The Story of Your Hypnosis

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Friends, I’m inviting you to a special event on November 17th.

Without question the times we are in are challenging us to evolve. We need our strength, resilience, and inner authority more than ever before. So much is at stake.

The world has fallen under a spell, and the only way to understand what’s really happening to your neighbors, friends, and family, is to take a deep look at how the individual is truly affected by propaganda, fear, trauma, drugs, alcohol, mind control and tribalism.

All of these have a very predictable effect on the subconscious mind, and the result is akin to hypnosis.

When you understand the truth of how easy it is trick the human mind into believing it is behaving autonomously, then you gain the ability to recognize when you, yourself are falling into any of the traps that make us all so easily manipulated and controlled.

Until you learn how to use the tricks of the hypnotist on yourself, you will never be able to live the life you deserve, nor will you be living in your full power as a sovereign conscious human being. You will

Please join me Nov. 17th for a special LIVE Zoom event.

I’ll show you what I’ve learned about mind control in the last ten years of publishing at Waking Times, and I’ll give you very simple, practical tools to reprogram and reclaim your mind so that you can finally free yourself from self-sabotage and other programmed self-defeating behaviors.

It’s called The Story of Your Hypnosis, and it’s a raw, real, yet upbeat presentation about how this sick society sinks it’s teeth into all of us, and steers us toward lives of addiction, mediocrity and impotence.

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