The Danger of Living in Two Realities

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Perhaps some of you are old enough to recall life before computers, before the internet, before smart phones, before 5G, before wireless and wi-fi, before all of it?

I certainly do, and life was indeed simpler. We knew less about what was going on in the world, and more about what was going on in our lives. We had a deeper connection with people, with the outdoors, and with nature. We moved more, played more, and lived more.

We also had less stress. We had less chaos, confusion, uncertainty and fear. We had less anxiety. We didn’t have antidepressants. We didn’t have social proof, viral videos, instant downloads, or comments.

Friends, this was less than 30 years ago, less than one generation, and just like anything new, it takes time to understand how it impacts us and relates to our world. It takes time to really know how something will be used, and it takes time to determine what harm it will bring.

In just a short few decades we have created an entire alternate reality, which keeps expanding and becoming more complex as it now lures real people into the the very unreal world of the metaverse.

  • Today, as we speak, tens of thousands of 5g satellites are being installed in our atmosphere, there is a global push to corral all people into a web of digital passports and social controls, money is moving from the tangible realm to the digital realm, work is being pushed to the home office computer and zoom, the internet of things is expanding to include the most mundane appliances, and our social networks are being digitized.

    We have no idea where this will end up, but already the evidence portends catastrophe.

    There is a very real danger of living in two realities. Especially when one of those realities is only a shallow replica of the things which give us life, energy, health, vitality, peace of mind, purpose, balance, and harmony.

    I wanted to share this excellent presentation by Paul Chek to help you grasp the real and stunning chasm between these two worlds, because, what good is being human if we are sick, exhausted, overwhelmed, afraid, isolated, agitated and distracted? Yet this is precisely where we are headed. Can’t you feel it already?

    “If you want to make people profitable all you got to do is make them scared, and all you got to do is make them believe the only they can get what they want is to do what they’re being told. But if you believe that that is a real tree, and you believe you see the whole tree, then you’ll believe whatever they’re programming you with as fact, instead of asking, what’s below the tree, what’s on the left side, what’s on the right side, what’s above it, and what’s behind it. And if you don’t start looking below, above, front, back and side of the ideas being promoted to you, or programmed into you by the sorcerers, you’re going to end up sick. You’re going to end up dead, or you’re going to end up in a constant state of fear, or potentially all of those if you’re not careful.” ~Paul Chek

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