The Truth Seeker’s Dilemma

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

“Call off the search.” – Gangaji

On March 20th, 2003 I was driving West on I-10 towards Fort Stockton, Texas, on my way to Big Bend National Park. Big Bend has long been my happy place. My sanctuary. It’s the one place in this world I know of where you can pitch a tent 10 miles from anyone, with nothing but the big bright open sky above to keep you company. Where you can sit alone with the universe and get a clear picture of what’s really happening inside yourself.

Listening to the radio on the road, one of George W. Bush’s neocon war hawks was making a live statement. It was Richard something or other, I forget his name, but I’m certain he’s accustomed to being called Dick. And no, not Cheney. Not that Dick. Different Dick.

Oh wait, I just remembered. Holbrooke. Richard Holbrooke, that’s right. Still a Dick, though.

Anyhow, he said that the bombing of Iraq had just begun, and that our fight for survival against WMD’s, terrorism, and the evil-loving-freedom-doers had necessarily begun. Shock and awe, baby! Murica!

“Hey bartender over here
Two more shots and two more beers
Sir, turn up the TV sound
The war has started on the ground
Just love those laser guided bombs
They’re really great for righting wrongs
You hit the target and win the game
From bars 3,000 miles away
3,000 miles away”

Roger Waters

Out there in the barrens of West Texas I couldn’t be farther from the war, yet I felt like part of the team. The winning team. The good guys. And after watching on live TV as the South Tower was smashed with a 767, (and 10,000 replays of it), the prospect of getting revenge felt right for the times.

“Fuck ’em. Send ’em all back to the stone age… let God sort ’em out.”

I had been duly indoctrinated. I was walking, talking proof that the system excels above all else at capturing minds and holding them in bondage from cradle to grave. A product of my generation. A real kool-aid drinker was I.

But oh, how things change.

Within a year I stumbled upon the first wave of 9/11 truth information, and lo and behold, it made a hell of a lot of sense to me. And when I compared this emerging narrative with the official story, I had no choice but to honor that common sense, and I began to ask questions.

I’m a smart guy. Real smart. I’m also a rebel, and I’ve never had a proclivity to trust so-called authority figures. Especially ones whom profit from murder, and so I went deep to find out what the hell was really happening in our world.

Nearly twenty years later I can say that I’ve been down most of the rabbit holes. I’ve done the research, and I’ve decided where I stand, which is where I now watch the world from.

And given the events of the last few years, it’s a strange place to be. To stand in truth, with the expectancy that others will see the light and join you, yet all the while the lies grow more brazen and obvious.

When will the tide turn?

Who knows?

I’ve shifted the focus of my work from documenting the situation to assisting others in navigating the emotional fallout of living in times of such pervasive bullshit, and this new line of work is helping me to see something very important that you might do well to consider.

When I say I’ve done the research, what I really mean is that I’ve spent countless hours in books and on the internet consuming as much information as I could stomach on what the the agenda of the emerging NWO might be. It’s a painful experience to have all of your illusions shattered, one after the other, in a never-ending sequence.

I recall around 2006, when all of it was really hitting me, it felt like I was grieving for something lost, something dead, and reflecting now I feel that this process we call ‘awakening’ includes the well-known seven stages of grief.

  1. Shock and Disbelief
  2. Denial
  3. Anger
  4. Bargaining
  5. Guilt
  6. Depression
  7. Acceptance and Hope

The clients I work with are all truth seekers. They are all unvaccinated. They are all righteously suspicious of demons like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Fauci, and Yuval Noah Harari. They are all fiercely independent, sometimes to a fault, and all are willing to sacrifice shallow social connections and phony friendships or familial relations which don’t honor their desire to live in a world of truthfulness.

But most of them are also stuck, hooked on truth seeking as a form of escape from the uneasiness that comes with rejecting the notion that ignorance is bliss.

Most of them haven’t reached the acceptance stage in processing their grief for a world gone mad. They are stuck in depression or anger, or still hoping to bargain their way out of this mess by trying to convince everyone they meet that the powers that be aren’t as virtuous as their PR firms portray them to be.

And here is the truth seeker’s dilemma.

How do you live in truth in a world of lies without going crazy and without allowing the energy of your life to be to be hijacked and misdirected onto things which you have no control over?

There is a ‘stuckness’ that often comes with being a truth seeker. It’s frustrating and debilitating, and I know it well.  It has everything to do with fear, because, let’s face it, the things being brought out into the open are deeply disturbing and downright horrifying, at least for people like you and I.

It’s about fight, flight, or freeze, and so many good people, perhaps even yourself, are frozen, because there’s no place to flee to, and there’s really no effective way for most people to fight this. So we get stuck.

  • And the thing about being stuck in fear is that it creates an emotional storm within yourself, an emotional avalanche, if you will, triggering a deep and very real need to escape. It causes inaction, which is the killer of confidence.

    In our quest for more knowledge we seek the comfort and sense of security we think we can find by knowing that we’re not alone. And we’re not alone, but knowing that doesn’t seem to be enough.

    Some of us attempt to escape the emotional storm by drowning it with booze, pills and drugs, which of course only exacerbates the depression and sidelines us in weakness and impotency.

    Most simply stay frozen in the echo chambers and rabbit holes on an endless quest for that one piece of knowledge that will free us all. And the longer we stay there, the stronger grip the darkness has on us. It’s another form of escape, which is not at all the same things as taking flight.

    It becomes just another distraction in our lives. A go-to time-killer that temporarily satiates the emotional cyclone of fear while simultaneously amplifying the fear. A form of self-medication which only exacerbates the anxiety, as most self-medications do.

    It’s very challenging to consume such hard truths without being weighed down by the heaviness of it all. There’s a gravity to the evil encircling us that does a fantastic job of preventing your spirit from reaching orbit. This is why I often speak about the spiritual war and the importance of winning it in your day-to-day, moment-to-moment existence.

    “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” ~Nietzche

    Yet the thing is, most truth seekers out there I meet and talk with all have one thing in common. They all want to have a positive impact on people and on this world. Paradoxically, however, their endless quest for more truth is the thing preventing them from becoming the kind of person whom can actually have a positive impact on others, because it keeps them anchored in a very dense, very constrictive state of consciousness. The restrictive consciousness of fear.

    And again, it causes them to freeze in inaction, which increases their frustration, and thereby their anger about it all.

    It’s nearly impossible to be an effective agent of change when you’re living in the same levels of consciousness you’re trying to evade. I’m certain Einstein told us this already.

    So, the dilemma really is about how to be in this world and not of it, so that you can watch the shitshow with a sense of non-attachment, thereby giving yourself the freedom and space to soar above it all and actually apply your energy in service of your own special, blessed life, and in service of those who need you.

    It’s about moving into and beyond the seventh stage of grief, acceptance. It’s about elevating your own level of consciousness without depending on anything outside of yourself to change in your favor. It’s about winning the spiritual war and escaping the purgatory of the info war.

    When you do escape, you’ll finally be able to live in this ignorant world of competing narratives without becoming the narratives. You’ll recover your personal power from the pit, giving you the precious ability to operate with spiritual sovereignty at a time when the system wants nothing more than to keep you locked down in anxiety, fear and doubt.

    You’ll be able to pay attention without getting distracted, and you’ll be able to take action in your life, setting an example for the others.

    I know that a LOT of you out there are going through this, and this is something I work on with my clients. If you’re stuck and sick and tired of being stuck, reach out and book a FREE 15-minute call with me. I’d be delighted to bring all of my wisdom, insight, knowledge, and experience onto the unique challenges of your life.

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