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The Age of Synthesis: How Everything Is Blending, Fusing and Transcending Duality

Corinne McLaughlin with Gordon Davidson, Guests Waking Times Excerpt from The Practical Visionary Today many disparate things are blending, fusing and synthesizing. Nothing seems as separate as it did in past times—races, religions, cultures, nations, genders, styles. The walls between opposites are beginning to dissolve, and dualities are transforming into a higher synthesis. The cutting

Four Aspects of Self Realization

Colin Bondi, Contributor Waking Times What is the goal of the path of Self Discovery? Self Realization. The realization of our true nature, who and what we truly are, in reality. And just what is that? Well uh um ah…….I don’t know. Which is why we have to explore this for ourselves personally if we

Find Your Truth – The Taoist Teaching of ‘Te’

David James Lees, Guest Waking Times The ancient Chinese Taoist concept of ‘Te’ (pronounced ‘day’) is one of the lesser known but nevertheless vital teachings of Taoist philosophy passed to me by my Masters in the sacred Wudang Mountains of China. You may have encountered the word ‘Te’ when reading the classic Taoist texts the

The Maturation of the Soul

Eric Allen Bell, Guest Writer Waking Times The nature of consciousness is that it evolves.  Everything is comprised of consciousness.  Non-local consciousness is the ground of all being.  You are an expression of the infinite consciousness that knows no boundaries.  That which looks out through your eyes, that which seems like individual consciousness, evolves.  It

Native American Code of Ethics

Waking Times Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit will listen, if you only speak. ~ Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path. Ignorance, conceit, anger, jealousy and greed stem from a lost soul. Pray that they will find guidance. ~ Search for yourself, by yourself.

Eight Signs You May be Living a Courage-Based Lifestyle

Z, Contributing Writer Waking Times  1. You are an advocate for changing fear, as opposed to fearing change By transforming fear into courage, you understand that power is merely a stopgap that must be expiated, lest it corrupt absolutely. For any action to count as courageous it must first come from an understanding that the

The Soul’s Purpose

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor Waking Times What is purpose and where does it come from? Sense of purpose is crucial to a satisfied and harmonious life. We all seem to have a yearning for something, even if in some people that sense of destiny is partially suppressed, denied or distorted. Purpose in life is what

The Power of Three

David James Lees, Guest Writer Waking Times In my last Wu Wei Wisdom workshop at Peak House Practice I shared with my students the concept of the ‘power of three’, which is the most fundamental Taoist teaching I received from my Master in China and which is as relevant today in the West as it was in

We Are Part of the Earth – A Story by Oren Lyons

Waking Times Oren Lyons, a Native American Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan, and a member of the Onondoga Nation Council of Chiefs of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy (the Haudenosaunee), recites the poignant story of how after graduating college he was reminded of the importance of his connection to the Earth by his uncle

What is Wisdom?

Peter Russell, Spirit Of Now Waking Times Humanity is too clever to survive without wisdom. — E.F Schumacher What is wisdom? We hear the word a lot these days—the need for wisdom, the wisdom traditions, wisdom schools. We each would like to have more wisdom. And for others to have it as well. Too much human

Alan Watts – The Way of Waking Up

Waking Times What does the world look like when you are fully awake?  In what ways does God appear to you each day once you have realized that you are also God?  Do you define yourself as a victim of the world, or as the world? Enjoy this short video featuring timely meta-physical wisdom and

The Importance of Selfless Networking

Zen Gardner If we’re in this at all we’re in it all the way. Once you’ve woken up you know the situation is both urgent and fully under control at the same time. It doesn’t reconcile in the carnal, natural mind but it makes total sense to consciousness. Paradoxes seem to abound, but it better

Lakota Wisdom: Why Native American Truths Can Heal the World

There are wise people in the world from all walks of life, from many nations and cultures. But there is one unalterable reality: No one who is truly wise is young. By the same token there are many old cultures on this planet of ours. Therefore, if we universally regard elders as repositories of wisdom, than those old cultures would have much to offer.

Why Won’t You Change? (Video)

Excerpted from J. Krishnamurti’s Life Story and Teachings. Krishnamurti asks us to give deep attention to this question of why we won’t change when we already understand the importance of changing. Why won’t we prevent all wars to save our own children? Will we be forever nationalistic? We are psychologically conditioned, and to actually change for the better we must each individually break through this conditioning.

The Definition of Yoga (Video)

“Yoga is to make yourself better than what you were before.” – Shubha

“It is a way of developing mental peace, and also a way of respecting mental peace in others.” – Sribhashyam