experience with Orgone energy as ‘sexual energy,’ given that he may have been discovering what the Chinese have known for ages.

    Did Dr. Wilhelm Reich stumble upon the way to quantify and harness the bio-electric energy that surrounds and moves through all things, potentially bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine?

    Was he destroyed for this discovery?

    Thankfully, many of the written works of Dr. Reich have been preserved and are still available today.  In fact, many of his experiments are easy to conduct at home and ordinary people have reported being able to postiviely affect their health, their communities, and even the weather.  For more information on Dr. Reich’s work, view the following videos:

    Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy
    Wilhelm Reich – Man’s Right to Know


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