What Alcohol Really Does to You – Another Warning

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

As someone who’s lived through alcoholism, and has tried on the lie that a little alcohol won’t hurt all that much, I’ve learned that it’s just not for me. When I’m free of alcohol my life is simply better. There’s a profound sense of mental and spiritual clarity which continues to deepen with each day of sobriety.

As a self-mastery and self-sabotage coach I work with a lot of truth seekers. Now, there’s geopolitical truth, and there’s spiritual truth. Most of my clients and contacts tend to overlap the two to some degree, which creates somewhat of a sense of discordance or dissonance in their lives.

On the one hand, they hold the view that life is a spiritual journey in a temporary meat sack, and the events, situations, and circumstances revealed in the 3D world are kind of simulation, or matrix. In this view, spiritual clarity is of utmost importance so that one does not find themselves too attached the distractions and diversions constantly competing for their attention.

They know that ‘keeping their eye on the prize,’ so to speak, is the best way to avoid the trap of lower consciousness, which is practically described by the emotional states of fear, apathy, anger, resentment, worry, concern, anxiety and overwhelm.

On the other hand, they’re drawn to endlessly ‘research’ the dark side of the world, insatiably following the narratives and missives of the NWO, cabal, cartel, evil-doers, or whatever ‘they’ are to be called. Immersed in this dark reality, they find it impossible to live steadily in higher consciousness, which is practically described by the emotional states of courage, neutrality, acceptance, willingness, reason, love and joy.

It’s a tough edge to balance on, living in two worlds, the truth seeker’s dilemma, and I’ve noticed that the distance between these two spaces resembles a void of sorts. In this void they are neither living with a sense of great purpose and inspiration, nor do they succumb to the psychosis, hypnosis, madness, ignorance, cruelty, inhumanity, and stupidity, that grips so many would be fine humans.

They don’t fully engage in the glorified self-destruction and self-sabotage that the advertising and television/film industries force feed us.

But neither do they fly high above the madness and into their rightful potential.

They live in the middle, and the one thing I see over and again that keeps them there in the chasm is alcohol. Just a glass of wine a day. Or a beer. Just a wee bit to take the edge off.

And so they stay on the edge.

Over the years we’ve published a number of impactful articles about the physical and spiritual impacts of alcohol, and it’s always been a topic that garners loads of page views and comments.

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  • Yet here we are, still drinking. Because that’s what ‘they’ want us to do.

    Rather than write up a detailed synopsis of this excellent, rational presentation by Dr. Andrew Huberman, I’ll just drop this here for your consumption, in case you’re still on the fence and your analytical mind needs more convincing. We’ll call it one more shot fired against the forces of self-destruction.

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